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07-10-2009, 09:05
hy i've my orc army since 5 years but for lack of players and time i never do a match with them , now i've some time to begin paint them and wanna try to intro some of my friend to this game. I 've choosed an army that from people opinion isn't really competitive or simple tu use , so can you give me some help on use them , on unit to put on list ecc ecc. For example i really like the minis of the troll but the -1 command is really a pain in the ass , are they worth their points? If i want to use them regardless of utility what is the best use and placement for them? is the giant worth 150? what are the use for goblin? brigade them with rock lobber to guard the warmachine is a good idea?

12-10-2009, 17:30
with O&G take as many heroes as you can.

i cannot speak to the trolls but if you like the mini i would field them anyway

Cpt. Drill
12-10-2009, 18:36
I hope Lemonbrick sees this...

O&G are a tricky army to use, I would not advise them for beginners. That being said they do have some great potential.

Over all try and have a hero per brigade. Leaving the Orcs to order your main brigades and if they are successful to order secondary brigades afterwards. Only try and get one order or so out of each brigade, this way overall your army can advance at a happy pace together over a few turns.

Some tactics that can be easily deployed.

For your basic battle line Orcs backed by goblins are great! For example:

O= Stand of Orc infantry
G= Stand of goblin infantry


What we have here is two units of orcs with two units of goblins supporting them. As your troops will often not get the charge you will need to be ready for defense. Your orcs are pretty tough and will lay down alot of attacks, this combined with your support will help you alot to draw combats and then get a chance to charge on the initiative which orcs enjoy alot. The orcs in this can be substituted for Black orcs or ogres aswell.

Another trick you can pull although it is a little more dangerous is the Goblin speedbump defense. Although it works best with Ogres or black orcs.

O= Stand of Orc infantry
G= Stand of goblin infantry


So what we have here is two units of goblins sat infront of one of your more fighty units. Allow this unit to advance infront of your battle line or into the path of enemy cav, When the unit gets charged the front goblins will get brutally destroyed and the enemy will likely advance into the next unit of squishy gobbos, In theory this leaves you open to initiative charge your (weakened?) enemy in your turn.

As for support units for your main battle line...

Giants are definatly worth their points, Allow goblin shamen to order these guys around if they are on your flank because the Giant goes wild chart is very good and entertaining. If your roll a 6 watch your opponent be shocked then cry as a charging giant destroys his army.

Trolls are a solid unit but they are definatly a support unit, dont expect any heroic charges through woods or accross rolling plainsif you ever have a hero with nothing left to order let him try the trolls, They will need to wait untill they are in initiative range if you are hoping for them to charge so keep them sat behind large blacks of infantry that are likely to see combat.

Artillary, I used to really not rate the Rock Lobba but I have changed my mind. Anything that forces your opponent to move towards your unorgonised army is a good thing. Protect it well (Maybe with trolls!) and it will save you alot of bother trying to order your own troops!

I would try and get a wyvern into the list aswell just because terror causing mounts seem expensive but they are very very good if you plan on fighting alot of combat.

I hope this helps and isnt to rambly. Good luck!

14-10-2009, 16:30
thanks , in a 1k battle did you think lobber is a good choice? i've to battle against dwarf at 1k point so i put 1 general +2 orc hero 2 chariot 1 boar boyz 1 or 2 wolf boy and the rest orc and goblin unit , i think i've 12 unit so 6 breakpoint is a good choice?

Cpt. Drill
14-10-2009, 17:25
Against dwarves the rock lobba isnt so good, by itself it will not be able to kill a stand also dwarves play quite defensively so it will get left behind as your army advances towards them.

I would really reccomend the giant against dwarves, it is a great linebreaker O&G can have a hard time against supported blocks of dwarven infantry. You have to make it avoid slayers and flamecannons though.

Also Wolf riders can be really mean against dwarves they are fairly throw away units also even though they may get crippled by a charge you can then make them evade out of there so not to count towards your break point. They are even better if you can throw a Wyvern at the combat.

19-10-2009, 22:05
Against dwarves I would recommend chariots/boarboyz to break the line and Orc supported by goblin brigades to support them. Use a Giant to hit part of that line hard, but rely on a couple of big hammer brigades to destroy dwarf units.

A Wyvern with hero and a sword of might can turn combats, and you can move him to join the most critical combat and give you a large number of additional attacks and terror.

Don't put your general on the wyvern though, that's a schoolboy error.

19-10-2009, 22:36
i like the


arrangement, front Gs to take missile wounds while the back Gs are cheap supporters