View Full Version : Using the Imperial Bastion for LoTR?

19-10-2009, 18:27
Hi I play mostly WH40K but also some LoTR (not the WoTR variant).

I try to make my terrain pieces fit into both settings, making ruins look like their made out of stone and not concrete for example.

I just recently bought some imperial bastions for planetstrike games and I'm thinking about how to paint them/outfit them to make them believable as LoTR terrain pieces as well.

I sort of gave up on the aegis defence line. Its just too 40K'ish and metal looking. The size is also too big for the LoTR figures.

With the bastions I'm thinking I will remove the imperial 'logos', make all weapons removable, add some plasticard bricks to the walls and paint and drybrush like it was made of dark blackish stone. What do you guys think? Will it look ok? They sort of ressemble moria pillars in shape, don't you think?

Dr Death
20-10-2009, 10:59
Hmmmm, there's potential there. The basic shape could make for a fairly convincing Gondorian watch-tower and with magnets you could make some removable features to really 'sell' the transformation. The parapet could be easily replaced with an alternative made from plasticard or foamboard with the crenelations. So yes, it's certainly possible.

Dr Death

20-10-2009, 14:29
Making an alternative parapet, that is a good idea that I hadn't thought about. I'm going to make a sketch...

20-10-2009, 19:14
thats not that bad idea. But you would have to remember that you want them for both systems so don't make them to far to one side. I had a tower with no stiars etc so i just put some cork board around it, added a door form a old Fantasy set and a few axes atop of the creates and walla. A tower that good for all 3 systems.

Hero adamite
21-10-2009, 01:20
Sounds good to me, i do the same thing with my scenery :P

floyd pinkerton
21-10-2009, 17:58
hmm, this got me thinking about how the bastion is actually quite similar in shape to the towers in the mines of moria set.

on the subject of making it for both systems. how about drilling into the bastion (as in with a GW set, not a big drill :D) and then putting bits of 40k and LotR stuff (aquilas or gondor banners or whatever) on pins which can slide in and out so you can change it between games

Master Toddius
23-10-2009, 17:25
its absolutely possible with magnetized options. thats a great idea actually.