View Full Version : Q&A is up

29-09-2009, 09:31
From GW's twitter: http://j.mp/I2wjQ

Leeman Russ
29-09-2009, 10:46
Great shout, thanks!

29-09-2009, 14:25
Awesome find, although I wish they had seen some of our questions here and addressed them. Hopefully in another round...

29-09-2009, 14:28
Did anyone submit their questions to them? If not, that'd be why they weren't addressed. :) Mind you, it looks like they covered most of the ambiguities.

29-09-2009, 15:15
Any Space marine can use CP not just the marine who saw the action :eek:

Just doesnt seem right........but boy there will be some sneaky tactics for the Space Marines to pull off if you think of the implications this rule will alow

29-09-2009, 15:27
That's just repeating what's written right there in the rulebook. The only issue was people getting confused with first edition rules. The important one, IMO, is pointing out that the assault cannon will indeed shoot at a closing door on overwatch.