View Full Version : New Skaven Army Set - What Might It Include?

14-10-2009, 22:44
Hi all,
Now seems like a pretty good time for me to get started on Skaven. I have always been fond of the dirty rats, but just never got around to getting any of their goodies.

So in relation to starter sets, what may be included in the box do we think?

I know it is only a few weeks until all is revealed, but I am curious as to what people are thinking are sure-fire bets to be in.


14-10-2009, 22:49
Hey, Dark_Templar - questions like this typically go into the current thread (Skaven Rumours) or into General Discussion. News & Rumour Discussion is not the place to post new threads asking questions.

EDIT: And there it is - moved over to General :p

That said, the new Skaven Battalion (I assume that's what you mean by Army Set, since only a few armies have full-fledged "Army Boxes" and Skaven aren't one of them :p) is supposed to include the same contents as the old one, only with updated Clanrats and a slightly increased price (which makes sense, as the old one was a bloody steal).

40 Clan rats
20 Plague Monks
2 Rat Ogres
6 Giant Rats
3 Packmasters

Online stores are marking a lower model count, but that seems to be an error according to people that have seen the promotional posters.

14-10-2009, 22:58
Thanks heaps for that. As soon as I posted it I was concerned I had made a boo-boo.

Yes, I meant Battalion (I haven't purchased one for an army yet, so terminology was kinda out the window), I figure it could be a good way to start an army like Skaven, but will have to wait and see.

Thanks for the help though.