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Brother Alexos
19-10-2009, 04:01
All Vampires inherit the traits and characteristics of their Undead forefathers. The Blood Dragon Vampires are the greatest warriors of the lords of Undeath, for the first of their family was Abhorash, the Lord of Blood, and the supreme warrior of the nobles of Lahmia. All of these Vampire knights share some of the blighted and tragic destiny of their forefathers.

The story of the Blood Dragons began four millennia ago, far in the South, in the land of Khemri. It was here that the greatest of all Necromancers, Nagash the Black, was born, and here he created the art of Necromancy, the black magical art that can summon and control the dead. His evil deeds brought about the creation of the Vampires.

To avoid death, Nagash labored long and hard, and delved deep into the forbidden arts. He studied black magic and alchemy, and created a formula distilled from human blood that granted eternal life to its user, though at terrible cost.

Long Nagash reigned over Khemri, but finally his evil attracted the wrath of the kings who ruled the neighboring kingdoms. Undead legions marched to defend Nagash. However, after a long and terrible war Nagash was defeated; Khemri was sacked; and the secret of the Elixir of Life was stolen by the nobles of Lahmia.

The nobles of Lahmia took the Elixir back to their city and started experimenting with it. It gave them eternal life but also exacted a terrible toll. The proud nobles became pale-skinned and fanged like predators. They no longer cast a reflection in mirrors or the surface of water. They started to shun the sunlight, and during the night, they hunted for human blood. It alone could slake their horrible, supernatural thirst. The nobles were the first of the true Vampires. They built the great Temple of Blood where their victims were dragged to have their life-giving fluids drunk like wine.

From among the citizens of Lahmia, they selected the best, strongest, most intelligent, and beautiful to join them in their damnation. There was a warrior in the ancient city of Lahmia, greatest among the captains of the king’s guard. Handsome, strong, and virtuous, he was a matchless fighter, and he soon caught the eye of Neferata, the Queen of Lahmia. Thus, Abhorash was summoned before the mistress of the Temple of Blood, and he was given a cup to drink in honor of his queen. When he lifted the cup to his lips, his fate was sealed. Damnation seized him with an iron grip as he drank. His mind filled with visions of death and blood, for he had been given the Elixir of Life. Soon the rays of the sun started to sear his skin, and he no longer felt the need for meat or water. Instead, a terrible thirst for the blood of living men started to plague him. Long Abhorash fought the urge to prey upon his people, but the Necromantic powers invested in the Elixir of Life were too strong, and finally he succumbed. In a single night of rage, Abhorash slew twelve men and women. He drained them of blood to quench his unnatural thirst. Only after he had done the deed did he understand what had happened.

It is said that Abhorash wept tears of blood for the murdered men and from that day on he traveled to the desert to prey upon the scattered nomads instead of his own people. He vowed to learn a discipline to keep his raging thirst under control and practiced the way of the warrior to harness his great strength under his iron will.

Abhorash rose quickly in the ranks of the Vampire nobles until he became the supreme commander of the Lahmian armies. He was given the honorary title of the Lord of Blood and he busied himself in bringing law and order to the kingdom. While Lahmia was, in many ways, a city of nightmares where the ivory-faced aristocrats hunted for blood during night, there was at least order in the kingdom. Laws were upheld, and bandits were kept in check. The officials were so afraid of their immortal overlords that corruption and bribery became virtually unknown in Lahmia.

But the Vampire nobles of Lahmia were above the laws set by Abhorash. Despite his warnings they often hunted for human blood in the lands of other kings. This finally raised the other kingdoms’ suspicions and Abhorash could only watch as the arrogant Vampires roused the rulers of Numas, Zandri, and Rasetra against Lahmia.

Then came the day when the kings of Khemri forged the grand alliance. Their countless armies marched over the Worlds Edge Mountains and thus war came to Lahmia. For many long years, Abhorash led the defense of his homeland and won many battles. But inch by inch, the vast armies of Khemri forced Abhorash back.

Finally, the gates of Lahmia itself were broken, and the ancient tombs, pyramids, and high spires of Lahmia were toppled. Even the great library was burned down. Street by street, building by building, the Khemrian soldiers fought their way toward the Temple of Blood.

Here, Abhorash led the bodyguard of Queen Neferata in a last, hopeless defense of the Temple of Blood, but as fires raged all around him, he was forced to retreat. As the great Temple of Blood collapsed, the keening cry of Abhorash echoed throughout the city. He had failed as a warrior, and his beloved city was no more.

Abhorash was irreversibly changed as he saw his beautiful city razed and his people slaughtered. He vowed to be the enemy of all Mankind for eternity. He turned his back to the lands of the South and fought his way through the blazing streets. While the other Vampire Lords collected as many treasures and riches from the ruins as they could, Abhorash took only his weapons and armor with him to exile. Four of his Vampiric minions followed him as they fought their way through the siege of Lahmia.

