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27-09-2009, 05:16
Man what a day had a blast great oppenants and a great time!! Anyways on to the reports, I had a bi in the first round due to uneven amount of players so i go a minor win +2 points. Come to find out one of the guys bailed after the 1st round so i was the only one to sit out and do nothing for three hours urgh.

My list


SDC, Shield, Blood armour, pendant of Khaleth, caledors bane, black dragon
Supreme sorceress, lvl 4, focus familiar, 2x dispell scrolls
Death hag, BSB, Banner of Hag graef, runes of khaine, manbane
Sorceress, lvl 2, 2 xdispell scrolls
Assassin, Ex HW, runes of khaine, manbane
3 units of 10 repeating crossbowmen
1 unit of corsiars, reaver, handbows, a pair for bossman
5 cold one knights, Dread knight, ring of hotek, banner
13 executioners, champion, banner
13 black guard, champion with crimson death, banner of murder
8 shades great weapons
4x reaper bolt throwers

My oppenant

Kroak, or whatever the uber slaans name is
3xengines of the gods

1 unit of sarus warriors
3 units of skinks
2 units of temple gurad

Im gonna keep this short and sweet cause my skills at battle reports isnt all that. I picked lore of shawdows for my lvl4 and got pit of shades umm goodie.

My center consisted of one reaper bolt thrower on a hill with my corsairs a unit of crossbowmen. My right flank had two more units of crossbowmen and the shades plus the other three bolt throwers. I refused my left flank with everything else.

He had a steggies in the center with his two slanns and two steggies on my right. the temple guard were with the slanns.

First turn he wins the dice off so he goes first.

He marchs everything up and starts casting like a mad man, i got lucky it didnt do much but i had to pop three scrolls as to not suffer greatly.

My turn I begin marching towards the totem, mind you my deathstar executioners with BSB are on my far left. No charges for me either but i place my dragon and black guard perfect, black guard on the flank of a steggie, while my dragon was in a perfect spot to blast some skinks with his breath weapon. Magic didnt do so hot for me as i only got one spell off and managed to kill a few skinks. My shooting did very well putting three wounds on one steggie and 2 on another. Plis my shades wiped out a unit of skinks.

second round.
His magic doesnt do much again and just cant seem to get that massive pulse off, no charges but he does move closer to my line. I poped my last dispell scroll. his pulse made me suffer and he maimed two units of crossbowmen and deciamted my shades, who failed and hailed booty to later run off the table.

My go I declare charges and charge his steggie with my black guard and get his rear rank of kroak and his boys. my cold one knights came up three inches shy of hiting the stegie so they only get to move 7in". One unit of repeating crossbowmen sucumb to the terror of the steggir and flee away. My shooting does better and im able to kill me a skink preist and leave all but one crew on the bad boy. First my black guard attack and i pop my assassin the preist issues a challenge but i know if i can kill the steggie its all over for him and ill pursue into the temple guard and kroak. I get 6 attacks with the runes and only wound the stupid thing twice, it kills my assassin in a bad way. My black guard focus their attacks on the crew and manage with armour piercing and str 4 to kill three. I win combat and stand and he passes his leadership. With my Lord on dragon i issue a challenge to kroak and he excepts but he makes all his 3+ ward saves, stupid of me i know i shouldve killed temple guard, and i take a wound instead. My dragon however killes 4 temple guard good deal but he is unbreakable.

Third Turn
He declares a charge with his maimed steggie and moves his third into terror causeing and pulse range. He also charge a unit of skinks into the rear of my dragon. His magic yet again seems to be null invoid. I let him hit me with some spells killing some guys and use my dispell dice to take care of beast cower so my dargon get to stay int the fight. His slann does miscast though, thank the maker for the ring of hotek and nothing happens. He preceds to slaughter my crossbowmen and pursues directly into my already fleeing unit, two birds with one stone. He pulses and mages to kill one crewman from two of my machines. The black guards kill another crewman and slay the preist and take two wound in one par we break even. The dragon kills four more temple guard and my hero takes another wound from skinks of all things!! Thats ok he kills four of the little boogers and they take off for the hills.

My go I declare a charge with my cold ones into his steggie hopeing to finally break it. My executioners are way out of postion and the closest thing to them is the stupid skinks so that where they go. My magic manages to kill and finish off a unit of skinks. My shooting doesnt do dookie as i keep rolling ones with my bolt throwers!! My crosbowmen manage to kill 5 sarus warriors though so its not all that bad. In combat my cold ones are able to kill the steggie out right and pursue into the temple guard kroak. My hero manages to kill a temple guard while my cold one kill two more and the dragon kills three, he has one left and he makes both of his saves from my cold ones.

