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27-09-2009, 05:18
My 2nd oppenant was against a really good mortals of choas list. Third and final round FTW!!

My army dark elves

Black Dragon, SDC, Shield, Blood armour, pendant of Khaelth, Claedors bane
Supreme sorceress
Lvl 4, focus familiar, 2x dispell scrolls
Death Hag
BSB, Banner of hag Graef, Runes of Khaine, Manbane
Lvl 2, 2xdispell scrolls

3 units of 10 repeater crossbowmen
10x black ark corsairs, reaver, handbows, pair of handbows for the reaver

5 cold one knights, dread knight, ring of hotek, banner
13 Executioners, Death hag goes here, champion banner
13 black guard, Champion, crimson death, banner of murder
8 shades with great weapons

4x reaper bolt throwers

His army, Cory, mortals of choas

Archan the everchosen
Lvl 4 caster on a disk of tzeecth
Lvl 2 nurgle caster, with a special item that makes me miscast if i fail to cast a spell
Lvl 2 caster, dont really know how it was kited out
The wanderer special charcter

2 units of warriors, both with choas armour
2 units of marauders, one with the wanderer guy
1 unit of marauder horsemen
1 unit of choas knights
2 units of six wolves
2 spawns of choas

I won the roll to go first. My left flank was covered by two units of repeating x-bowmen. My center consisted of 2 reaper bolt throwers, unit of repeater x-bowmen, and the corsairs where my lvl 4 is with my corsairs and my lvl 2 is with the repeater x-bowmen. I went with the refused flank on my right this time with my executioners and my black guard in front of my cold one knights and black dragon. My shades were behind a unit of his warriors with a secret surprise inside

He stacked his left flank to match my flank. Archan with his knights, marauder horseman, and a unit of wolvesplus his lvl 4 on disk. His center was a unit of Marauders, and two units of choas warriors, one with halbreds and the other with sword and shield. Plus his other lvl 2s and a spawn were also here. His right flank was a spawn and a unit of wolves.

1st Round
I played a dirty trick and poped my assassin in my shades and replaced put him in to replace the guy that was closest to his warriors and declared a charge, the guy would then be placed one inch away from my assassin so i was now within charge range which i did. I marched my execuioners and my black guard up, I left my dragon stationary. I moved my cold one knights up seven to offer the protection of the ring to my heavy hitters. The rest of my army stood still. He wasnt close enough for anysort of magic so i didnt bother. Shooting i had all four of my bolt throers shoot the warriors with halbreds and killed all but three, not too bad if you ask me. My shades and my assassin didnt do much, only managed to kill 3 and take 2 back for my troubles. I lost by 1 but manged to make my leadership.

His go, he marched up the wolves on his right flank and began to move up his spawn over there as well. His center was being marched block so his marauders could only move four. His remainging movement was a bit odd he didnt march a thing and just moved his regualr movement closer, at this point i though he had some dirty trick up his sleeve. He was scared of the ring so didnt bother trying to cast anything. In close combat he killed 3 more shades and i only managed to kill two warriors in return, I borke and ran 7 but he elcted not to pursue, also a bit odd.

Round two:
I rallied my shades to my amazment. I declared a charge with my Black guard against his Maruders and he fled. I then marched my Deathstar unit to be perfectly placed in between his knights and wolves, denying archan the chance of getting into base to base with me on the chage. I moved my dragon into a flanking postion and moved my cold ones to a flanking postion as well. My magic farced out on me and i miscast with my lvl 4. His ability to add or subtract d3 to my miscast is sick and go and behold i roll a 4 and he rolls a 3 to bring me down to one. Bye Bye level four. magic yet again does nothing, it takes me 18 shots from reaper bolt throwers to finsh off the lone three warriors. My x-bowmen slughter the wolves on the right flank and my other unit inflicts two wounds on the spawn.

His go and the Maruders on a "boat" dont make it on. He declares charges with his knights and wolves against my deathstar executioners. the caster on disc hails butt away from the knights. His magic is a fickled thing but i pop a scroll, leaving me with one. I take some hits on my corsairs. Close combat his champion who in base to base with executioner champs issues a challenge and i except killing him out right with ASF. My other two executioners manage to kill two more knights while my death hag murders all of the wolves. He manges to kill three executioners in response but loses comabt horribly and flees like a scoulded dog, not to include he roles a 9 to get away and i roll a 11 to pursue!! So much for the everchosen of choas.

