View Full Version : WarhammerWorld Open day 2010 ?

17-10-2009, 19:38
Hi ;

Anyone know if it will be an other WW open day next year ?
One in february 08, one in february 09 ; I hope that will be one in february 2010 - I have never visited England and the WW Museum :D but will need to take my train tickets ASAP ...

17-10-2009, 19:41
Well it'll most likely be around the same time if it happens but with GW in complete lock down i fail to see what they can show that they don't show us at GD which this year has been ZIP.

18-10-2009, 21:07
Warhammer World itself is worth a journey and if you get a nice event on top, it's pretty nice. You also get to see cool stuff that isn't necessarily rumors or such, just cool stuff. Like 3ups of existing models, loads of nicely painted things, older books and such.

19-10-2009, 21:55
First time i hear anything i'll drop you a PM.