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16-10-2009, 22:47
I am at abit of a loose end.
I have a large Tyranid army that has recently been rounded off with FW Nids.
And soon will have afew units from the new Codex.
But I dont want to be stuck with just one force. Every now and then I loose interest in the bugs for a week or 2 but cant seem to find any other force to keep me amused.
I have tried going into some Spec games and WHFB. But Im a sci-fi fan and nothing seems to change that.

There are only 3 forces that I want to stay clear of.
Orks- main opponent has a large army
Daemons- Wife has a large army
Imperial Guard- What play sci-fi games just to use normal humans?

So what do you suggest for these times that seem to creep up on mr out of no-where?

Suggestions? Thoughts? Ever had these problems youself?

16-10-2009, 22:50
Well... Necrons are pretty much the exact reverse of a Nid army if you want to mix up the flavor 180 degrees.

While they have some big weaknesses, they can be effective if your opponent brings the right kind of army.

16-10-2009, 22:54
They do seem very tempting. But ive never had any experience with them. Using or versus.
And the range of models seems abit limiting for the conversion and Apoc points of veiw

16-10-2009, 23:37
Normally, I'd agree with your observations. However, I've recently seen, right here on Warseer, some amazing conversions done with Necrons, and some Apocalypse results with Pylons that are down-right crazy.

Here's an awesome looking inverted Monolith:

Here's a huge apoc battle report with multiple Pylons where the Necrons crushed all:

17-10-2009, 00:06
Sadly Necrons are the one force in 40K I don't collect...they just never *did it* for me...

On the other hand, my Harlequin themed Dark Eldar Wych Cult is a complete divergence. :D Not so competitive in 5th Ed, but different. :)

Tau are another option...several different way to play...

17-10-2009, 14:36
I dont think the necrons are right for me. Abit too much like the Tyranids in the 'Faceless consuming horror' kind of way.
Tau seem abit too Anime/Manga for me.

Any other ideas?

The Laughing God
17-10-2009, 18:20
How about a witch hunters army?

They aren't the cheapest army out there, but they're are pretty rare. Might be a little dated but are still a cool choice.

If not them, have you thought about making your own converted dark eldar force?

17-10-2009, 18:24
How about marines???

they are the most common army but you dont include them in your list of no goes. Maybe a bit of imperial is what your game group is missing. Several decent army lists to choose from also.

17-10-2009, 18:33
I have been tempted by the marines. Blood Angels to be precise. But again there doesnt seem to be much in the way of major conversions or large Apoc things.
Same goes for the DH and WH

The Laughing God
17-10-2009, 18:38
You can always raid forgeworld for marines or chaos marines.;)

How about making your own plague marines for a nurgle army?

17-10-2009, 18:38
If you're up for MEq/TEq, the Space Wolves lists are interesting. Lots of variety, Wolfwing, lots of character...


Orks - eliminated
Tyranids - eliminated
Daemons - eliminated
IG - eliminated
Necrons - eliminated
Tau - eliminated

Still on the table:

Marines - cheap and easy, lots of options
Chaos Marines - same as Marines
Ordos - WH/DH - potentially lots of variety, can be expensive if you're not careful
Eldar - tons of variety, rewards smart gameplay
Dark Eldar - limited *good* options, but highly effective in the right hands

Anything else...?

17-10-2009, 21:41
Im am edging towards SM at the moment. Alot of variety to play with.
CSM are being started by the wife to add onto her Daemons.
Eldar seem abit , well, urm, pansy

17-10-2009, 22:20
Im am edging towards SM at the moment. Alot of variety to play with.
CSM are being started by the wife to add onto her Daemons.
Eldar seem abit , well, urm, pansy

Well, model them so they aren't. Not all Eldar are Craftworld or Kabal, some still actually inhabit a world. You can use this as a modelling opportunity to make them a bit more feral.

To put it another way, Eldar are like fantasy High Elves, Dark Eldar are like fantasy Dark Elves, make your own Eldar army that is more Wood Elves. This adds a lot more flavor to your army and fulfills the modelling opportunities that you are looking for. If you model them right, you could use either codex to fulfill your gaming requirements.

Of course, this can be said of most of the armies that are in 40K as well. At this point, just let your imagination guide your hand.

22-10-2009, 19:15
Closed. New topic started thats more precise