View Full Version : So has the Skaven book made it to UK stores yet?

18-10-2009, 17:39
I'm just wondering becuase every man and his fancy rat seems to have seen it already and theres already a multipage tactics thread as well as the inevituable whine threads. Yet both my local stores (less than ten miles apart) haven't seen hide nor hair of the book yet. Is this just a local problem or has GW finally decided to abandon the UK in favour of America like the rest of the entertainment industry?

19-10-2009, 00:25
Definitely not in my Local Store yet. But the Shop usually has the book a month in advance. So don't know what's goin on this time.

19-10-2009, 00:35
Some selected stores got a photocopied rules section of the book, not the actual book.
Preview books haven't arrived yet, probably next week.