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28-09-2009, 04:03
Hey all,

I am preparing for a friendly(if there is such a thing) tournament in October, and wanted to know what everyone thought of this list. These are the models that I have, so instead of saying I should get new units of whatever, if you could give me suggestions as to the units In the list right now that would be greatly appreciated. Ex. What unit sizes are adviseable? Should the crossbowmen be a detatchment or their own unit? Should I be decking out my characters differently, and where should I deploy them? And other things like that. Anyway, here is the list:


Captain: Great weapon, heavy armour, icon of magnus. (83)
Captain: BSB, Armour of meteoric Iron. (100)
Battle wizard: 2 dispel scrolls. (115)

Core Units

18 spearmen: Shields, Musician, Standard bearer, 7 free company detatchment. (155)

19 spearmen: Shields, Musician, Standard bearer, 7 free company detatchment. (161)

10 crossbowmen(80)

10 Huntsmen: markseman(purely fluffy here) (105)

Special Units

Great cannon (100)
Great cannon (100)

Any comments are welcome and greatly appreciated.



28-09-2009, 07:53
mmm, interesting list - especially as it fits well with the theme of Averland - as crossbows are the main missle weapon due to their close affliation with the lands of Tilea - and being a somewhat poorer state (in terms of martial prowess) spears would be the main state troop of choice in some regions of Averland...

By the way, what colour scehme you going with? Yellow/black quartering, or stripes - or you doing one of the independant armies of Averland???

As for the army list itself heres my take....

Other than the 2 core units all other units should be detachments, why? Because your crossbows wont cause panic if they break/run etc, in other units - they are just detachments.
But heres food for thought - you have no real hitting unit in this list - the spears might take a charge, they have a chance of winning with static combat rest, but the free company cause more harm sometimes than good - they have no armour save, 2 str 3 attacks with WS 3 dont cut the mustard these days - you might be better of thinking about changing them into state troops down the road - such as swordsman who get a nice 4+ save in combat, WS4 so they even hit things!
The detachment size is fine for your list - ideally 9 is magic number but were you going to squeeze out the points?
I personally would have taken out the huntsmen for a pistolliers unit as you lack speed in the list - and those dudes give speedy firepower when & were you need it.
Make the crossbows detachments, ideally you could even then take them in 2 units of 5 so you can split your targets if needs be.
Lose 2 crossbowmen in a unit of 10 you take a panic test.
Lose 2 crossbowmen in a unit of 5 and the unit takes panic - but the opponent still has to kill 2 crossbows from the other unit to panic them! So that way a bad leadership test means you still get to fire off 5 shots!
Ideally for state troops I find units of 25 to be ideal - as you can afford to take a few hits before losing that all important rank bonus - since both units need only lose 1 model each to lose their rank why not take 5 from 1 unit and transfer them to the main 'bunker' unit that will house your characters? The other unit still has 15 - just dont be aggresive with the smaller unit - it's job is then to gaurd the missle troops/war machines OR act as sacrifical unit - too small to win the game by itself but still large enough that the opponet cant afford to let them roam wild!
And speaking of your characters - I know you said you have your models and are not looking to change up the list, but I strongly suggest that you invest in a blister to get a warrior priest with great weapon - only like $16-$18 but now you got a leader who gives your unit hatred, which is MEGA USEFUL, he has prayers so your magic offensive is now better, he also adds dispell so you get a semi decent magic defence v's magic heavy armies, and he can take some good items. Even basic priest with hammer, heavy armour and no other upgrade works fine. Add Von Horstmens speculam to him and he is ready to rock anything out there.

With the big 25 unit of spears loaded with the BSB and priest, it has the detachments to back it up, another unit of 15 to protect it's flanks, and then 10 crossbows, 10 bows, and 2 cannons to soften up other targets.

Use the warrier priest and wizard to stop the enemy magic phase, AND if you get lucky and kill their castor you will actually dominate the game - the priest makes units unbreakable so they become tarpits, and then you use your other forces to break those who were trying to break you.

Ideally another strong investment is a single box of pistolliers to add some much needed speed to your list and devasting firepower with their pistols - or build them as outriders for mega 3 shots per model - but I know that time might be against you, as you'd have to buy, build, and then paint the buggers.
But for sure consider the purchase of a single warrior priest!

