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17-10-2009, 16:08
Reading and commenting on the thread about the greatest opening shot has made me think, which was the best/worst twists in a game you've played?

A game that you may have been comfortable controlling, or indeed losing epically, and then has all of a sudden switched and you've gone on to win/lose

For me, it was a game against Orks in the early days of 4th edition against my Ultramarines. I was comfortably controlling the game (meat grinder) up to the 3rd turn. After a good first few rounds of shooting after I got the first turn, I was at a heavy advantage, and was going in for the kill with close fire and combat.

The change of direction started when my Terminators supported by a squad of Tacticals fell foul to a sickening succession of rolls in combat with a squad of boys, who struck lucky in return, and wiped both squads out in 2 assault phases.

From that point on, my weapons struggled to hit, and those that did generally failed to wound. I had a Predator fall foul of a dangerous terrain roll right behind a section of area terrain, leaving it little short of useless as it couldn't make LoS. I then had a Deff Dread survive everything and literally munch through everything it came into contact with. The same Dread ended the game in an annihilation when it timed it's move around the area terrain perfectly and ripped my immobilised Predator apart up close and personal.

I was absolutely abashed at how the game turned so quickly, but it was honestly one of the best games I've ever had!

17-10-2009, 16:18
In the very last game I played. It was Chaos vs Ultras (I was Chaos). He got first turn and wiped out 500 points of my army in the first turn of shooting before I could do anything at all. By turn 5 I had secured two objectives to his none. By Turn 6 I had secured one objective to his none. By turn 7 he had one objective and contested my one.

The whole game, I soundly had outplayed him, even with such a devastating first turn against me. Had the dice let the game end on turn 5 or 6, I would have won. But since it let the game go to turn 7 and I couldn't kill one stupid marine in HTH. This game is my pinnicle example of why random game length sucks ass.

17-10-2009, 16:24
Last game I played, it was assault on black reach, his big shoota in 1 squad never did anything, and was forced to run away on turn 1. I then promptly sucked at trying to kill his orkz, with only 4 dead with ~12 bolter shots and a missile. was a funny match, buty my termies ended up demolishing his boyz

17-10-2009, 16:35
Worst twist of faith for me? I am using my nidz vs necrons. My friend forgets about my outflanking Broodlord with full retinue and teleports his lord with warriors retinue to his left flank. I get to outflank on the following turn deciding from wich side my Broodlord comes from... so I charge the crons thinking I just won.

No rend, no wound, he kills 1/2 my stealers in return, no retreat takes the rest but 1. Next turn sees my Broodlord and remaining stealer dead.

Total necron casualties: 0

Best twist of faith for me? Same game, at the end of my turn he controls his objective, I have mine. It's the end of turn 5 and we roll for a 6th turn. An elite fext charges a Wraith and kills it, I need a 6 to consolidate close enough to the cron objective to contest it. I roll the die, I get a 6.

After having the worst rolls in the history of ever for the whole game, I finally roll what must be my first 6 in 6 turns.

17-10-2009, 17:12
Used Marbo vs a 4 LR list, one of which was a Land Raider Terminous. He pops up 2nd turn with 0 Infantry models on the board, so I stick him exactly 1" from the back of the LRT waaay in the back and throw his demo charge. Roll a 7" scatter but BS5 keeps the hole on. Glance on 6, immobilised on another 6. The 1 weapon that can see him shoots to no effect, and next turn Marbo finishs the job with his MBs

17-10-2009, 17:29
my orks versus deamonhunters. twas capture and hold and i was comfortably winning. he had a terminator and a brother captain left. i charged 30 boys in and didn't score one wound. if i had killed him i would have won. but because i didnt he held me to a draw

17-10-2009, 17:46
My best twist of fate, and worst twist of fate came at the same time.. Although i think you can put the worst twist of down to stupidity.
Anyway; Three friends and i decide we're going to play a game so we roll off to see who is on who's team, the teams ended up being Chaos space marines and space marines, versus space marines and guard. (we have massive selection of different armies, amirite?) The Chaos and Marine player deploy their army first, much to the delight of the guard player and i, they have run almost all infantry. We laugh to ourselves, as we have run armor heavy, deploying our tanks on the field we get excited about our shooting phase. Heavy looks decend on our friends, dreading the ensuing fire.
So after we deploy we look at all our assorted tanks and laugh happily. And begin to shoot. We fire away getting quite a number of casualties. I look at my infantry, glance back at my team mate before shouting 'we forgot to move!' Laughter erupted throughout my home, and in the following phases, we got turned into mush.
But it was fun.