View Full Version : Pre/Mid Heresy Death Guard Thoughts

16-10-2009, 21:50
Hey all I was just sitting painting my crisply uniformed Mordians and as usual my thoughts drifted to darker things, like the new Twilight movie. Shudders.

I jest.

Thanks to all the great Chaos Logs on this forum I feel inspired to do a Death Guard army, but wasn't too keen on doing the run of mill diseased marines, as Id have to buy a load of green stuff and forge world parts to do that, and Im on a college budget :).

With that in mind, I was wondering whether an army based off the pre heresy Death Guard would be possible? Basically what Im envisioning is a huge wave of implacable marines on foot, using normal marine models and the white/green colour scheme but CSM rules and perhaps some little "clues" to their corruption. So no over the top tentacles but perhaps rust, wear, and open wounds.

As we all know the meta right now is mech heavy, but with heavy use of infiltrators, numbers, cover and terminators I was wondering whether it is possible to do a footslogging marine horde? Would the lack of rhinos cripple the army?

Cheers - fluff.

16-10-2009, 23:02

Sure, they'd be great!

17-10-2009, 01:16
Wow those terminators were just the style im looking for! Simple, yet grim, and the scythe is a nice touch.

Are these marines your work, or someone else on war-seer?