Few of the Vampires escaped the pursuit of the vengeful Khemrians. Abhorash did not join the other immortal aristocrats in their exile. He forsook their company and cursed them for the arrogance that had brought the armies of Khemri to the gates of Lahmia. Abhorash despised the other Vampires. To him, their lack of control made them little better than animals.

The Lord of Blood headed north with his disciples, seeking a sign that would give a new purpose to his existence. After many years, he came to a mountain with a pinnacle wreathed in fire. Abhorash was strangely drawn to this lonely mountaintop and, ignoring the advice of his followers, he decided to scale the face.

As Abhorash reached the summit, a blood-red Dragon of immense size emerged from the crater and descended on the Vampire Lord. At the prospect of testing his martial abilities to the full, Abhorash drew his sword. For an entire night, Abhorash and the great Wyrm fought. In the end, the Vampire was victorious. As the Dragon lashed in its death-throes, Abhorash seized its throat with his fangs and drank deep. Intoxicated by the blood of the Dragon, Abhorash cast the broken carcass of the Red Dragon down from the mountaintop and emitted an exultant cry of victory. His search had ended. After drinking the blood of the Dragon, Abhorash no longer craved the vitae of men. He had found an escape from the curse of Vampirism. He had become the ultimate warrior, a man with the strength and powers of a Vampire, who had no need to hunt for blood.

Now he bid his vampiric minions to go forth and hone their martial skills, so when their prowess equaled his own they could also escape the curse of vampirism and became free of the predator inside them. Thus he told his cursed followers, "I will watch you, and when I decide that you are ready, I shall call you." Then he bid his warriors go forth and perfect their martial skills and find others worthy of joining his immortal warriors.

Since those days, Abhorash’s immortal sons have called themselves Blood Dragons in the memory of the great Dragon vanquished by their mighty sire, and they have sought to perfect their martial abilities in order to be worthy enough to rejoin with their master.

To this day, the Vampires of Abhorash’s bloodline believe that somewhere, in a dark and shadowy corner of the world where the face of sun is never seen, Abhorash waits for the return of his immortal sons to his mountain home.

The Blood Dragon Vampires took names and guises that would not raise suspicions and studied the languages men spoke in different corners of the world.

Of the Blood Dragons, many became infamous in the kingdoms of men. Walach of the house of Harkon, the favorite of Abhorash’s minions, traveled north, to the land that men called the Empire. Here, he entered the gates of the Blood Keep and challenged the entire order of templars to battle. One by one, he slew the knights and their men-at-arms. To those he found worthy he gave a portion of his blood and gifted them the curse of immortality.

He reigned over the Undead knights until Blood Keep was razed by the templars and witch hunters of the Empire. Though the knights of Blood Keep are by far the most famous of the Vampire Knights, they are by no means the only sons of Abhorash. In the lands of Tilea, Estalia, Araby, and Bretonnia, there are also legends of Vampire knights. The most infamous of them was the legendary Red Duke, the scourge of Aquitaine. This mighty and fell Vampire Lord rose in the land of Bretonnia, and only after the fierce and bloody Battle of Ceren Fields did the ruler of Aquitaine vanquish the Undead legions of the Red Duke. Though his army was destroyed, the Red Duke escaped and was never caught, and many believe that he still lurks in the mountains or trackless forests of Bretonnia. And who can say where else Blood Dragons can be found? Perhaps in the guise of a proud hermit warrior living high in the mountains, perfecting his martial disciplines. How many matchless assassins hide ivory skin and the fangs of predators behind their masks? How many knights of the secluded templar orders are, in reality, immortal creatures of darkness? Blood Dragons can be found guarding places like bridges and fords, challenging all who pass by to test their mettle and hone their combat skills. Blood Dragons strive for perfection, and they practice different fighting styles unceasingly. But the rage inside them rarely gives them peace. Thus Blood Dragons are brooding and permeated with the tragedy of the fallen greatness of man. Unlike the pernicious Vampire Lords of Sylvania, the Blood Dragons never attempted to gain supremacy over entire nations. Nor do they try to raise huge armies and prefer forces consisting of Wight men-at-arms to act as hideous parodies of the retinues of mortal nobles. The principles and ideals of the Blood Dragons are more concerned with the martial prowess of individuals, rather than attempting to create empires.

When challenged to come to war, the Blood Dragons are terrible in their wrath. Though less powerful than many other lords of Undeath in the art of Necromancy, they can still summon Undead hordes to fight for them in the field of battle, and their prowess in combat is second to none.

After reading this I am thinking of making Independent characters that cam roam the battlefield, how bout you?

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If I wasn't eunning a Star Dragon now I would.