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08-10-2009, 22:27
hi guys,

ive been spending some time on the net looking for alternative models for 40k armies, just for something a little different, and possibly, GASP! a little cheaper...

my favorites so far are the pig iorn kolony militia minis for guardsmen. the tanks are a little pricey, but the troops are 2 each, with loads of heads to customise.

any suggestions? if somebody could point me to cheaper wraithguard, you get a cookie!

08-10-2009, 23:48
any suggestions?
Sure, hoping Bregalad won't ninja me before that.
Wargames Factory and their multi-part plastic Zulu War colonial Brits. With sime IG bitz they'll make nice Praetorians, as seen here:

Reaper Miniatures makes lots of nice miniatures, which, while might not serve any 40K army in masses, provide you with a whole host of models to use as more special models, such as regimental advisors, Inquisitorial henchmen, etc.

I've seen some use East Riding Miniatures' Slicks as sancrioned psychers, Necromunda gangers, etc.

Phoenix Club is a fan driven casting group, which has made such sets as Female Cadians, Female Catachans, Rough Riders, etc.

Armorcast and Cool Mini Or Not store, among others, are good places to get a collection of what different companies are pushing out, and give some extra push on your search.

if somebody could point me to cheaper wraithguard, you get a cookie!
Privateer Press Retribution of Scyrah Dawnguard Unit?
A head swap should be enough.

Alternatively, get a box of GW Dryads and paint them bone coloured. Maybe file off their faces and paint the infinity symbol on them.

Or, do as a guy I know did, use Necrons. Necron warrior, head Mk. 6 SM legs (ones without the knee kaps) from the knee down, star cannon muzzle on the flayer with some remodelling and... Can't remember what he used for the head. It was some HQ piece split in two, or just a shuriken catapult piece.

08-10-2009, 23:50
I use old VOID bikes for my IG rough riders (they have GW riders though).
I use old Warzone Capital forces in my SM as scouts (similar bulk without the megacephaly).
I even use Pig Iron tanks in my IG ( as my Leman Russes because I have never liked the French WW2 inspired ugly little metal box they use for it. I want my tank to look like a tank, not some cartoony little metal box whose gun is too big for its turret.).

No suggestions on WG though. I'm also searching for an alternative that doesn't involve RTV. :D

08-10-2009, 23:51
For characters, check out Wyrd Miniatures, they have a lot of really nice ones. The scale is 32mm, so some of them are a bit tall, but the proportions are great, the models are (with a few exceptions, not a fan of Lady Justice) amazing and a joy to paint, and they aren't all that expensive.

09-10-2009, 04:55
To save on expensive Forgeworld models cover your 2-year old nephew in Tin Foil and call it an Emperor Titan...

09-10-2009, 07:50
I am a fan of any conversion. My favorite and most current conversion is necron warriors to immortals, but I have done a force of lego men to be my necron horde when i feel like doing it for the lols, against my new gamer friends.( or at least in our 500 point games.)