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02-10-2009, 11:40
The Tale of Fantasy Painters 2009-2010

Month 2

So here it is. The first second posting thread for this, the third, Tale of Fantasy Painters. Normally Harry is the one that kicks off these threads, but as he's been a bit busy lately, I thought I'd get this one under way. The second month should see the first additions to people's armies, marking the start of the steady (or in some cases more erratic) growth towards a full army next summer. For those posting for the first time this month: Welcome! For those posting for the second time: Welcome back!


This is the thread on which you post your work for month TWO. (The work you have done in the month of SEPTEMBER).

Please make only one post (for each army) in the first week.

Your post should include:

1) The description and points of the unit. AND YOUR TOTAL POINTS SO FAR.
2) Any additional information you care to share with us about your painting.
3) A Dice roll. (Explained below)
4) Up to six photographs of your months work and the army so far.

Here you can see an example of what your post could look like using the format which was adopted/developed over the last two Tales of Fantasy Painters (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3908348&postcount=2). Feel free to copy this format or do your own thing.

The dice role.

With over 250 painters in this years Fantasy tale it would be impossible to try to comment on everyones work. (Although there are some who will try!) We considered splitting into army factions which would have left every one only posting on others painting the same army. Someone came up with the great idea of dicing for it. So you throw a dice and record the score. You then try and post comment on everyone who has the same dice roll as you. In return you can expect comment form all of them. This way each month we will all be commenting on a random selection of other painters work.
(Note: this does not stop anyone posting anything they like about anyones work regardless of the numbers rolled!)

A Word on using photographs

You can use up to six photographs (the maximum allowed in a post by warseer). To show us your months painting and the 'army' so far. The best size for showing your work is 640x480 (It can be smaller or you can use ‘thumbs’ which link to bigger pictures but they must not be bigger or it takes too long for the pages to load). The best thing to do is to resize them, wherever you are hosting your images, and then drag and drop the ‘img code’ directly into the text.

This month (OCTOBER'S) WIP Thread.

AFTER THE FIRST WEEK ... This thread will become the 'normal' ... comment and crit’ of others work, Work In Progress (WIP) pictures of your work as it develops, how you are getting on, seeking advice and encouragement for your ideas and your painting and generally chatting about the project, life and the cosmos.

However, please continue to only post your work for the first week. This is to give everyone a chance to post up their finished work before it gets lost amongst a sea of chat and WIP shots.

Thanks again to everyone who has signed up for this madness.

If you have not signed up yet…

If you have not signed up yet and would like to join us you are not to late.
Just post on this thread which army and how many points you intend to paint and then crack on.
Anything you post this month will count for last months painting.
(Although you will have to push on and paint something for next month to catch us up).

If you can not post anything this month …

DO NOT PANIC! … use a joker.
Busy lives calm down again, enthusiasm returns, time presents itself.
When it does 'push hard and 'buy back' your joker by painting extra. If your struggling post and say so. (don't just slip quietly away) You will be amazed by the posts of encouragement and support which come from your fellow painters eager to see you successfully complete this project. Most importantly ... 'Stick with it' ... The prize of getting your stuff painted remains worth all the effort.

What is it all about?

Do you want to paint a 2000 point army in the next 12 months?
Do you want to meet a great bunch, with the same goal who will encourage and support you throughout the process?
Can you do the same in return?
Are you completely bonkers?
Then you have come to the right place! :D

The aim of The Tale of Painters (TOP) is to help motivate those involved to start and complete an army in the next twelve months.

We made a decision early on to split the Tale into two separate 'halves' one for 40K and one for Fantasy. They have continued to evolve in slightly different ways but this is how the Fantasy Tale works.

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months. Starting with their first post on the last day of August 2009 and finishing with their last post on the last day of July 2010.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. That is 200 points for 10 of the next 12 months.

At the end of each month a new thread will appear for the painters to post your previous months painting.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.
(Or at least everyone who can see it through to the end ... it's harder than you think!)

Men and Boys (and Infants!)

Because this is harder than you would think this year rather than try and hold everyone to 200 points a month we have decided to allow folks to join in and paint only 100 points a month. Whilst the goal for many remains getting a 2000 point army painted in a year the original and ongoing intention of this whole thing was to encourage and support folks to get stuff painted and 1000 points is better than no points! As a result we have two catagories. 'Men' (painting 2000 points/month) and 'Boys' painting 1000 points/month).
I have also added a list for the 'Infants' or Warmaster painters.

The Painters:

Many thanks to Braad for keeping track of what's being painted by whom.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Am I too Late? Can I still Join in?
A : No you are not too late. Yes you can still join in. Just post on this thread saying which army and how many points you intend to paint.

Q : Can I paint more than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes (we are not here to tell you how and when to paint your stuff, it is great to get ahead) BUT we would like you only to post 200 points (approx) each month and try to stay roughly on track with 200 points a month (200 points in month 1, 400 points by month 2, 600 points by month 3, etc.) so as not to depress the hell out of those of us who are struggling to keep up.

Q : Can I paint less than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes. But we try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example oif you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q: I spotted an error with my entry in the Tale, what do I do?
A: Just send a PM to Braad and let him know what is wrong (wrong number of points painted, wrong number of jokers used, etc).

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character?
A : This happens a lot. If your character was over 400 points you would simply paint him over two months (the sort of time your general deserves!) So You start posting him one month and post nothing the first month (unless you want to post WIP) then the second month you post the finished model and all the points get added on.

Q : Can I include a short narrative with each months post.
A : Yes. Write much as you like. We love background. write as much as you like it will be read and enjoyed by many.

02-10-2009, 12:00

UNIT: 1 Stegadon

BACKGROUND/THEME: Regular special choice steggie with crew roaming the wilds of Lustria, causing havoc and destruction.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Only conversion is the leafs on the banners represnitng them as freshly cut bamboo made into fancy banner poles. I used the spear on the bow wielding skink since I might wan't to use it as a skink chief with the warspear (why I might want that I have no idea... :-P)

PAINTING: Thrakka wash on steg, then hawks torquoise scales with with thrakka wash over, horns were darkened using a base of white up to bestial brown towards black. Belly is elf flesh highlighted around the edges with white. Gold is gold+red wash+black wash and then dipp all over the place of course. Skinks are done with asurmen blue wash and some enchanted blue scales. Snot Green shields highlighted towards scorpions green, regular blood red on the red and white on the bone/white. The whole thing was washed with Army Painter Quickshade Dark Tone. I like it :-)

BASING: Sand with watered down paint and some brass leaves (not GW), static grass and dried herbs with dipp on them, looks wonders :-)

STILL TO DO: This beastie is done!

HIGHS AND LOWS: Looooong time to npaint, but rewarding, it had it's ups and downs and I've been working on him a bit every week since July. Bets thing was finding how well the colors matched the armybook cover, I love the feeling that cover inspires...

POINTS : 225?








Bring it guys!!

Elazar The Glorified
02-10-2009, 12:25
ARMY : The Devotees of Elazar (Warriors of Chaos)

UNIT: Vela The Performer, The Mad Puppeteer, Sorcerer of Elazar

BACKGROUND/THEME: Well there's quite a bit here to skip through if you're not interested!

Vela The Performer, The Mad Puppeteer, Sorcerer of Elazar

Once a great performer in the Altdorf theatre, his true name since forgotten. He possessed some magical talent that charmed the minds of his audience in a harmless way, indeed he knew not of this gift of his. Like all performers he had many patrons in the nobility, it was the way of the rich to try and enhance their standing by supporting the arts. This one performer though had a patron of a different nature altogether.
One night after a grandiose performance of a play entitled ‘The Merchant of Marienburg’ the performer returned to his quarters to find all the usual lavish gifts left for him by his supporters. Amongst them was a curious glass case within which stood a scarecrow marionette. Intrigued the performer reached into the case and picked out the strange puppet.
The next day he did not show up for the play and when the angry theatre owner went to his quarters to rebuke the performer he found a scene of devastation. Untouched in the destruction of the quarters was a glass case and next to it a card signed ‘Elazar’.

The performer next turned up deep in the northern wastes where he’d wandered aimlessly until he was picked up by a Diatchi raiding party who took him captive. As is the way of the Diatchi and most of the other Kurgan races they made some of their captives fight to the death. Those they deemed blessed by the gods were spared and given a new life amongst the tribes. So it would be for this man as Elazar had developed a great love of his star performer and would see no harm come to him. He slaughtered a number of stronger slaves, showing a startling sorcerous ability that earned him the fear and respect of the tribesmen. They spared his life and he took the name Vela. It soon became clear that he was inseparable from the strange marionette that he carried with him. He spoke to the puppet and often fought with it. Worse for the tribesmen he often embarked upon strange performances for their ‘enjoyment’ sharing the lead roles with the being of wood and string that accompanied him. However, when at war he proved to be an invaluable ally. The puppet seemingly a focus for his power and his sorcery. Capable of controlling the minds of his enemies and making them do his bidding; his brand of warfare has proven invaluable in the wastes. An insane megalomaniac and egoist, Vela is now a favoured servant of Elazar and his presence can be found alongside the champions that his daemonic patron favours at that time.

Special Rules
Eye of the Gods

Sorcerer of Elazar: Vela is a Level 2 Sorcerer who chooses his spells as normal from the Lore of Slaanesh. His Mark makes him Immune to Psychology.

Daemonic Patron: Elazar still watches over Vela, taking great interest in his career and keeping him from harm. Vela is immune to Killing Blow and Poisoned Attacks.

Insane Puppeteer: The Northmen respect Vela's power and know that he is truly loved by Elazar but an insane southman with a puppet doesn't inspire their confidence. Friendly models can never take advantage of Vela's leadership even if he is the army general.

Magic Items
The Marionette: This scarecrow marionette was given to Vela as a gift by his patron Elazar. The marionette is a focus for Vela's sorcerous power and a tool for his power of manipulation. The marionette has its own cruel intentions though and longs to break free of its controller. Indeed, at times the puppets will wrestles with Vela's, trying to reverse their roles and trap Vela within the confines of wood and strings. The puppet allows Vela to add D3 to his casting roll once per turn. This cannot cause a miscast or irresistible force. However the malevolent spirit of the marionette attempts to assume control and Vela must test for stupidity in his next turn whilst puppet and master battle wits.
The puppet also allows Vela to modify any rolls on the miscast table made by any wizard on the battlefield. Vela can modify the result up or down by up to the result of D3. This doesn't cause Vela to have to test for stupidity in his next turn.


A ball of fire flew past Amador and impacted the ground a few metres behind him. It burned itself out in an instant and dust and ash were strewn everywhere by the force of its landing. Amador turned to see where Vela was. He’d mounted a rocky outcrop and to the bemusement of the tribesmen around him was reciting lines from a play. The marionette he carried was ‘acting’ along too.
Amador didn’t dare even mutter a curse under his breath. He knew the Performer was a favourite of his daemonic patron, privileged over even himself in that respect.

The wizard ally of the southmen hurled another fireball across the battlefield, this time it whooshed clean over the Mad Puppeteer’s head. Vela’s attention was snapped from his recital for a moment and he glared across the battlefield with contempt for the weakling wizard. He concentrated his gaze for just a few moments as the wizard summoned the raw energies for another spell. Suddenly the focus of power back lashed on the southman and he exploded in a sphere of bright light, the energy of which seared the skin of the men who’d been acting as his bodyguards.

Vela switched his attention then to a large group of heavily armoured cavalrymen charging towards Amador’s silently marching Warriors. With a violent jerk of the marionette the legs of the steeds became tangled and they fell sending their riders hurtling to the ground with jarring force. Another movement of the scarecrow marionette and the Knights leapt upon each other, blades drawn. They slaughtered one another in a screaming orgy of violence.

Then Vela was locked in a bitter argument with the silent marionette and paid no further heed to the enveloping battle around him.
Amador made a silent promise to his patron that the souls he reaped today would be in his honour. With that he ordered the charge…


Vela The Performer, The Mad Puppeteer, Sorcerer of Elazar

M 4
WS 4
BS 3
S 4
T 4
W 2
I 5
A 2
Ld 8

Equipment: Hand Weapon, Chaos Armour, The Marionette

Special Rules: Eye of The Gods, Sorcerer of Elazar, Deamonic Patron, Insane Puppeteer

I've presented the rules differently and added my own spin and character to them but he is actually a perfectly legal Chaos Sorcerer:

Chaos Sorcerer
Mark of Slaanesh
Level 2 Wizard
Infernal Puppet
Bronze Armour of Zhrakk
Conjoined Homunculus

BUILD/CONVERSION: The mini is Sigvald The Magnificent. I added the mask (modelling putty) then the book hand is from the empire wizard sprue and the puppet control bar is actually a flagellant hand with a flock just trimmed down. The puppet is the Jack o' Lantern Chaos Familiar (from the Famous Familiars pack). Just used thin sewing thread to attach him to the control bar. Which was exceptionally fiddly work. Have you ever tried to string a miniature puppet?!

PAINTING: Kept to the bone, gold, purple and flesh scheme throughout my army. I did a bit of research into colour theory when picking the layout of colours and in particular on things like the puppet itself and the book. Went for complimentary contrasts like green and red for the book, orange and blue on the puppet etc.

BASING: I went through numerous different base ideas. At one point he was going onto a mobile stage carried by 4 flagellant made chaos slaves (which can be seen on my blog) but it all got a little bit too carried away and in the end went for something a little bit simpler and that kept the focus on Vela! Just a simple stone plucked from the garden and covered in snow flock.

STILL TO DO: I'm mostly quite happy with him. There's maybe the odd little bit that could do with touching up at some point but I'll leave that for another time!

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs - Getting him finished after much deliberation on bases and how to do the mask etc. Also winning the fantasy section in a painting competition with him was a definite high!

Lows - Hard to pick any really, I was something of a perfectionist with this one which made it difficult to start out with as I wanted a really good mini to go with the character I'd created but eventually I managed to loosen up a little and actually get something done!

POINTS : 195








For the tale so far:

02-10-2009, 12:41
Woohoo, last month I was on page 9, now I'm on page 1!

The Daemocratic War-party of Barack the Bringer of Change
Manly Warriors of Chaos army (expansion to last year's Tale army)

Dice: 5

Painted this month:

Knights of Unkindness
5 Chaos Knights @ 305 pts
- Mark of Slaanesh
- Full Command
- Banner of Wrath

Total so far: 493 pts (93 pts ahead of schedule)

The Knights of Unkindness

A Knight of Slaanesh next to a Knight of Tzeentch from the last Tale. As you can see, the two gods have reversed colour schemes (more or less):

A Knight of Slaanesh next to a Warrior of Slaanesh (again from last Tale):

I didn't do a lot of conversions this time around, just some minor stuff on the command models:

Group shot (still fits in the light box!):

It has been a busy month for my general, Barack the Bringer of Change. He has led his army to war multiple times and fared generally quite well (though his underlings have had a tendency to expire in large numbers).

In one glorious battle against the Dwarfs, Barack annihilated a large regiment of Ironbreakers led by a Thane carrying the army battle standard by blasting them into the warp with Infernal Gateway. The Dwarf Lord was quite upset at this and had tried to confront Barack with this in person (by the use of a Master Rune of Challenge), but my general had better things to do and declined. Subsequently the Dwarf Lord declared a grudge against the Bringer of Change, claiming that the use of nuke-spells was a violation of the rules of war(hammer). One of Barack's spokespersons (Joe the Infernal Puppet) dismissed the allegations as "one-sided" and refused to look into the matter further until the Dwarfs made a more balanced claim which also included a grudge on the lost Ironbreakers and Thane.

Elsewhere Barack's struggle to introduce much needed reforms to the Amerikurgan tribe is continuing, with some Slaanesh-worshippers speaking out against the notion of giving the Mark of Tzeentch to the Marauders. "A 6+ Ward save for basic grunts? Isn't that what Savage Orcs have? If we give Ward saves to arrow-fodder, it's only a matter of time before they start going around with no pants on, shouting 'Waaagh!' and wanting to be paid in teeth. We don't want that kind of thing in our tribe."

Barack had also announced that he's making some significant alterations to the plans of his predecessor - George the Lesser - to provide protection against Comet of Cassandora spells cast by Orcs & Goblins tribes. The ousted warlord's plans involved placing level 1 Chaos Sorcerers carrying a pair of Dispel Scrolls each at strategic places where they could thwart the spellcasting of the greenskin shamans. Barack's reasoning was that this would be too costly, take up too many character choices and anyway what was the reason for placing a Sorcerer in the Moot? The revised plan calls for rapid-response teams of Sorcerer's of Tzeentch mounted on Discs stationed at strategic placed in the Badlands, where they would be closer to the greenskin meanace and ready to fly out and cast Pandaemonium if it looked like the Goblin Shamans would be a threat. "Let's see them try to cast 12+ spells if they miscast on all doubles," said Barack at a tribe council press conference.

Meanwhile, an Orc Great Shaman issued a statement repeating greenskin claims that they are not trying to found a College of Heavens Wizards and calling Barack a zoggin' git.

Nothing really special here, the only conversions is the replacement horn for the musician (taken from a High Elf kit and trimmed a bit) along with a head from the old Warrior kit and a plume from the Dark Eldar Warrior kit. The champion has a head from the High Elf Commander kit with the dragon head replaced with a knife from the Ogre kit (continuing the barely noticeable unicorn theme ;)).

The Knights were painted like my other Slaaneshi units, which are in turn pretty much a reverse of the Tzeentchian colour scheme, being mainly blue armour with some yellow details while the armour trim is iron and the chainmail bronze (with Tzeentch it's the other way around).
Blue was much easier to paint now I have the GW Necron Abyss foundation paint and it was highlighted up to VMC "Dark" Blue and then a final highlight on the edges was made by adding in a bit of VMC Grey Green. The banner used a slightly different blue.
Iron is GW Boltgun Metal, washed with GW Devlan Mud and highlighted with GW Chainmail. Bronze is GW Tin Bitz with a bit of black and then Tin Bitz without. Nothing fancy there.

As normal.

Highs this month:
Got my talons on some extra Marauders needed to get a proper size for next month's unit.

...and lows:
Package with new models and paints lost in the mail for two months, including three trips over the North Sea! Aaaargh! That really killed my motivation for a while as there were some bitz in there I wanted for conversions and some paints I needed for the Knights.
It finally turned up after having spent the last week mislabeled and sitting on a (wrong, obviously) shelf at the post office a couple of hundred meters away.

Next month:
25 Marauders *groan*

Ego Ninja
02-10-2009, 13:01
Army - Empire

This months painting - 10 huntsman including a marksman - 105

Total so far - 205

I really enjoyed painting these guys, i decided to keep the "dirty" white for the whole army, Im not sure why, I just like it that way lol


Army shot


Im not sure what im going to do this month, it may have to be a joker as im moving house and getting married this month, so I may be a little busy :rolleyes:


Ego Ninja
02-10-2009, 13:04
Army - Daemons of Chaos

This months painting - 7 nurgling bases - 245

Total so far - 490

I never want to see another nurgling on my paintstation again!!!!

I havent got an individual shot of this months seven - they look the same and got mixed up lol

Army shot


As mentioned in my Empire post I may have to joker next month, its going to be very busy.


02-10-2009, 13:34
Had a long post. Computer crashed. So here are the pics without stories:

Army - Skaven

This months painting - warlock engineer, assassin, ratswarm, 5 globadier.

Total so far - 285





DICE ROLL: 6 (I'm getting to reviews when I'm not so pissed off for losing the first post)

02-10-2009, 14:39
Army :- Lizardmen

UNIT: Ancient Stegadon with Skink Chief

BACKGROUND/THEME: They're lizards and they live in the jungle

BUILD/CONVERSION: The water base took ages to get right and I ended up making 4 at the same time. Apart from that, it's just bits from out of the box. Built him in 3 pieces ( steg, front howdah and rear howdah ) and the skinks were painted seperatly aswell, then glued into place.

PAINTING: Would take too long to list the recipe.

BASING: Vallejo still water, leaves are from the GW jungle trees and branches are from the GW woods.

STILL TO DO: Finished

HIGHS AND LOWS: One of the totems snapped off and had to be re-glued and touched up. The skink firing the right-hand blow pipe doesn't quite line up perfectly with his mouthpiece. Origanally neither skink lined up, so the blow pipes were snapped off and the re-glued and touched up. was a nightmare getting the skinks to fit into place.
Well worth all the trouble now that he's finished.

POINTS : 388 with full magic item costed in









02-10-2009, 15:08
Army : Tomb Kings

UNIT: 3 Carrion and a Tomb Scorpion

BUILD/CONVERSION: Carrion are out of the box, the Scorpion was inspired by the conversion in Darkmaw's plog. I built up a little mound of green stuff, repositioned to claws some and filled the gaps with greenstuff, trimmed the legs to look like they were out of the sand on one side a little and painted it up.

BASING: Modelling sand painted Desert Yellow then drybrushed with Bleached Bone

POINTS : 157




02-10-2009, 15:21
Army: Dwarfs X2

Units: Dwarf lord (Grum Dragoneater) on shield bearers, 24 warriors w/ banner and musician, and grudge thrower. (Lord and grudge thrower would be dwarfs 1 and warriors would be dwarfs 2)

Conversions: Lord is very converted and I love him.

Pros and Cons: It was nice to finally get my lord painted but it's not becoming clear to me that the troops, that are all based around the same body type, will become fairly repetitive and boring.

Dice roll: 5

Here is them all...

And from a higher view point...

And here is a close up of Grum Dragoneater...

His big eye brows make it look like I just globbed on white for eyes, but if you look closer you'll see that's not the case.

(Man... taking pictures always just points out how bad of a painter I am ;)...)

Next up:

10 thunderers w/ shields, an organ gun, and 20 hammerers w/ full command.

Fabius Bile
02-10-2009, 16:01
Army : - 2000pt Averland Empire

Units : - 20 x Halberdiers w/ full command (Von Kragsburg Guard)
Great Cannon

Build/Conversion : - Halberdiers extensively kitbashed, most of the heads are from the pistolier set, all plastic halberd poles removed and replaced with longer brass rods

Background/Theme : - The mercenary Von Kragsburg Guard are the merchants' choice for protecting cargo on supply routes throughout the Empire. Their martial prowess is as legendary as their lust for gold and glory.

Painting - nothing fancy, standard GW

Basing - Sand, Scorched Brown, Vermin Brown, Bleached Bone, Static Grass, bases edged in Vomit Brown

Highs - The freehand on both sides of the banner - Lows - The VK Guard were a nightmare to pose and "rank up" due to the extended halberds
Points - Cannon = 100 pts
20 x Halberdiers = 100 pts
SB Mus Sgt = 20 pts

Total Points - 220 pts

Dice Roll - 5

02-10-2009, 16:09
Afraid I'm going to have to use a Joker this month. Too much real life to do any painting!


02-10-2009, 17:51
Army :- WoC

UNIT: Hellcannon

BACKGROUND/THEME: WoC army led by 4 brothers...

BUILD/CONVERSION: Cannon is converted from a carnifex kit + some spawn arms. Crew are converted using orc torsos, legs and arms with Chaos warrior heads.

PAINTING: Predominantly purple and green, as all mutants in my army are. basecoats liche purple and scaly green, highlight up from there. Barrel is Boltgun metal, splotchy chestnut wash and drybrushes of scorched brown, vermin brown and bleached bone.

BASING: Plasticard with cardboard flagstones and static grass.

STILL TO DO: Base the crew... Waiting to do a big batch.

HIGHS AND LOWS: All the greenstuffing took an age, especially as I'm not great at sculpting. Originally the head was far too tyranidy, so i put the horns on... Also choosing the colour scheme was a bit tricky, trying to get away from classic tyranid schemes.

POINTS : 205








Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
02-10-2009, 18:30
UNIT: Lv4 goblin on wolf, 2 spear chukka's, 21 night goblin archers

BUILD/CONVERSION: The lv4 was made from the 6ed night goblin shaman on foot( oddgit or so?) and then added legs from a wolf rider


BASING: Sand bestial brown, drybrush bubonic, drybrush bleached

STILL TO DO: They are done

HIGHS AND LOWS: Painting more goblin archers was defenitly a low



POINTS : 475

TOTAL POINTS: 821( I seem a little ahead but I know I will have less time latter so it isn't a problem


Dark Apostle
02-10-2009, 18:40
ARMY: Empire (2000 pts)

There's an evil stirring in the southern parts of the Empire. Dark times have come to the province of Wissenland and an increasing stream of rumors of unrest, famin and war is reaching the main capital of Wissenburg with each passing day. At first the reports of strange sightings along the mountain border of the former province of Solland were ignored - after all, the black mountains are notorious for the marauding goblin tribes, brigands and ferocious hunting beasts. But ever so slowly the reports became more sinister and desperate - strange mists engulfing whole farmsteads leaving no living thing to be found once the fog cleared, hunting parties gone missing and sightings of dead people walking again. Yes, the undead - and worse...

Still, the authoities in Wissenburg were slow to react. In the abscence of the countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz (who no doubt have more important things than the well-being of her subjects to attend to - i.e. chosing what gown to wear at any of a number of balls hosted by the wealthy nobility of Nuln), the members of the province government spent more time trying to out-manouver each other in the struggle for power than actually govern the affairs of the state.

In the end it was the intervention of the most holy church of Sigmar that set the mustering of a military expedition in motion. By holy edict of the arch lector Kaslain, all noble houses of Wissenland are now called upon to fulfill their duty to their province, to the blessed Empire and sacred home of the cult of the twin-tailed comet.

As leader of the expedition the church has appointed a young, but still high ranking warrior priest known as Wenzel Feuerhertz. The name is well-known at least amongst the older men who man the garrisons along the Black Mountains. 30 years ago, when Wenzel was just an infant, his family was a respecable minor nouble house, and his father commander of one of the keeps along the border. But one night the father dissappeared. At first his men thought some accident had befallen him, but in short time the garisson was visited by the holy inquisition, and witch hunters started to conduct interrogations of both soldiers and peasants in the surrounding area. It was concluded that Wenzels father had consorted with the ruinous powers and he was forever condemned, and if ever sighted again has nothing but a stake and pyre waiting for him within the empire borders.

The family was stripped of all privileges and the name forever erased from the official annals. The inquisitorial examinations, however, could find no trace of heresy within the fallen commanders family, and so none other than the father was ever convicted. Still, the church decided it would be for the best to keep a close eye on the boy, and while his mother was sent away to pass her remaining years in a remote monastery, Wenzel was brought up under close scrutiny at the great cathedral in Altdorf, where he soon was introduced to the path of the warrior priest.

Maybe it is to redeem the shameful acts of his father, maybe he is (as is rumored) truly blessed by Sigmar - but since his coming of age Wenzel has so far surpassed all expectations of his tutors and has shown a zeal seldom seen even amongst the ranks of the echlesiarchy. Many are those that predict his future as leading, at the very least, to a position as arch lector.

All in all it is by many soldiers, veteran commanders and new recruits alike, seen as fitting that Wenzel should be the one appointed to unite the Wissenlanders and root out the unknown evil plagueing his former homeland.

UNIT: Warrior priest (arch lector, although I prefer to think of him as only a high-ranking warrior proest. After all, How many arch lectors can there be at one time?)

BUILD/CONVERSION: pretty heavily converted using parts from plastic greatsword and flagellant kit. And greenstuff. I'm particularly happy with how the circlet and armour turned out!

PAINTING: White undercoat.
Reds Mechrite red, wash with Badab Black, additional shading with Scorched Brown, highlight with Blood Red, glace with Red Gore.
Metalics: Boltgun Metal, wash with Badab Black, highlight mithril silver
Gold: mix of Shining gold/Scorched Brown, highlight Shining Gold then mix of Shining Gold/Mithril Silver. Wash with Gryphon Sepia.
Skin: Tallarn Flesh, shade with Devlan Mud, highlight Elf Flesh.
Basing: Sand (Scorhced Brown - Snakebite Leather - Bleached Bone), Static Grass. Trims: Graveyard Earth.

STILL TO DO: Finished!

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs - pretty decent result without opting for GD-standard. Lows - not being able to "lower" my standard enough (when it comes to painting) to fell confident that I can pull of a whole army within the time frame... This is really something that I need to work on - but it's hard once I sit with the mini, not to improve the small faults and mistakes that I know are there... BIG lows - not finishing the BSB as well, which would have brought my total up to 400 pts.

POINTS: 225 (including wargear)






Edit: I see now that I've earned the rank of "librarian" - which is fitting since it's my actual occupation :-)

02-10-2009, 19:22
Month 2
Army: Warriors of Chaos (The Golden Army)
Dice Roll: 4
Painter: BigJon

A once mighty Empire Lord/General gathered together his
best commanders and mustered all his forces and set off
for the Northern Waist. Day's turned to weeks and weeks
to months and months to years since they had left on there
quest. So long had he been gone that another Lord was
set in his place, commanders promoted and army raised.

One day a bright shinny glimmer shown in the distance.
The thunder of horse shook the ground and the banner
of the once Lord/General flew high.

Not wanting to give up there power the new Lord and his
army took to the field, how could these now old men
possibly beat them.

So bright was the golden armor of the approaching army
the Empire army had to shade there eyes. Thinking the
approaching army would stop to face them the thunder of
the horses grew louder and stronger and before the
new Lord/General could react the Golden Hord fell upon his
army hacking and slashing. This was no mortal army for
under the golden army was the evil and corrupt flesh of
followers of Chaos.

The Chaos Lord rose above the Empire Lord, gleaming bright
and severed the Empire Lords head with a single swing.

As the Empire Lord fell to his knees his army fell apart the the
hord swept into the city leaving none alive before fading
back to the north.

