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Necromancy Black
27-09-2009, 13:36
So today for the hell of it I grab my mates Ogres and gave them a try. Definitely different to my Lizardmen but I didn't mind them. This is the sort of 2000 point I found worked ok.

Some of the names might be wrong as I don't have the armybook.

Sword of Might
Fist of Laurals

Heavy Armour
Look Out Gnoblar

Disple Scroll
Item that lets him wound his unit for another powerdice

3 Bulls

3 Bulls

3 Bulls

20 Gnoblars

20 Gnoblars

5 Maneaters
All with heavy armour and Cathyan Longswords

1 Gorger

27-09-2009, 15:31
Not Bad, but I would suggest taking 2 Butchers, ogre kingdoms NEED their magic to live. Also be careful with the Maneaters, one well placed Cannonball or Bolt thrower and half, if not the whole unit is dead.

Runt Nosher
27-09-2009, 20:31
Some of the things I can see are mostly just biased opinions I have formed over the years. I have played low magic Ogres a lot at tournaments and have found them to be quite successful. I don't personally see the use in one gorger, I'd be more inclined to have 2 units of maneaters I've used two maneaters with my Tyrant and 2 with my BSB a lot and with good screening from your naked bulls they will make it. Spangleshard is a waste of points, the Wyrdstone Necklace is much more consistant and a better price, Sword of Might and Greatskull are ok. Most people will say to take a Tenderiser. It is basically the only thing in the Ogre army that helps them to compete against a lot of the new monsters/multiwound scary units. It's also good against RnF static combat res when you challenge a champ and overkill to get 6 vs 5 if you haven't flank charged them with something. I would only take two dispel scrolls with that butcher, he will never get any spells through even with Grut's Sickle. My magic heavy army uses that item to its full potential but with just one butcher he should be relegated to just dispel abilities. Ogres don't necessarily need gut magic to make it, it just helps you to make slightly more emboldened decisions knowing that your ogres are regenerating or +1 T and stubborn. A large unit of Maneaters helps to circumvent the need for magic, I still say split them up because the rest of your army doesn't do a very good job of supporting them so they may end up supporting eachother.

Necromancy Black
28-09-2009, 00:49
I played this list against a medium level VC army. The Spangleshard easily became the best points I spent in the entire army. Played against a lot of armies with the wardstone necklace, and to be honest I've never seen it do jack.

I'm with the though that I don't need 2 butchers to live at all. Might try breaking up the Maneaters into 2 groups though and see how they go.