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05-10-2009, 13:33
Hi guys.

How do you preserve your models? Any neat trick to store them in the box somehow?
I Just finished my Brother Noctis after a lot of retouching due to accidently scrubbing of the paint.
Now i've varnished him twice but i'm still a bit paranoid of the paint going of on the edges again.

any advice?:angel:

05-10-2009, 15:32
I haven't yet varnished any models but I keep the colour of my models by making sure there are sufficient layers of paint on them over the basecoat. I use two complets coats of red before a black ink mix, then another red over the whole model apart from the recesses. Then I do more applied shading and highlighting, but this is all done over those basic four layers and the paint sticks to itself better than the undercoat and if the final highlight wears away it only goes red and not the colour underneath.

Of course ensure your paint isn't too thick for this either as then you cover the detail as well as the layers not bonding together. I use black ink over black before I start highlighting for the same reason - extra layers and the inks seem more hard wearing too for some reason. Also try inks over metallics as metallics rub off easiest.

I have no issues yet and have been painting fifteen years and generally don't varnish my models. If you do like varnishes then I suggest you try them on a painted model you do not want as some leave a milky or powdery effect over the miniature - matt varnishes especially. I hope this helps even if it may not be directly answering your question.

05-10-2009, 16:39
i always use varnish now a days, first gloss then matte to take away some of the gloss but keep the resistance.

05-10-2009, 18:23
Gloss does have better protecting properties. I assume you don't use the GW stuff though?

During painting of my models when they are transported back and forth daily as I work alone on nights, I individually wrap each mini in bubblewrap and place them in a tub. Once painted they are usually on a shelf. The only suggestion I would have for Space Hulk would be to get a foam tray for the mini's. One that's lumpy like an egg tray would probably be sufficient to stop them moving and hitting into each other. I am super-protective of my models so they have not been at risk of serious damage yet.

05-10-2009, 19:11
i use GW's 'Ard Coat then followed by Vallejos Matte Varnish.
Works quite well i believe. I must find some nice foam trays that fit inside of the box =)

Narius Phinshredder
06-10-2009, 12:42
GW's Ardcoat spray followed by Testors dullcote! Best stuff around!!! Got myself a KR multicase for the figures and books.

09-10-2009, 06:56
I am also annoyed by the fact that my Marines always lost some of their paint when I transport them over a bumpy road
(My Genestealers never did so far, maybe because they had no need to be undercoated, maybe because they have little metal colours on them or they don't fall around that much)

What I am going to do is I am going to line the parts of the box containing models with wadding (not sure if its the correct English term). This usually helps well from preventing the models from falling around and rubbing their paint off on other models or map tiles...

11-10-2009, 20:07
Look no further than Battlefoam (http://battlefoam.com/catalog.php?item=187&catid=66&ret=catalog.php%3Fcategory%3D66), folks.

T'wil solve all your Space Hulk transport needs. :)

13-10-2009, 10:50
Look no further than Battlefoam (http://battlefoam.com/catalog.php?item=187&catid=66&ret=catalog.php%3Fcategory%3D66), folks.

T'wil solve all your Space Hulk transport needs. :)

yes that would fill all my popular space corridor gaming needs especially when it comes to transporting my popular space corridor game models. :D tho im not happy about the $31 postage for international delivery (making the total $56 if you go with the $25 'deal'). is there an alternitive for european dwellers.