Current Models
This month's project was the 3 Brothers of Nurgle. Fallen
commanders, all who decided to follow Nurgle but different

Filth Mace

Sorcerer (lvl2)

Glaive of Putrefaction
Chaos Steed
Soporific Must

Nurgle is so fun to paint, but not as dirty as most think.
I did use Pains Gray on the Mounted model, as well as
MinWax on the base to give the bones a slimy look.
I also like using lots of browns on my Nurgle modes
to mix up the use of green.

02-10-2009, 22:08
Avian! New Joiner Please!!

200 points of High Elves a month!

It'll be faster than I've ever painted before and unlike anything I've ever painted.... wish me luck!

Cheers L

02-10-2009, 22:25
Dino here and I have all my stuff finished for this month.

The Red Green Clan

Army: Dwarfs

Units: 10 Thunderers

Build/Conversion: Strait from BFSP.

Painting: The plade sleves are as follow. Mordian blue. Washed with regal blue. Then highlighted with ultrmarines blue. Then black for the first layer of lines. Then white for the vertical lines. Finally yellow for the horizontal lines.

Basing: Same as the others.

Points 10 thunderers, sheilds full command Pts. 175
Total for this month 175
Total from last month 236
Grand Total 411

Army Shot

The Raven Host

Units: 1 dragon ogre.

Build/Conversion: Took the upper half of and ogre and the main body of a lizardman cold one gs them together. Also gs scales and spikes on back. Also gave him ogre arms were the small arms on the cold one use to be.

Painting: Ogres skin is a massive mix of codex grey, komanndo kaki and shadow grey. Unfortuntley I can't remember the exacte combination of the top of my head.

Basing: Same as the horsemens.

Points: dragon ogre with great weapon pts. 77
Total from this month 77
Total from last month 140
Grand total 217
Dragon ogre
Army Shot

Dice roll: 2

Well thats all fro this month. WIll not be painting anything for chaos for next month but expect to see dwarfs. Thats all for now.

02-10-2009, 23:10
ARMY: Warriors of Chaos (~100 pts/month)

ARMY THEME: A warband devoted entierly to Slaanesh

- 5 Marauder Horsemen of Slaanesh (Light Armour, Flails and Musican)

Nothing big conversion-wise this month, used a swordarm from the Marauders on foot set for the musican, and I shaved off some beards, but apart from that it was from the box.

PAINTING: To keep the theme from the other two units, I've used a lot of white, metal parts were painted black with white edges and leather painted dark brown. To do the white freehands I actually mixed Skull White with the foundation grey, which enabled me to only use one layer of relativly thin coat, without the black shining through. A tip to anyone planning to do whtie freehands in the future - worked for me at least.
For more details about how I painted them, drop by my blog (see signature)

BASING: Sand and small pebbles painted grey with hints of brown - I've come to the conclusion that the bases get a bit too boring, so I plan on adding some burned/dead grass sometime: need to buy some first.

STILL TO DO: Nothing, these are all done.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I absolutely love these sculpts, and I'm getting more and more confident how to paint white, which is good, considering I'll keep on painting it a lot on every unit for this army.



03-10-2009, 08:35
ARMY : Dark Elves (2000 points)



The Druchii menace approached the shore line upon their helldrake ship, when a raspy voice sounded over the intercom

Tonight you're all gonna be part of a social experiment. Through the magic of diesel fuel and ammonium nitrate, I'm ready right now to blow you all sky high. Anyone attempts to get off their boat, you all die. Each of you has a remote... to blow up the other boat. At midnight, I blow you all up. If, however, one of you presses the button, I'll let that boat live. So, who's it going to be: Harvey Dent's most wanted scumbag collection, or the sweet and innocent civilians? You choose... oh, and you might want to decide quickly, because the people on the other boat might not be so noble.




NEXT MONTH : To make up for this insolence i plan to have 20 repeater crossbowmen and 2 repeater bolt throwers ready to go.

03-10-2009, 08:49
Joker Still not finished anything yet...:o

03-10-2009, 10:27
Sorry I've not been around at all this past few weeks - not even managed to get ANY painting done from running back and forth to hospital after my other half having major surgery..... so I'm afraid i'm going to have to use my first JOKER. However, I'm hoping to get double points worth of painting done this coming month, or at least get a bulk of the r&f troops done, whichever comes first :D

Great work so far from everybody. My dice roll this month is 5 (FIVE), so I'm looking forward to commenting on everyone's work later.


03-10-2009, 10:33
Avian! New Joiner Please!!

200 points of High Elves a month!

It'll be faster than I've ever painted before and unlike anything I've ever painted.... wish me luck!

Cheers L

It might take some time for your name to show up in a table (I'll probably make one again when the first week is over) but you can be sure you'll be in it! Welcome!

03-10-2009, 10:41
I'm afraid I will have to drop out I still haven't managed to paint anything yet and this is the busiest time of year in work for me so other than a mini here and there I won't be able to paint much until christmas. I'm following the tale with interest some great work going on as always.

03-10-2009, 13:35
Septembers Work!

Dark Elves.

Unit:Master with lance and light armour and Seadragon cloak riding Manticore.

Points: 290

Army Total Points: 565

Models: 2

Background: Another beast is added to the menagerie of House Uthorin in the form a Manticore and his lucky rider.

Build/Conversion: Straight from box. Mounted on Back-2-Basix resin base.

Painting: Lots of drybrushing.... Still going with the Regal blue and brass colour scheme, green for reptile hides.

Basing: Sand, GW Charadon Granite, Vallejo GC Stonewall Grey, Vallejo MC Stone Grey, flock/static grass.

Highs/Lows: More pinning, had to pin the wrist with the spear at both ends after it broke in the box.

Still to do: Nothing.

Master on Manticore.

Army so far.
Coming soon.

Next Month: 15 Executioners w/command.

Dice Roll: 4

03-10-2009, 14:08
JOKER again this month. I'm still in so please leave me on the list. Real life got in the way yada, yada, yada. I'm doing Bretonnians by the way.

03-10-2009, 14:17
Reclaiming the joker from August!

Ogre Kingdoms

Unit: Ogre Tyrant w/The Tenderiser, Wyrdstone Necklace, Gnoblar Thiefstone x2

Points: 306

Army Total Points: 306

Models: 1

Background: None really.

Build/Conversion: Used Ironguts Great Club to make the Tenderiser

Painting: Flesh was P3 Thrall Flesh washed with Gryphonne Sepia and then Devlan Mud in the darkest areas then overpainted Thrall Flesh. No highlighting. Everything else is pretty much basecoats and then washed with Devlan Mud.

Basing: Sand and GF9 plaster bits cut up.

Highs/Lows: None really. It was nice to get a model finished, though.

Still to do: Nothing.

Die roll: 1 (figures)


03-10-2009, 14:25
Post for October

Ogre Kingdoms

Unit: Ogre Bruiser Battle Standard Bearer w/Seigebreaker, Lookout Gnoblar, Heavy Armor and Ogre Bulls x3 w/Extra Hand Weapon and Bellower

Points: 291

Army Total Points: 597

Models: 4

Background: None really.

Build/Conversion: The only modeling thing I did was drill a hole in the top of the banner to insert the Lookout Gnoblar.

Painting: Flesh was P3 Thrall Flesh washed with Gryphonne Sepia and then Devlan Mud in the darkest areas then overpainted Thrall Flesh. No highlighting. Everything else is pretty much basecoats and then washed with Devlan Mud.

Basing: Sand and GF9 plaster bits cut up.

Highs/Lows: Highs were to see 4 more models painted.

Still to do: Nothing.

Die roll: 1

03-10-2009, 17:12
Model; 1 Chaos Knight, 1 Chosen Champion.
Points: 40, 18+20+1. For this month 79 pts.
Together with the lvl 2 Sorcerer from last month this amounts to a total of 199 pts... a whole point under the target set.

Dice roll: 2.

Will include another shot of the other side of the models once i get better lighting conditions.

Simple red with gold trim scheme.
Still to do on the Knight is the highlight of the red edges of the armour (lucky not that many) and on the shield. And i see that i missed a rivet on the guys forhead.

The small force so far;
The chosen with the skeleton head that was painted for testing the paint scheme is included as he will be part of the unit (but not officially part of the tale).

03-10-2009, 17:46
UNIT: Great Cannon & Crew plus 10 Empire Swordsmen w/command

BUILD/CONVERSION: Pretty much straight out of the box - although I have mixed up some heads and arms from other empire sets.

PAINTING: Black Under Coat

Cream: Khemri Brown, Bleached Bone, Skull White
Green: Knarloc Green, Goblin Green, Thraka Green
Red: Mechrite Red, Blood Red, Devlan Mud
Brown: Calthan Brown, Khemri Brown, Devlan Mud
Flesh: Tallarn Flesh, Tallarn & White, Ogryn Flesh
Metal: Boltgun Metal, Badab Black
Gold: Tin Bitz, Shining Gold, Devlan Mud
Base: Sand & Grit, drybrushed Calthan Brown & Dheneb Stone, Edged in Black & patches of Scorched Grass

STILL TO DO: Shields & Banner Design

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs - Going for a fairly basic army standard for the majority of my rank and file, but I'm pleased with the results...plus I got to paint the powder monkey - Awesome! Lows - Just realised how many more figures I will have to paint than last year painting Marines in the 40K ToP...









Will be back later next week to comment on the '2 Rollers'...not sure what to paint for next month...maybe a Helstorm and some Pistoliers???


Nephilim of Sin
03-10-2009, 17:48
Yay! I am not extremely late posting, for once in the past two tales.
I actually would have had these on page 1, but, I was too lazy. Which is the perfect set-up for...

ARMY : The Hedonistic Order of Nurgle (Chaos Mortals)

UNIT: 12 Chaos Warriors, HW/SD, Full Command, MoN

BACKGROUND/THEME: "Hedonism, pure pleasure and delight. This words seem foreign when describing Nurgle, however it is the excess into these pleasures that lead to the sloth and the lazy. An absence of pain, as the excess becomes your armor; the rot and decay are no longer things to fear, they are there to let you know you are alive, and they too must be explored to their fullest.

You embrace the diseases, you escape the pain, leaving only pleasure to remain. You become comfortably numb in your existence, as worries fade away. Days no longer have meaning, and the waking life merges with the delusions of insanity as each sunset and sunrise become mere moments time. You become immortal. You realize all that is holding you back are the basic fears of humanity; you embrace the rot, no longer worrying about your mortality. You embrace the decay, knowing that it leaves open now to pure pleasure. You are the now the bringer of the plague, to carry on His Holy Word. You become the Hedonist."

Publius Biliferous

BUILD/CONVERSION: Alright, the theme of this army was turning trash into treasure. I bought these guys sight unseen on Ebay, only to realize they were the old 5th Edition 'Hunchbacks', not the rockin' Chaos Warriors we all love. The only way I could see to rescue them was to 'Nurgle-fy' them. So, they have some crude GS 'fur' that actually now resembles matted hair (an accident, but one I like), and capes (the 'fur' was to cover the joins). When I ran out of capes, I decided to make some face-hides into capes out of GS, and finished off the theme by adding sand to resemble rust.

PAINTING: This is where things went bad, but more on that later. The way they are now is done with Bleached Bone and Skull White, with Flesh Wash followed by Ogryn Flesh in the recesses to hopefully accentuate the decayed 'rusty' look.

The Skin was a happy accident, being Iyanden Darksun/Gryphonne Sepia, then highlighted with Bronzed Flesh and finally Elf Flesh. I was wanting to go for a slight 'jaundiced' look, but hopefully I can get that across better with the Marauders later on.

The rust is thanks to Doi! Basically Macharius Orange, Ogryn Flesh Wash, then I decided to give it a Chestnut Ink wash followed again by the Ogryn Flesh (making the first time redundant), with a small amount of Macharius drybrushed on select areas to make them 'pop'.

BASING: Same as the rest; Scorched Brown/Vomit Brown/Rotting Flesh/Devlun Mud, this time with the 'straw' from the Hero Basing Kit as the grass.

STILL TO DO: Repaint them. :p And a few bits and bobs here and there.

HIGHS: Getting them done, and getting a decent flesh recipe by accident. Also, I do like how the hides/decayed face-capes and rust came out.

Lows What I learned: Instead of looking at this negatively, I decided to view it as a learning experience. For starters, the plan of just quickly washing them didn't work, so I had to try and save them (which made them take five times as long), which meant they had to be 'saved'. I am not happy with the final result, but it was nice to be able to come up with a plan to try and save them. So basically, I learned to make up a few plans, just in case!

POINTS : 252


DICE ROLL : 1 (well, it was a 3 at first, but figured a re-roll was in order since I got that last month, but I can reroll if needed!).

Front Shot:



Close-up on the Face/Hides/Capes:

Army Shot:


Next Month:
12 Chaos Warriors w/ Halberds. Unfortunately, the plan for them is now going south as well! I think by the time the tale is over I will have figured out what to do, hopefully!

03-10-2009, 18:01
Army: Beasts of Chaos (1,000 Points Category)

Unit: 2 Minotaurs w/ Great Weapons and Light Armor, 1 Bestigor (Tester...Testigor?)

Painting/Modeling: Nothing special here, the usual gap-filling and muddy scheme.

Still to do: The pictures revealed a few tiny spots that require some touching up.

Highs and Lows: Having been on a brief tour from the end of August into September and then spending two weeks in Japan, I was sure I was going to Joker for this month but instead pushed myself to get these done. While I am proud of the effort and the overall result, the models feel a bit more rushed than my last ones. For October I want to experiment with more severe highlighting and work on improving my ability to paint horns, teeth, and claws...they look great from a distance, but up close you can see how blotchy they appear.
I'm dreading painting large chunks of rank and file, but the old Bestigor models are pretty fun to paint; I may try to finish a full unit of them next month.

Points this month: 110
Points thus far: 237
Dice Roll: 2





I cannot seem to get any appropriate lighting this morning. Sorry about the dark pictures. I may post an army shot once I can remedy this.

03-10-2009, 18:04
ARMY:Empire (1000 pt)

UNIT: 10 Swordsmen with Duellist, 1 Imperial Lancer (Inner Circle Knight)

BACKGROUND/THEME: Professional Stirland River Patrol army

BUILD/CONVERSION: Cant remember what theyre called right now, essentially added braids over the shoulders and breastplate of the lancer. Pistolier legs, body, and head with knight arms.

PAINTING: Same as before except the horse. The horse skin was painted with bootstrap leather and several layers of highlights and shades.

BASING: Same as before

STILL TO DO: Need to paint the knights shield, base him, and give a second flock coat to the swordsmen movement tray.

HIGHS AND LOWS: No real lows except the horse taking a while to paint. I really like the way the horses have turned out though. The Lancer looks pretty much exactly how i wanted.



DICE ROLL : 4 (again)






03-10-2009, 18:22
More stuff. Ten horrors, three flamers. 225 points (426 now.) Blue photographs terribly. Not going to fix it, hating camera. Annoyed, work tomorrow. Short sentences. ¤%#¤! :mad:



So, um, yeah. Added in another shade of blue, not that it shows in the pic. Looks like the flamer arms aren't blended in, either. They are, it's just that the camera only shows like three shades of blue. I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry. I'll go do something that doesn't involve photography or talking about it. :p

Dice roll: two.

Nephilim of Sin
03-10-2009, 18:35
ARMY : Skarsnik Night Gobbo Horde, 'Da Bloody Moon Tribe'.

UNIT: Skarsnik and Gobbla (the superior version :p).


Dim light filled the dank warren, emitted from incandescent fungi and the few bugs Gobbla hadn't eaten. It gave off a bluish-white hue, accentuating the worried brow of Skarsnik as he sat upon his throne. His Shaman, Gnarl, was reciting the recent exploits of a new Orc Waagh! in the making, led by a rumored 'Once and Future Git'.

"These White Orcs, as they are called....you are not listening, are you Master?".

"No, Gnarl. This impostor you spoke of earlier that is proclaiming to be me...."

"Well, Master Skarsnik, we all have those buggers pop of every now and then." Gnarl too made a grimace, looking down into the warren seeing one of the younger Shamans propping a puppet on a staff. "Can we feed him to Gobbla?"

"We have to get him first."

"Yes, yes master, that is who I was referring to. Well, the tribes haven't been able to tell the difference, despite him being...um...bigger." Gnarl swallowed hard as Skarsnik's visage implied imminent doom, and perhaps a good snack for Gobbla. "Only slightly though. Slightly. Plus, he carries around a much too big Squig as a pet, and he adorns himself with far too many accessories for my tastes, Master. Almost like an Elf, if you ask me, and he probably smells as bad, too. Unfortunately, the tribes really can't tell the difference."

Suddenly Skarsnik's eyes seemed to light up. "Yes, they can't, can they. This entire time that git has been avoiding me. Perhaps if I am not me, I can get him!"


"This Waaagh you spoke of. He will surely want to join in to keep up his charade. So shall we. Gather the troops, Gnarl. The Crooked Moon Tribe shall remain here, but the Bloody Moon Tribe shall join in on this Waaagh. Have them change their robes, too. We need to be hidden until the moment I spring the trap!"

"You mean something other than black? That should be easy, those lazy runts haven't washed their tattered robes in far too long. Quite a stench, that. However, they are caked in blood, dirt, or some things I'd much rather not think about. Hmm. Good thinking Master, a little dirt and grime should raise their morale a bit! We have been loosing far too many on Wash Day, anyways."

"Gnarl, don't forget the Mushrooms. Extra ones. We will need as many nutters thinning the enemies ranks, and hopefully this impostor's as well, when we meet".

BUILD/CONVERSION: Old-school Skarsnik and Gobbla straight out of the blister, with a converted base to match the 'new one' (i.e. the impostor). Also added some slate to fill it out and fit in with the newer model.

PAINTING: I wanted some extra depth for the skin, so I used my old Catachan Green/Gretchin Green as the basecoat this time. Other than that, Skarsnik is done the same as my other goblins.

Gobbla is basecoated Mechrite Red, then layered with Blood Red, Blazing Orange, and finally Fiery Orange. I decided to give some contrast, and used Liche Purple followed Enchanted Blue for the veins.

BASING: Same as the rest, with Slate/Skulls from the Hero Basing Kit.

STILL TO DO: Done! Completely (I hope).

HIGHS: I was actually able to get these guys done in two days. They were so much fun to paint, and I really, really like how Gobbla came out. I am really looking forward to painting Squigs now!

LOWS What I learned: There were no lows with this one, surprisingly.

POINTS : 205



Front Shot:


The 'Veiny Bits':



Army Shot:


(I think he actually makes the old BfSP gobbos look better now!)

Next Month:
Not sure. I was planning on doing another Spearmen unit (previous edition), but I started painting the Boss on Giant Squig since I have Squig Fever right now. We'll see how it all comes out!

03-10-2009, 19:08
Army : Empire

UNIT: General & 10 Huntsmen


BUILD/CONVERSION: I'm not much of a converter so both mini's are straight from the box. Actually this is not quite true for the general because in fact I got him from a trade this month (thanks Harry!).

PAINTING: Went for vibrant blues and yellows (Enchanted Blue and Golden Yellow highlights). Huntsmen are predominately brown so as to more fulfill their Scouting role.

BASING: Pretty simple. I did change the base rim colour from Snot Green to Graveyard Earth (as some of you guys kindly advised last month).

STILL TO DO: Finished. Maybe add a shield to the General.

HIGHS AND LOWS: A definite high for me is the general. I really like that mini, and think I gave it a decent paintjob. Might add a shield later (same as my swordsmen from month one), but I am still undecided on that one. The huntsmen were painted up pretty fast, but they look good to me, especially the pheasant (RIP). I also tried a new technique painting woodgrain on the bows... not really sure if I like it but they are staying as they are :-).

POINTS : General with Heavy Armour & Great Weapon on Barded Warhorse (113) + 10 Huntsmen (100) = 213 pts.

TOTAL POINTS : 195 + 213 = 408 pts.


The General (Old Marius Leitdorf model):

The Huntsmen:

And a picture of the Swordsmen with the new base rim colour and shields:

Cheers everyone!

03-10-2009, 19:44
Army : Dark Elves

UNIT: Another 10 Crossbowmen and 24 Warriors.

BACKGROUND/THEME: None really, still painting what I like, which is pretty much everything from the Dark Elf range :-).

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box. The banner configuration is a bit unusual, but I figured, the more skulls the merrier.

PAINTING: Traditional Dark Elf Colours. Didn't quite know where to put in the Regal Blue I intended for variation, but I am including the colour in my Black Guard (which I'm painting at the moment).

BASING: Pretty simple... made some balsa movement trays.

STILL TO DO: Finished

HIGHS AND LOWS: High is that I am finished with the basic warriors. I have painted 44 of them the past two months and while I really like them, 44 is more than enough. Minor low is the chainmail... don't exactly know why, I think my final drybrush of Mithril Silver was a bit too strong.

POINTS : 10 crossbowmen (100) + 24 warriors (190) = 290 pts.

TOTAL POINTS : 494 pts.


Second batch of 10 crossbowmen:

The block of 24 warriors:

Great work so far everyone, I am really loving all the miniatures in last months and this months tale!!

04-10-2009, 04:09
Army: Dwarfs

UNIT: 5 Miners and Thane of Pain!!

BACKGROUND/THEME: Fitting in with my current theme.. red and green just because i liked the colors.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box. and the old Helga model with plastic shield.

PAINTING: pretty simple really.. wanted to do something different with helga, and i like blank canvas type stuff on figures.

BASING: None yet, doing when army is done.

STILL TO DO: bases.

HIGHS AND LOWS: All around an easy month for dwarfs. had to leave time for other armies

POINTS : 55 for miners and roughly 150 for the thane.



this month:
dwarfs to date

04-10-2009, 04:17
Army: Empire

UNIT: 3 Knights

BACKGROUND/THEME: Averland knights. Averland goes to war and brings members from the Moot and Nuln black powder experts with them.

BUILD/CONVERSION: straight from box, but i don't like the helmet heads so i went with bare heads

PAINTING: pretty simple.. averland black and yellow and a lot of metal.. i used a base coat of army painter plate metal primer and a wash of P3 armor wash

BASING: When army is done.

STILL TO DO: Banner design/ freehand

HIGHS AND LOWS: it took me a while on these guys, i had to figure out a good way to do the metal and it felt like it lasted for forever!

POINTS : 113

TOTAL POINTS : 263 pts.


without flash
with flash
Empire to date:

04-10-2009, 04:24
Army : Lizardmen

UNIT: Salamanders

BACKGROUND/THEME: right in line with everything else.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from blister

PAINTING: not too bad really, lots of blue like the rest of the lizards.. i like the way the orange turned out.

BASING: When army is done.

STILL TO DO: basing

HIGHS AND LOWS: well.. i'm getting stuff done.. and still pedaling!

POINTS : 225

TOTAL POINTS: 483 pts.



04-10-2009, 04:32
Army: Slayers

UNIT: Doomseekers

BACKGROUND/THEME: I don't know why i'm doing this army, but there will be an obvious theme.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from blister. but what a hard one to find!

PAINTING: just like the last slayers i did. army painter flesh primer and ogryn flesh wash after green, orange and gold was painted.. then highlighting

BASING: When army is done.

STILL TO DO: basing

HIGHS AND LOWS: really love these models! but the lows are that i have about 70 something slayers left to paint!

POINTS : 195

TOTAL POINTS: 452 pts.


no flash
army to date:

04-10-2009, 11:53
Army: Orcs and Goblins (2000pts)

Background/Theme: Played a fair bit of Warhammer Online earlier this year and really loved my Black Orc so decided he needed to become a model and have an army to hang around with.

Unit(s): Lvl2 Orc Shaman with Dispel Scroll and Itty Ring, 1 Troll

Build/Conversion: Only mods on these guys was the Shaman getting a bow and quiver instead of his choppa because he'll be seeing use in my Mordheim warband.

Painting: Nowt fancy. Still trying to get a feel for Orc skin so I may go back and add further highlights to the shaman. The highlights I have don't want to show up in the pics. Only way I could get the pics to work at all was with the flash on the camera.

Basing: Broken Starbucks coffee stirrers, sand, static grass. Hopefully it gives the impression of burnt/ruined Empire farmland. Since these pics I have purchased some of the new GW burnt grass so I shall start using that instead of black inking all the green stuff. :D

Still to do: Maybe do some more highlight on the orc skin and find a way to make his eyes look more obvious. They aren't much of a focal point just now.

Highs and Lows: I love the old stone troll and shaman models.

Points: 185 (a little short but better than nothing)
Total: 379/2000

Dice Roll: 2 (again!)

back (http://s137.photobucket.com/albums/q224/catferret/Orc%20Army/?action=view&current=ShamanBack.jpg)

back (http://s137.photobucket.com/albums/q224/catferret/Orc%20Army/?action=view&current=Troll1Back.jpg)

04-10-2009, 12:19
Right just finished these guys today, i know it's late but i only joined last week, hehe!

UNIT: 20 Greatswords-full command

BACKGROUND/THEME: Some dudes with massive swords for my as yet 'fluff-less empire army'

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box, execpt the champion who has a minor sword arm conversion

PAINTING: Blue- Fenris grey, asurmen blue wash, high light fenris blue. White- bleached bone, devlan mud wash, bleached bone drybrush, flesh- dwarf flesh- devlan mud wash, dwarf flesh highlight, armour- tin bitz, botlgun drybrush, devlan mud was, babab black wash....job done!

BASING: Sand, scorched brown, graveyard earth, bleached bone, static grass

STILL TO DO: The banner, still deciding on army symbol

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs- finally finishing a second unit for a fantasy army, learning i can batch paint, hurrah!

Lows......spending an un-godly amount of money on a unit that is gonna diiiieeee! hehe

POINTS : 230






Ego Ninja- awesome dude.......so.....many.....nurglings!!!!

Doc_Cthulhu- looking good mate, the purple on the assassin looks really good!

Noeste- loving the scheme mate,pure white is an unusual colour for chaos, but it works really well!!

Dwarflord13- nice work dude, Thain of pain......best name ever! Loving the knights, the shields are awesome! Salamaders are really good too! loving the doom seekers, amazing models and great paint job.....man you painted a lot this month haha!

Right in tired of typing, take it easy!

04-10-2009, 12:48
There's a lot of amazing looking stuff here!!

@Leonathion: That is a great looking Stegadon. It looks like a ton of work went into that howdah. The skin tone on the Steg itself is pretty awesome as well.

@Nephilim: Great work on those Chaos Warriors! The conversions make the hunchbacks look great!

@Nephilim of Sin: I love the gritty paint scheme on your Night Gobbos and that old model of Gobbla looks fantastic!

04-10-2009, 14:08
Please refrain from posting comments until the 8th of the month. Otherwise all those fine pics get lost in all the talking... :D

Lt Dougheim
04-10-2009, 16:22
ARMY: Empire 2000 pts

UNIT: 10 Knightly Orders with full command

THEME/ BACKGROUND: This is going to be an expansion of my halfling army. Im going to call them the Mootsguard.

BUILD/ CONVERSION: Hounds of orion with lots of greenstuff and plasticard to make the carapace. Halfling blood bowl models with greenstuff armor and lots of bits from the empire and bretonian models.

PAINT: Orkhide shade, snot green, scorpian green, scorched brown, tin bitz,dwarf bronze, shining gold, brown ink, black ink, boltgunmetal, and mithral.

BASE: Sand gavel mix with a brown ink wash. Highlighted with snakebite leather and bubonic brown. Topped with regular staticgrass and glade grass.




04-10-2009, 19:05
ARMY: Daemons Of Chaos (Undivided) 2250pts

UNIT: 15 Bloodletters with command

Continuing from Month #1

Looking around after the quick but brutal fight with the greater daemon of slaanesh, Raas 'Kor sawe marauders now bowing on their knees pleeding loyalty to their new leader.
"They are strong warriors, but only mortal men" he thought. Knowing that Slaanesh would soon send an army to make him pay for killing one of his greatest warriors, Raas 'Kor ordered his followers to prepare rites for summoning.
"I shall raise an even greater army to dispose of our enemies, but we need to start now and make haste, before the coward Slaanesh comes upon us before we are prepared!"
Most of the Marauders would die in sacrificies to spill the blood needed for the summoning and the few survivors he shall appraise to champions.
"Start the ritual sacrifices!" Raas' Kor bellowed when preparations were ready. All victims weren't pleased with beeing offered up for the greater good and many small skirmishes took place and soon the hastily erected summoning grounds was bathing in blood. As soon as Raas' Kor started the incantations for summoning a black lightning cracked down, opening a dark rift in midair. A portal slowly opened and cackling, screaming and raging howls was heard before the first demon burst forth. Crashing out, attacking the nearest warrior with giant teeth was a fearsome hound. Splitting his victim in half and devouring him in a shower of blood it was almost like a signal for the rest to come. Out of the portal came daemons racing out, searching for something to kill.

Raas' Kor looked at the growing mass of daemons attacking the marauders, fighting for their chance to become champions of their master. He then turned and looked at the horizon. The always dark clouds seemed filled with hate and crackled with energy. Slaanesh had assembled his horde and advanced to claim revenge on his challenger.
"Come now and let me show you what real power is!" Raas 'Kor challenged to the clouds and he massed his daemons to charge his enemies.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Used the banner from the marauderkit and a slight repose on a standar bloodletter with added skulls to make him a champion.

