View Full Version : 500 pts High Elves

Deus Mechanicus
28-09-2009, 04:03
Just a crazy idea i got for a starter army (only 2 kits), watcha think could it work?

Dragon Mage of Caledor 385 pts
- Level 2
- Guardian Phoenix
- Silver Wand

10x Archers 115 pts
- Musician

500 pts

Desert Rain
28-09-2009, 06:04
It would work, but I guess that you're opponents won't like it! There's not much in only 500 points that can hurt a dragon, but it could be fun to try out just to see the look on the other guys face;)

Deus Mechanicus
29-09-2009, 14:16
Well it isn't the toughest of dragons

The Red Scourge
29-09-2009, 14:19
Do it and shed your tears when that little mage is shot down :)

Dragon Prince of Caledor
29-09-2009, 14:30
That list will be incredibly easily beaten. Shoot the mage and whatever is left of the archers. Although it would be fun. Lowest points i have ever used a dragon mage was 1000 and he dominated the field. You have to use it as agressively as possible to make him work though.. in my experience.
Good luck

29-09-2009, 15:11
Even if you shoot down that mage his list isn't incredibly easy...you still have a dragon to deal with if he passes his leadership! Slowing down any movement, burning, then charging at the last second.

it will work but your opponent will be singing curses (unless he is packing an ancient steg).

Lord Dan
29-09-2009, 15:26
What do you really expect your opponents to have in a 500 point game that can deal with a dragon?

Deus Mechanicus
29-09-2009, 15:29
A cannon..

Lord Dan
29-09-2009, 15:32
So the dwarves and Empire are covered, assuming they're willing to drop 1/5 their points on a war machine.

How about everyone else?

29-09-2009, 15:54
A cannon..

lololololol, oh how i lolled. good answer.

29-09-2009, 17:01
A dragon is pretty grand at low pts levels. Be warned that as you increase game sizes then you are going to have more problems w/ the little dragon mage and may find it to be a bit of a points sink!

Enjoy the look of terror in the sub 2K world with that thing! :)