View Full Version : mission VIII broken aswell?

02-10-2009, 22:21
I know mission II is supposed to be easy for marines, but i just completed mission VIII in 5 turns, and then my opponent did it in 6 or 7, both of us only losing brother claudio. Obviously using the librarian to rush ahead and block in front of himself, and the flamer to block at the back, you have 6 turns available to just rush forward.

Are we doing this wrong or is this mission just to easy for the marines? as the stealer player i didnt have enough blips to make a threat, and most start 3 turns away from being able to come into contact with a marine, by that time half the mission is over.

04-10-2009, 09:18
Er, were you leaving the board aswell or just grabbing the artifact? Seems awfully quick. But it isn't all that hard anyway.

04-10-2009, 09:34
he is talking about mission 8 not 7, no grabbing of the artifact involved here...

and yes, this mission is considered rather easy for the Marines and I believe it has been discussed here multiple times already, e.g.


04-10-2009, 10:29
Oops sorry, am at work and my memory isn't working well. Yeah.. okay then, I agree, although a good Stealer player can give you a hard time by attacking from the right places at the right time, even holding off to force you to cover the corners and thus slow you down. I'm an experience Stealer player and have managed to win every mission at least once as them.

04-10-2009, 13:19
thesil - ive just read that other thread, and your points are pretty much the same as mine. the librarian is too fast, and by turn 2 all the middle corridor doors should be destroyed, making all blips needing to convert coming in from the far end. waiting in the room opposite wont work for the stealers as the librarian can psi block the door or corridor, and on his next turn walk into the objective room and block behind himself.

i did try running down the corridor, but i cant see any way to slow him down unless the marines get a lot of low CP tokens.

I did move 1 blip in from the outside middle corridor entry towards the further crossorads entrance, and actually managed to move a stealer into the square behind the librarian. his back was covered by other marines and it didnt go well. Maybes if i had of had a 2 or 3 stealer blip id have had an attack, but its like a lot of people have pointed out you dont get a lot of blips and chances are you wont get the big ones.