PAINTING: Black undercoat sprayed, stone grey/black mix on skin, beastial brown drybrushed on fur. Skin washed with diluted ink mix, Skin painted with stone grey/black mix (lighter shade) skin highlighted Skin highlighted with stone grey/black mix (even lighter shade). Bones and claws painted leather brown. Painted bottom of bones and claws with diluted brown ink highlighted with bleached bone. Eyes yellow, washed with diluted black ink. Teeth painted bleached bone.
Wristguards and waistcloth/armor painted scarlet red, metal parts brass. Washed with diluted black ink. Highlighted with scarlett red/blood red mix, raised metal parts painted brass again.
Axehandles painted leather brown, cords beastial brown. Brownwash on handles, blackwash on cords. Highlight with bleached bone on handles and beastial brown on cords.
Axehead painted boltgun metal and brass, diluted blackwash, repaint areas with same colors, highlight with silver and bronze. Diluted blackwash
All paints except undercoat is Vallejo Game Color.

BASING: Sand from my yard, painted black, dampbrushed stone grey/black mix, drybrushed stone grey. Grass is regular static grass from GW glued on before basecoat, then drybrushed randomly with leather brown, beastial brown and small amounts of bleached bone. Crystals are homemade from epoxy polyester resin. When mixed properly and hardened it turns amber in color. I made a big piece, smashed it with a hammer into small pieces, glued them on, washed with black ink/scarlett red mix, highlighted scarlett red/blood red.

STILL TO DO: Probably two layers of protective coating. They don't rank up very good and grind at each other (hmmm... kinky).

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs:Really liked the way the skintone came out. Wanted a darker and grimmer look than GWs standard red.
And the total time it took me to finish them. Clocked in around 20 hours. I usually paint minis one at a time from start to finish, putting in around 5h on a standard mini.
Lows: Rushed painting the eyes. My detail brush was getting worse but I decided now to wait for my new one adn the result was splotchy eyes.




Oversight and view of undivided banner
Front rank
Closeup of champion
Backside of rear rank
Crappy shot of army so far

Next Month: Chaos Furies and Daemonettes (if I can make it before I have to start a big commission)

04-10-2009, 21:22
Hey all,

Unit: 18 Ricco's Republican Guardsmen

Points: 276 points overshooting here

Total: 477 points

Die roll:6

This unit was pretty rushed, not only for the end of the month but I am trying to finish some stuff for a tournie in late October/november.


Everything looks great! Keep it up everyone!



04-10-2009, 21:31
Right I've kind of lost the plot after a string of bad luck this month. My Camera broke so i had to get a new one (which was a good excuse for getting a nice new one) and also some fool damaged the optical line outside my house while doing road works so i had no broad band :'( anyway here is where i am at.

I've painted two lots of 10 Bloodletters for the first and part of the 2nd month and the pointage was 350 points. (120 basic cost + 30 for music, standard and champ + 25 for skull totum = 175 X 2 =350)

Here they are show below

As part of the 2nd month i painted the Juggernaut of Khorne for my Herald who costs 200 points (100 basic cost + 50 for etherblade + 50 for jugger) so half of 200 is 100 so i've painted 450 points for the end of september. I just need to wait for my round magnatized bases to come in the post before I can properly base it so for now its a basic temp one.

The full project is pictured on my photobucket linked below.


I'll be painting the Herald for my Juggernaut (100 points) and 1 bloodcrusher who is a Bloodreaper so thats 90 points adding up to 190 in total plus 50 rolled over from last month comes to a grand total of 240 Points that will be done throuh October.

My dice roll = 2

Points Painted to date = 450
Points to go = 1550


05-10-2009, 03:08
NEW ENTRANT to the boys effort.

Will catch up on points shortly when I finish my August project that was put aside for this crew before I heard about the Tale of Fantasy Painters. Plan to use this Tale to finish off many of the bits and pieces unassembled or unpainted. And also to focus on the painting a little to move from kinda proficient to pretty OK.

ARMY : Empire (1000 Points)

UNIT: Volley Gun and Crew

BACKGROUND/THEME: These are editions to a fairly large empire army I've been slowly accumulating and painting for years a couple of years. The fluff for the army is...

Frank the Pragmatic was from a long line of knights, many of whom had been Grand Masters. Knights like his long dead father, Grand Master of the Order of Suicidal Chivalry. Frank had trained with his father until he was 12. Then his father was killed in a lone charge against a blood thirster.

Frank stayed with his fathers order until he was 25. He saw a lot of victories led by knights, but he tired of seeing knights defeated by charging into foes beyond their strength. After being the lone survivor of charge into a horde of giants Frank had had enough. He realized that while knights were tough, the toughest of humans in fact, some things were simply tougher, tougher than any human.

That’s when Frank decided to form his own knightly order: The Order of Convenience who’s motto was ‘If you can’t kill it with a lance, shoot the snot out of it - or magic it back to hell.’ It didn’t take long for Frank to find other knights who were brave but recognized the better part of valor. Of course it was even easier find gunners who like hiding behind the knights and shooting big things. And of course Frank was the Grand Master. He still liked leading a charge.

The army is painted in drab greys and browns with bronze armor, with the exception of the knights units that are shinier of course. Plan to do the new units somewhat brighter and perhaps even more traditionally empirelike


PAINTING: Undercoated white by Mr. Ebay. Trying three slightly different color schemes. All received 2 1/4s of necron abyss to enchanted blue with badab wash. then
With Barrel -- solar orange to sunburst yellow with sepia wash
With Book -- tausept ochre to desert yellow with mud wash
With scope - darksun yellow to sunburst yellow with sepia wash

Think I like the yellow yellow best with the blue 1/4s

The gun was simple boltgun with mithral highlights and a bit of bronze on certain bits, wood is scorched brown to vermin brown. Didn't want this old-school gun to outshine my newer versions.

BASING: Camo green with burnt grass.

STILL TO DO: More work on bases... Find a better lighting/photo system

HIGHS AND LOWS: Crew are very nice minis. Eyes are always a low.

POINTS : 110



The solo crew shot shows how they prepare themselves until the enemy comes into ranges

05-10-2009, 03:38
Ok, not so good a month for painting. I did 1 troll and a couple coats of paint on the juggernaut. I had (and have) such little desire to paint that I don't even feel the slightest bit of disappointment that I didn't get anything painted.


Good job everyone who's on track. Everyone's submissions look great

Dice roll: 1 again

05-10-2009, 06:36
ARMY : 2000 points of Dogs of War!
UNIT : Asarnil the Dragonlord (Well, WIP).
POINTS : 230 (460 in total).
BUILD/CONVERSION : I converted Asarnil and Deathfang back in July/August. Asarnil himself just has a few pieces of armour remodelled (The shoulderpad, kneepads) but is generally pretty standard High Elf Prince kit. Deathfang I was trying to be a bit more ambitious with, but wimped out in the end! His head has been converted to have both the ear flappy things and horns. He's been reposed a little, and is obviously not gonna be grabbing onto a rock. The most important part I feel, is the shield. Because this is what will make my Asarnil look different from a regular Dragon Lord, as it's not standard kit.

PAINTING : Not much to comment on here. Gold is Brazen Brass -> Shining Gold and then a smidge of Burnished Gold as well. The red that's done is Mechrite red up to blood red. Green is Orchide up to snot green.

STILL TO DO : Lots obviously. Mostly painting, but still gotta figure out what I want on the base (Since he's gonna be flying in the air). The wings have been started, and will probably give me a good indication of whether I want to stick with Gretchin Green for Deathfang, or use a different shade of green (likely Goblin).



http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk232/someone2040/DogsOfWar/th_asarnil02.jpg (http://s281.photobucket.com/albums/kk232/someone2040/DogsOfWar/?action=view&current=asarnil02.jpg)http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk232/someone2040/DogsOfWar/th_asarnil03.jpg (http://s281.photobucket.com/albums/kk232/someone2040/DogsOfWar/?action=view&current=asarnil03.jpg)http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk232/someone2040/DogsOfWar/th_deathfang02.jpg (http://s281.photobucket.com/albums/kk232/someone2040/DogsOfWar/?action=view&current=deathfang02.jpg)http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk232/someone2040/DogsOfWar/th_deathfang03.jpg (http://s281.photobucket.com/albums/kk232/someone2040/DogsOfWar/?action=view&current=deathfang03.jpg)http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk232/someone2040/DogsOfWar/th_shield01.jpg (http://s281.photobucket.com/albums/kk232/someone2040/DogsOfWar/?action=view&current=shield01.jpg)

05-10-2009, 16:46
Army: Chaos warriors

Unit : Hero on demonic mount

Hero on juggernaut


Points: 405
Army points: 405

Build: straight from the army box

Still to do : just basing to do but will do them with their units

Highs/Lows: none really,just glad to be kickstarting this tale

Dice roll : 5





05-10-2009, 16:54
Yo Harry/Braad can i join the boys tale with my chaos dwarfs?

Army: Chaos Dwarfs

Unit : hobgoblin wolf riders

Points: 110

Army points: 110

Build: rackham Strohm knights

Still to do : pin the riders to the mounts

Highs/Lows: none

Dice roll : 1


Joseph Vintila
05-10-2009, 18:53
Army: warriors of Chaos

Unit :12 warriors of tzeentch - 242

Sorcerer on chaos steed - 191

Points: 433

Build: straight from the box

Still to do : just basing and the standard to do

Dice roll : 3




05-10-2009, 21:45
Army: Orcs and Goblins (2000pts)

Background/Theme: retro orcs and gobs

Mugrats ‘ardboyz-orc bigguns choppas shields light armour full command
You got to be tough to be in Mugrats ardboyz, he don’t like no wimps. If an aspiring orc doesn’t make his standard and survive the forthcoming kicking he is sent to join the stinkin useless runts.

Skeelids hoods- night goblins shields nets fanatics full command
Sneeky sneering skeelid is a bit of a personality around the camp. Him and his boyz are always up to mischief and love winding up anyone lower in the hierarchy than themselves, meaning clopses runtlings.

Unit(s): 10 biguns f.c shields, 2 fanatics, 20 n goblins f.c.

Build/Conversion: standard added, otherwise none.

Painting: lots of yellow and purple.

Basing: drybrushed grey

Still to do: a couple of shields.

Highs and Lows: lots of hard work this month, maybe too much! Pretty pleased with the colour scheme, very different to the normal colours I use

Points: 260

Total: 460/2000

Dice Roll: 2

Next month- Cyclops runtlings





05-10-2009, 22:30
gah! really really late post! behold my slew of excuses and quake!

1. forgot my warseer password and thought it wasn't sending me the reset email until i checked my old email account

2.couldn't find the thread after the rejig until i remembered you can search for things

3. wondered why the search wasn't returning results until i noticed i spelt fantasy 'fanstasy'

4. started college again

5. got a job.

these really highlight my ineptitude/laziness but here it finally is :P

ARMY: lizzies 2000 pts

UNIT: slann


points: 375

@ C-Coen: loving the spotty lizzies and the classic cold ones, they came out around the same time i started playing, hooray for nostalgia!

@Leonathion: you may have inspired me to finally try dip, these look fantastic!

@alathir: looking good, closeups next time plz!

@schmaker: underpointed and missing bases/shields!cheat! although i'm a month late so i can't talk :/

@flufystuff: those highlights and the base are inspirational, i personally enjoyed painted my stegs scales, but maybe i'm a masochist.

@malorian: you should be proud of your lord, he is a fine conversion.


WIP for next month:http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn177/redyellowpink/IMG_0896-1.jpg

i am a little confused, is this my entry for august and september or september and october? thanks much and sorry for the delay

06-10-2009, 00:50
Army: Empire (2000pts)

Background/Theme: An Army of the Grand County of Stirland!

Unit: 25 Swordsmen with Full Command.

Build/Conversion: Straight from box primarily with some conversion using Greatswords/Knights

Still to do: Basing, but would have had them painted if I hadn't run out of Calthan Brown!

Highs and Lows: Completing a block/but still under 200pts!

Points: 175

Total: 378

Dice Roll: 4

Next month: 2 Great Cannon & a Battle Wizard

06-10-2009, 05:21
I have to have a Joker this month too many other obligations got in the way. BUT here are my WiP pics for this month.



Die Roll: 3

06-10-2009, 11:32
Well hello. Sorry for not being able to post anything last month but i've made sure i'll compensate for it

Army: 2000 points of Monster lizards



It's an Engine of the gods with a priest totalling on around 440 points? wich should cover for last months absence.

And it took me about five days after settling on the skin scheme to notice i've basically ripped off mcmullet >.>

Dice roll: 4

06-10-2009, 12:16
Army : Empire

UNIT: 5 Halberdiers, 6 Militia, 1 Helblaster Volley Gun

BUILD/CONVERSION: Lots of bitz swapping, especially for the militia and volley gun crew. Everything is from the empire kits though

PAINTING: Blue is mordian blue up to ice blue, yellow is iyanden darksun highlighted up to golden yellow, washed with gryphonne sepia and highlighted again. Red is just Scab red up to blood red, and skin is bestial brown up to elf flesh.

BASING: Fine sand as a base, with baking soda and PVA for snow.

STILL TO DO: Base the militia, managed to lose my fortress grey somehow. I see on the pics that I've forgotten some details as well on them (eyes on two of them, shield scroll text, beards on the militia), will have to return to them at some point.

POINTS : 195



Everything for this month:





And the whole army as it stands after month 2:

06-10-2009, 13:13
Dice Roll: 2


Models: 8 Knights of the Realm with a Full Command.

The horns sounded.

Sir Claude, lance to his chest and head bowed, made a swift prayer to the Lady before lowering his helm’s visor. Through the narrow slit he saw the waiting Skaven massing across the field, filling the horizon with their seemingly endless numbers, foul sorcery and arcane engineering. With despairing screams the peasants rushed behind the knights, their positions at the base of the hill abandoned. Such displays of cowardice only reinforced their status as lowborn; they had fled to the hills after the Skaven sorcerers had laid waste to the ranks with devastating spells of lightning.

Claude urged his horse onwards as his noble comrades started their charge towards the pathetic Skaven infantry. His mighty charger snorted with disdain as the furry bastards neared. There was a great roar from his knights, Claude spared a glance around the field, on all sides the pride of Bretonnia thundered down the hill and across the plain and in unison the lances were tipped. There was a moment of stillness just before the impact and it was in that moment that Claude felt the excitement of battle course through his body.

With a thunderous smash the knights collided with the skaven ranks, their guns had downed a number of Claude’s comrades but it would take more than the weapons of cowards to see Bretonnia’s nobility from the field. The knight thrust his lance forward, his opponent was a black furred Skaven who raised his shield in fear, Claude’s weapon punched through the wooden defense and into the skull of the creature. The charger did not break his stride, smashing aside the weakling Skaven with impudence.

It was then that Claude saw hulking forms rise up from the Skaven ranks, the bestial Rat Ogres marched towards the charging knights with dread purpose, on the flanks it seemed as though the remains of the Skaven infantry were closing in and on a distant hill there foul war machines were preparing a deadly volley.

The brave knight thanked the Lady for this most worthy battle.

Points: 216

Building/Conversion: Straight out of the box.

Painting: I changed up the original Regal blue I was going to use and went with Enchanted Blue. The former is a great color but it really didn’t pop enough for me on the field. Overall, quite happy with these guys. I dirtied up the caparisons of the knights, as I wanted my Bretonnians to be quite gritty

Basing: Same method I’ve used since I started last years tale.

Highs and Lows: Figuring out a way to get knights done in a quick and efficient method was pretty tough but I finally got there!

Still to do: Probably just need to clean up a few of the highlights, overall these are ready for battle. But the damn banner snapped in two... so I have to somehow get that back together...

Total Points Thus Far: 452

Next Month: The revered Grail Knights will be next!



And the Army Shot! Apologies for the poor lighting.


Nephilim of Sin
07-10-2009, 03:33
Just to make the counting easier for Braad, I am afraid I am having to pull a JOKER for my Tomb Kings this month. Funny enough, I was actually going to post 3 Carrion and a Tomb Scorpion (great minds think alike!), but someone knocked over the spider, which sent it into about a million pieces. Don't worry, it will be back next month though!

07-10-2009, 06:56
It seems that I will have to joker as well since time has been low lately. Hope to make up for it next month, since my anticipation for the new release might well send me into a painting frenzy.

07-10-2009, 07:14
Army : Ogre Kingdoms (Boys League)

UNIT: 3 Ogre Bulls with Bellower, Iron Fists and Light Armour

BACKGROUND/THEME: They are Ogres (with layers :p)

BUILD/CONVERSION: More or less stock models. Greenstuffed a stomach onto the one without the gut plate and gave him some random bit from what was IIRC the Empire Great Cannon Kit for a belt buckle.

PAINTING: Same as last month.

BASING: Still waiting for basing materials...

STILL TO DO: Basing...

HIGHS AND LOWS: Nice to have a unit all finished up, but parts of these Ogres don't quite look up to the same standard as last month's (the metal in particular)

POINTS : 139

TOTAL POINTS : 265 (65 ahead of schedule)



And the full unit:


07-10-2009, 08:09
Dear all

I'm having a bit of a mental month with work and relationship.

There will be an update coming from me, however, its a few days away yet, so sorry for the delay.


My name is Daniel and I am a wargamer

07-10-2009, 12:28
ARMY : Vampire Counts(2000 Points)

UNIT: 1 Nercomancer


PAINTING: black undercoat and then colours - sorry did not take notice

BASING: GW grass

STILL TO DO: still umming and arrring over the base style.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Getting the necro done was at least something. assignments did me in for the most part i never finished the skellie unit. but i did start a test model for the new basing style i'm considering.

POINTS : 55 (decided to drop items in points and just use base points for the models)


DICE ROLL : 4 (same as last month)

The nercomancer and the WIP skellies. still considering the delvan mud option.

The finished stuff to date (not counting the bases which MAY get redone)
see what i mean about a bad bad freehand banner :(

Next month:
Well i found the parts so the Cairn wraiths and the banshee get done and the skellies get finished.. famous last words? i hope not

07-10-2009, 12:31
ARMY : Warhamster Undead (2000 Points)

UNIT: joker :cries:



STILL TO DO: something anything everything

HIGHS AND LOWS: Something had to give and it was the warhamster that suffered the most. i nearly finished a bolt thrower....



NEXT TIME: something anything

07-10-2009, 12:57
ARMY : THIS IS SPARTA!! (800 Points FOG)

UNIT: 1 Spartan Protected Cavalry 4 bases

BACKGROUND/THEME: The army in based points wise on the idea of a spartan force marching to platea. (well thats what the points for the models i have work out at timeline wise anyway)


PAINTING: Undercoated black. Merchite red for cloaks and tunics. Bronze for the helmets and weapons. Horses are Dark Flesh with black bridles.

BASING: Did not get that far.. still building the hoplites :eek:

STILL TO DO: Need to be based but might wait and do army all at once and will do standard practice - shields last.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Not getting what i actually wanted done

POINTS : 24 (not even close to the 80 i committed to)



4 bases of protected cavalry
pic quality is rather crappy. still trying to work out a way to take a decent photo

Next Month:
hoplites? or skirmishers or BOTH!!!

07-10-2009, 13:11
Well, its the 8th here so here are the comments for my fellow 2’s… Just wanted to say also that I thought everyone had a really strong month.

First though, I have a question for Totengraber, how did you achieve the rust for the metal on your ogres? I’m planning on collecting Skaven and would like to achieve such a look.

Dark Apostle: I’m happy you rolled a two this month because it lets me comment on this fantastic piece of converting! That’s a really solid Warrior Priest you have there, very nice scroll details as well. The red is painted very nicely and that is a pretty awesome face too, there isn’t really anything I can say in terms of improving it, it’s almost perfect. Well done, mate.

Dino: Really liking the dwarfs, particularly the beards – they look fantastic. You bring a lot of life to a pretty dull plastic kit, that force will really pop on the field. Love it. That’s also a really nice conversion on the Dragon Ogre, that’s a lot of effort and its paid off. However, the only thing that isn’t working for me is the blood smeared on the mace, it has a pretty unnatural look to it, fix that and you’ll have an awesome model on your hands. Keep it up!

Giledan: Wow, that is some solid work you’ve got done there. Personally I prefer Chaos looking very drab and dark (figures considering my favourite chaos god is Nurgle) but there’s no denying the quality of your work here. Maybe making the chainmail a little rusty could look cool? The gold and red is very effective, the shield on the base is a nice touch as well. Looking forward to seeing a big-ass army shot.

Jim: Those Empire guys are ready for Christmas! Jokes aside, it’s a really effective scheme and I like the simple conversions you’ve made here and there. The pistol on the champion looks great. Powder Monkey looks hilarious, whenever you get a direct hit, its all because of the monkey’s expertise, of course. One critique would be maybe their bases are a little flock-heavy, but it’s not a big deal.

8bitMummies: I really haven’t ever been a fan of GW’s minotaur models but you’ve done them justice here with quite a subdued scheme which I think really works when it comes to painting things like Beasts of Chaos. Not much to comment on here really but perhaps you could get some more on their bases? I mean, just to achieve a look like they are fighting in or ambushing from the woods? Just an thought.

Discord: I have to say I am really not into those old Horror models but buying the new ones is pretty expensive and a lot of people like classic figures so go with it. Your right, the photo doesn’t really lend itself to showing the amount of work you’ve done on the horrors but the flamers came out pretty damn sweet, really nice transition on the blue to flames as well. Looking forward to seeing more of this.

Catferret: Really like the skin tone of your shaman there, that really subdued tone makes them look much more sinister and I really commend you on the work you’ve done on the glowing eyes on the staff, they came out very nicely! The troll came out looking pretty sweet as well, although I have to say I prefer GW’s new direction with the trolls, you still did enough to make the most out of the model. Well done!

Smokemeakipper: Haha those are definitely some retro figures you got there and some really nice painting as well. I particularly like the goblins, those figures have a lot of character to them. I think the colors you chose work in a very bizarre way, I wouldn’t have thought they would but combining those stark colors with the retro figures seems to have worked I think.

07-10-2009, 17:06
First though, I have a question for Totengraber, how did you achieve the rust for the metal on your ogres? I’m planning on collecting Skaven and would like to achieve such a look.

I don't remember where I read it (maybe the OK army book?), but it goes like this:

Basecoat Dark Flesh (I used VGC Dark Fleshtone)
Stipple Bestial Brown (I used VGC Beasty Brown)
Stipple Vomit Brown (maybe Blazing Orange?) (I used VMC Orange Brown)
Drybrush Chainmail

It's pretty simple and gives great results.

07-10-2009, 17:30
Comments for the 5s (I'll do another one later for the people that haven't posted yet)

Avian: Looking good. The blue turned out as well as the yellow did.

Fabius Bile: Nice and bright and good to see you got all the details like the eyes and teeth. The banners also look great.

RaZeR: I've already told you that it's a cool conversion on your other thread. Don't know what else to say other than looking forward to seeing it in an battle report ;)

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Nice conversion with the mounted mage. Does he fall over to the staff side a lot though? Or have you weighted him down?

Matrim_Cauthon (Empire): Those minis look great. You have the faces just perfect!

Matrim_Cauthon (DE): Look good. Seeing your empire though I wish those warriors didn't have helmets :)

gsmc: LOL! I totally didn't realize you were part of this until JUST now! Glad to have you on board and can't wait for that hellblaster to misfire in our next game ;)

nagged (WoC): I like the look of the beaten copper on the juggernaught. All looks very good.

redyellowpinkgreen: Looking good so far. Those monster are nice for catching up in these tales, so don't worry.

Gargobot: Looks good but why are the poses the same? I see you tried breaking them up through painting by why didn't you switch up the bitz?

07-10-2009, 18:43
ARMY: Empire (2000 Points)

UNITS: 1 Warrior Priest (AoMI, 2 HWs) & 10 Handgunners

BACKGROUND/THEME: Well I’ve no fancy background atm. Just your regular Hochland army.

BASING: Sand painted Scorched Brown, brushed with Bleached Bone. Static Grass, Graveyard Earth rims.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Thx to MindTheGap I’m now using a wet palette and it’s awesome, a real time saver!
Thx to my inexperience with it the brush strokes are quite visible on the WP’s face.









07-10-2009, 19:00
And comments to all the rollers of the almighty 3!

@Elazar the Glorified - Really good use of the Sigvald body! Great conversion, and the painting is very neat as well. The blue and orange of the doll makes for a really striking contrast against the bone and purple.
@ fluffystuff - Great stegadon! You've got some nice blending going on, and I suspect a lot of the details (which look very good) got lost in the pictures, models this big are a bitch to photograph... Oh, and the horns look awesome.
@ Zujara - Love that tomb scorpion! It's usually one of my least favourite models in WFB, but you've made it look really good. Kudos!
@ Rhasget - Nice fluff! The daemons themselves are really good, and it's great to see both the old bloodletters and an unusual colour scheme combined and done justice. I think the bases blend in too much with the actual models though, you could really do with some contrast there, like changing them to brown or something... Just another tone than the bloodletters, maybe just a wash would do?
@ Joseph Vintila - The warriors look great! Really nice blue colour you've got there, and it'll look even better when based! Be sure to post pics when you've finished the bases and standard. The sorceror could do with a little more depth on his purple robes (not the pink ones, his "under-robes") though! And maybe a little blue somewhere on the model to tie him in with the warriors?
@ Fechik - Looking good already though! Looking forward to seeing it/them finished!
@ Doi - Very neat painting for Ogres, in a good way though! The skin and metal especially look good, but, well, so does the clothes, and... In short, really neat job on everything! How will you do the bases?



Morglum Necksnapper
07-10-2009, 19:23
Here's the next update for 1 savage orc army.

points 205

Last month I didn't have the time to comment on people's work, I'm not sure if I'll be able to do so this month, therefore I will not roll a D6.




Morglum Necksnapper
07-10-2009, 19:39
This is 301 points for the second savage orc army.
I've moved to another town, thank god I painted these fellows allready in august.

savage orc shaman on boar (in one picture he does not yet have warpaint.)
points: 121

15 savage orc arrer boyz
points: 180





Desert Rain
07-10-2009, 19:57
Mormicar stood silently at a balcony in the mansion above the small city of Tor Cindari and watched the stormy seas far below. The sky was as grey as steel and the boiling sea matched its colour perfectly. A strong wind tore at the elves long flowing white robes and is black hair. Mormicar shuddered and pulled his grey cloak closer around himself. Even though the wind was very cold at this time of the year Mormicar had always liked to stand here and watch the oceans. It made him feel calm and serene, allowing him to concentrate more on his magical studies.
His thoughts were disturbed by light footsteps from the hallway inside the building, he turned his head around to see who was interrupting his thoughts. Walking quickly through the hallway was a graceful tall elf covered in heavy armour. The weigh of all that steel didn't seem to hinder the elf's movement in any way
”Mormicar! Are you still standing here looking at the oceans?” Asked the armoured elf with a strong voice.
Smiling Mormicar turned around to face the armoured figure.
”So you are back now Cyriel, was the journey successful?” He asked.
”I would call it so my friend” Cyriel replied.
”Seranidan of Caledor saw it fit to gift me with this new armour”
”Certainly it's a nice gift” Mormicar replied, even he with his complete lack of knowledge about armour could see that Seranidan's gift was indeed a very fine one.
”It was forged in the fires of the Dragons by caledorian master smiths millennia ago” Cyriel said with a proud smile on his lips.
”I met an old friend of mine while I was travelling through Tiranoc, he was very interested in our quest, so he lent himself and his chariot to our cause.”
”That's good news indeed, I'm hoping that more elves show interest in our quest before it is to late” Mormicar replied.
”So do I Mormicar, so do I”

While the two elves were talking the clouds opened up and a heavy rain started falling. When it did the two elves turned around and walked back into the mansion, continuing their conversation.

"Have you heard anything from Aronil?" Cyriel asked while they were walking through the hallways.
"Only that she is still at the White Tower looking for the Tome of Lands Forgotten." Mormicar replied.
"Let us hope that she finds it soon then, I miss her"
"So do I, but if I know her right she will not return until she has it."

Units: Noble and Tiranoc Chariot.

Background/theme: The noble is Cyriel, commander over the forces of Tor Cindari and the Tiranoc Chariot is well, a chariot from Tiranoc driven by one of Cyriel's old friends.

Build/conversion: Cyriel is straight out of the box plastic noble on foot with a great weapon. The Tiranoc Chariot is based on the lion chariot parts with the huge feather things from the noble sprues glued to the sides.

Painting: Mostly the same as last month. You will notice, however, that I've changed the colour scheme from white and red to white and grey, a combination that at least I feel is very high elven.
I've also changed that way that I'm painting the gems, it takes a little longer but the effect is so much better so it's certainly worth it. I have also repainted Mormicar the Mage's cloak to fit with the new colour scheme.

Still to do: Basing the chariot and maybe some minor details.

Highs and lows: The noble model was very easy and quick to paint which was nice since I didn't have much time. I like to paint the new colour scheme as well.

The chariot itself, however, was a paint to paint. I couldn't find any colour that I felt was suitable for the wood, so I must have repainted the darn thing at least five times. Then I settled with the one that's on the pictures, obviously, I'm not completely happy with it but it will have to do.

Points: 203

Total: 388 points

Dice roll: 1

Cyriel in his new armour


Cyriel's cloak.

The pride of Tiranoc...

Chariot from the side

Mormicar with his new cloak

And finally the group hug

07-10-2009, 21:20

Dark Apostle, nice priesty dude. I had the same trouble with painting that you did, until I figured out no one's going to peer that hard at regular trooper #317. Still not too comfortable with dropping my standard too much, but perfectionism doesn't get an army painted.

Dino, seeing a monthly update of one (non-character) mini for a fantasy army makes me feel like I should've done 1000 points myself. Of course, my feeble male ego wouldn't allow anything called the boy's league. ;)

Giledan, I can see an army beginning to form! Or well, a skirmish force. Or three fellows going for a beer. It, uh, doesn't sound too glamorous that way. I'll just shut up now. :p Those clean chaosmen could do with some dirt and grime, I think.

Jim, is that one of those old metal cannon crewmen? Looks ace. Liking the white. Looks just grubby and lived-in enough to look real.

