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Guardian of the Rage
27-09-2009, 09:27
Hi all,

This is my first fantasy list in a long time, and my first with Warriors of Chaos. I love the modelling and colour schemes available as part of a Slaaneshi theme, so here goes.

Lord: Daemonic Mount, MoS, Runesword, Armour of Dargain, favour, shield

Sorcerer: Scroll, L2, Power familiar, MoS
Sorcerer: Scroll, L2

Warriors (15) shields, add. hand weapons, Command, Rapturous standard, MoS
Marauders (20) Shields, light armour, Command, MoS
Marauders (20) Flails, light armour, Command, MoS
Marauder Horsemen (5) Javelins, light armour, spears, Command, MoS
War hounds (5)

Chosen (15) shields, Great weapons, Command, Blasted Standard, Collar of khorne, MoS
Chaos Knights (5) Command
Chaos Chariot: MoS

the Lord joins the knights, and the sorcerers join any of the infantry units as required. As i said, this is my first attempt. Go nuts as all and any C&C is welcome.

Kind regards,

27-09-2009, 09:37
Seems like a pretty solid list, some nice characters and good heavy hitters, you might want to see if you can shuffle things around and take arare option though as WOC have some truly awesome rares.And Giants/Spawn with MOS have ASF wich is very awesome, and great fun, as people never expect a spawn to be speedy.

Guardian of the Rage
27-09-2009, 09:49
Thanks for that, and you are certainly right about the rare choices. I'm thinking that maybe spawn would be better for war machine and skirmisher hunting than Marauder horsemen. Maybe by dropping them and the warhounds i should get 2 spawn with MoS. What do you think?


27-09-2009, 09:58
I would definatly consider it, maybe if ypu have the means, buy the spawn or proxy them, and try them out. Bieng unbreakable, with high toughness and wounds they are also great for tying up anything from grail knights to black gaurd. My spawn held up a unit of grail knights for 3 turns, allowing my Knights to flank charge them. Great fun.

27-09-2009, 14:14
Marauders with flails in big blocks arent that good, 2 units of 10 is much better, or give them shields, go for halberds in the warriors, they are better then 2 HW, and cheaper then GW and are almost as good. marauder horsmen should have flails or throwing axe depends on what you want them to do, in this list go for flails, mever give full comand to horsmen its giving points to your oponent.
favor of the gods can be very good in the chosen champion to. MoS sorcerer should be in a SoS, and give pendant of blood to the foot sorcerer,it makes a unit of marauders very scary, i use one and its the bane of knights. get a spawn or 2, you need tar pits in a slow list.

27-09-2009, 17:24
I wouldn't try to hunt warmachines with spawns. Their average movement range of 7" means they will spent at least four turns untill they are in the enemy deployment zone - marauder horsemen can charge most things on turn two.


28-09-2009, 01:05
Marauder Horse can't be expected to hold or bust any reasonable size unit, so why give the unit a banner? Or a champ? Run with Muso and use the extra points to make the unit 6 strong.

Also, in my experience, 6 frontage with chaos warriors works a load better than 5, and you struggle to get enough models to fill ranks anyway... So either run 12 or 18. or 11/17 if you're popping characters in.

28-09-2009, 06:25
Putting a lord in a knigt unit is usually overkill. If you put him with the horsemen, he'll take advantage of their fast cavelry rule.