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15-10-2009, 23:18
Pulled out my kid's K'nex and made a true multilevel Mission 12. Played against my 8 year old (who wins about 60% of the time!). The Broodlord had not yet been revealed at the point the photos show, which explains why all 4 of my termies are still alive!


Playing with upper level actually above the lower level really added a twist to the game as Genestealers were able to move either up or down with ease. My Librarian took a fall on a ladder and my assualt cannon fell, used a command point to climb back up, and promptly fell again on the ladder role! I did not tempt fate again that turn by giving him any more command points.


Since this worked out so well, we might do TheSill's 3 level "The Tomb" mission.

Forgot to mention how we did the doors. When a door was opened, we laft the bas in place and just set the door aside. If a door was destroyed, then we removed the base and door.

Also, we stuck a small piece of blue-tack under each ladder tile to keep it in place.

It took a little time to engineer the K'nex to support the upper level and keep any tiles from wobbling, but it was worth it I think. It's a lot easier having the ladder tiles lined up vertically then trying to visualize a vertical plan on 3 levels layed out side by side.

Lorton, VA USA

15-10-2009, 23:21
OK that was inventive to do it that way.

15-10-2009, 23:46
Forgot to mention how we did the doors. When was opened, we left the base and just set the door aside. If a door was destroyed the base and door were removed.

We also put a small piece of blue-tac under each ladder tile to keep them from moving.

15-10-2009, 23:52

Very cool setup.
I didn't think it would be feasible, but that looks like it would work.

You plan to do a 3 level setup?
Is this Space Hulk or Jenga?

16-10-2009, 00:02
grissom206, thanks.

CRasterImage, thanks as well. My kids and I were toying with the idea of something like a 5 or 6 level mission, with an elevator or two as well as ladders. If we do, I'll post pics.

Cpt. Drill
16-10-2009, 01:06


Wow that is the coolest things I have seen today!

We have been thinking about how to do multi levelled missions but our only answer was to use perspex, your idea is much better.

How was it handling the models on the lower level? Was there much reaching around or fiddliness with all the supports? I used to have some K'nex back when I was a lad I wonder if it is my mothers attic?

Anyway Great work!

If you make a more multi leveled piece please post it!

16-10-2009, 01:53
Cpt. Drill, thanks. Handling the figures, doors, blips, and counters was not difficult since I exaggerated the vertical distance a bit between the two levels. Any setup more wider than this though could get difficult, especially if a lot of Genestealers reveal in the center of a lower level.

If I go higher (which my kids keep nagging me to do!) I'll probably make the layout of each level a little smaller and consider some more bracing to reduce sway of the whole setup and the resulting 'toppling' of figures.

Another idea my son had was to have a setup that had 3 or 4 levels and each one had the huge Gantry tile so in effect a large vertical shaft would be in the setup, if that makes sense.

16-10-2009, 02:21
Very nice. :)

Is that the actual Mission 12 layout and how many Space Hulks would you be needing/planning for a 5/6 level game?

16-10-2009, 03:39
very nice, but some of the tokens are warped or warping :(

16-10-2009, 12:53
Starlight, yes that is the actual Mission 12 layout. Have not worked out any missions for a 5/6 level setup, but would probably stick to two squads.

40kbolter, like some other folks I've been reading about yes I'm experiencing some warping of some of my tiles.

16-10-2009, 16:40
I was thinking of how many sets of tiles, not squads. ;)

And no warpage yet. :) *fingers crossed*