8bitMummies, mmm, I'm feeling like putting together my own minotaurs now. Not sure what I'd do with them in a daemon army, though. Fiend of Slaanesh counts-as, perhaps? Or use them as ogres for my warriors project. Oh well. Waiting to see more of your army soon, I like beastmen.

Catferret, are you planning to paint all of your orcs that dark? Definitely different than the regular orc skintone. The ears on that troll look a bit harsh though, I'd throw in a wash to try and disguise that. Or maybe it's just the pic.

smokemeakipper, those are some definite classics right there! Liking the unique colour scheme and the wild-looking goblin unit.

Alathir, good scheme. Doesn't look like the circus is in town, unlike an average bretonnian army. ;) Looks real nice in the army shot, with those different units bound together by the same theme.

07-10-2009, 23:19
Rather absurdly, as I have nowt else to do, I have to joker. I have got a bit along with these Cold One Riders though, so hopefully a bumper month will ensue!


08-10-2009, 00:05

@ Leonathion: That is one impressive Stegadon you have there. The skin and the horns in particular are fantastic. The army painter dip sure works wonders for you.

@ Elazar the Glorified: An excellent conversion (I really do like that puppet) and an excellent paint job. Your background for him is rather cool too. Only criticism is where the eye holes are on his mask, they seem to be too far apart for him to see out of it (though it isn’t noticeable from afar).

@ Avian: I think the fact that your army’s background is the one I will read without fail each and every month pretty much sums up what I think of your army. The conversions with the HE bits worked seamlessly once the paintjob was applied. I have to admit though, I like your Tzeentch scheme over your Slaanesh one.

@ Ego Ninja (Empire): I think you made the right choice with sticking with the dirty white, looks ace. How are you doing it? And congratulations on the marriage.

@ Ego Ninja (DoC): Looking good once more, even if it is more of the same :p.

@ doc_cthulu: The purple works great on the assassin. What is the Engineer standing on though? A giant pillar? It looks a bit odd.

@ fluffystuff: Now I really enjoyed your VC last year, but your Lizards are looking to eclipse them. That EotG is stunning! How you get such a smooth blue on the skink skin is beyond me.

@ Zujara: Those Carrion are excellent, how did you paint the flesh? The scorpion looks good, but I think it could do with a little bit of colour somewhere, from the front it seems a bit bland.

@ Malorian: Nice work, the Lord conversion is excellent as is the banner on the unit. And no more negativity! We get enough self-criticism in the TOFP from EmperorNorton!

@ Fabius Bile: The longer halberds really add something to those Halberdiers, good work.

@ RaZeR: Now that is one heck of a conversion. Keeping away from traditional Nid colours is a good idea too, I’ve seen a few conversion to bring Nids to fantasy that didn’t work for that reason. Lucky the cannon doesn’t sit any lower though... or is the army Slaanesh?

@ Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: That Shaman conversion is great, nice work. What does this bring your entire painted collection to then? Surely you can’t be too far away from 10,000pts now?

@ Dark Apostle: I think I’ve just found another army’s background to follow every month. That was a great read. The flagellant/great sword conversion worked out fantastic. And I don’t even know where to start about praising the paintjob. The parchment is stunning. Ok there is a start!

@ BigJon: Those are three characters to be proud of. Is Disgust a stock model or a conversion? If it is the later where is the head from?

@ Dino: (Dwarves): How did you paint the beard on the Dwarf champion? I wouldn’t mind using that on some of my Ogres. The Dragon Ogre conversion is great, I think using Ogre arms where the cold one ones used to be worked really well.

@ noeste: Great work. You white is coming along really well, it should look stunning across the whole army. Any particular reason you shaved off the beards? Figured Slaanesh is the shaving type?


@ silverstu: Gah! I cannot wait any more! Stop the torture :(

@ Bluesabre: Of you go storming ahead of the rest of again. Should I expect another 5000pt army this year? The Manticore is ace, think I would have gone nuts painting on all of those individuals hairs on the hands etc.

@ Totengraber: Looking good. I think the skulls in his beard could do with being a traditional skull colour rather than red though. A bone colour that then has blood stains on it would work, but right now it seems a bit odd. And how are you painting the blue pants? It almost looks like denim in the photos.

@ Giledan: Great work. Your reds and golds go really well together, and it makes this Khorne scheme work well.

@ Jim: Fantastic stuff. Love the powder monkey. Any idea on what you’re going to do for the banner design?

@ Nephilim of Sin (WoC): Nice to see how well the rust worked out (especially since you have no bare metal anywhere, just rust :p). I think you are doing a bang up job on this army so far considering the models you’re working with (they’re nice, but can’t hold a torch to the current ones). Looking forward to seeing how the skin recipe works on the marauders.

@ 8bitMummies: I quite like the Beastmen in the more natural colour schemes. I think the bases need something extra, or maybe be that bit lighter in colour, though to add a bit of contrast. Otherwise it might look a bit bland over the whole army.

@ Calibretto: Great work. The horse in particular strikes me as really well done.

@ Discord: They look great. Photos are fine. Stop complaining :p. I really like the classic flamers, well in fact more or less all classic Tzeentch things. Good work.

@ Nephilim of Sin (O&G): Wash day? What kind of greenskin are you? Great paint job, though I’m going to have to disagree and say the new model is better. Can’t go past the new Gobbla!

@ Matrim_Cauthon (Empire): Very nice. The wood grain on the bows in particular is great.

@ Matrim_Cauthon (DE): Excellent Druchii. Nice to see someone else who doesn’t complain about the basic Warrior models. I think the chainmail looks fine, but the pictures might darken it up so the extra highlight only shows on your end.

@ dwarfhold13 (Dwarves): Helga looks fantastic. The freehand on her shield is excellent.

@ dwarfhold13 (Empire): Which of the pictures is closest to your actual colours? It varies quite a bit between the three.

@ dwarfhold13 (Lizardmen): Looking good. The orange turned out really well.


@ dwarfhold13 (Slayers): Yay for Doomseekers! GW really need to bring those models back. How did your painting hand pull up after all that painting?

@ Catferret: Great work. The glowing eyes on the Shaman’s staff came out a treat. Though I think you might need to check the math in your total points :p.

@ biscuit: They may die, but they will look damn good doing it! Great work this month, your colour scheme is fantastic. Any idea on what you’re going to do for the banner?

@ Lt Dougheim: Those Mootsguard may just be the greatest thing to come out of the Empire ever! It is an inspired conversion and the green and white robes look wonderful.

@ Rhasget: Great background once again, looking forward to when Slaanesh finally fights back. Those Bloodletters are excellent, the grey scheme works really well and the bases are fantastic.

@ Dakkapantz: Great stuff, you’re black and yellow scheme is fantastic. How much do you need to get done before the tournament?

@ obsidianaura: Great work. Why have you got two banners though? Do you use them as two units of 10 in 40K?

@ gsmc: I think the new Knightly Order has the right idea; “Kill it but don’t die trying!”. Looking forward to seeing this scheme on some knights. And I think your gun crew are having all the fun!

@ someone2040: Looking good so far. I think Gretchin Green would be the go with the dragon, I think it would suit the shade of red on Asarnil the best.

@ nagged (WoC): Great work. The hero on the demonic mount looks really cool, but I’m not a big fan of the polka dotted Juggernaught.

@ nagged (CD): Those are some stunning Rackham models and they sure do look the part for Hobgoblins. Good choice. Are you using classic Chaos Dwarves or converting from current plastics?

@ Joseph Vintila: Good work. What are your plans for the Warrior’s banner?

@ smokemeakipper: Those classics are fantastic. Especially the Night Gobbo giving the finger (always loved that one). The purple and yellow scheme works wonders.

@ redyellowpinkgreen: Nice work on the Slaan. It might just the picture, but I think his Skink attendant could use a bit more contrast on him, might just be washed out in the picture though. And this would be your work for August and September (just think of it as Month 1 and Month 2 if it is any easier).

@ grimtide: Great work, looking forward to seeing them based.

@ Filie: I’m sure that would quite easily make up for your absence last month. Looks fantastic. How did you paint the gems on the howdah?


@ BeatTheBeat: Excellent work from you this month as well. The reeling militia and the crewman with the wine bottle in particular look great.

@ Alathir: Great work. I really like seeing Brettonian armies where everything is the one colour scheme. Looking forward to the Grail Knights.

@ basilbrush (VC): Looks good from what I can see (the flash in the photo washes a lot of it out). What are you considering for your new bases?

@ Gargobot: Excellent work. I really like the Warrior Priest, the freehand on the parchment is great.

@ Morglum Necksnapper: Well you’re getting comments without rolling a D6 from me! Your giant is excellent. The tribal markings came out really well, as did the staff. I quite like the champion (or so I’m guessing) in the Arrer Boy Unit too, the yellow cloak adds a nice bit of colour to the unit.

@ Desert Rain: Great work again. Cyriel looks really good and I quite like the red/white pattern on the front of the chariot.

@ Doi - Very neat painting for Ogres, in a good way though! The skin and metal especially look good, but, well, so does the clothes, and... In short, really neat job on everything! How will you do the bases?

Thanks for the compliment. After spending ages doing snow bases in the past two TOFPS I'm going to a simpler (to the point I feel like I may as well be cheating :p) method, but I wont go into the hows and whys now. I'll just say they'll be walking through a field with flowers and be done with it for now. You'll just have to wait until I get my hands on the materials to see more...

It seems like we've lost quite a few people since last month. There are less posts in the thread by the 8th and we've had people who didnt post month one make a return. Hope everyone is just running late and will be posting in the coming week.


08-10-2009, 00:53
@DOI: Thanks mate. The tournie is 1000 points, so If I finish on time I will be considerably ahead of everyone for TOFP!:D I find tournies are also a really good way to motivate you to paint an army too.

I will be using these guys as Empire(shameful I know, but Dogs can;t stand up in a strong breeze these days with daemons and dark elfs about), with pikes as spearmen, Lumpin Croops as woodsmen...etc. I have finished 18 spearmen, 10 halfling spearmen, 2 cannons, captain and 8 free company. I still need to finish my BSB, battle wizard, 10 more halfling spearmen, 6 free company, and 5 pistoliers. Long way to go!



08-10-2009, 01:45
Comments for all thee of the 2 persuasion.

Dark Apostle: Excellent conversion on the priest and the red looks very vibrant, I love the colour of the book on his back too. What is it?
Dino: Great dragon ogre conversion. Nice shades of green on him.
Giledan: I'm very impressed with the gold detailing on the edge of the armour plates. Your hands must be steady as a rock.
Jim: First time I've seen a powder monkey used as cannon crew. Great idea.
8bitMummies: The big moos look great despite your misgivings about the lighting. They'll be in dark forests waylaying Empire Hunters anyway. ;)
Discord: Loving the colour transition on the arms of those flamers.
smokemeakipper: I loved those old Big Uns when I had some in my first orc army many moons ago. Nice to see them again. Interesting colour scheme too, nice change from the usual stuff I see.
Alathir: Congrats on getting a nice solid white on those guys.


Alathir: I'm not a fan of the newer trolls at all. These guys are the only remainders from my first greenskin army (4th/5th ed) so had to make a comeback.
Discord: The troll's ears look very different in natural light. Sadly Scotland lacks a lot of that so the camera flash was employed. Bizarrely the flash has darkened the orc skin a tad, not sure how. The intention was to have a pretty dark and subdued skin tone anyway though as I'm not a fan of radioactive green that seems to get used by GW.
Doi: Fixed now! 379 not 179... :rolleyes:

08-10-2009, 01:52
phew! i'm going to have to put up my comments later on, but i just wanted to throw out there that everything is looking great, and it seems like a LOT of people have dropped off for one reason or the other.. glad to be one of the few hanging in there!!
keep it up guys! a years' worth of time is a lot more than you think it is.. just put the brush to a model a little per night and it's done :)

08-10-2009, 03:02
@DOI: Thanks mate. The tournie is 1000 points, so If I finish on time I will be considerably ahead of everyone for TOFP!:D I find tournies are also a really good way to motivate you to paint an army too.

Well that just means you'll end up with more then 2000pts by the end of it ;). We had two painters hit the 5000pt mark last year...

Doi: Fixed now! 379 not 179... :rolleyes:

Much better :p.

phew! i'm going to have to put up my comments later on, but i just wanted to throw out there that everything is looking great, and it seems like a LOT of people have dropped off for one reason or the other.. glad to be one of the few hanging in there!!
keep it up guys! a years' worth of time is a lot more than you think it is.. just put the brush to a model a little per night and it's done :)

We've found that there is normally a big drop in the amount of painters in the first three months or so (I mean, we had half not show up for the first month) as people either forget they've signed up or realise how big of an effort the Tales are. The drop out rate normally drops off quite a bit from that point on though as we're left with the people committed to it and any drop out from then on is normally from unforeseen circumstances. I'm sure Brad still has his graph from last year kicking around to explain it properly.


08-10-2009, 04:16

@ BigJon: Those are three characters to be proud of. Is Disgust a stock model or a conversion? If it is the later where is the head from?

Thanks Dio, the Sorcerer "Disgust" is a stock model but an OOP model.
I think it came out for the last Hords of Chaos book or around the Nemesis
Crown campaign.

08-10-2009, 05:51
For all of you who rolled lucky number 6!

- Ego Ninja: Hehe, Nurglings! And lots of them! Can't say I envy you all those tiny models, but they're looking good from what I can see (possible with a close up?). Keep it up, looking forward to what you'll paint next month – hope you'll find the time!

- doc_cthulhu: Your Skaven are looking great, especially fond of t he Globadiers myself. I think the red-brow robes and the dark green, almost black orbs (“globs”?) match very well! Your rust-effects are also looking good, although I think I'd have painted pure metal on the very edges, as the rust would probably wear off through use, no? Keep it up either way – the new Doomwheel coming up maybe? Can always hope *Smiles*

- dwarfhold13 (Dwarfs): Miners! Lovely, and your green and red-theme is looking very good, quite “dwarfy” if I may say so. You should have painted a 5 o'clock shadow on Helga though... *winks*

- dwarfhold13 (Empire): Yellow and black would've been my favoured choice of colours, if I were ever to make an Empire army, really makes for a nice theme in my eyes. Good choice on the bare heads, think it looks great that way. Looking forward to the whole unit of them!

- dwarfhold13 (Lizardmen): Agree totally with you when it comes to the colour of the Salamanders, you've gotten a really nice shade of orange; makes for great contrast to the blueness of your Skinks and Saurus'. Nice highlighting of the Salamanders' spines as well.

- dwarfhold13 (Slayers): Argh, Doomseekers. Nice paint job, but must admit I harbour a bit of hatred for those crazy Dwarfs... Nothing personal, mind!

- biscuit: Great looking unit, and I must say you've done it justice with that paint job, nice shade of blue, goes along very well with the “dirty white”. The dark bronze armour's looking superb as well – hope you'll find the time to give their banner a nice freehand some day, would be the cherry on top! Looking forward to what comes next from your painting desk.

Owh and thanks for the feedback *smiles* Slaanesh is all about vanity, so I thought why not try to make the units look clean and pure. Glad you like it!

- Dakkapantz: Again, the yellow and black combo is really great in my honest opinion, and your Guardsmen are looking very happy, having received that theme. Love the dark iron armour and bright edges, hope to see more great stuff from you next month!

Hope I got all of you, but if you feel overlooked then please cry out!

@ noeste: Great work. You white is coming along really well, it should look stunning across the whole army. Any particular reason you shaved off the beards? Figured Slaanesh is the shaving type?

Thanks for the feedback Doi! And yeah, felt that beards -especially unruly Marauder beards- were a bit too unsexy for the Horsemen, and especially when I had three of them without beards it looked strange with two having beards... In short, just felt/looked right, so I did it!

To the rest of you, I see lots of great stuff being posted, keep it up! And to those of you being slightly late, stick in there and come back to us next month with zeal!

08-10-2009, 12:09
A dificult decision but one for the best, is that Im going to be pulling out of this.

My painting sessions are somewhat chaotic in that I paint loads of diferent things whenever I get the urge. Having a set pattern I thought would motivate me, but it has made painting a chore again.

Good luck everyone and I will be watching this with interest.

08-10-2009, 15:56
Just made myself a probably bad decision:

Sign me up for 100 pts of Dark Elves/month as well, with two jokers played.



08-10-2009, 16:35

A bit late for me this month, which is very unusual. However I have a good excuse – the birth of my daughter Katie on 28th September. Being a dad means I will have less painting time, but I still plan to get 2000 points done this year.


UNIT: 6x Cold One Knights

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box. The standard is pinned and can be removed and replaced with anther lance if needed.

PAINTING: Underbelly was Iyanden/Bleached Bone, inked with Devlan and highlighted up to Bleached Bone.

Scales are Orchide Shade, highlighted up with Camo Green and again Devlan Mud.

Riders are Boltgun metal highlighted up to Chainmail. Gold is Shining Gold, highlighted with Chainmail. Gold was shaded with Devlan and the Silver is shaded with Badab Black.

BASING: Gritty sand inked with Chestnut Ink, highlighted with Bleached Bone and then snow flock added.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Beautiful models. Although I normally hate painting cavalry, these were a joy to paint. The gold on the riders came out very nicely and I'm quite pleased with it.

POINTS: 194 points

TOTAL POINTS: 379 Points.






08-10-2009, 16:51
@ Derv-beautiful paint jobs and beautiful daughter! Look at that head of hair! Your next several years will feel incredibly long and short alteratively, dont miss anything :)

08-10-2009, 17:08
Being a dad means I will have less painting time, but I still plan to get 2000 points done this year.

You think you don't have time for painting now? :p

Wait until they are crawling around or better yet grabbing at your models and paints :eek:

Trust me, now when they eat and sleep is the best chance you got :p

Anyway, the models look great. You caught all the details and the cold ones practically look real.

08-10-2009, 17:21
A bit late for me this month, which is very unusual. However I have a good excuse – the birth of my daughter Katie on 28th September. Being a dad means I will have less painting time, but I still plan to get 2000 points done this year.

Excuse? Ow, come on, you saw that one coming at least 9 months ago :p

Anyway, great cold-ones!
I'll try to pop-in more comments later. And I need to paint something... :eyebrows:

Up to now, 57 people posted either models or a joker, and 182 are still missing. Last month we finished with 125 missing... that's more than half :o

Anyway, do note that people who don't say either 'joker' or post models this month and also didn't do so last month, wont be showing up anymore in the tables next month.

08-10-2009, 17:24
Avian: Your Knights last year were amazing, and you’ve done exactly the same standard on these beauties. I love the glowing eyes on the banner top and the banner detail.

Malorian: Looking good! I’d like to see the skin a little lighter, but that’s just a personal preference

Fabius Bile: Impressive amount of conversion work. And what a colourful army, love it! I like your attention to detail and the freehand on the banners.

RaZeR: Interesting conversion. I like the dirty, rusty metal effect. How did you pull that off? I’d also be very interested to hear where you got those chains from, as I need some for my Dark Elf Dragon.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Your army is coming along very nicely. I really like the fur colour on the wolf, very nice.

Matrim_Cauthon (Empire): Another lovely, bright and colourful Empire army. I really like the wood grain effect on the bows.

Matrum_Cauthon (Dark Elves): Beautiful effect on the shield emblems. They have a glowing feel to them. They are coming together really well.

Gsmc: Simple but effect paint scheme. I’d like to see a little bit more done to the bases, but otherwise they are looking rather good!

Nagged: Absolutely love the blotchy effect on the jugger and the colourscheme throughout. I will be closely watching this army, very very impressive!!!

Redyellowpinkgreen: Nice work on the Slaan. Any plans to deepen the horns on the palanquin?

Gargobot: Nice, clean painting style. I really like the skin on the warrior priest.

08-10-2009, 17:28
To the 2 rollers out there;

Dark Apostle: A lovely little fella' you got there. Really like the colour of his armour, the shading/highlighting of it is really nice.

Dino: Love the beard of the unit champion. The shield on the standard bearer really makes it go along nicely with the other units of your army. :)

Jim: Nice looking paint scheme, the green and white is a classic in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing the shield and banner design.

8bitMummies: Cool minotaurs, like the use of different size of rocks/grabble (is grabble a word? if not it should be!) on the bases. Nice subdle highlighting of the musclues on the torsos.

Discord: Like the arms on the flamers very much, gives a cool smooth and 'magical' transition of colours from the blue to the yellow/orange. :)

smokemeakipper: Cool that you managed so many goblins in a month, and the colour scheme really stands out. And cool little description you included about the different units adn their champions. =)

Alathir: Thats some eye-catching highlights to the blue parts of the shields you have done there, good work. And to me its a perfect amount (and colour) of dirt on the horses barding.

Catferret: Really cool 'glowing eye' effect on the staff, thats really nice work. And really like the matt grey-blue colour on the troll, reminds me of the Jacob Nilsen trolls featured in alot of WDs.

08-10-2009, 17:29
Feedback for the fives

Malorian: I guess a little boredom with painting tubby little guys with beards and axes is only to be expected, but I think having a good, strong colour scheme like yours will help. Nicely converted Lord, but what are those things beside him on the platform?

Fabius Bile: Very cool conversions, how did you manage to attach the halberd heads to such thin rods?

RaZeR: Darn it, you are making me want to convert a Hellcannon myself. :D Is one of the crewmen meant to be riding the thing?

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Applause for getting so many little gits painted in a month. Though I predict that the wolf's tail is going to break off. ;)

Matrim_Cauthon (I): Coming along very nicely there. Is the yellow the same as last month?

Matrim_Cauthon (II): Applause for getting the basic infantry done. What is coming next month?

gsmc: I agree, I also think the yellow+yellow is best. :)

nagged: Very cool character models, espcially the bronze armour on the Jugger. Very creative!

smokemeakipper: I know you didn't roll a 5, but I just have to say that I love your goblins. Very cool and unusual choice of colours. :D

Gargobot: Good work on the humies. I wouldn't want to face your 400 pts shooty guys.

derv: Very cool model, and the Knights are great too! We were at our first ultrasound today and now I'm counting on my fingers how much painting I'm likely to get done until the spring.

Desert Rain
08-10-2009, 18:30
Comments for the 1's

Leonathion: I love every part of the model, great work. Especially the green skin and the horns look really authentic.

Totengraber (1): Nice skin tone and rust effect. The gnoblar with the big hammer looks great.

Totengraber (2): Again nice skin tone, I like the way that the main colours (skin, blue and brown) goes together.

Nephilim of Sin (1): I like the pale colours on your warriors. The faces on their backs look great.

Nephilim of Sin (2): Again I like the pale colours. The shade of green you are using for their skin looks far better than the usual bright colour.

Nagged: They look good, can't say much more since the pic isn't very good.

08-10-2009, 18:40
Army: Bretonnians
Sadly going to have to JOKER this month.

Even worse is the reason, that is...laziness :eek:

Next month i hope to regain this joker though by painting 8 Knights of the Realm and my Bretonnian Lord


08-10-2009, 18:41
Just wanted to wait until the first week was over so not to break up the pretty pictures.
I have to play Jokers for my armies this month, hoping that I'll somehow get back in track soon.

08-10-2009, 19:03
Malorian: I guess a little boredom with painting tubby little guys with beards and axes is only to be expected, but I think having a good, strong colour scheme like yours will help. Nicely converted Lord, but what are those things beside him on the platform?

Those are these little dragon like monsters from the dwarf warrior sprue and are an alternate to the top piece of their musician.

Here's a good close up picture of one: (not mine)

08-10-2009, 19:33
Comments on all the 5s :

Avian: Very nice Knights. Of course they are painted in my favourite colours blue and yellow, but that's beside the point. Good looking, clean colours. Keep it up!

Malorian: What a load of minis :). I especially like the way you painted the green. The shading is executed perfectly! Did you just mix the green up with some black? Or did you use a wash?

Fabius Bile: Now that is a great looking banner. Might have to shamelessly steal the design for it one day ;).

RaZeR: Who would have expected to see Tyranids in this thread. Very good looking conversion. Like the base a lot!

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: The beginnings of a great looking horde!

Gsmc: Yellow and Blue army! What's not to love... colours are not too bright, which I appreciate, because I know how difficult it is.

Nagged: Fabulous (can I use that term here :)) juggernaut you painted there. Unusual use of colours overall but it works, so keep it up!

Redyellowpinkgreen: The stone on that Slann is painted in a very realistic way. Nice!

Gargobot: The red is highlighted really cool. When I try to highlight it, it often comes out too pink, or too orange. How do you achieve this? Also like the parchment and the freehand on it!

Derv: Congratz with your daughter. I'm a father of an 8 months old boy myself, and I have to say... the first 3 months I painted nothing :). But after that they start sleeping longer (and more regularly) and that gives you time to paint again... At least that works for me. Hopefully it does for you too! You use the same colour scheme as me for the Druchii. I like them a lot!

Matrim_Cauthon (Empire): Those minis look great. You have the faces just perfect!
Matrim_Cauthon (DE): Look good. Seeing your empire though I wish those warriors didn't have helmets

Thanks a lot! They are really simple actually. Tallarn Flesh mixed with Dheneb Stone as basecoat. Highlight with a little more Dheneb Stone into previous mix. And the two light washes of Gryphonne Sepia first, followed by Ogryn Flesh (very little).

@ Matrim_Cauthon (Empire): Very nice. The wood grain on the bows in particular is great.

@ Matrim_Cauthon (DE): Excellent Druchii. Nice to see someone else who doesn’t complain about the basic Warrior models. I think the chainmail looks fine, but the pictures might darken it up so the extra highlight only shows on your end.

Thanks and thanks :). The picture does darken it up a little. And yes I do love the basic Warrior! But after painting 48 of them, the Black Guard are a nice change!

Matrim_Cauthon (I): Coming along very nicely there. Is the yellow the same as last month?

Matrim_Cauthon (II): Applause for getting the basic infantry done. What is coming next month?

Yep, I am sticking to my simple yellow recipe: undercoat Skull White, basecoat Iyanden Darksun, highlight Golden Yellow, Wash with Gryphonne Sepia, and touch up with Golden Yellow again.

Next month is 20 Black Guard for the Druchii (coming along nicely), 5 Empire Pistoliers (assembled) and maybe 20 Flagellants (actually my Mordheim Witch Hunter warband I'll be using as flagellants, undercoated). Very ambitious I know :).

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
08-10-2009, 20:17
I will do my comments later on the month but I will reply on the comments on my models so far:)

@Malorian: No he doesn't fall over and he is weighted, but the head from the wolf is metal so maybe that is the reason

@Doi: I suspect somewhere around the 8000pts or so, but some older stuff will be repainted cause they are rather ugly:p

@derv: thanks and congrats with the baby

@avian: yeah could be for some reason they break off but the tails from boars are much worse.

Matrim_Cauthon: The beginning? not really it is more like an expansion, you see I'm addicted to greenskins. I fear that they are my drugs to keep me sane in this cruel world:p

08-10-2009, 21:59
Please disregard and delete this post. It is not nessesary

bert n ernie
09-10-2009, 00:11

Screaming Bell

Well, It's late and I'm on my wy to bed so all I'll say is that this army is based on a cross between Dr. Frankenstein and Skaven nerds. They often wear labcoats and have archaic equipment which they use for dastardly experiments.
The bell ringer is no exception, as he wears a lab coat and a nerdy shirt.
The top of the bell has some Alchemist equpiment.

Scroll and warpstone token, along with the shirt of the bell ringer.

Still to do:
A ceremonial dagger for the last corner of the scroll, and some better pics of the ringer. Also, I need to purity seal the whole thing.#

Highs and Lows:
Took me forever, but then it is done. I really like my theme, and I'm hoping it comes out more when the rest of the army comes together.

Points: 200 (so I've now caught up with my joker from last time)

Dice Roll: 4


EDIT: picture of Bell ringer's shirt has been added.

09-10-2009, 03:20
Comments on the 5's. This is more fun than working.

Avian: Perhaps knights of unkindness and understatement – very nice

Malorian: Like the general and will happily misfire and roll a 1 with on the hellblaster misfire table to send 30 shots at him

Fabius Bile: Good simple cannon diorama and very workman like shirt on the crewman with the tamper

RaZeR: Not sure I’ld want to be holding the chain on that monster. Good conversion although you could read it in the other direction

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Like the color scheme – simple and effective

Matrim_Cauthon: striking huntsmen – what’s your yellow recipe? (oh just saw it in another post) Does the camera show it true?

nagged: fine metals

redyellowpinkgreen: What’s the plan for on and under the well done steg?

derv: good models and congrats. Takes a while but kids can learn to enjoy paining minis too, and before that they are good at testing the pinning on metal models

09-10-2009, 06:46
I've been trying hard to get something finished, but unfortunately I'm going to have to play a joker this month:


good luck for coming month for everyone!

09-10-2009, 08:39
Matrim_Cauthon: striking huntsmen – what’s your yellow recipe? (oh just saw it in another post) Does the camera show it true?

Well after a long and hazardous journey I finally managed to find a way to get decent and realistic pictures of my minis. So yes, the colours you see are actually the colours I painted (accept for maybe the metals, they come out just a tad too dark). All I have to do after I take the picture is a manual colour correction in Paint Shop Pro (a Yellow->White shift).

Matrim_Cauthon: The beginning? not really it is more like an expansion, you see I'm addicted to greenskins. I fear that they are my drugs to keep me sane in this cruel world:p
Wow, I just took a look at your blog, really inspirational stuff. The speed with which you paint minis at such great quality... hats off to you :).

Fabius Bile
09-10-2009, 09:33
I dedicate my work this month to a good friend of mine, who sadly and unexpectedly died Monday 5th October 2009, while on tour in Sweden. R.I.P. Mike, my old friend. Rock on in Heaven!