Round Four
He's in a hard place at this point and its starting to show. He charges my cold ones with his sarus warriors and manages to rally his skinks who are right in the path of my deathstar. He also charges one of blot throwers with a steggie and turns the other so its faceing my other bolt thrower. His magic goes off with a bang and he cremates all but one of my executioners and doesnt do much else against the others. My warmachine crew die and pursues through right smack dab in the middle of my two warmachines. I finally kill off the last temple guard, He manages to put two wounds on the cold ones and they make their saves and kill two kindly in return. He is no longer unbreakable and im able to run down kroak but the not sarus warriors, bad rolls on my part and he went 11". His engine also pules my last tow crewman to death.

My turn I declare another charge with my cold ones against the saurs and he flees just more then two inches away from my maximum charge radius. I move my dragon behind his last unit of sarus, dont have the charge yet this turn and move my loley champion towards the unit. Im close enough to the skinks yet to charge em with my executioners so i just get close.
I move my repeating x-bowmen to shoot the steggie. My magic did nothing again for me so there you have it. My shooting i finally kill the steggie with one wound left and one cremen left. Cant touch the other steggie because most of my shooting is now dead. The Dragons breath weapon manages to kill a temple gurad and he passes his leadership with flying colours while my poor bolt thrower manges to kill 1 go team!!

Round 5 and our final
He rallies the sarus warriors.He then moves his steggie closer to my dragon and refaces his temple guard to also face the dragon. His magic is uneventfull except for his pulse which completly wipes out the cold one knights. He manages to kill a executioner from shooting.

Its all or nothing now i declare a charge with my dragon and my loley black guard against his temple Gurad. I charge his skinks whith my deathstar and he stands and shoots, yeah they finally get to kill something!! He manges to kill one. In my magic phase in one last ditch try to kill the last engine of the gods i cast pit of shades on the bad boy and its good!! He tris to dispell but rolls double ones. Now i just have to roll a 4+ to make sure it hits, I roll the dice my jaw is clenched and it rolls on a 4!! He fails and no more steggie!! His preist survives and is now all alone in the world. My shooting sees the end of him. Close combat my deathstar kills every last skink. My dragon with my lord kill 5 while my executioner manges to kill 2 i now out number him but he is stubborn and makes his test.

I was able to get a Minor win with three battle points, this firmly puts me into 1st place. The guy I played against, Mike had gotten a massacre in the first round cause his oppenant conceded so he was in the lead before. I now had three points on him. He gave me one of the best games ive ever had playing WFB and he was 100% grade A for a oppenant. He totally avoided my deathstar so he also gets mad props for that as well. The only thing he had left was a slann some temple guard and a chewed up unit of sarus warriors. All of my Charcters were still alive but my dreadlord had two wounds on em. Ill right another report for my final round and let everyone know how i finished

27-09-2009, 10:43
nice rep, and seeing the arnies, definetly in ard-boys land.

(ps spell check is your friend ;) )

28-09-2009, 16:07
With my Lord on dragon i issue a challenge to kroak and he excepts but he makes all his 3+ ward saves, stupid of me i know i shouldve killed temple guard, and i take a wound instead. My dragon however killes 4 temple guard good deal but he is unbreakable.
A characters mount fights in the challenge with the character, so the dragon's attacks should have been on Kroak - right?

28-09-2009, 16:13
That is correct.

29-09-2009, 11:09
Nice report! and congrats to the win!
Somebody explain, what is a death star? :)

29-09-2009, 19:27
Yeah that was our mistake with the whole dragon thing. It happened in both of my games but I normaly dont run a dragon, just though itd be kool to do seeing how its 3000 points.

A deathstar unit is a unit that can pretty much maim and destroy other units out right without much worry. They're also a point sink. See my Executioners are str 6 killing blow and with the death hag who had runes and manbane plus the banner that allows ASF its quite sick. She has base 5-8 attacks at 1 str higher than what you're fighting to a maximum of six!! Also dont forget hatred. On average against lets say instance sarus warriors ill cause at least 12 wounds with the unit. They are a bunch of paper tigers though and succumb to magic and shooting very easily. Henchforth the name deathstar.