On a final note - you lack the stength to break enemy lines, you have not really got the hitting power - so you might find yourself playing a gunline approach - basically keeping as far back as possible and then using cannons/crossbows to pick off the enemy units of concern.
Beware of armies with fast cav - target those buggers 1st with all you got and then worry about slower moving, but potentially more scary units second.
And last but not least, if the other person is bringing on a monstor type unit make sure both cannons aim for them - dont risk all with a single shot as I've cried as a result of pinning my hopes on a lucky ball from Sigmar!

Good luck and have fun!

28-09-2009, 13:03
Thanks for the reply! I am doing a basic army of Averland, but with a strong halfling theme, since Averland is so close to the Moot. I have Lumpin Croops fighting cocks as huntsmen, and a unit of halfling spearmen, which I will use as regular spearmen. The general of my army is a halfling that is dressed like Napoleon(from black hat miniatures).The uniforms vary. The humans all have striped pants, but the halflings have half and half or quarters of black and yellow uniforms.

I think you are right about the detatchments, So the crossbowmen will be used as such. With the spearmen, would you reccomend putting all 3 characters in the bunker unit?

The warrior priest sounds good, I could use him as the army general. That hatred and the extra DD really goes a long way huh?

I LOVE pistoliers, but am trying to get everything assembled and painted for this tournie, and I have 20 spearmen, 10 crossbowmen, the characters and the canons to get through. I guess it doesn't sound THAT bad. Maybe I could use them. I do have a unit of knights already assembled, so maybe I could use them instead? They would be a good hammer unit, I'm just wondering where these points are going to come from. Should I take out the BSB? The Huntsmen?



28-09-2009, 18:32
always a tough choice to make - in terms of painting the knights would be the better option.
Did you know that the Knights of the Blazing Sun are most concentrated in Averland - and are the main Knightly Order in the province?
Nice black and gold paint scheme so could be tournment ready in no time! Another option are Rieksgaurd as Reikland is the next province over, and I'd imagine that the Emperor has more of his personal bodygaurd patrolling Averland since it is without an Elector Count - and Reiksgaurd are so easy to get painted up too.
Personally though what would be sacrificed to afford the hitting power of a knightly order?
Tough choice to make - for me I would take away the Huntsman as yes they skirmish/scout but their role in any army list is to be used as a sacrifical unit - not as line breakers such as knights.
But my thoughts are that with only 1 unit of knights they will soon become victoms of spells/warmachines and might not live to see the day - the speed of pistolliers/outriders might see them live to fight - and plus they might not be targeted as much as other units in the begining.
swap the huntsmen for pistolliers/outriders - and stick with a shooty theme, slowly advance the core units - deploy on an extreme flank so you can 'refuse a flank' to the enemy, with pistolliers put down centre of the board to make it look as if your main deployment was going to be centre stage.
Luckily Averlanders favour Gun Metal black for their armour - so you basically spray Chaos Black, some highlighting with silver on some of the edges for weathering, and then badab black it - check out the uniforms book from a local GW store to get ideas of their uniforms.
Easiest paint scheme - and effective - is to quarter the model - so left leg/right arm is yellow and the other limbs are black (Or vice versa).
The chest is normally a chestplate anyway so no worries there.
BIGGEST tip - fully assemble ALL the models
then glue sand to ALL the bases
then mix in 50/50 water with the PVA glue and apply a 2nd layer of glue to help seal the sand in.
Prime everything black with black primer.
Then take your brown paint, scorched brown for eg, and paint all the straps/leather on the models - ALL models in the army that have brown
Then do the silver
Then do the yellow quartering
Finally do the black
then do faces, once down the hair.

Once all models in the army are basecoated you then hit them with washes
Then some basic hightlighting

Go to the command groups/characters and paint them as you normally would

Do the basing on the army all at once

This way you'll speed up your painting, wont get frustrated by spending ages on one unit, and then have to tackle a new unit from scracth, and with everything built at once theres no excuse NOT to paint a little bit everday!!!

Thanks mate and good luck!!