Comments for the 5 rollers:

@ Avian - Cool colour scheme on your kernigits - love the banner!

@ Malorian - Nice uniform level of painting across your army. I agree you will get bored very quickly painting that scheme. Can I recommend more variety in hair/beard colour and small details? That might help!

@ Razer - I love your version of the Hellcannon - great colours, very unique - well done!

@ Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull - great use of colours across your whole army - very neat and great bases - good job!

@ Matrim Cauthon - loving your consistency with your blues and yellows - bases look better now too - you are very good at human faces and eyes - well done!

@ GSMC - Nice, neat work on your Hellblaster and Crew, but your bases are letting down your otherwise high standard.

@ Nagged - Great paintwork there, good different colours, but for me that Juggernaut is a bit too Slaaneshi looking to be a true follower of the blood god!

@ Redyellowpinkgreen - excellent work - love the yellow Slann!

@ Gargobot - Neat work there - great faces on the handgunners - love the Warrior Priest too!

@ Derv - Big Congratulations on becoming a father! Great work on the Cold One Knights too - I bet they were finished before the 28th, huh?;)

Fabius Bile: Very cool conversions, how did you manage to attach the halberd heads to such thin rods?
Hi Avian, I scraped a groove in the back of the halberd just wide and deep enough to glue the tip of the rod in place.

Fabius Bile: Now that is a great looking banner. Might have to shamelessly steal the design for it one day ;).
Hi Matrim Cauthon, you're more than welcome to copy the banner - all I did for the design was take elements of several banners from the Uniforms and Heraldry of the Empire book, throw them together and change the text. If you don't have it, it is a great book that I highly recommend to all Empire painters.

09-10-2009, 11:42
Thanks Dio, the Sorcerer "Disgust" is a stock model but an OOP model.
I think it came out for the last Hords of Chaos book or around the Nemesis
Crown campaign.

Pretty sure that would be older then either of those two, since I don't remember it ever being a current model while I've been playing (since 2003), maybe the 5th ed Chaos book. I'll have to have a look.

Thanks for the feedback Doi! And yeah, felt that beards -especially unruly Marauder beards- were a bit too unsexy for the Horsemen, and especially when I had three of them without beards it looked strange with two having beards... In short, just felt/looked right, so I did it!

Good enough reason for me :p.

@Doi: I suspect somewhere around the 8000pts or so, but some older stuff will be repainted cause they are rather ugly

Yeah but then when those are repainted the ones you're doing now will seem ugly :p.

I dedicate my work this month to a good friend of mine, who sadly and unexpectedly died Monday 5th October 2009, while on tour in Sweden. R.I.P. Mike, my old friend. Rock on in Heaven!

An Evile fan I take it?

@ derv: Excuses, excuses, excuses ;). Congratulations. And once again you've shown why you have one of my favourite Dark Elf armies out there, those Cold One Knights are stunning

@ bert n ernie: Great work, the instructions on top are priceless :D.


Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
09-10-2009, 11:57
Wow, I just took a look at your blog, really inspirational stuff. The speed with which you paint minis at such great quality... hats off to you .

Hehe, are you part off the knight of bayard?

@Fabius Bile: thanks altough the bases still need some work.


09-10-2009, 12:04
Hehe, are you part off the knight of bayard?

Nope, my brother is though. I am more of a painter than a gamer really. I take it you are from around these parts then?

Fabius Bile
09-10-2009, 12:44
An Evile fan I take it?

Hi Doi - Yes, a very big fan. I knew Mike for years, and was having a beer with him in London just 10 days before he died. I just can't believe he's gone.:cries:

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
09-10-2009, 14:58
Nope, my brother is though. I am more of a painter than a gamer really. I take it you are from around these parts then?

I'm from Oostende, and I go to quite a few tournies in a year so maybe I have met your brother before.


09-10-2009, 15:05
@everyone who's commented me so far: you're right about the skink, one ogryn flesh wash late he's looking much better, i can see what you mean about the tusks on the slann, but i like the sortof bleached look, plus i think the camera washed the colour a little, the steg is going to be an engine, he's on the standard base.

@Doi, thanks for the clarification, i was worried i would be behind already.

@nagged(a 5 i missed): looking really good, i especially like the guy on the daemonic steed, i really want to try the 2 tone undercoating technique and it seems to be working well for you.

Dark Apostle
09-10-2009, 15:36
Comments for all who rolled 2

@Dino: I like that you’ve really paid attention to the details on the dwarfs, especially their sleves. The beard of the unit champ looks mighty good too!
I love the converted dragon ogre – I never realised that the cold ones were that big. Very creative combination of the two plastic sets, and nice green-stuffing as well! I like your chaos bases with all their extra details added.

@Giledan: The rich red armour looks great – very clean painting. It is a striking color scheme. Bases look good too. Would have been nice to see the back of the warrior for a closer look at the fur. Keep it up!

@Jim: Nice kit-bashing – and I love the old metal gun crew mini! And the monkey of course :-) I like the richness of the red, and the green as well. That banner could use some freehand painting on it, it will be interesting to see what you’ll come up with! Will you do a base for the cannon too?

@8bitMummies: Well, the pics are a bit dark, but I can appreciate the grittines of the minotaurs: mud, rust etc. The weapon handles look great, and the dark skin really makes those red, evil eyes stand out.

@Discord: Don’t know why you complain – the blue looks terrific! It’s perfectly clear that you’ve blended the arms as well – so if this is bad pictures they must look really great IRL! Birch seeds on the bases are a great touch too!

@Catferret: Nice painting and bases. I agree that the shaman could need an extra highlight, and to make his eyes “pop”, why not paint them like the glowing eyes on the staff? Could look cool!

@obsidianaura: Looks like an impressive unit of bloodletters. Maybe some gloss varnish on the blood on the banner?

@smokemeakipper: Lovely retro-orcs – both models and painting-wise! You gotta love them – so much personality!

@Alathir: A simple but very striking palette. I like how you’ve painted dirt on the caparisons, a small detail that makes a huge impact. Looking forward to see the grail knights!

Well done everyone, keep it up and happy painting!


09-10-2009, 16:01
Had some trouble with computers (graphics card blew up). Photos soon!

bert n ernie
09-10-2009, 16:12
OK, as many replies to 4s as I can:

@Ego Ninja
Good luck with the wedding and moving. Don't worry too much, I'm sure we'll get to see some stuff next month.
The colour scheme is nice and simple. Some of the guys look like they have Smithing aprons on. Brill.

That character on steed looks great. Which horse range is that? I also really like disgust's shoulder pads and glowing eyes.

You definitely have the drybrush technique on those wings down. The end of the spear looks good too.

@totengraber. Nice simple scheme there. I also like the very realistic metals you've managed.

@Calibretto. The scrolls look very nice, did you paint them or use transfers? Perhaps some devlan mud on the green may bring out the colours, as the picture seems a little bit flat.

@Lt Dougheim. Those are fantastic! The conversions are almost seamless(in fact they mostly are). I really like the use of the dwarf shields too. Really well executed.

@someone2040. Hard to post on a WIP, but the dragon model is always great looking. The rider looks set to be very apt. What colour will the dragon be? Contrasting or similar?

@Grimtide. I think the halloween esque colours are great. Will the whole army use the same scheme?

@Filie. The glass baubels/gems on the howda look brilliant. I wish I could paint glass like that. Overall it looks very impressive, although personally I'm not a fan of stegadons who are mono-colour.

Yeah, I'm far too excited for the new book too. I can finally use the bell again in tourneys!

@basilbrush. I love that old necromancer with his bag of tricks! I think that your camera isn't taking the best pictures. Did you use the flash, or is there a macro mode? I can just about see the unit, but not really. The skeleton shields look great. You can just use a marker to draw on the banner you want then paint over that (you can see an example of that on the 'instructions' scroll on my screaming bell. The great part is you can go over it with most colours if you use a non-black felt tip pen.
Basil continued... The problem with that pic is that the cans in the background are being focused on by the camera. The colours there are stronger so the camera automatically thinks that it should focus on that. A lot of warseerites take pictures using only white backgrounds (white sheet or something) so that the camera is forced to focus on the models. I like the look of em by the way. Beardy guys with shorts! They look well highlighted too.

Now for people who stuck out for me

@Doi. That is the best great maw banner I've seen in ages. I really like the colours. Great focus point for the unit. Thank you for the comment, I'm really glad it's noticable that it is instructions!

I'm loving the line of sight for that warlock ;)
The globadiers look like they're on an ash waste, and they're in some kind of armageddon. Did you add the skulls to the rat swarm base?

@Dax that's a pity I was really looking forward to seeing some of your work.

@malorian. I have somehow missed your post, but wanted to say thanks as I randomly found a comment from you encouraging me to make sure I post this time around after last months joker. Silly how little things like that can motivate you to finish eh?
So... thank you.

09-10-2009, 17:16
Dear lord Mazdamundi! It truly is Stegadon madness over here!
Most of 'em that awesome plastic kit though. Well, at least something original for me then, this ancient Stegadon (well, in age, it's just a regular steg gamewise!)

Still to do: the crew and some details. And that base, of course.

Points this month: 175 (235 -35 for crew (as that's what 5 skinks cost) and -25 for the ballista (bit weaker, thus cheaper, than goblin spear chucka). (Oh yeah, and it adds up nicely for the...)

Total points: 400

Dice roll: 6 (poison! take that, warm-blooded freaks!)

On a wholly different note, I would like to have another entry in this Tale. As mad as I feel for joining this, (seeing how easily distracted I am) I thought I could then just as well anter with one of those distractions: 1000pts Wood Elves for me. First month Joker, second month soon to be posted. Yeah, why not.

Anyway, WIP shots:

10-10-2009, 07:20
To those who rolled a 5:
Avian: Some nice looking knights, especially the freehand and the banner top with the burning eyes look great.

Malorian: I don’t think Grum’s face looks like you globbed on white, more like he’s got very expressive eyebrows.

Fabius Bile: Yup, that’s the Von Kragsburg Guard! And the banner looks really good. Like the cannon too, how’d you paint the red beard?

RaZeR: Wow, that’s a cool Hellcannon conversion. Great idea and execution.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: I like your unusual NG color scheme, and kudos for soldiering through 20 boring NG archers. :)

Matrim_Cauthon: Very good painting, especially the General’s face is very vivid. And the pose on the Huntsman with the pheasant is awesome; too bad I assembled mine already. :(

Matrim_Cauthon (2): Very well painted too, I really dig how you painted the shield emblems. I mean everything looks great, but I can’t take my eyes of that deep red. How did you do it?

gsmc: TicTacToe playing Leonardo :D. How’d you like painting these? When I painted the crew it felt like they painted themselves.

nagged: Three lovely minis, or rather not. The wizard’s face makes me want to not eat, ever again. :D And if that’s supposed to be skulls “underneath” the jugger’s barding, it’s a success. Looks great.

redyellowpinkgreen: Nice work on the slaan (and next month’s steggie), though I think your work would look better if you’d take pics without flash. For example I know the skink is highlighted, but the flash almost makes it look like he isn't.

derv: Congrats!
And great work on the Cold One Knights, especially the Cold Ones look very realistic.

Other painters:
Jim: Yeah, Hochland and a monkey (and all of that well painted too)? You made my day!

Doi: You Ogres look great, in fact this month I changed to your skin recipe. Mine was pretty similar to begin with, but yours is a tad darker so it fits better with the bright red and green of my troops.

Comments to my (other) fellow Empire painters later in the Support Group.

Gargobot: The red is highlighted really cool. When I try to highlight it, it often comes out too pink, or too orange. How do you achieve this? Also like the parchment and the freehand on it!
Well the red on the WP and the Handgunners is basically the same.

Red is Blood Red over Mechrite Red, highlighted with a Blood Red & Skull White mix (1:1), then washed with Baal Red.
For most tastes this does come out a little too pink, but I'm okay with it. I'm assuming you're talking about the WP anyway, on him I did the red just the same but washed it thrice, and once or twice on selected spots.

A thank you to everyone who has commented on my work. :)
Now let's get back to work.

10-10-2009, 08:45
redyellowpinkgreen: thanks! Nice Slann, especially those eyes are very mysterious.

Comments to all the others who got a 6..

Ego Ninja: Aren't they cute? ;) Well, you surely painted the most actual miniatures this month. Nice stuff!

doc_cthulhu: Really like the globes, excellent rust effects on your stuff as well.

noeste: hadn't expected it, but that contrast between black and white looks great! Also very original.

dwarfhold13: ah, aren't those miners some nice miniatures? Those at the left have some great hair-colour as well. That Helga model still scares me. :p

dwarfhold13 (again?): Those heads look very nice for sure. What further stuff are you planning for the banner?

dwarfhold13 (ah, you gotta be kidding. 3 entries?): One of those rare armies with GW's colourscheme but a high quality of painting. What are you planning for the bases?

dwarfhold13 (oh, I'm not saying it again..): Doomseekers are awesome! And yours are no exception. I especially like the way the gold looks, yellowish.

biscuit: Surely they costed quite a bit, but they were worth it in your case! Very nice, gritty but still very realistic looking guys.

Dakkapantz: Love the contrasting dark-metal and yellowish cloth/details. Besides that, I've always had a weak for those DoW pike units. Very nice models.

10-10-2009, 09:32
@Doi, thanks for the clarification, i was worried i would be behind already.

No problem.

@Doi. That is the best great maw banner I've seen in ages. I really like the colours. Great focus point for the unit. Thank you for the comment, I'm really glad it's noticable that it is instructions

Thanks for the compliment :). And I think people would have to be blind to not notice that the paper is instructions ;)

Doi: You Ogres look great, in fact this month I changed to your skin recipe. Mine was pretty similar to begin with, but yours is a tad darker so it fits better with the bright red and green of my troops.

Did you find my recipe any easier/harder to work with? I'd be interested in a comparison shot of the two if you ever get the chance.

@ C-Coen: Very nice. How did you paint the red? Looking forward to seeing the crew finished up.


Fabius Bile
10-10-2009, 10:14
Fabius Bile: Yup, that’s the Von Kragsburg Guard! And the banner looks really good. Like the cannon too, how’d you paint the red beard?

Now you're asking! If memory serves, the head and face were basecoated with an equal mix of Scorched and Vermin Brown, then given a watered down flesh wash, then the hair and beard were layered with a 50-50 mix of Vermin Brown and Blazing Orange, left to dry for 5 minutes, then I added a touch more Blazing orange to the mix for the final highlight.

Inquisitor Pariah
10-10-2009, 10:34
I have to play a joker this month :( (stupid real life)
But I can comment on the excellent work of the sixes :)

Ego Ninja - I really like the bases! Will you be painting the rest of the daemons the same?

doc_cthulhu - That's a nice filthy red scheme you have for the globardiers and I like teh splash of purple on the assassin

noeste -The white really suits the army - I dig the infantry conversions you have going on

dwarfhold13 - Good metals and good choice on using the bare heads on teh knights, and nice, smooth bright colours on the skinks. I also like the touches on green on the Slayers: sets them off well.

biscuit - excellent empire infantry...nice and grimy!

Dakkapantz - I like the black lacquered armour...but how are you going to stop the pikes bending?!?!

I'm working on some dark riders now so should be able to pst soemthing next month!

Super Mario
10-10-2009, 10:58
ARMY : Night Goblins

UNIT: 20 Speargoblin, Shaman

BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversions yet. I have some plans for stormvermin though.

BASING: Flock. Dripped Scorched brown, Drybrush Graveyard earth > Graveyard earth and Dheneb stone.

STILL TO DO: These guys are finished.

POINTS : 150



__________________________________________________ _______________

An introduction to the grey-robe goblins of Hroda tin mine.

ch. 2

We now look at the spiritual leaders of the goblins of Hroda mine. This example is typical of many of the shaman or wise-goblins of the clan.
The shaman is a performer, in this picture you see him* acting out a story to the younger goblins using his puppet. In the story he describes a respected shaman who, through a series of tragic events, ends up trapped in a well with only a grumpy frog for company. In this section he acted out a scene where the clever shaman eats a mushroom soup which allows him to levitate out of the well. Although in the picture, the puppet looks like a crude rag on a stick, the energy and movement that the shaman put into his performance transformed the device into a beleivable living creature. It looked a lot like himself.

The audience chanted 'Michu! Michu! Michu!' at the end of the performance. THis may be goblin for 'Bravo' the characters name, or the name of the shaman. I shall refer to this goblin as Michu from now on.

The performance itself was a remarkable spectacle, with rhythms on gongs and drums, woven though with delicate flutes. There is no comparison anywhere in the Empire. It combined the Ballads of Middenheim with the martial sounds of Altdorf and the frantic energy of the Kislev dances, yet was more moving than any of those combined.

Although the shaman carries no direct authority in the clan, he is very influential acting as performer, apothecary and interpreter of law. He will never issue orders like a high ranking 'boss', but is able to push an agenda by appealing to the goblin psyche.

I make a note of mushrooms at this point. Not only is fungus a goblins favoured food source (they can eat most things) it also carries spiritual importance. The grey caps are used for most things including an intoxicating mushroom wine. The red spotted caps are less commonly used, although they are held in high esteem. As yet I do not fully understand why. Wood carvings of mushrooms, painted to look like red caps appear in many of their arts and craft.

I have had to revise my initial estimation of the size of this clan. It appears that there are a great many more Grey-robe goblins living in the Hroda tin mine than I thought. Up to forty individuals emerged today. It may also be speculated that the mine and the natural caverns are larger than first thought.

*I am uncertain of Goblin gender, and so refer to all as he. This is just to save time and ease of reading instead of typing out he/she/they/other each time.




10-10-2009, 11:59
noeste: hadn't expected it, but that contrast between black and white looks great! Also very original.

Thank you!

I have to play a joker this month :( (stupid real life)
noeste -The white really suits the army - I dig the infantry conversions you have going on

Thanks! Glad you like them - and don't worry about a joker, I'm sure you'll return next month with a zeal to make it right, heh!

10-10-2009, 12:49
Comments for the 1's (some repeated from a previous post):

@Leonathion: That is a great looking Stegadon. It looks like a ton of work went into that howdah. The skin tone on the Steg itself is pretty awesome as well.

@Nephilim: Great work on those Chaos Warriors! The conversions make the hunchbacks look great!

@Nephilim of Sin: I love the gritty paint scheme on your Night Gobbos and that old model of Gobbla looks fantastic!

@Nagged: The use of Confrontation Rat riders was inspired!!! The painting looks great, too!!

@Desert Rain: Your High Elves are coming along quite nicely! I'm glad you liked them!

@ Totengraber: Looking good. I think the skulls in his beard could do with being a traditional skull colour rather than red though. A bone colour that then has blood stains on it would work, but right now it seems a bit odd. And how are you painting the blue pants? It almost looks like denim in the photos.

I have thought about going back and redoing the skulls as a normal bone color, but I want to keep my forward motion on this army. I will make a note of it and maybe go back when the rest are finished. Thanks for the feedback!

As to the pants: they are basecoated in VMC Dark Prussian Blue and then washed with Devlan Mud. At first I didn't like how it looked, but the more I looked at the mini as a whole, I started to like it. I never noticed that it looks like denim, however.

10-10-2009, 12:53
Commenting on those who rolled a three:
@Elazar The Glorified - Superb conversion! Very original and a great paintscheme. The hard work now is matching the rank and file to the level of the work done up to now. Very nice fluff around the character also.
Keep up the god work.

@Fluffystuff - Awesome steg! High level painting and a base that suits perfect. Probably the best one I've seen yet.

@Zujara - Very nice carrions. And the scorpion emerging from the sand is a great idea (altough "borrowed" doesn't make it less great).

@Joseph Vintila - Dark and scary unit. Looks a bit undefined though, perhaps some small highlighting on the blue would set them off. The wizard looks good, but in contrast to the warriors he's too tidy. Just keep going and youll have a great army.

@BeatTheBeat - Nice to see the swedish colors flying :) Great work with crisp colors and some conversions. The white beards on the militia make them kinda look like a band of old geezers though. And maybe pick out some wood or metal details on the helblasters barrels to make it more striking. Looking forward to see the whole army complete!

@Doi - The human flesh tone just grows on me. An army with these will look great and stand out from the "normal" greyish ones. And as you stated the metals oin the new ones look more plain than the first batch. Whats the plan for any gnoblars (if you plan to use any)?

Comments on those who caught my attention:
@Leonathion - Great looking steg. A real centerpiece for an army. Only drawback is the gaps between assembled parts showing slightly (I have a keen eye for these things so most people wont even notice though). Looking forward to see the rest of the army.

@Fabius Bile - Great freehand on the banner. Just puts the unit up a notch to look striking.

@Dark Apostle - Great looking priest. Both painting and conversion is top notch.

@Nephilim of Sin - Really nice Warriors. The older plastic hunchback ones seem very fitting for converting to nurgle. Build, paint and conversion is great work.

@Derv - The CO knights look great and near lifelike. Especially the red parts on the skin, just spices it up.
You should paint all you can now for the next seven-eight months. Babies mostly sleep and don't take as much time as when they start crawling and walking. I just started painting again when my son turned three and I finally could take the time I need for it. Congratulations though!

Responses to comments on my post:

@BeatTheBeat - Part of the plan of the army is to make the army blend in with the bases. The fluff is that they obey Raas 'Kor now and his powers and the powers from the ground and crystals transform them to the new look.
But thanks for the input and criticism.

@Doi - I haven't elaborated on the story farther than this but maybe I can work on a big finale when the Slaanesh horde arrives to post later in the Tale.

Desert Rain
10-10-2009, 15:26
I have a bit of a problem regarding my colour scheme. I'm a bit afraid that the grey and white is going to look a bit dull when you paint whole regiments that way. So when you place them on the table they just look like a big spot of various grey nuances. Perhaps they need some colour to spice them up a bit?
Just some general thoughts I have:
I know I don't want blue, never liked it on High Elves.
Yellow, brown, green, pink and black are out of the question. Red looks rather nice but that was the colour of my old army, so I'm not sure about that. I've been thinking a about making them purple, in a High Elven way so that they don't look like Druchii.

Maybe something like this:
painted on the armour rims, cloaks etc.
This whole colour scheme thing is a bit annoying since I can't really paint anything until I have decided on one that I will stick with. Well, I guess that's what you get when you start painting without thinking through different alternatives;)

10-10-2009, 16:34
Some comments for the 2's (Hope I haven't missed anyone!):

Dark Apostle: Really impressive Warrior Priest, the armor looks especially good. You've managed to paint real emotion into his face, too. Looks awesome.

Dino: You have a way with bright colors, your Dwarves look spectacular. Excellent Dragon Ogre conversion as well!

Giledan: Your Chaos Warriors have a real depth to them. I'm jealous, your painting is sharp, crisp, and clean. That deep red is great.

Jim: Good looking Empire! The cannon looks weathered and realistic. The monkey is a nice touch.

Discord: Yours is one of my favorites in the Tale, those blues are so striking and vibrant and I love the old models! The blending is clear enough in the pictures, I can only imagine how they look IRL. I can't wait to see your finished army, it will look stunning.

Catferret: I like the skin coloration on your troll. What colors did you use for that? The Shaman looks nice, too. I agree with you, the eyes would look great if they were brought out more!

ObsidianAura: Intimidating Bloodletters! The banner looks stark and threatening. Maybe one more red highlight on their skin would distinguish them a bit more from one another? They look menacing enough as is, though!

Smokemeakipper: I know it has been said before, your painting style lends itself perfectly to those old minis. They look really nice, I like the muted yellows.

Alathir: Nice rich blues on your Knights! The highlights are clean and pronounced. Good job.

Some others that caught my eye:

Bert n ernie: Great witchy green on your screaming bell! Truly an original style, and it looks awesome! I may try something similar on one of my Tuskgor chariots.

Nephilim of Sin: Skarsnik and Gobbla look incredible, as do the Chaos Warriors and the Night Goblins. I am a huge fan of your stuff, I LOVE how gritty it looks and yet the details are crisp. Those old models are so much cooler. Very inspiring!

Nagged: That effect on the armor of your Juggernaut is great!

Rhasget: Your Bloodletters turned out very well, love the grays!

And an acre of thanks for those who commented on my stuff. Motivation rules!

Good job, everyone.

10-10-2009, 17:34
Catferret: I like the skin coloration on your troll. What colors did you use for that?

Thanks. Basecoat was a mix of Chaos Black and Midnight Blue. Highlights done by gradually adding Shadow Grey. Thought it would keep with the dark blue colouring of the army.

10-10-2009, 18:50
To those who rolled a 5:
Matrim_Cauthon: Very good painting, especially the General’s face is very vivid. And the pose on the Huntsman with the pheasant is awesome; too bad I assembled mine already. :(

Matrim_Cauthon (2): Very well painted too, I really dig how you painted the shield emblems. I mean everything looks great, but I can’t take my eyes of that deep red. How did you do it?


The shields were quite a bit of work... I painted the emblems seperately, while still on the frame. Spray Chaos Black, Scab Red basecoat. And then consecutive highlights of Blood Red, Blood Red / Blazing Orange, Blazing Orange and then a very fine highlight of Golden Yellow. But I think they are worth it :).

11-10-2009, 01:04
well with school starting back up, I haven't had a chance to post my results for this month until now, but better late then never...

ARMY :Orcs and Goblins (1000 points)

UNIT: 5x Night Goblin Fanatics

BACKGROUND/THEME: As Destry continues on his quest of greatness, he comes across 5 strange Goblins like himself garbed in black rag's, but also swinging around giant balls of steel. upon approaching these strange individuals they all ask the up and coming warlord for some shroom's; not being one to pass up a chance, Destry hands them the mystical mad caps they want, and in returns asks for there service.

After a 2 hour meeting between the 5 which sometimes stayed on track, and then lingered to the size of their hands, they agreed only if they were given mushrooms, and start a union, just in case they wanted something else, upon agreeing on these terms, Destry and his new found shroom-heads set off to carve out a land for themselves. Unknown to them all, another was watching these proceedings, and would silently stalk them over the coming month's until the time was right. But that won't be for a while.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Just made from the fanatics box really, no conversions

PAINTING: undercoated black, layered up highlights with black and codex grey
green= was goblin, snot, dark angels, and scorpion
red=mechrite, and munerous thin coats of blood red

BASING:sand+primed+khemri brown+bleached bone

STILL TO DO: the grass shoots sculpted on them

HIGHS: got em' done

LOWS: now to do a regiment with school interfering

POINTS : 125pts


Dice Roll: 4



11-10-2009, 09:15
ARMY : Tomb Kings

UNIT: Icon Bearer with Light Armour and "Standard of the Hidden Dead"

BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversions.

POINTS : 127






11-10-2009, 12:21
Sorry but it's a JOKER for me. I will finish the Ungols for the next month.

Anyway here are comments for all ( I hope )

Page 1

@ Leonathion - One of the best stegadons I have ever seen. Great colour scheme and painting!

@ Elazar The Glorified - "Master, master, wheres the dreams that Ive been after?" Really nice conversion.

@ Avian - The painting is O.K. but I don't get the colour schemes ( Yellow Tzeentch and blue Slaanesh? It's like black Khorne and purple Nurgle )

@ Ego Ninja - The archers are great. Nurlglings are bit to small to judge. You need to take better pictures next time.

@ doc_cthulhu - good table top painting. Do something with the ugly bases.

@ fluffystuff - same as Leonathion. You get extra points for the water effect.

@ Zujara - I like the carrions. Just fix the base sides for the scorpion( there is too much paint ).

@ Malorian - not so good. You need to add some highlights. But I like the freehand on the banner.

@ Fabius Bile - you could use some washes on the minis ( metal, clothing of cannon crew ) The halberdiers look a bit cartoony.

@ RaZeR - interesting concept, but how do they reload this thing?

@ Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull - Wow, that's a lot of painting for one month.

@ Dark Apostle - SUPERB CONVERSION! It's like 100 times better then the metal priests form GW. Painting is awesome, specially the writing on the parchment. This guy has so much character and you Dark Apostle are a genius.

@ BigJon - the bases are just bad. Mr. Decay looks like a terracotta warrior. I like the sorcerer.

@ Dino - I'm not sure about the bases. Stone with grass? The painting is very good. I like the pattern on the clothing. The dragon ogre is strange. The upper half is too big, too fat for the cold one. I don't like it.

@ noeste - The colour theme is original but I think it fits Slaanesh. I bet the white was pain in the "back" to paint. Do you really have to put the pictures into attachments?
@ StormCrow - Don't give up!

Page 2

@ silverstu and MindTheGap - same as StormCrow.

@ dax - :cries: That so bad because you make great conversions.

@ Bluesabre - The skintone is very good. The only thing I would change are the green parts. Repaint them cause they look like green stuff.

@ Ubercarp - Don't give up yada, yada, yada.

@ Totengraber - great metal. Just highlight the pants and they will be even better.

@ Giledan - they are nicely painted. Maybe add some colours on the bones.

@ Jim - Nothing to write. the minis are very good. Just think about something to paint on the banner.

@Nephilim of Sin - It's funny to see the old chaos warriors. Nice paintjob. Love the bases. Great gobbos.

@ 8bitMummies - add some highlights and they will be O.K. ( or is it just poor picture quality? )

@ Calibretto - the troops look like there ready for washing or dipping. I like the horse.

@ Discord - " I'm blue da ba dee da ba die". Nice painting. Good bases. Enough said.

@ Matrim_Cauthon - The face of the general is very good. I like the archers, but the bases...well...hmmm...In the name of Sigmar how could you do something like that to those nice minis? The dark elves are good.

@ dwarfhold13 - Good old dwarf models. Great painting, hope you won't spoil your work making some ugly bases like some other users :rolleyes: The priest banner is AWESOME! Oh and you have painted also lizardman. Gosh that's a lot of minis and I have problems with only 5 horsemen.