Round three

I charge my dragon into his spawn and charge my black guard yet again into his Maruder horsemen. This time he stands and takes it like a man. My corsairs move up and i have to turn my Executioners to face the maruder horsemen, frenzy on the death hag can be very annoying. The cold ones march closer to the caster on disc. Shooting manges to kill like 5 maruders. My shooting that was awsome earlier on my left now cant do dookie lots of 5 to try to wound the spawn but no 6's to get the job done. Magic well i fail to cast with my lvl 2 which is a auto miscast and wouldnt you know it i roll a three on the table and he moves it to one. That two casters eaten alive by magic!! My Black guard kill all the horsemen and so out of the fight they remain there the rest of the game! My dreadlord kills the spawn out right and pursues into the maruders. Good times.

He runs the caster on spawn away and finally the wander guy shows up on my left flank. He moves up the warriors 4 inches as they are still being march blocked by the shades, now in perfect postion if i want to overrun into them with my dragon. His magic goes off well and manges to kill two more x-bowmen. His other spell is dispell by pitiful 2 dispell dice. My Dread lord kills his champion and i get four from that and my dragon gobbles up four more dudes umm yummy man flesh. He needs double ones to stay but doesnt get it and i overrun into the choas warriors.

Round 4
I have no charges to declare so i have to move the Exutioners around and start heading towards the action. My corsairs move up and my shades move to try and shoot the caster on disk. I reform my X-bowmen on my left to face the newly arrived threat head on. Shooting well i mange to put 2 wounds on the lvl four but he weather the store with a 3+ ward save. I cause five wounds to Maruders but wouldnt you know that they are ITP. I try again to kill the spawn which at this point is breathing down very heavily on one of my units of x-bowmen but alas it is not to be. My Dread lord kills the caster in a challenge and the dragon kills 4 choas warriors. He breaks and runs 11" while i only pursue 9"

He's desperate at this point and declares two charges the maruder with wander guy into one unit of x-bowmen and the spawn into the other, im feeling elvey so i sitck around. His caster on disk moves behing my one unit of x-bowmen that is not engeaged and behind two of reaper bolt throwers. He magics the x-bowmen to death and i take panics on bother machines but they are stout and will not budge. His choas spawn manages to kill a x-bowmen. On the other hand his maruders kill 3 and i answer with 2 back and im able to stay in the fight. good role on leadership. Also forgot the Warriors dont rally and run further away.

Round Five
I pivit my Dragon to phase the Maruders but cant charge this turn. Shooting does nothing yet again for me. In CC the spawn kills one more guy and i cant hurt him back a draw again. His maruders do much better and kill all but one and runs me down hitting my other unit engaged in cc with the spawn.

His last unit of warriors runs off the table cause he fails to rally them yet again. He moves nothing because he has nothing to move. His caster tries in vein to kill the crew of a warmachine but fails yet again. In CC the spawn does nothing and maruders kill one, i hold with double ones man im feeling frosty.

Round six
I declare a charge with my dragon into his Maruders and go and behold the wander guy is ripe for the picking. My cold ones March closer to the caster to try to nerf his powers of choas with the ring. The exuctioners march towards the fun and the black guard are sitting down enjoying a fine meal and wine. the shades call it a day and begining hunting the local wild life.
I shoot everything i can at caster on disk yet again a whole lot of nothing happening. In CC the spawn breaks the x-bowmen finally killing them all and pursues throught while my dradlord racks up another challenge and another kill. The dragon kills four maruders and they run only to get run down.

He cant do anything with the spawn so it chills. The caster on disk runs right for the executioners and blast all but three of unit away with choas.

Result was A major victory for me. He only had two units left!! Its really hard to get a massacre in ard boyz man ill tell you what. This was the final game as i had a stupid bi in the first but I finished first and Im going to the semi's. I had a great day and cory was a really good guy to play against that for sure. As for the top three armies in Augusta GA

1st: Dark Elves, Myself
2nd: Dark Elves, Daniel
3rd: Lizardmen, Mike

27-09-2009, 05:37
Massacres are really brutal to come by. You pretty much have to table your opponent while losing practically nothing AND claiming lots of banners and quarters.

27-09-2009, 10:55
well done, like thesanity assassin says massacres are hard to come by in ard-boys

one rules thingy though; you fought some challenges (in your previous rep as well) and had the dragon attack the unit while the lord fought the challenge.... This is Illegal, both mount and hero fight in the challenge...

27-09-2009, 16:38
Gotcha thanks for that rule clarification.