View Full Version : Ward Saves and Mounts

27-09-2009, 07:52
Does a character riding a mount bestow his/her ward save to the mount? Even if the mount have more than 1 wound?

27-09-2009, 08:21
In the case of a steed (a mount with 1 wound) you never deal damage separately to the mount or rider.

In the case of a monstrous mount (or chariot even), the rule of thumb seems to be that the character's ward save applies only to him unless secifically stated that it also aplies to the mount.


27-09-2009, 18:08
....and this is backed up by the BRB FAQ part 2 ( I think) which states that items carried by the riding character don't affect the mount unless specifed otherwise in the items description.

Unfortunately where that item says "the model gains...." Page 93 of the rule book ( I think) defines a monstrous mount and the character as being a single model. It can be argued that "the model gains" is therefore specifying both.

This, like a lot of things, causes issues, like S9 Black Dragons.