Page 3

@ dwarfhold13 - Oh it's you again. I wish I could paint so much minis on such a good level in such a short time.

@ Catferret - Highlight the skin. Cool glowing effect. Rest is O.K.

@ biscuit - Everything is good just paint the eyes and something on the banner.

@ Lt Dougheim - SUPERB!

@ Rhasget - nothing to change. Love the crystals.

@ Dakkapantz - Painting is O.K. try to paint the eyes.

@ obsidianaura - They need more highlights.

@ gsmc - It's hard to say due to poor picture quality. The tic-tac-toe on the paper is funny.

@ pointyteeth - Don't give up!

@ someone2040 - Well that's a lot of work ahead. Keep it up.

@ nagged - In my opinion the sorcerer is the best. The two other guys have strange colour themes. I don't like the models for the hobgoblins.

@ Joseph Vintila - they need more shades and highlights.

@ smokemeakipper - nice old models. Good painting.

@ redyellowpinkgreen - add some more colours to the bones.

@ Grimtide - the pics are blurry, they look like they are not finished and I don't mean the bases.

@ Fechik - Hope you will finish the Kroxigor.

@ Filie - Well it's O.K.

More comments to come.

11-10-2009, 15:37
@ Malorian - not so good. You need to add some highlights. But I like the freehand on the banner.

Shame... :cries:

I know I don't do highlights and that a big negative on my painting, as I usually just hope my wash adds enough shading to make up for it.

I've tried highlighting in the past but wasn't very good at it, so now I only do it for weapons.

11-10-2009, 19:26
Replies to feedback

Avian: Looking good. The blue turned out as well as the yellow did.
Thank you. Using the Necron Abyss Foundation paint made painting blue a lot easier.

@ Avian: I think the fact that your army’s background is the one I will read without fail each and every month pretty much sums up what I think of your army. The conversions with the HE bits worked seamlessly once the paintjob was applied. I have to admit though, I like your Tzeentch scheme over your Slaanesh one.
Me too, to be honest. I guess it comes from deciding on a scheme that worked for one half of the army and then deciding to reverse it for the other half, without testing it first. Oh, well.

Avian: Your Knights last year were amazing, and you’ve done exactly the same standard on these beauties. I love the glowing eyes on the banner top and the banner detail.
To be honest, that looks better in the photo than in real life. Occasionally being a crappy photographer has its positive sides. :D

Avian: Very nice Knights. Of course they are painted in my favourite colours blue and yellow, but that's beside the point. Good looking, clean colours. Keep it up!
Thank you, thank you.

Avian: Perhaps knights of unkindness and understatement – very nice
Thanks, the naming "rules" is that all the Slaaneshi units have names that start with "Un-", while the Tzeentchian ones start with "In-". Sadly I'm running out of good names, so the Marauder block will be the "Men of Unhappiness" unless I can come up with something better.

@ Avian - Cool colour scheme on your kernigits - love the banner!

Avian: Some nice looking knights, especially the freehand and the banner top with the burning eyes look great.
Thanks. I hate freehand and I'm surprised how many people like the result.

@ Avian - The painting is O.K. but I don't get the colour schemes ( Yellow Tzeentch and blue Slaanesh? It's like black Khorne and purple Nurgle )
As the saying goes: You were not put upon this earth to "get it". :p

11-10-2009, 19:48
Well this month is a Joker for me. To distracted by other things, so only got just under half of what I needed done.


(Like the card? view it here: http://anry.deviantart.com/)

11-10-2009, 19:49
Nefelenwen: Missed you on the comments for the 2's, that BSB looks awesome, just as good as last month's entry. That is already shaping up to be such a rad Tomb Kings force. I really like the scheme you have chosen, I bet it will break up the undead monotony nicely when you get to the core units.

11-10-2009, 20:30
@8bitMummies - Thank you. :) I have already painted around 1800 points of my Tomb King army, so there won't be many core units in this TOFP, only a few skeletons with bows and some tomb swarms. (unless I get money for a second Battalion box, but I am actually more interested in the expansion boxes for Descent at the moment :rolleyes: )

11-10-2009, 21:54
Responses to 2’s

Dark apostle- very impressive warrior priest that looks like a GW sculpted model. Nice skin on his face.
Dino- I like your bright colourful painting style which would make the completed army really stand out on the table top. Good dragon ogre conversion.
Giledan- 4 models in 200 pts… you try painting goblins for a change of pace! Very tidy painting style, I find those knights pretty laborious to paint all the trims in gold on top of colour as the gold paint doesn’t cover too well.
Jim- I like the old empire crewman and the spider monkey, the champion look good too.
8bitMummies- nice painted minotaurs, pretty dark and grimy looking, you just need a few more painted to look more imposing
discord- the off white contrasts nicely with the blue on the flamers, have you considered blending the blue into the white for a more gradual colour change?
Catferret-nice troll. I would agree with you and maybe add a highlight to the shamans skin
Obsidianaura-that’s a lot of bloodletters, I take it you are using them for 40k as well by the bases
Alathir-you have a decent sized army there already, looking good
Nefelenwen-very effective colour scheme on the icon bearer, well painted too


Doi- really well presented ogres, the effort to make each one look individual is worth it

Derve- that is some head of hair on your newborn daughter, that would imply a serious amount of heartburn for the mother it that old saying is anything to go by! Congratulations by the way.

Avian- very polished unit of knights, clean crisp painting style. Good luck with getting the marauders all done in a month.

Cheers to all who remarked on my greenskins, much appreciated

11-10-2009, 21:55
@ Krzyek,

@ BigJon - the bases are just bad. Mr. Decay looks like a terracotta warrior. I like the sorcerer.

I'm sorry you don't like my bases, any suggestions on how to spruce them up? He does kind of look like a terracotta warrior now that you mention it, I like him even better now but the photo washed out the mix of browns, he's not so one color in person.

Lord Obsidianus
12-10-2009, 07:57
Joker for me this month unfortunately.

University is too much right now.

I'll probably joker for next month too. If you don't hear from me, assume that I've jokered.

I have all of December off and will catch up then.

12-10-2009, 08:30
@Doi - The human flesh tone just grows on me. An army with these will look great and stand out from the "normal" greyish ones. And as you stated the metals oin the new ones look more plain than the first batch. Whats the plan for any gnoblars (if you plan to use any)?

Thanks. There are two units of 25ish gnoblars and a unit of 8 trappers in the army. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for their skin though. Need to find something natural that doesnt contrast too much with the pinky skin of the ogres. The colours GW use might be the go for that.

@Doi - I haven't elaborated on the story farther than this but maybe I can work on a big finale when the Slaanesh horde arrives to post later in the Tale.

I'm looking forward to it.

I have a bit of a problem regarding my colour scheme.

I think the purple will work without making them looking like Druchii provided the white will be the dominate colour (so say have the purple being the inner robes for example).

Me too, to be honest. I guess it comes from deciding on a scheme that worked for one half of the army and then deciding to reverse it for the other half, without testing it first. Oh, well.

I know that it isn't something found amongst the rest of the army, but would another highlight in a lighter blue work? Even if just on the Knights, the colour looks fine on the Warrior unit, the Knights have a lot of blue per model and it kinds of melts together.

Thanks, the naming "rules" is that all the Slaaneshi units have names that start with "Un-", while the Tzeentchian ones start with "In-". Sadly I'm running out of good names, so the Marauder block will be the "Men of Unhappiness" unless I can come up with something better

Men of Unruliness? Men of Unrequited Love? What? It is Slaanesh after all :p.

Doi- really well presented ogres, the effort to make each one look individual is worth it

Thanks. It is a step down in the quantity of conversions from my army from the last TOFP (delibrately), but I just cant help myself :p.

@ Super Mario: Very nice goblins. The natural skin tone works really well on them. I am interested in what you've got planned with those Stormvermin though.

@ D35t0y3r: Great work. The weathering on them is a nice touch.

@ Nefelenwen: Where is that model from? It isn't one I recognise, I'm guessing its from Rackham? Your colour scheme is excellent, the green/blue and purple look really eerie.


12-10-2009, 10:00
@Doi - Thank you. :) The model is from Crocodile Games' Wargods of Aegyptus range:

Elazar The Glorified
12-10-2009, 10:13
Commenting much later than I had intended to again but such is life. Sorry if I've missed anyone out but I've tried to get all the 3s and Chaos players but it's hard not to lose track going through all these pages of great minis!

The 3 Rollers:

Fluffystuff: Lots of brilliant Stegadons so far in this tale and this is definitely one of them. The Steg and crew are wondefully painted but I'm going to have to focus on that base as it's phenomenal. Really well done!

Zujara: The Carrion are good but the Tomb Scorpion is a brilliant little conversion. Looks great and very much like he's emerging from the sand.

Rhasget: The grey Bloodletters look stunning. Amazing what a difference the colour change makes on these older minis. More importantly to me though, more great fluff and the continued use of your Arsenal badge avatar = pure win! :D

Doi: More nice Ogres from you! I really like how you're painting the flesh on these guys, I think you're right though about the metal on them, I think the rust doesn't look quite as strong as it did on the ones last month but there's certainly nothing wrong with them, just you got it very right the month before! ;)

BeatTheBeat: Your army is coming along nicely, there are a lot of nice Empire armies in this tale and I'd include yours in that list! You've gotten a lovely effect from the yellows and blues so far and with the bits of red it creates a really nice splash of colours.

The Too Hard To Ignore:

Leonathian: That's a really beautiful Stegadon. You seem to have gotten the colours spot on. The red trims etc really make this model pop. The base looks good too, great work all round!

doc_cthulhu: The skaven look really good, would love to see a close up of one of those Globadiers as they look quite good from the distance of that photo but it's hard to make out the details.

Dark Apostle: Brilliant Warrior Priest, the flagellent pieces really add a lot to this mini and the paint job looks beautiful. Cool that your Warseer title matches your real job title. Will you change jobs when you get to the next rank? :D

Totengraber: Those Ogres look great, I really like the way you've shaded the flesh down instead of highlighting up, you've created a great looking contrast in the depths there as well. The only suggestion I'd make would be to add a bit more colour to the horns on the Tyrants gutplate, might just be the picture but they look a little too white and clean to me. Great work so far though!

Nephilim of Sin: Really like your fluff there and the painting on these two is great. Love Gobbla in particular, you seem to have gotten shading spot on with him between the reds and oranges and the purple and blue contrast very nicely. Skarsnik's flesh looks great too, really well painted. I'm painting some fanatics for my son's birthday cake at the minute, the flesh shading is some extra inspiration there!

Gargobot: More great minis from you sir! Your whole army must be looking great now, I know your stuff for this tale certainly is! I like the way you've painted the scrolls on the Warrior Priest, quite a nice weathered effect on them and the twin tailed comment on the bottom of the scroll on his back is a nice touch.

Derv: Cute little girl, congratulations! She's got a lovely head of hair! My daughter did when she was born too but then went bald for a bit, it's amazing just how much they change over a short space of time, it's an old cliche but they grow up way too fast! My son is 10 this week and my baby daughter 1, time flies! Anyway, that's you with a lot less painting time for the next 20 odd years now! Hehe! The Cold One Knights look brilliant, you've done a really great job of painting them, I especially love the red on the cold ones, the bit of colour there really makes the models stand out. Really great work!

D35t0y3r: Painting Fanatics myself at the minute so had to comment on these. They look good, I love the dusty, dirty effect you've gone for on their cloaks, looks good.

Nefelenwen: Looks great. I really like the colours on this, they go together really nicely, the army shot so far looks very good, looking forward to seeing more.

The Chaos Players:

Avian: The Knights of Unkindness look good and fit nicely with the rest of the army. I especially like the banner, the top in particular seems to have come out very well. Looking forward to seeing your Marauders painted up for next month.

RaZeR: I really like your Hellcannon conversion, as I've said in your blog I especially love the way you've painted the metal on the cannon barrel and the green especially stands out as it looks fantastic. What's the plan for next month?

BigJon: Nice fluff, like the differences between each of the different characters, really shows the diversity of chaos amongst even the followers of just one god. My only question would be, if it's a Golden Horde there doesn't seem to be a great amount of gold with the Nurglers... Although if I remember rightly your Khorne hero had a gold/brass Jugger didn't he?

Dino: Sure I commented on the Dragon Ogre in the chaos thread but I'll do so again. He looks really nicely painted but there are a couple of mold lines that stand out which spoil him a little bit, get them fixed and he'll be great! ;)

Noeste: Commented loads on these guys now but they are lovely, the horses especially look great. Hurry up with these Dragon Ogres! ;)

Giledan: Like the Knight and the Champion, both look really nice, you seem to be really good at getting a smooth finish on the reds for the armour, great stuff!

Nephilim of Sin: Two mentions? Now you're getting greedy! I really like the theme for this army and you've done a great job injecting some life (in the loosest Nurgly sense of the word!) into the old hunchbacks of chaos. Top stuff!

8bitMummies: The minotaurs look good, nice and gritty. Love the colour you've gone for for their skin, looks great on them. The Testigor looks very good too so looking forward to seeing a full unit of these guys!

Discord: It really is a blue horde now isn't it! Like the flamers the pinky purple on the arms goes nicely into the yellow and the blue, nicely done!

Nagged: Love both of these guys for this month! The colour choices are great and create some stunning contrasts, particularly love how you've done the hero on daemonic mounts shield, there's something very cold and creepy about it, looks brilliant! The Hobgoblin Wold Riders you've done look good too, not seen those Rackham minis before but they look really good. Looking forward to seing some more from your Chaos Dwarf army!

Replies To Comments:

BeatTheBeat: Thanks for the comment, glad you like. I'm pleased with the colour contrasts on the model, put a lot of thought into them so it's good to get positive comments on it!

Doi: Thanks for the comment! Glad you like the background and the mini itself. You're right about the eyes. They were a lot worse when I first started painting him and then when it was pointed out I moved them closer together but I couldn't get them any closer without having to start again with the mask and he was due to be entered in a painting contest. Might try and fix it at a later date but I'm bad at living up to any promises I make to go back to minis I've done! Hehe!

Rhasget: Thank you for such a nice comment! Next on my list are 10 Chaos Warriors with Additional Hand Weapons so you'll be able to tell me if I've matched the level of work on them! ;)

Krzyek: Hehe, yes apt lyrics! Thanks for the comment!

12-10-2009, 11:14
Doi: More nice Ogres from you! I really like how you're painting the flesh on these guys, I think you're right though about the metal on them, I think the rust doesn't look quite as strong as it did on the ones last month but there's certainly nothing wrong with them, just you got it very right the month before! ;)

Thanks. You're right, it doesn't look bad, just not as good as last month :p. Might fiddle with it a little to get it better if it keeps bugging me.

Doi: Thanks for the comment! Glad you like the background and the mini itself. You're right about the eyes. They were a lot worse when I first started painting him and then when it was pointed out I moved them closer together but I couldn't get them any closer without having to start again with the mask and he was due to be entered in a painting contest. Might try and fix it at a later date but I'm bad at living up to any promises I make to go back to minis I've done! Hehe!

I'm the same. I've got things to still go back and finish for my armies from both of the previous TOFPS (mainly shields though) :angel:.


12-10-2009, 11:31
@ Elazar The Glorified
Nice catch, I did work some gold into my characters but it did get a little
washed out, the Sorcerers shoes are golden but I did leave gold off
the Aspiring Champion. The rank and file will be very golden and champs with
different marks will be placed in the units to identify any possible unit marks.

12-10-2009, 14:54
Comments part two.

Page 4
@ BeatTheBeat - painting is OK. Although in my opinion militia shouldn't have the state/city colours since they are only common folk.

@ Alathir - the highlights are too rough. Try to paint it like: base colour -> base colour with a lighter shade (70/30 or 50/50) NOT base colour -> base colour + white (50/50)

@ Nephilim of Sin - that really sucks. Hope you won't have to use a joker next month.

@ ReaperOfSouls - Don't give up!

@ Doi - the ogres are O.K. If you have time you might paint one more highlight layer on the skin

@ basilbrush - next time post more pictures of the thing(s) you have painted for the specific month. Wow those Spartans are small.

@ Gargobot - very good minis although one more highlight on the skin would be nice.

@ Morglum Necksnapper - you need to work on your sculpting. The beard looks pretty flat. The orcs are not so bad, but they have really strange bases. Try to take better pictures next time.

@ Desert Rain - good table top quality.

@ McMullet - Don't give up!

Page 5

@ Deusmex - well maybe you will finish TOFP next year.

@ derv - I admire you. Bringing up a child isn't easy and despite that you are still trying to finish the TOFP. Congratulations and good luck. The CoK are great.

@ rhys60 - I would understand school, job a baby, but laziness? Come on, that's one of the lamest things to do ( to do nothing ). Anyways paint something for the next month.

@ EmperorNorton - isn't strange. You paint teutogens, I paint teutogens, you play a joker, I play a joker. Bare in mind that I don't spy on you or anything :D

Page 6

@ bert n ernie - I guess the bell is O.K. The pics are bit too small.

@ stonetroll - Don't give up!

@ C-Coen - this old stegadon looks like a toy compared to the new ones, besides that everything is fine.

@ Inquisitor Pariah - don't worry! Paint something for the next month.

@ Super Mario - Where is Super Luigi? ( du du tssss) Awesome gobbos. Keep up the good work.

@ D35t0y3r - I don't like the new fanatics models but the paintings good DESTROYAH! [ AVGN reference ]

@ Nefelenwen - beautiful. I'm guessing the "up side down" ankh suppose to mean evil?

@ Krzyek - YOU ARE A LAZY BUM! At least you are trying to comment on everybody else work.


@ Krzyek,

I'm sorry you don't like my bases, any suggestions on how to spruce them up? .

Watch other people works to get inspiration. Buy some good flocks and look for tutorials. They don't have to be awesome, try to make them rather simple like flock and grass or flock and stones with fitting side colours.

12-10-2009, 16:27
@ Krzyek - Thanks, the thought behind them is that they are mercenaries from a german city state which has recently been incorporated into the swedish pseudo-historical empire, and are allowed to use their former national colours (red, black and white) in their uniforms and banners alongside the swedish heraldry :) So they are actually professional soldiers, not just of the very orderly kind!

Cheers, and thanks everybody who has commented on my work,


12-10-2009, 19:42
Thanks to people who liked my minis, I'm still not too happy with the pictures, but I still have a lot of months left. Need to photograph them every now and then, I'll get it right at some point. ;)

discord- the off white contrasts nicely with the blue on the flamers, have you considered blending the blue into the white for a more gradual colour change?

You mean into the beak? Nope, I prefer it this way. Already blended in the arms, don't want to overuse the effect.

Super Mario
12-10-2009, 21:50
Here's what I have to say about the 5s, the fellow goblins and orcs and the ones that made me go ooo.

Avian: Your Excel fu is strong. Thanks.
RE the knghts, they look gaudy and fierce

Ego Ninja: 7x2=14 14x5=70 Nurgle is pleased in multiples.

Malorian: Green cloth really looks good when those dwafs get together

Fabius Bile: Being the exact opposite of my army, bright colours and human, I really like thse guys. Nice bevoir.

RaZeR: I don't know what to say.

Matrim_Cauthon: Those are dazzling.

Matrim_Cauthon: ...and you managed to get those guys done too. man.

gsmc: I really like the figures from this era, looks about 92-93.

nagged: Am I looking at a pink horse?

redyellowpinkgreen: Must be stegadon month.

Gargobot: they make me think of xmas. Yay!

derv: Happy birthday Katie. RE dark elfs, see, its models like that, painted like that which make me want to go out and buy. Shall keep on with my gobbos tho.

obsidianaura: Okay I shall.

Super Mario: OMGork! Those are ace! Check out the mushrooms in the shamans cauldron. Are you a published author? If not, you should be.

Fellow Goblin and orcs

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: I hope you don't think I ripped off your red cap scheme, beleive it or not, it has been my plan since the start to paint my night goblins in mushroomy colours. Only the shamans get to wear red and white though.

Nephilim of Sin: Skarsnik looks really good in that unit, framed by a hedge of spears. Good story.

Catferret: The eyes on the shaman staff look very good, like they're glowing.

smokemeakipper: I was bidding on some gobbos of this very type this month on ebay, lsot them. those look pretty damn fly. Yes, I wrote 'fly'.

Morglum Necksnapper: Wrooog! (thats a good sound)

D35t0y3r: Yup, those look fanatic. Pretty quick way to get 125 pints too, I may be using those guys if it gets too busy for me to paint 200 gobbos.

Of interest:

With his white coat, that rat-man looks like he's been working in the lab.

In reply

Doi: I shall probably just chop off the stormvermin tails, replace their heads, shave the fur and give them little goblin boots. This all depends on how big they turn out to be. I don't like the current standard goblins, or the orcs. So they shall be used to replace whichever of those works best.
A bit more like LoTR orcs. I'll have to wait and see

Krzyek: Thanks. Even though Luigi has all the same powers, he doesn't get called 'super' He's just plain old Luigi.

12-10-2009, 23:48
@ Doi - the ogres are O.K. If you have time you might paint one more highlight layer on the skin

You really think so? I painted two giants in the last TOFP, the first had an extra shade and highlight in it while the other had the same scheme as these Ogres and the second one was better received because the first had too much contrast in the skin. I might try it on something for this month and see what I feel though.

Doi: I shall probably just chop off the stormvermin tails, replace their heads, shave the fur and give them little goblin boots. This all depends on how big they turn out to be. I don't like the current standard goblins, or the orcs. So they shall be used to replace whichever of those works best.
A bit more like LoTR orcs. I'll have to wait and see

Interesting. I think it would work better as common goblins rather then orcs though, don't think they would be big enough for orcs.


13-10-2009, 00:08
Comments for the Slightly Above Average 4's (At least we're hitting and wounding in most cases :))
@Ego Ninja
Looks impressive from what I can tell. Do your guys hail from a certain province? (Hard to tell with just brown and white :D)

They look great BigJon, nice and disgusting just how Nurgle likes it. My only suggestion would be improving the bases. Straight green doesn't seem to do it these days, so would be good to see a bit of variety (with some mud, dirt, etc).

Great looking Master on Manticore, very well painted. I'm not sure about the cloak flapping back like that though, it seems to suit a more flying/diving pose but the Manticore is kind've just trotting along on the ground.

Looking good. I like how you've opted for a different look for your Knights. It may just be the camera, but I do think that some parts could do with an extra highlight. The feathers don't seem to pop I think.

@Lt Dougheim
Haha, very impressive Halflings. They might even ride down some snotlings on those mountss.
All jokes aside, they look great. You'll definately have a good looking army by the end of the Tale.

Looks good Grimtide. Would be good if we could see some better quality pictures, but have to make do with these. They'll look even better once you get the basing done on them :)

@Basilbrush Vampire Counts
Looks good, but would be nice to see a close up of the Necromancer. I think like you mention, the bases need to be redone. A bit of variety would go far. They from the land of the dead after all, not the land of greenery and flowers.

@Basilbrush Spartans
Hard to tell what's going on in that picture as you say. You can see more detail on that warmaster Sphinx hiding in the background!

@Bert n Ernie
The screaming bell looks fairly cool. Have you already posted the Grey Seer? or is he next months work? Would be awesome to see the whole thing together.

The fanatics look cool, love the mud on the bottom of their robes. Should look good when the grass is finished.

@Doi I agree. Gretchin green has been working out alright so far (Although, to be fair I haven't done much on the gretchin green side of things). I was a bit worried as it seemed a bit... dull, but when I put on the Thraka Green wash it livens up a bit.

@Bert n Ernie
Deathfang will be in green and darker green. The armour will follow suit of Asarnil and be gold. I'm hoping it turns out well, and if not, I've learnt something for the next time I work on a Dragon.

Yep, it is a lot of work indeed. I started to do details on the wings, and just found it was a lot of effort to get things looking decent.

13-10-2009, 05:16
Hi all =D

I'm trying to sign into this, so I can get myself motivated and painting (got about 4 thousand points of Lizardmen turning up in the mail next week).
If it's too late to sign up, just let me know and I'll just make a blog or something =D

13-10-2009, 07:05
@Doi I agree. Gretchin green has been working out alright so far (Although, to be fair I haven't done much on the gretchin green side of things). I was a bit worried as it seemed a bit... dull, but when I put on the Thraka Green wash it livens up a bit.

Sounds like it is coming along fine then. This shade of green should work really well with the red you've got on the rider.

Hi all =D

I'm trying to sign into this, so I can get myself motivated and painting (got about 4 thousand points of Lizardmen turning up in the mail next week).
If it's too late to sign up, just let me know and I'll just make a blog or something =D

It isn't too late at all. If you can have your first 200/100pts done by the end of the month you'll be starting with one joker, or if you submit your first models next month you'll be starting off with two. Welcome aboard :).


13-10-2009, 08:41
NEW SIGNUP, next month (end of this month) will do 1st “proper” post.

Army: WoC (different I know:rolleyes:)

Size: 200 points/month (~2,000 overall)


Revered Oldblood
13-10-2009, 15:22
Sorry guys, I'll have to joker this month. The two units of skinks planned are practically fully painted up but it was the basing to took an unexpected amount of time (since I had to base the saurus as well). And since I've nearly done those bases now I wouldn't want to miss out of that many comments, so expect a double entry and lava/temple bases next month ;)

13-10-2009, 16:38
@ SitNoir, H2O
Welcome both. Looking forward to seeing your work :)

13-10-2009, 17:40
Army: WoC (different I know:rolleyes:)

If your army looks anything like your avatar this should be great :D

13-10-2009, 19:24
ARMY : Wood Elves (2000+)

UNIT: 8 Dryads

BACKGROUND/THEME: Early Winter - First Snowfall, still a bit green on the trees...

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box

PAINTING: Nothing special.

BASING: Baking powder for snow, still struggeling to get it right

STILL TO DO: I think about adding more contrast to the dryads, not quite sure how to do it so

-A few things I really like about them, e.g. blue little demon and the skull

-Beeing late with the post :)
-My camera didn't work at first, so I had no natural light left to take the picture. Making these pictures even worse than my normal ones :D
-Paintjob is a bit rougher than I would like it to be...


TOTAL POINTS : 381 (19 p short)




13-10-2009, 19:28
New Signup
Army: Wood Elves
Size: 200 per month (2000 overall).

I'm either going to get some WIP stuff up this weekend or failing that, i'll start in November and play catch up.

13-10-2009, 20:07
I hope my post will appear soon. How much posts do I need to have before my post will not need to be confirmed by a moderator?

Rolled a 6:

@Ego Ninja: From what I can tell from the pivure they look good
@doc_cthulhu: Nice Globadiers, I really dig there tanks. Please ignore me if someone asked before, but why is the engineer on stalagmite?
@noeste: Very good and clean paint job. Perhaps a bit to clean …
@dwarfhold13: If you keep up this level of painting, you will have top notch armies. The only thing they I might change is adding a wash on the horse barding (could be the picture so). But other than that very very good painting, especially on the slayer and miners.
@biscuit: Nice Goldswords. Would love to kick there ass on the battlefield :p
@Dakkapantz: Good looking, the yellow feathers are one of the things that I really ike
@C-Coen: Since it is half finished it is hard to comment. Looks OK so far…

13-10-2009, 20:11
Do they have to be confirmed? I guess new security measures...

@ Lunar
Good to have you in!

13-10-2009, 20:43
Thanks. There are two units of 25ish gnoblars and a unit of 8 trappers in the army. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for their skin though. Need to find something natural that doesnt contrast too much with the pinky skin of the ogres. The colours GW use might be the go for that.

Perhaps a midbrown skintone would work. Like snakebite leather with a darker wash and then a highlight? Works with the human tone better than the grey/green GW variant if you want a coherent look in the army.
But the GW variant works if you want them to differ from the ogres.

13-10-2009, 23:02
Just to make everything official and the like =D


Will be receiving the Lizardmen next week, so I'll get cracking and have some photo's up as soon as I can =D
Worse comes to worse, I'll just 2 - Joker it =(

Army: Lizardmen

Size: 200 points/month (Got about 4000 coming, and I'll end up with about that [All things willing!])

Dice Roll: 2

Comments on my fellow 2ers!

Dark Apostle - I love the background first off, definately sets the scene for me =D And the paintjob looks amazing! Definately brings out the character of the Miniture =D And is that freehand on the banner thing he's holding up? If so - You must have steadier hands than I!

Dino - Don't know if I should be commenting on just the Dwarves or the Chaos, so I'll do both! =D
Dwarves - Look fantastic. Dwarves have never been a race that's appealed to me, but seeing what happens when they're painted well, you've swayed me! ^_^ The only thing, the bases look a bit plain, and for me, it seems to detract from the models, but again - Just my thoughts :)
Chaos - The Dragon Ogre (?) looks very cool. I love the conversion work, seems very seemless, and given the picture of your army as a whole, it seems to fit right in, I love the reflection of the blue =D

Giledan - I love the red, it's come out very cleanly and has a good contrast with the gold and the silver of their armour. Bases work well. And as a side note, I love the claws on the pelt on the guy on foot (well with such amazing looking models, something will always draw my attention the most =P)

Jim - "A fairly basic army standard..." - I hope my 'basic standard' looks anywhere near this good! The bases are simple and compliment a lovely paintjob =D And the monkey is pretty much awesome =D Only thing, the banner on the Swordsmen looks a bit plain in comparison to the rest of the guys, but you've mentioned that you're still working on it. But that's the only thing =D

8bitMummies - I love it =D It's a very simple paint job, but I feel it works well =D The bases compliment the minitures well, I'd just like to see a lighter photo. Regardless of what you say, I think the horns look cool =D

Discord - Wow! Those look fantastic! The bases don't detract from the minitures, the arms blend in well to the rest of their bodies, and they fit really well in with the rest of your army, which again, looks fantastic =D

Catferret - Interesting name =P Bases definately look cool, I'm a fan! And the painting works well with the dark bases. Love the gold on the shaman's wristband too =D What did you use to do it?

