View Full Version : Indian Squat?

16-10-2009, 21:27
Hey there,

Looking through some of my 40k bits and pieces I seem to have stumbled across a certain Squat that I can't seem to find pictures of on the internets. It seems to look like an Indian and is lacking a beard.

Any idea what it is, or is it just a generic Squat?

Edit: Heres the picture (bad quality due to iPhone camera being crap): http://img114.imageshack.us/img114/2900/errrk.png

16-10-2009, 21:30
Well i have to say i don't think i've ever seen that one

16-10-2009, 22:10
Looks familiar to me...check solegends.com

EDIT: is it possibly a ratling?


16-10-2009, 22:36
Pretty sure its not a Ratling, seems too fat and arms are positioned in a way that holding a sniper wouldn't work.

Had a look on there and couldn't find anything, hence why I resorted to hoping someone else knows hehe

16-10-2009, 22:41
It's a Squat Guildmaster. No. 2 on this page: