View Full Version : How Many Models are in a Typical 1750pt IG Army?

Sir Phobos
18-10-2009, 20:34
I dont have the IG codex and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the average amount of IG infantry are in a 1750pt army? Im not asking about like the all airborne or modtly tank armies. Im thinking like a Valk, a Hellhound, a Leman Russ and then the rest infantry how many models am I looking at.


18-10-2009, 20:52
You're really not best advised to have just a few armoured vehicles in line of sight, they just provide targets for those lascannons. If you want to go infantry heavy then you should really consider using Artillery instead, so forcing those lascannons to kill guardsmen...

I'd be looking at 150-180 men.

2 command sqauds,
3-4 platoons, one of which outflanks
Veterans for remaing troops slots
Squad of rough riders as counter assult.
3 artillery units in HS slots- 2 griffons, 1 manticore, +???