Obsidianaura - Looks great so far! The freehand on the banner is cool, and I love the paintjob of the standard, looks all drippy and evil =D

Smokemeakipper - A very different look to what I've seen so far, but I love it =D You've pulled it off very well. The only thing that detracts a bit for me is their weapons look a bit flat, but again, that's just me =D

Alathir - For a very 'simple' paintjob, looks great. Very clean and easy, and fits in well with the rest of your army =D

Nefelenwen - Wow!I love the paintjob first off, the colours work well for me (I'm a sucker for green though =P), and it just works really well overall. Large props to you!

(I Hope I didn't miss anyone, and if I have, just yell at me and I'll comment!)

Notable comments -

Leonathion - I love the bright colours on the Stegadon and Howdah =D
Has definately come across very well, not sure about having it as a normal Stegadon, but that's just me, and I'm still new =D

Elazar - I love it =D The base just seems a bit plain compared to such a nice paintjob, but that's just water under the bridge.

Avian - Love the Blue, even though it's not my favourite colour (Green), I love how well it stands out! Plus the banner is really cool!

Fluffystuff - Wow! Setting the bar pretty high for my Lizards to live up to! =( However, it's definately inspired me to look at how I do my bases =D

RaZer - I love it =D The only thing that stands out for me is the chains look too shiny. But definately a cool idea =D

Totengraber - Wow!

Nephilim of Sin - Looks great. Love the background, and it fits in really well with the troops =D.

Dwarfhold13 - See above comment for 'not thinking Dwarves were cool'. Paintjobs like this are very quickly correcting me of this! Just the bases detract from the models, but you're basing them at the end, so I can't wait to see it! Also - Your Empire look equally fantastic, and see above comment for basing =D

Biscuit - These guys look amazing. Definately shows the extra time (and money) you put into it =D

Rhasget - Background is a joy to read, and the Bloodletters look great, a definately nice change from the RED RED RED =D Bases work a treat too!

Dakkapantz - They look amazing =D If I ever do an armourey army, I might just steal the look if you don't mind =D

Filie - Great paintjob! I love the darker look of the Engine. (Definately setting the bar very high). The only thing for me is the base, doesn't really add anything to the miniture, but I'm yet to see it up against the other units in your army, so I can't comment too fully!

Doi - Look amazing =D Just (as you noted), the bases take away from it. Is that banner freehand?

Derv - awww! She's adorable!! Oh and the mini's look ok.....I guess....
I lie, they look fantastic! Definately jealous, and wish that I could paint as well as that! =( (freehand banner?)

Super Mario - They look fantastic! Highlight works well, and really captures the theme very well =D

All in all, everyone's set the bar very high, and I hope I can keep up to match the amazing level of painting in this tale!

14-10-2009, 11:43
Perhaps a midbrown skintone would work. Like snakebite leather with a darker wash and then a highlight? Works with the human tone better than the grey/green GW variant if you want a coherent look in the army.
But the GW variant works if you want them to differ from the ogres.

I want to stick with a green or blue/grey colour skin (probably the latter), it is just a matter of finding a shade I like that doesn't look odd against the pink of the Ogres. Grey skinned Ogres would have made this easier, but I like mine better :p. A quick google search did bring up this (http://www.dysartes.com/rumours/whfb/images/gnoblar2.jpg), which I think would work quite well too.

Doi - Look amazing =D Just (as you noted), the bases take away from it. Is that banner freehand?

Still waiting on basing materials at the moment, but my local store is presently shop-less (someone decided it would make a nice parking spot for their car :rolleyes:). As for the banner, yes it is freehand. Thankfully it is supposed to look crude so any mistakes aren't as noticeable :p.

@ Dr. Mole: Great work. The blue imp is really eye catching. Only thing I'd change would be to have the snow stop at the edge of the base rim, I think models generally look better when the base rim is left painted a solid colour and doesnt have the basing materials covering it. What is it about the snow basing you're struggling with? I've done snow basing for the previous two TOFPs so I might be able to help about.


14-10-2009, 12:41
@doi: Thanks for the kind words! Bright colours are fun to paint. Perhaps I should paint a demon horde one day.
The thing with the snow base, is just that I cannot seem to find the right mixture of baking powder, water, wood glue and white paint so that it turn out right and good looking.

ghost of scubasteve
15-10-2009, 03:46

build/converson: pretty much straight out of the box for these two dudes, troll from skull pass and the standard bearer from the orc leader box

painting: catachan green mixed with white for various shades of highlights. couldnt really decide what to put on the banner, decided to keep it just stripes for now

basing: scorched brown then some graveyard earth with some rotted flesh highlights (still need to add grass when i pick some up)

highs and lows: really like painting the troll, have two more to paint that im really looking forward too, low was being so torn about the banner

points: 220ish
total 480ish (which is good because doing 5pnt orcs is going to stink)


battle standard bearer!!!



DICE ROLL: 2 !!!!

15-10-2009, 09:39
Didn't want to have to do it, but sadly computer still isn't fixed so can only post from work, hence no photos to upload as can't get them on this pc.


Joker it is! Woe etc.

15-10-2009, 12:31
JOKER ! For me too, life has been crazy, but things are calming down so I should catch up next month (I better be, I have no jokers left ! :D ). I have trouble finding out exactly what paint-scheme I want, but I have a few ideas, so it'll turn ok I guess.

15-10-2009, 15:58
Holy jokers batman! And so early in the tale too... :(

16-10-2009, 01:03
Ghostofscubasteve - Love the paintjob, and the base compliments it very well =D

16-10-2009, 04:02
Holy jokers batman! And so early in the tale too... :(

This is the way of all tales. Everyone in the world signs up... half will never post, a bit less than that wont make it past the third month. Then we will have steady drop outs all the way to the end, until we have just a brave few left!

16-10-2009, 09:13
@doi: Thanks for the kind words! Bright colours are fun to paint. Perhaps I should paint a demon horde one day.
The thing with the snow base, is just that I cannot seem to find the right mixture of baking powder, water, wood glue and white paint so that it turn out right and good looking.

Hmm, I was looking for a different effect on mine (full on snow, was about 4-5mm deep), but I might be able to help. I found I used a roughly 1:1 mix of bicarb soda and PVA (slightly more PVA) in mine (no paint, as more bicarb went over the top, and no water), but to get the look you want I'd think I'd go with maybe 3:3:1 Bicarb/PVA/White Paint and then water down to get the consistency you need. That's only a guess though, as I couldn't be sure how white it will end up with that ratio, but if your using a GW white you wouldn't want to be using too much. Hope that helps.

This is the way of all tales. Everyone in the world signs up... half will never post, a bit less than that wont make it past the third month. Then we will have steady drop outs all the way to the end, until we have just a brave few left!

Sad but true :(. It does make you appreciate the work people do when they stay in til the end though.

@ ghost of scubasteve: Looks good, but the banner is, uh, different when it comes to Orcs. It doesn't look bad, dont get me wrong, it just isn't something that I'd normally think of when it comes to an Orc banner. When it gets a symbol or something (if you do use one) it should come up a treat though.


16-10-2009, 15:27
Ghost of ScubaSteve: That BSB looks great. It is only a small detail, but the severed head on the banner looks especially nice. Your troll looks rad, the highlighting is really well done.

16-10-2009, 15:40
Time to improve my effort on last months lack of comments.

Lets start with all the 4's:

Ego Ninja: Good looking unit, though I cant see any pupils in their eyes, congrats on the wedding an house move as well.
BigJon: Great work, I like how your Nurgle doesnt have to always be puss and blisters etc.
Bluesabre: Me ....:D
Calibretto: Nice clean painting, horse looks really good, I like the lancer.
Lt Dougheim: That is just awesome, what else can be said about Halfling Knights on big dogs!
someone2040: Looking forward to seeing the finished product. I still have an original Asarnil floating about too.
Grimtide: Looking good so far.
Filie: Nice job, but looks a bit muted, maybe another layer of highlights to brighten it.
basilbrush(U): Looks good, but could have done with a closer shot of the necro to see more detail.
basilbrush(S): Agree about the photo. Are these guys by Xyston or someone else?
bert n ernie: Love your idea, results are good so far, keep it up. Need more lab rats!
D35toy3r: Good looking gobbos, appropriately covered in dirt as well.

Some reply's and extra comments now:

Leonation: Excellent paint job.
fluffystuff: Again another excellent piece of work, if your whole army looks this good we should all just go home now.
Dark Apostle: Great looking priest, another superb looking army in the making.
dwarfhold13: Great work on all your armies, they should look quite impressive once completed.
Doi:Good looking ogres there.
Derv: Great work on the Coldones, and congrats on the littleone, the reduction in painting is worth it.

@Doi: Ahhh no, dont expect that much this year, unless a whole bunch of new stuff get released before the challenge is over. I figure I'll be finished everything I have with a couple of months to spare. Drybrushing is your friend sometimes.
@bert n ernie: Thanks, its pretty easy with years of practice.
@Krzyek: There's just not that much of a highlight on the green bits with this guy, the green colouring is the same throughout the whole project.
@someone2040: Yes, the cloak does look a bit odd, but I wasnt in any mood to do conversions after all the pining this thing needed.

Good work all, look forward to seeing the next lot of work finished.

16-10-2009, 15:55
Ghost of Scubasteve: The banner makes me think piratey. I think a big ole skull and crossbones (in an orcy glyph style) would work nicely.

Sitnoir: Thanks. The gold is thinned Tin Bitz over a black undercoat. Followed by a layer of thinned Shining Gold, then highlighted with 50/50 Shining Gold/Mithril Silver. Final spots of Mithril dotted on at the very highest points.

16-10-2009, 21:11
time for critiques and such:
for the highest rollers of month 2 - 6's
Ego Ninja - I know how you feel about painting the tiny's.. i like the look of those bases. your other army looks great too.. you know you only need to roll one die? but it's up to you :)

Doc_cthulhu - Can't wait to see this army done! love the globadiers!

noeste - awesome!! love the slaanesh theme. thanks for the comments, and i wanted to greenstuff a mustache on helga.. but just didn't :(

biscuit - goldswords! great job and also thanks for the kind words!

dakkapantz - go averland! Your yellow rocks dude ;)

C-coen - coming along very nicely. as for my stuff that you pointed out.. i haven't figured out what i want to put over the banner yet, and i've got a jungle theme for the lizards that looks pretty good

Inquisitor pariah - thank you! hope to see you next month.

Dr. Mole - Love the dryads. as for your snow, looks like you have a good base.. but try mixing a little more white glue into it and also just a tiny tiny little bit of ice blue paint for more of a natural sunlight look.. when you are done, maybe try sealing it with a watered down gloss varnish

outside of 6's that caught my eye:

Elazar the glorified - very nice "Vela" conversion and clever use of that familiar.. me likey!

Malorian - love the dwarf lord of shields

Dark Apostle - said it before, but awesome conversion of the warrior priest!

Dino - Give it up for red and green dwarfs, also very nice dragon ogre conversion

Totemgraber - awesome you are back up to speed and very cool painting.

Discord - BLUE!!!

Nephilim of Sin - Awesome classic model.

Doi - Thanks for the kind words. Empire guys aren't all that bright, just hard to get a good pic. After painting I am sure to break out the Flexall 454. heh!

Derv - Congrats!!! i'm in the same boat with a baby boy due in February.

Nefelenwen - great color choices, and love scaly green. i used it a good bit in my dark elves.

Krzyek - thanks! a lot of time really goes into what i do.. i mean painting at least 5 days a week for a couple hours a day

Bluessabre - thank you and i'm also looking forward to the end of this painting marathon!

16-10-2009, 21:50
Ghost of Scubasteve: The banner makes me think piratey. I think a big ole skull and crossbones (in an orcy glyph style) would work nicely.

Sitnoir: Thanks. The gold is thinned Tin Bitz over a black undercoat. Followed by a layer of thinned Shining Gold, then highlighted with 50/50 Shining Gold/Mithril Silver. Final spots of Mithril dotted on at the very highest points.

I shall be stealing that for the gold on my lizardmen if you don't mind =D

Dark Apostle
17-10-2009, 08:56
@ghost of scubasteve: wow, your painting style is really powerfull, a bit crude but adds a lot of character to the orcs. Me likey-likey!

Dark Apostle - I love the background first off, definately sets the scene for me =D And the paintjob looks amazing! Definately brings out the character of the Miniture =D And is that freehand on the banner thing he's holding up? If so - You must have steadier hands than I!

Thanx, yes it's freehand. Thanks also to everyone that has posted comments on my work. now that the "easy" guys are done (next month will see my battle standard bearer posted), I need to get started on the oh-so-many state troopers. Yay! Not...

17-10-2009, 10:28
Damn - need to use the joker this month - try to make up for it next month



Giant Dwarf
17-10-2009, 10:37
Woodies - Month 2 (Semi-Joker)

I've been busy busy busy, but at least I was able to scrape together some points in the form of Dryads. But so late... :(

Build/Conversion: Nothing special. Addes some foliage clusters to some minis.

Painting: Base color with dheneb stone or astronomican gray and after that some wash madness, mainly with devlan mud, gryphonne sepia, badab black and thraka Green. Highlights with base colors.

Basing: Scorched brown -> bleached bone, with couple of steps between with bestial & bubonic brown.

Highs & lows: These ladies are quite fast to paint, and thats always a good thing. A little bit messy results though.

Points: 96
Total: 312, and should be more...


Sorry for the bad pic...

Dice Roll: 5

17-10-2009, 12:49
Time for another entry.

Warflag does Dwarves from the Wyrmrock

A Dragonhunter themed party of stunties, about 2000 p strong.

Main colours: Red, for the dragon theme, blue, because I like it and natural tones.

This time: Actually making good for last month. A unit of warriors, 185 p incl. command and shields.

For this month: Lord, King Khazador model. Base not done yet, want to make something nice, undecided yet. Last rules I saw for him was some 300 + points, but I´ll make him 150 for now. Dwarves are expensive enough ;)

Plus, a unit of longbeards. The pic lacks the standard. He is painted, but want to make him the BSB, so more work is required. I count them as 130 p, blank.

Total points: 465

Painting: A lot of blending and mixing, work intensive but worth it imho.
The blue: Vallejo magic blue lightened up with space wolves grey. A red line on the sides, kind of classic uniforms style.
Browns, all that I have mixed and blended in different shades, too much for recipes to recall. Randomly painted on boots and bags and all.
Maybe of interest: Skin.
Bestial brown
Tanned flesh
Old colour called Fleisch "flesh", who´d have known
Dwarf flesh
Shading off with Dark flesh
Elf flesh
Maybe Bleached bone, depends on rest of model.

Basing: Edges Graveyard Earth. Sanded, inked, browned. Than a house mix of grasses.







Unit of rangers, led by classic Bugman. He is done, base not. The rest is in state of wip.
Colours here: They are rangers, so green seemed natural for me. To tie them in to the rest of the army I use some torquoise mixes, which are close to blue. The reddish browns I´ll use, plus a ton of differently brown beards ties them in even better.

A pic:


Comments to follow


18-10-2009, 20:58
Must say everyone who has contributed this month has shown some very nice models! I am slowly working my way through to comment on everything, but it's taking it's time. In the mean time, just to post some progress this month, here is a picture of two mostly finished rat swarms which will find their way into my next month contribution. Sadly, they are dropping to half their points if the rumours I read are correct, which of course means I need to paint a bit more than I would have if they stayed at the same points. But that is the way it is. Anyway, here is the pic:


18-10-2009, 22:22
Reaper O' Souls very nicely done, I too intend to start a skaven army and I have a question for you. How did you paint that lovely rodent skin tone?

19-10-2009, 05:38
Reaper O' Souls very nicely done, I too intend to start a skaven army and I have a question for you. How did you paint that lovely rodent skin tone?

It's quite simple actually. Start with scorched brown and then highlight 2-3 times by mixing in bleached bone, and you're done. Scorched brown, the only paint you'll ever need as a skaven player ;)

19-10-2009, 15:12
Dear all

Update on my rats over the next few days..

Just need to get some photos sorted.


My name is Daniel and I am a wargamer

19-10-2009, 15:39
lovely, lovely work boys (and girls)!
The models and flava' of the models seem to improve even more with every tale!
Like last years tale I have the same problem again this year; no decent camera.
Unlike last year im actually painting along schedule with this tale, i have finished one units of 10 dwarf warriors, 10 slayers and some thunderers up till now. I hope I can get some pics up soon, but until then - consider me jokered.

19-10-2009, 17:23
Sorry everyone, being audited at work, so:



19-10-2009, 17:26
Warflag: Those old dwarfs look great :D And you did a wonderful job on the banner :)

20-10-2009, 01:44
Comments time:

@Ego Ninja - I do like the dirty look
@bigjon - I especially like putrification :) any chance of another angle?
@bluesabre - very very nice work on the manticore
@Calibretto - more stirland goodness - i dunno though the green looks too bright this month for some reason.
@lt dougheim - aww little guys :) I envy your greenstuff skills
@someone2040 - its well on its way can't wait for the finished product
@Grimtide - I do like the burnished look for the swords - how was that accomplished?
@filie - it may be a rip off but its still good - anyway imitation is a form of flattery (i think)
@bert n ernie - I do like the instructions on the top of the tower
@D35t0y3r - fanatics for 4 da win!
@krzyek - whats the point of more photos when they are all crap

@Doi - the bases will be brown with dead grass/green grass patches - stay tuned
@bert n ernie - better photos next time - i hope and the spartans are wearing tunics not shorts - need better photos
@someone2040 - next months bases will be a new style. though it will be a while for me to redo the old ones
@bluesabre - the entire army is xyston models (though this month might be a joker for them)

20-10-2009, 02:12
ARMY : Tomb Kings (2000 points)

UNIT: 25 skeletons, with hand weapon shield, banner of undying, champion

BACKGROUND/THEME: I will try to come with something clever over the course of the tales.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Just out of the box models

PAINTING: Undercoated black.
Bones : Basecoat of Iyanden Darksun, Devland mud wash, drybrush of skull white.
Details : Blue is Festering blue with Asurmen blue wash and a quick drybrush of Enchanted blue. The red is machrite red, devlan mud and a drybrush of red gore.

BASING: Small sand, basecoat of snakebite leather, gryphone sepia wash, skull white drybrush.

STILL TO DO: nothing, this unit is complete

HIGHS AND LOWS: High : I like how they came out...

Lows : They are more detailed then expected, it took me much longer than I though.

POINTS : 250



And now on with the show. Pictures :

from the front :

from the top with an angle :

close-up of the command :

...and the army so far :

Thanks for looking and sorry about the lateness of my posting, it's been quite a month.

20-10-2009, 02:38
one more comment
@jahorin: i like the bone colour.. might try something similar. I'm not really liking my bleached white look!

20-10-2009, 09:27
@Doi: Ahhh no, dont expect that much this year, unless a whole bunch of new stuff get released before the challenge is over. I figure I'll be finished everything I have with a couple of months to spare. Drybrushing is your friend sometimes.

Something just feels wrong with you running out of DE to paint. It is as if Harry has run out of something (except paint or rooms in his house) :p. Well I look forward to seeing it finished nonetheless.

It's quite simple actually. Start with scorched brown and then highlight 2-3 times by mixing in bleached bone, and you're done. Scorched brown, the only paint you'll ever need as a skaven player ;)

What about that aforementioned Bleached Bone? :p

@ Giant Dwarf: Great work. The added foliage really makes them look like tree spirits. Don't know why, but the blue sprites always seem to be the best bits of the dryad units.

@ warflag: Are the blue bits supposed to be glowing or is the blue I see on the weapons just from the camera and not actually OSL effects? The banner freehand is excellent.

@ ReaperofSouls: Good job. Seems like you had more fun painting those then Darnok did last TOFP :p.

@ jahorin: Excellent work, the red banner contrasts nicely with the unit.


20-10-2009, 17:29
ARMY : Dark Elves (2000 points)

UNIT: 2 units of 10 Crossbowmen, 10 Witch Elves and an Assassin

BACKGROUND/THEME: Temple of Khaine army, so expect lots of witch Elves and Executioners

BUILD/CONVERSION: no conversions here

PAINTING: The witch elves were painted using the Army Painter Human Flesh Spray inked with Ogryn Flesh then drybrushed Elf Flesh the armour is Scab Red and Chaos Black.

The crossbowmen were drybrushed Boltgun Metal over a black undercoat and then Scab red on the robes, with Bestial Brown used for the crossbows

BASING: haven't decided yet

STILL TO DO: The Bases

HIGHS AND LOWS: lows getting the crossbowmen ready last month but being unable to post them till now. Highs painting the Witch Elves, they really are easy to do once you figure out flesh and gorgeous models

POINTS : 415



http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/6559/017wpj.jpg (http://img197.imageshack.us/i/017wpj.jpg/)

http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/9963/010lf.jpg (http://img193.imageshack.us/i/010lf.jpg/)

http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/1859/007dzi.jpg (http://img7.imageshack.us/i/007dzi.jpg/)

http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/3365/004xy.jpg (http://img4.imageshack.us/i/004xy.jpg/)

ghost of scubasteve
20-10-2009, 23:13
thanks for the kind words dudes!!!

i hate how big and blurry my pictures are, i need to take some smaller ones for next month

21-10-2009, 03:00
wow so far everything i've seen so far is really good unfortunately this weekend was a bust for me because i had to make 100 bean bag boxes (a game which is kinda like horse shoes) for our support the military program and when i finished i discovered the little brother used ALL my brushes and were not cleaned, so they were caked with paint. Deffianately for this weekend ill have a grey seer in the form of Thanquil and a rattling gun to try to catch up with my joker which will but me at 395pts

21-10-2009, 06:11
So how confident are people feeling about October at the moment? Since only a week and a half left.
Me personally? I think I'll be using my first Joker. It's been a busy busy month. Weekends are my primary source of free time, and to be honest I've been busy most weekends (first weekend was Australian Go Nationals. Second weekend making Mordheim terrain, coming weekend is Bloodbowl Semi and Grand Finals). So unfortunately Deathfang hasn't gotten much more paint on him. Asarnil himself has got a few more parts done up, but still a bit to go (Lance, Shoulderpads, Helmet and Gloves).
On the other hand, I have slapped some paint on some Duellists. I've also been getting some of the Alcatani Fellowship ready for basing. So it's not all bad news, since I'll be attempting to get into gear and buy the Joker back.
See how things go, gonna try painting a bit more in the evenings.

21-10-2009, 06:55
October is pretty rough, lots of models to paint and almost as little time as last month. I've got fice halberdiers finished and five handgunners started, but after that I need to paint a cannon + crew and six militia as well... I've got a feeling that this is going to be a close one ;)



Desert Rain
21-10-2009, 07:05
I might have to use my first joker this month since I started painting this month's work yesterday. But I don't have anything major to do for the next five days so maybe I can catch up a bit. It's only 13 models after all, and they are almost completely covered in armour which is rather quick to paint.

Elazar The Glorified
21-10-2009, 07:30
Well this month I've had swine flu, then it was my son's birthday and I painted some Night Goblin Fanatics for him to go on his birthday cake. On top of that my gaming club's Mordheim campaign kicks off in a week or two so I'm instead working on my warband for this month. The plus side to that is I'm using a Marauder Warband and will be using the Warband chieftain as an Exalted Hero occassionally so will hopefully still manage to paint something for the Tale this month it just won't be the unit of Warriors I was hoping on completing! :s

21-10-2009, 07:35
Joker for me again this month.:(


21-10-2009, 10:10
Righto, comments time. Last month I commented on the 40 k tale, and lord, it took me almost two hours. Let´s see how long it takes this time.

I like the dice-roll system, though some stuff really caught my eye.

Dice roll 5 comments:

Avian: Good clean painting! Your scheme left me puzzled, although I read your explaination. I guess pink is just not the colour one wants to paint in a world full of emos? :D How big is their population in Black Metal Homelands?

Malorian: Dwarves FTW! Good colour choice. Th egreen turns out very nice. Seems like you good quite a bit done already. Lord conversion is well done. I plan one aswell, but differently. You got me thinking again.

Fabius Bile: Classic colours! Good banners. Banners are so important in WHFB and you do this justice!

Razer: Well, Freakstuff, I say. The cannon is sick.And no less costy than the real model the way I see it. I like the warriors. Good use of models.

Warlord Ghazkull: A nice colour scheme for your gobbos. Classic in a way. Very nice army shot.

Matrim: The old Leitdorf model is so good. Well painted. As the rest is, you put some work in the rank and file, and it pays.
Same goes for your dark elves. I must say, it is pretty much the only race I do not dig too much. But well done!

gsmc: Well done! I strikes me that every second empire player chose blue and yellow this time around. You did a good job, and I like these colours as they resemble the old days for me.

nagged: A nice collection of evil chiefs! You robbed yourself of the pleasure to paint characters early :p Now comes the repetitive stuff. Hope that looks as good as the bosses!

redyellowpinkgreen: Hovering toad is not amused! Good colour, very toady. And more like the old frog it is, not so fresh, bright green. If that was your idea...

Gargobot: Aha, that is the colour scheme I owe my buddy for his empire army. It looks good, I might start this project at some point. Going for a shooty army? Meet my dwarfs!

derv: Ahh, so nice! Looking forward to my own of these, to be entering the tale next spring.
The dark elves are greaty painted, the new lizzard rides a lot better than the old ones.

Super Mario: The madness, the madness, painting hordes of gobbos. And so well done, the blending and all. The shaman is a nice break there.

Giant dwarf: These look so nice, the dryads are beautiful models and of all elves the woodland folks are my faves.
Good job!


Leonathion: Absolutely brilliant painting, a beauty, the beast! And I think a colourblast is the way to go with lizzards.

Elazar: A real nice conversion. Very creative. Puppet on a string reminds me of Maidens Number of the beast.

doc cthulu: I like the engineer and the swarm base. The latter is really ratty!

Fluffystuff: Another brilliant Beast. The skin is excellently painted. Just like th rest.

Dark Apostle: Well, if you keep up that standard throughout the tale, that will be an achievement in its own right. Damn well done!

Dino: I like the dragon ogre a lot. Very cool build!

Nephilim: I like the old Warriors more than the actual ones. Well done. Cool made capes for them.

Discord: That´s going to be a very blue army in the end! :p

Dwarfhold: Helga! Very nice, need that model some day.

Lt Dougheim: Insanely cool stuff. I´ve read your thread. So brilliant!

Rhasget: That´s some evil demons. I do not like the idea for a demon army book and codex, but your stuff looks so damn good!

smokemeakipper: Must say some here. Great O&G. I own every model you posted there and I love them all. TBH, I thought of entering the tale with my orcs, but the army is so big, I did not know where to start.

Filie: That´s a sinister looking lizzard monster. Well done!
Regarding your avatar: Do you also think the show went downhill when L died?

Morglum: This giant looks so eighties, it is a joy!

Nefelenwen: A ghastly colour choice, very nice!


Malorian: Thanks a lot! Not as colourful as others and I forgot to give the dragon wings, but the way he prances makes up for that :p

doi: Oh, no they are not. That´s actually daylight reflecting on the metal bits. At least it shows i made my homeworks regarding metal... The pics really look interesting at second glance.

AND to Gonzo: Rats! Get going, I want rats! Inspire me, I am so looking forward to the new release, it might be GW gets some money from me after long hiatus from buying stuff.

Everyone else: Looks like the ambition here is stronger than in the 40 k tale. I hope that stays until the end. You did very well, everyone. Not a single crappy mini in this thread, and I mean this honestly!


21-10-2009, 16:19
Well, I did it! Commented on the whole bunch.

But first something else...
It's nearly the end of the second month. For my own convenience, I'll be taking all people who have not posted anything by the end of the next month out of the list. It's okay if you didn't have time to paint, but please then post at least an official joker, so that I know you're still around.

And I really need to get painting myself...

And now for the good stuff...
Here goes!

Leonathian: Looks great. It has a very natural feel to it, which is very nice in lizardmen.

Elazar the Glorified: Very cool conversion idea. I like that one a lot.

Avian: Very nicely done. Neat painting again.

Ego Ninja: Nice scheme. One thing though, just an idea that now pops into mind: since they are huntsman, wouldn’t it be better to have some kind of camouflaging colour on the sleeves instead of white? The nurglings are nice too.

Doc_cthulhu: Nice and grim. I especially like the rusty weapons and stuff.

Fluffystuff: And another stegadon this month! Very neatly painted, and the base looks awesome!

Zujara: Nice how the scorpion comes out of the sand. Personally I would make the fleshy bits on the carrion a bit more bloody though…

Malorian: Are you planning to also paint the bases? I think it always looks better then, as you can add better shading and highlights. Otherwise nicely done.

Fabius Bile: Looks great. Just one tip, maybe you should add some static grass to the movement tray to get it a bit more in line with the models in it.

RaZer: Cool conversion, though it may look a bit too off and alien if you field it just like this. Are you planning to include more tyranid-daemon hybrid stuff in you army? I think that would tie it in way better with the rest of the army. Maybe something you could do with warhounds… use gaunts for those or something…

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Go green! They look great again, especially the not-black cloaks.

Dark Apostle: Very nicely done. The text is all freehand I presume?

BigJon: Cool. I don’t believe those are all GW? Nice to see some different models included.

Dino: Nicely painted dwarfs. Though it might be nicer to paint the sides of the bases in a similar colour as the top…
The Dragon Ogre is just plain cool!

Noeste: I really love your paint scheme. With the flails and all they look really thematic.

Bluesabre: Aah, nice, more big models. And you pulled it of well, though I would like to suggest maybe a bit more darker colours in the big nail on the wing.

Totengraber: Excellent paintjobs. The metal-rust effects are great.

Giledan: Classic Khorne, and neatly painted. Great job also!

Jim: Sweet you used the powder monkey as crew. Nice paint job too, though maybe a little bit more shades to some of the white clothes could improve it.

Nephilim of Sin: I think you did a great job on converting those. Pulled it of really well.

8BitMummies: May I suggest a few fallen autumnleaves on the bases? Otherwise excellent job on those!

Calibretto: I got the feeling the foot troops could use a bit more highlighting/shading. The horse is excellent though!

Discord: Your horrors remind me of my squigs :p Blue rules!

Nephilim of Sin: Nice to see the old ones cast in the new form. I like them! Would be better if you closed the gabs between the base though.

Matrim_Cauthon: That’s quite some colour on your Northland stuff, and you seem to handle it well. The face of the mounted guy is priceless!
The DE are very nice as well. I would base the movement tray in the same manner as the rest of the models though.

Dwarfhold13: Nicely done, those dwarfs. Not too bright a scheme, which fits them nicely.
About the knights, maybe the metal is a bit too plain, if I judge from the pics. You can also highlight metals by using boltgun and mithril, or by mixing in black and white…
The sallies are sweet. Good to see you being so productive with all these armies.
It’s a bit sad about a dead trolls head on your banner though… but the slayers themselves are very nice.

Catferret: Green for da win! Stone trolls and the old shaman, some of my favourite models. The glowing red effect on the gems in the staff is very sweet.

Biscuit: Great models. They got a real old-times feel to them, with dim colours and not too bright pants and stuff.

Lt Dougheim: I think I also commented on your log, but I’ll say it again: love those halfligs! Good to see them getting so much attention.

Rhasget: Sweet to see a not-red scheme. You’ve done those cool models justice.

Dakkapantz: Those are some huge feathers. Nice scheme on the armour.

Obsidianaura: They look great. Maybe highlight the tips of the swords a bit further to make them stand out a bit more?

Gsmc: Just nice stuff you made!

Someone2040: Looks like a good start. More comment when it’s finished though :)

Nagged: That’s quite a daring colour scheme you chose there, but I think you pulled it of quite well.
Also, very nice hobgoblin conversion. Did anyone already tell you its perfectly fine to join in with those?

Joseph vintila: Sweet. Maybe a nice freehand on the banner and a bit of shading/highlight on the inside of the sorcerers cloak?

Smokemeakipper: Those are really retro yes, except for the painting. It looks awesome! Not too bright colours.

Redyellowpinkgreen: I don’t want to know what happened to the models behind the Slann, but he himself looks great. The stegadon too, lots of those big beasties this month.

Grimtide: Nice and neat paintjob on those.

Filie: Cool, another one! Nice how the bright horns contrast with the dark skin.

BeatTheBeat: Nice details you put in there. But is the bottle half-full or half-empty?

Alathir: Nice job, and good attention to detail with all the mud and stuff. Also nice to see a brettonian army with just a single uniform paintscheme for a change.

Doi: Where’s the green? But still nicely painted :)

Basilbrush: I think they are too white for my liking. But still very nice. What’s that behind the necromancer on the last pic?

Gargobot: Very neatly painted. I like it, especially the priest.

Morglum Necksnapper: That’s a golden oldie, and nicely converted too! At least, I don’t remember him having a beard… Also a nice touch to give him a dark skin.
The arrers are very sweet too, and I detect some nice lighting effects on the shaman.

Desert Rain: Great stuff. I think the not-bright-blue colours on the elves do them well.

Derv: Nice model you… o wait, that’s a baby. Well, nicely done on that too :p
As I said before, the cold ones are just awesomely painted!

Bert n ernie: Nicely done. May I suggest a few more rats on it though?

Super Mario: Now that’s a bunch of goblins! I might have told you already in the other thread, but you did a great job on those.

D35t0y3r: Green rules! Nice to see the robes being dirty in the lower sections :)

Nefelenwen: Very curious paint scheme you got there. I makes them look a bit mystic… Nice!

Dr. Mole: And some wood elves too! Nice to see the winter theme.

Ghost of scubasteve: Green FTW! Nice how you made the pained metal look chippy.

Giant Dwarf: Those are really nice. I like the natural feel about them, and the slight colour differences you gave them.

Warflag: Are those older models? The blue metal is very nice.

Jahorin: What happened to the top half of the pictures, it’s so blurry… is the lens of your camera dirty? Nice models though. It might be nice to make the blue paint on the shield a bit worn of.

Korkalis: Nice. They look suitably dark for dark elves :p

21-10-2009, 16:28
Jahorin: What happened to the top half of the pictures, it’s so blurry… is the lens of your camera dirty? Nice models though. It might be nice to make the blue paint on the shield a bit worn of.

My daugther played with my camera and "might" have touched the lense with greassy hands.

Thanks for the comment about the shields. You are right the blue cloth on the shield does look a bit to clean for a couple of thousands years old warriors. Is devland mud wash my friend? Any suggestion are more than welcomed.

21-10-2009, 17:33
Hey Guys! Sorry for being a pain in the ass, but helping out caring for my other half is taking way more time than I thought it would, meaning a lot less time for painting and is making me fall really badly behind with my schedule for this ToFP. I really want to keep going with this project, but 200 points of painting is just unrealistic for me at the moment, so is it possible to drop down to the 'Boys' group and continue the 'Tale doing 100 points a month from now onwards? I'll post my 100 points for October's entry when the thread is active, as I've already had to Joker for September's 200 points.

Hope this is ok? Great work from everybody so far - can't wait to see more!



21-10-2009, 19:57
I'm sure that not only is it ok but that every agrees it's much better than dropping out :)

21-10-2009, 19:58
I have to play a joker this month.

21-10-2009, 20:17
Ok, I think everything thats getting posted is posted. Time for comments.

To my fellow 1's (aka. Those who whack themselves with the Chaos Daemonsword)

@ Leonathion - Good Lord!! Your stegadon is amazing. The horns especially are some of the best I've seen. Great work, can't wait to see next month.

@ Totengraber - Very nice paintjob on the Ogres. The skin is especially well done and the weathering on the metal is exceptional. Keep it up.

@ Nephilim (WoC)- great job with the old hunchback warriors. Normally they look...well...crappy, but you've pulled out some win with these guys! Great banner.

@ Nephilim (Gobbos) - Very nice job on the old Skarsnik & Gobbla. Gobbla's skin is especially nice.

@ nagged - Sweet wolf riders. Pics are a bit washed out but look very nicely painted.

@ Desert Rain - nice work. I like the grey scheme a lot.

@ korkalis - looking good. Witch Elves skin in particular is quite nice.

21-10-2009, 21:23

Time for my comments...

First up the '2' rollers:

@Dark Apostle: Great scratch build and paint job to match..the text on the scroll is very good

@Dino: The plaid/tartan on the dwarves is a great idea and I think they look really well done. The dragon ogre conversion looks good - not sure about the metallic blue armour though.

@Giledan: Very tidy work - the red looks smooth - you just need to paint more troops!!!

@8BitMummies: Minotaurs look really spot on - good job

@Discord: Great painting & I LOVE the old school blue horrors!

@Catferret: The shamen's skin looks really good - it makes him look really old and gnarled.

@Obsidianaura: Well done for surviving your bad luck and managing to post your entry in good time! I reckon some of the GW washes would really improve the look of what you have done so far, but the deamons are certainly solid.

@Smokemeakipper: Love the old models and you have chosen a unique colour scheme for them - they will certainly stand out!

@Alathir: Your Knights look really good all ranked up - impressed!

@Nefelenwen: Really goos corroded effect on the bronze and I really like the turquoise - goes well with Tomb Kings

Plus some comments for others who have caught my eye:

@Fluffystuff: Great looking Steg - 'Eavy Metal standard in my opinion..plus great work on the water effects

@Fabius Bile: The freehand on the banner is awesome - I wimped out of doing my banner this month, so I hope that when I do get round to it, its half as good as yours!

@Morglum Necksnapper: I love the native australian style you've gone for - I have not seen anyone else do that - very original.

@Super Mario: I really like the shamen and the grey robes are unusual but work really well

...thank you for all you comments on my submission this month...for the banner design I have bought the Empire source book so I plan to copy something out of that.

I have almost painted next month's entry and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's efforts...


22-10-2009, 08:24
I really want to keep going with this project, but 200 points of painting is just unrealistic for me at the moment, so is it possible to drop down to the 'Boys' group and continue the 'Tale doing 100 points a month from now onwards? I'll post my 100 points for October's entry when the thread is active, as I've already had to Joker for September's 200 points.

Sure, that's fine. Indeed, as Malorian said, better to step back a bit than to fall behind completely!
I did drop your joker, as you painted over 200 points already, so that's just fine for 2 months and now you got a clean sheet again.
It's still okay to post 200 again next month though, as that might either spare you some time in the future, or maybe allow you to go back to the men's section if you find someday that your still up to it.

For the rest of you, anyone in the men's section who paints 1000 or more, and for some reason can't stay in, will at least get credit in the end for completing the boyz section.

22-10-2009, 08:39

Thanks for you kind words but all three are GW models.
The Chaos Sorcerer "Disgust" is an older model that
came out either at the release of the last Hords of Chaos
or during the time around the Albion web campaign, can't
remember when I bought him.

22-10-2009, 15:07
@Braad - Thanks for that! My heart is back into painting now, even though the time I can put into painting is much shorter than I'd like - 100 points a month it is! :)

23-10-2009, 13:10
Some comments on the more recent posts by 5's .

supermario: I like the grey cloaks a lot and also the documentary style of the fluff - I can almost here the background music that would go with it.

giant dwarf: it seems fitting to try to comment through oxymorons - so lets see: drably beautiful, highly based, simply exquisite. I think you've captured the wood look very well

warflag: very well painted. and rather well dressed for dwarves although I think Malorian's dwarves would probably brawl with them over divergent fashion sense

24-10-2009, 06:09
doi: Oh, no they are not. That´s actually daylight reflecting on the metal bits. At least it shows i made my homeworks regarding metal... The pics really look interesting at second glance.

Thought that was the case.

Doi: Where’s the green? But still nicely painted :)

I've put green pants on a Leadbelcher just for you this month :p. Ok, wasn't really for you but I'll say it was... I mean you were one of the ones who voted for Leadbelchers over Iron Guts...

@ korkalis: Very nice. I quite like your colour scheme. I'm guessing the lone crossbowmen that is finished will be your basing method?

Well my Ogres for the month are nearly done. From memory I only need to do the hair/beards and the flame contraption on their heads that makes the cannon go boom :p. My local store is finally about to move into a new store after their last one got destroyed, so I should have bases done from month four onwards if not this month.


24-10-2009, 10:41
Didn't get around to posting my joker for september yet, here goes:

WIP for october is going relatively ok, though:

Which means the score is still:

Army: Warriors of chaos

Exalted hero with the mark of Khorne and an additional handweapon
10x warhounds

Points: 229

24-10-2009, 21:17
A little WIP for me too, but not for this month... Still I think it's worth showing, as my savage orc warboss and his little pet are ready to be sprayed and painted!

I really hope we'll have some suitable weather very soon...



25-10-2009, 07:47
Balrog wings make everything better :p.

Looking forward to seeing these projects finished from the two of you this month.

My leadbelchers are pretty much finished in the painting department, just need touch ups now I think.


Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
25-10-2009, 08:28
The wyvern looks fine braad, I'm looking forward to see him painted.


Desert Rain
25-10-2009, 10:30
A WIP picture of this months work, swordmasters of Hoeth.


And one of the now based and finished chariot.


Super Mario
25-10-2009, 17:43
Thanks for all the comments, they're really encouraging. These two are the WIPs for next month. I think I change the last painting stage of the spiders to a Gryphonne sepia wash instead of Devlan mud. I got lazy with the boss, so he is a bit meh. I'm still not sure how to paint the goblin riders. I think they should have a more healthy, outdoorsy glow to their skin than the other guys.



25-10-2009, 20:08
Seems like this months work will be a whole bunch of different things! Done some painting today, on a Scar-vet, some Skink skirmishers and a kroxigor.

26-10-2009, 00:37
Oh lordy, month no.2 and I'm already using my second...

How depressing. :(

26-10-2009, 03:32
well im srry i didnt update this weekend the camera is being extraordinarily difficult cant get a good shot for the life ill try to get the best thing i can tommorow but for this month im workin on 3 giant rat packs 2 rat ogres and 1 ratling gear

Alex Under
26-10-2009, 17:53
UNIT: Chaos Spawn and Lvl 2 Chaos Sorcerer, both with MoN

BACKGROUND/THEME: My Host’s Nurgle Sorcerer Larv Nurgh and his “pet” spawn; once an ambitious wizard who challenged Larv Nurgh… Things didn’t work out how he expected…

BUILD/CONVERSION: Only conversion is the trophy pack on the wizard’s back (from an old Gor champion).

PAINTING: The Sorcerer’s skin is putrid green with a few washes of yellow and green and sunburst yellow highlights. The skin on the trophy has so many colours I can’t even remember! The spawn’s skin is similar, but I mixed purples and highlighted with bleached bone and skull white. The “muscle” bits are painted in crimson gore, with a flesh wash and bleached bone drybrush.

BASING: Not finished, have to paint up and add some snow.

STILL TO DO: The bases

HIGHS AND LOWS: No lows, really enjoyed painting these brilliant minis. Actually, the fly faced Sorcerer has been waiting for paint for over 12 years…


POINTS : Spawn with MoN 85 pts. + Chaos lvl 2 Sorcerer with Mon 140 pts.

TOTAL POINTS : 225 pts.

Alex Under
26-10-2009, 19:46
Ok, here are my comments on those who rolled 6:

@Ego Ninja: I’m starting to worry about your fixation for nurglings… :-P

@doc cthulhu: Love the gritty look on your Skaven, the details in green break the monotone brown nicely.

@fluffystuff: Not a 6, but I had to comment on this month’s best entry in my opinion: INCREDIBLE work, the base, the Stegadon’s skin, each scale and skull; Sheer painting brilliance.

@noeste: Chaos painted in bright white? Well, in my opinion you’ve made it work really well, very original and well executed colour scheme.

@dwarfhold13: Lovely looking dwarves, but I think I prefer the Dwarf Slayers abd Empire units. Once you finish those bases the minis will really stand out.

@biscuit: Nice work man, those greatswords are looking brilliant. I like the muddy feel, it gives them a realistic touch that really enhances the miniature’s look.

@C-Coen: I’ll wait till next month to comment on the finished mini. It’s looking good so far.

@Dr Mole: I really like those dryads, and the little blue spite is a lovely contrast.

Desert Rain
27-10-2009, 22:45
Finished with this months painting now :D
Just have to make a movement tray for them before November 1st.

29-10-2009, 20:44
It's still October! I can still post!

(Sorry this is so late in the month... I started a new job on the 28th of September and I've had a busy few weeks.)


Unit: Exalted Hero of Slaanesh on My Little Hellpony... uh, Daemonic Mount

Background/Theme: Once a devoted Sigmarite witch-hunter, Gerholdt Hahn was caught at the epicentre of a Slaaneshi sorceress's unspeakable spell of dominion. Stripped of all free will, he rides at the head of her army as her most loyal lieutenant and the marshal of her troops.

Build/conversion: Ooh, where to start? The horse and hero's body are from the mounted Chaos Lord, with the spikes on the horse's peytral replaced with chains decorated with a skull and some charms sculpted from greenstuff. The head is from the Slaaneshi Lord on daemonic mount, with a small amount of greenstuffing to make it fit with the torso. The arm is from last month's Chosen champion: I sawed off the shoulder from the Chaos Lord's body, built up the right side of his chest, and pinned and greenstuffed the arm into place. I also sculpted a tongue onto his shield, because everything Slaaneshi is better with nasty prehensile tongues.

Painting: Essentially the same as the Chosen, but with more effort. The purple began with a 2:2:1 mix of liche purple, regal blue and chaos black, and is blended up to pure warlock purple. The armour is dwarf bronze with a highlight of 2:1 dwarf bronze and chainmail. The crest, cloak and skulls are blended from 1:1 khemri brown and bleached bone up to pure skull white.

Basing: Same as everything else I paint. Scorched brown paint over gravel/sand, drybrushed khemri brown and bleached bone, with scorched grass. Yawn.

Still to do: I really want to give him a more exciting base - the way the horse is positioned gives me an empty third or so that would really benefit from something in it. For now it's staying as it is though...

Highs and lows: Highs - my god, I love painting Chaos armour. And the evil My Little Pony markings on the horse were great fun. Lows - the chains on the horse's peytral are real jewellery chain. Even after trying to superglue them into position I've lost count of the number of times they got twisted or bent...

Points: 205 (army total so far: 525)

Dice roll: 5


29-10-2009, 21:55
Hmm. Probably should have posted this before now. To be honest, It's my fault Verminmistress didn't post earlier. My lack of enthusiasm for doing anything constructive in the evenings leads to models not being photographed. Next month will be on time. Probably.

Unit: Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster. Or a vampire rules wise.

Background/Theme: It's Kemmler. To use an old quote from my good mate Rathgar,

"What are we going to do this year Heinrich?"

"Same thing we do every year Krell; try to take over Bretonnia!!!"
You'll get proper background when I have time to type it up.

Build/Conversion: Nothing new here. It's a really nice model, so I wasn't about to deface it in any way.

Painting: If I remember correctly...
Black undercoat.
Robes/Hat: Fenris Grey/Chaos Black -> Fenris Grey -> Fenris Grey/Skull White.
Fleshy bits: Tallarn Flesh/ Scorched brown -> Tallarn Flesh -> Tallarn Flesh/Bleached Bone -> Scorched Brown wash -> re-highlight with Tallarn/Bleached Bone.
Red Bits: Mechrite/Scab Red mix highlighted up by adding Blood Red.
Wood: Charadon Granite drybrushed with Khemri Brown.
Green: Orchide/Chaos Black then highlighted by adding white.
Bone: As this was done over a black undercoat, Khemri Brown -> Bleached Bone -> Devlan Mud _> Bleached Bone, then mix white into Bleached Bone for approx 4 coats progressively lighter till a final highlight of Skull White.

Basing: Sand with a scorched brown wash, drybrushed with Khemri Brown then Bleached Bone. Scorched grass static grass added.

Still to do: I've just noticed some touch ups.

Highs/Lows: As much as I love the model, I didn't expect to hate painting him so much, especially the hat and apron. Whilst the high point is that he's finished, I'm not 100% happy with him but can't bring myself to do anything else except the touch ups. Maybe in a few months.

Points: 205.

Total Points:: 405.

Dice Roll: 6 (again).


30-10-2009, 09:04
I jumping on board after reading through Harrys massive plog and not really having the time to do one of my own, so I saw this and thought I’ll do it! I’ll post pics tomorrow as my camera is playing up at the moment.

ARMY: Dwarfs (2000 Points)

UNIT: 23 Slayers with musician, standard bearer and one Giant Slayer.


BUILD/CONVERSION: They are all 1 part metals so no conversion, some are mounted on the regiment bases but that’s it.

PAINTING: Undercoated black. Tallarn Flesh for the skin washed with Ogryn Flesh Wash, then drybrushed with Dwarf flesh, nice and simple but I think it looks fine for the table top.

I did the hair and beards by basecoating with Iyanden Darksun, washing with Baal Red then drybrushing with Blazing Orange, again simple but I think it looks effective when they’re in a big block. Heheh, I like simple as I’m not the greatest painter around.

For the axes, Boltgun Metal washed with Badab black then drybrushed with chainmail. I picked out the gold parts with Shining Gold then a chestnut ink wash and a light drybrush of gold again to pick out the detail.

BASING: Gritty sand, painted black. I haven’t decided how I’m going to base the army yet. Leaning towards a snowy mountain look at the moment.

STILL TO DO: Just the bases.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Lovely old minis. The 5th and 6th ed Dwarf metals are my favorites, even with the quite static poses.




Next Month: Miners, lots of miners.

30-10-2009, 09:26
Sweet! More dwarves. Welcome to the tale!

30-10-2009, 09:34

Starting November with first real post.

Army: Skaven (Upgrading a 6th ed. 2000points army to a 7th ed. 3000 points)

Preview: 6 Globadiers (converted), 20 Clanrats (new ones) w/ weapon team, possibly Stormvermin and / or Doomwheel.

Will post a full-army picture along with the new additions along with first real post.


Edit: Oh right - I guess I should be going for Men's League, as I'm 18 years of age :)

Dr Death
30-10-2009, 11:05
I'm afraid it's another set of JOKERs from me this month. I've been putting off using them while i tried to claw some models into this month. As recompense i'll get some pictures up today of what i've been up to. :D

Dr Death

30-10-2009, 11:28
I'm done with next month's painting, I'm just wainting for the new thread to be up. It's a good change not to be late, like this month.

30-10-2009, 11:49
Thanks! Well, lessee the gems eh? they were basically going on a gradient from black - hawk turquoise + black - hawk turquoise - hawkturquoise + white - white + hawk turquoise with afew glazes of assurien blue.
@Bert n ernie
The stegadon isn't really mono colored as his scales are a darker color. I can see where you're coming from though since the contrast isn't really big enough to tell the difference, i'll try to fix this with the next one i'm bound to paint. As for the recipe see my reply to Doi : O
Thanks alot; i was going for a more brass color than gold since i'm not too sure how to paint gold properly and don't like gold on normal units too much. The base is unpainted though since i'm not too sure how i want to base them just yet.
He is abit muted i'll admit, but i think i actually prefer him this way since i'm painting afew monsters really colorfull aswell so it'll add abit contrast, can understand if it's not your thing though.
Thanks! and i sure hope so : o
Thanks! and yeah; the show got alot more convoluted after L died, though Melo/Near did a good job too.
Thanks! i was unsure how the horns looked when painting him but i must say i'm pleased with the result

And for the 4 rollers

@Ego Ninja
Nice huntsmen! i really like the bases too!
I really like the names of those champions, they look really nurgley to boot!
Nice manticore man! i especially like the metal on the halberd/Spear
Nice empire footmen! i like the freehand, what state/county/whatever are they from?
@Lt Dougheim
Hah! neat! i really love the fact that them halflings are recieving some proper love!
I really like the prince and the dragon's shaping up nicely too!
Excellent swordsmen! and yeah it does suck when some armies have a low pointcost/model.
Nice necromancer man! it's a shame that you couldn't finish the points this month but i'm sure you'll catch up!
@Basilbrush again!
ooo nifty spartans!, can't really comment too much on these though.
@Bert n ernie
Awesome screaming bell! Wasn't it a pain to construct though?
Awesome Fanatics! i really love the dirt on the lower part of the robes!
Neat Tombkings, i love the 'yellowish' tone on the skeletons

30-10-2009, 12:47
Looks good verminmistress :)

The head and axe swap fit in perfectly.

30-10-2009, 15:08
Edit: Oh right - I guess I should be going for Men's League, as I'm 18 years of age :)

I do suspect that the "boys" and "men" categories have nothing at all to do with your age... :p



Elazar The Glorified
30-10-2009, 15:24
Had to comment on these two!

@Verminmistress: I'd noticed your absence from the chaos posters when I did my big comment post. Quite the dramatic late entry there! The mini looks really nice, surprised to see just how good the Slaaneshi lord helmet looks on that character actually! The painting is beautiful, I especially like the white on the plume and robes as you've done a really great job on those. But better than that are those gems hanging from the steed's barding. A great idea but the painting on the gems is really great. Very impressive stuff indeed!

@Necoho: Heinrich Kemmler is in my opinion one of GWs best minis of all time. A mini that has really stood the test of time too. The paintjob on him looks really great. The shading on the fabrics looks great and your paintjob I think has really captured the character of the mini. Really great work! :)

30-10-2009, 16:10
I'm sorry guys, I have my entry finished but I'm out of town... I'll be back soon to take pictures and post!

30-10-2009, 17:51
I do suspect that the "boys" and "men" categories have nothing at all to do with your age... :p



Hmm okay :P What then divide the two groups ? :)

30-10-2009, 18:27
The division is whether you'll be painting a 1000 pt army (100pts/mo) which is classified as boys or a 2000pt army (200pts/mo) which is classified as men.

@everyone whos posted- Everything has looked great so far! I apologize for not commenting on peoples work but ive been loaded up on school work, work, and kids activities. Ill make sure to do so next month though!

@everyone who jokered-Ive been there before, this is the best ive done in a tale to date for sure. Dont give up, i look forward to seeing all your stuff!

@Dark Apostle-You make me sad, i still cant paint like that after years. Great simple clean color scheme on the handgunner.

@Filie-Thanks! Its a Stirland River Patrol army which should be more obvious as i start to paint banners and a couple of the units i have planned.

30-10-2009, 18:27
"men" paint 200 pts/month, and "boys" paint 100 :)

31-10-2009, 05:52
As the more astute of you might notice, I have not yet posted anything for this month. After spending the last week with the flu, I have too much schoolwork to catch up on to even hope to get any good amount of painting done. Add that to the fact that I've been behind since we started, and I'm just going to slip out of this tale. I wish everyone good luck! :)

31-10-2009, 06:41
Righto, comments on the 2 rollers:

@ Dark Apostle, awesome job mate. I agree with you about the armour and circlet, very well done. I also like the red robes you did, very nice.

@ Dino, good to see more Dwarfs around. And that’s a sweet conversion of a dragon ogre, much better looking than the cartoony current sculpts.

@ Giledan, nice looking Khorne guys man, also I love that old school faceless model (is he an old Tzeentch sorcerer?)

@ Jim, nice cannon, love the old models and also that powder monkey is great. Real gritty motley looking swordsmen , love them.

@ Catferret, nice blue troll, love those old stone troll sculpts.

@ Obsidian Aura, sweet, the new juggernaut is a beautiful model. Nice red too.

@ smokemeakipper, I’m loving all these old minis around. Reminds me of when I started to play 40k in 2nd ed. Nice colour scheme as well man, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a OnG army with purple on them! Nice man.

@ Alathir , Nice clean knights mate, I do like the new(ish) bret models.

31-10-2009, 07:04
Aaaargh, last day already, and I haven't managed to even finish a single painted thing for the tale... Guess I'll have to really pop in my second joker. Real life is just too enjoyable and busy at the moment.

But I did finally start painting a bit yesterday after quite some time of nothing, so hopefully I'll manage to get into it agian. And I did get my first wyvern and 2 more big bosses undercoated yesterday :)

31-10-2009, 08:29
My life is just too hectic ATM I am painting again but have finished nothing in time except my Orc and Goblins. (Which I will post at the start of the new thread) So Jokers for me for Skaven Empire and Beasts.

Sorry fellas. Not exactly leading by example as I have at times in the past.

Hope everyone else is finding more time for their painting than I am.

All the best,

31-10-2009, 09:28
Harry, will you be posting month 3's thread tomorrow, or do you want me to do it?

Aaaargh, last day already, and I haven't managed to even finish a single painted thing for the tale... Guess I'll have to really pop in my second joker. Real life is just too enjoyable and busy at the moment.
So you haven't been dumped yet, then? :p

31-10-2009, 09:53
I was planning to get it done this month, :D

Just enjoyed looking back at the whole months thread. Well done everyone. What a lot of great painting:

Favorites for me this month include:

Best conversion : Dark Apostles Warrior priest.

Best painted : Fluffy Stuffs Stegadon if only the incredible base

Bets theme/'background : Elazar the Glorifieds "Vela the performer, the mad puppeteer"

But the real favorite for me was Dervs work. Look what you did. :D and I am not talking about the painting.
Congratulations mate.

Elazar The Glorified
31-10-2009, 10:27
Thanks Harry! Glad you liked the background for Vela! :)
Hope you bounce back with your painting next month! :D

31-10-2009, 10:33
Posting this in at the last minute.

With it being pitch black every morning before work, taking photos has been incredibly difficult with my outdated camera. Yet, it's a beautiful sunny (relatively speaking) morning in Glasgow today and more importantly a weekend too! So I've taken some photos, albeit poor ones.

Haven't set up a photobucket account yet (thanks for those who pointed me in that direction) but I will once I get the time.

This month:

Vargulf no.2 - converted from a chaos spawn and dire-wolf sprue. Am thinking of resculpting the face a bit more to look more bat-like.

5 flying ghouls (fell bats) - basically created from a metal ghoul miniature from a manufacturer I have forgotten. Arms, legs, heads, cut up and reattached to create different poses. This took me an absolute age!

Points this month: 275
Total: 450

Next month: ghoul regiments

31-10-2009, 17:04
Comments for the 6 rollers.

@Ego Ninja: Nice and consistent. Good job getting all of them looking the same.
@doc_cthulhu: Good work on the globes and eyepieces. I particularly like the rat swarm.
@noeste: I love those shoulder pads. Good job with all that white. You've got a really nice contrast going on your models.
@dwarfhold13: Beautiful, clean painting on all your stuff. Nice to see the old metal miners. The freehand on the warrior priest's banner is particularly good. Good contrast between the blue of the skinks and the orange salamanders. The beards on all your stuff look really nice.
@biscuit: Nice consistent work throughout. The two armour colours work well together.
@Dakkapantz: Good to see the Republican Guard. A very good contrast between the armour and feathers/details.
@C-Coen: Nice to see the old Steg getting an outing. The horns look extremely good, and contrast well against that dark red skin.
@Dr.Mole: Dryads are looking good. The spite and bones stand out rather well, and the leaves work well with that bark colour. Good job.
@Alex Under: I like the manky green you've got going there. Thought my favourite bit has to be the rusted axe. Nice to see the old "fly boy" model again.