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20-10-2009, 17:07
Is a Nurgle Death Guard CSM army worth running?
I am liking to look of the FW Death Guard Marines, Termies and Dreads.
And Typhus is one of my favorite models.

But how well do they play?
Pros and Cons?

Hope someone can help

20-10-2009, 17:13
welcome brother!

ok mech death guard really is the way to go, theyre hard as nails and can survive a lot of firepower coming their way, the plague marine has t4 (5), FNP, blight grenades and a bolter, pistol and ccw as standard

typhus isnt that great, ive never seen him used at competitive level, that should say somthing about him

dreads arnt that great for reasons previously discussed by evrybody in every chaos thread there has been ever been

get yourself a winged prince (kinnda no brainer but why argue with what works) although ive seen termy lords with daemon weapons do well for themselves (i used to run one until i started using necrosius)

if you want i can give you a couple of lists to see what you make of them?

20-10-2009, 17:15
I play a straight Deathguard army, forge world dread and a squad of forge world plague marines. That being all Plague Marines, or chosen/terms/havocs with icons of Nurgle. I am not a power gamer by any means, but my local circle finds it rather rough to kill them. Most recently I remember an entire loyalist marine turn spent shooting my T5 terminators in the open, literally every gun. And after the smoke cleared there stood 3 of the 7 original terminators. Nurgle is rock hard. Feel no pain is amazing on a plague marine squad in cover. I, like you mentioned, fell in love with the army after I saw the Typhus model.

20-10-2009, 18:44
The fluffy DG list (lord,plauge marines,Dreads) are solid on the field. Lords are subpar to Princes and Dreads are subpar to most anything unless you run them CC.

The power GD list is brutal. Princes, Plauge Marines in Rhinos, Oblits.

Nurgle has some of the better options in the current bland Chaos codex.

20-10-2009, 18:57
Would they be considered cheese? I know it doesnt matter but I get abit annoyed when people say things like that before they even play against them.

20-10-2009, 20:07
pure plague marine armies can be called cheese yeah, theyre not really but that has been leveled at them as they are a very powerful build, especially if you take twin princes with them

20-10-2009, 21:01
They are definitly a good army and very fun to play and model too. The only thing in that list of models you like that could be seen as overpowered would be Plague Marines in rhinos taken en masse. If you start including termies, dreadnoughts and Typhus, you will surely end up with a good army, but it won't deserve any cheeze calls.

20-10-2009, 22:16
Actually sadly the problem is with the current Meta Mech trend, youll be forced to rely on unfluffy rhinoes to not be gimped on the tabletop. As far as I can tell from the fluff it seems DG were both pre heresy and post heresy a very infantry based forced, but playing in such a way is a good way of getting slaughtered by orndance en masse.

A good way of balancing the no brainer options of the new dex and some fluff is to go ahead and take mech troops, but stay away from oblits and DPs, and instead, as others said, spend points on typhus, dreads and termies.

20-10-2009, 22:38
mech death guard arnt exactly unfluffy, see vraks 3 where they made wide use of transports and tanks but yeah they are mainly infantry

that and everybody can see the benifit of using a transport vehicle, even khorne berserkers can appreciate heavy weapons and transports

Col. Tartleton
20-10-2009, 23:00
I feel they use transports for transportation but like to go the distance on foot in combat. I think rhinos (or landraiders) full of infantry with just bolters, Tl bolters heavy bolters, and missile launchers/reapers, is the way to go.

Mortarion was the sort of guy who uses the most rounded tools for every job regardless of the quality, a bit of determination will see it done.

Proper DG should be the opposite of Eldar.

Garanaul the Black
20-10-2009, 23:48
Proper DG should be the opposite of Eldar.

Too true, that said, avoid Eldar (both types) at all costs, they can really bring the pain that you WILL feel. ;)

I usually run a pretty straight forward DG list, except it includes rhinos and preds and, more recently, Oblits, Havocs and Dread variants. A DG force that adheres to the background 100% is severely lacking in long range anti-tank / anti-MC punch.

I look at it as the evolution of the army, the DG build was a great starting point and a more then adequate base, but circumstances have forced change. Hmmmm.....maybe I should be playing Thousand Sons.....


20-10-2009, 23:52
The fluffy DG list (lord,plauge marines,Dreads) are solid on the field. Lords are subpar to Princes and Dreads are subpar to most anything unless you run them CC.

Nurgle Lords, due to their poisoned ability, are by far the best Lord choice, and are quite good. I field one in my Chaos army.

Nurgle has some of the better options in the current bland Chaos codex.

Funny you say that, considering that Plague Marines are now way more fluffy, Blight grenades are now useful, and the Nurgle list has twice as many options as before.

23-10-2009, 10:19
Deathguard player here. Have fun with it, enjoy it, but be cautious with the more recent additions: bikes with Icons, etc. In a future codex they could go away, and that modeling time may be wasted.

23-10-2009, 10:29
I like the models, but the army is kinda dull. I ended up selling all but a few of my Death Guard models simply because I couldn't work up any enthusiasm for the army on the tabletop.

23-10-2009, 10:50
The forgeworld DG models are amazing, i'd definatly recommend buying them, but when you get them its so hard to paint them, im trying to get my DG painting right on normal GW CSM before i go near the GW ones cos they are just that pretty

23-10-2009, 11:06
My 40k experience has been exclusively death guard lately.

Typhus: Yes the models is awesome:D And if you match him to the right target this guy is damn scary.
He is a great character and monsterous creature killer.
However lack of Eternal warrior is a massive weakness and means he is power fist and lascannon bait.
Also the price is abit off putting (almost two demon princes:wtf:).

Plague Marines: "What do you mean my assault specialists lose?"
People often see the plague marines as a static defensive unit, which simply is not true.
Three attacks on the charge and two on defense means that these guys can dish out the hurt.

Plague Marine options: My main piece of advise would be "Whatever you do buy a champion with a powerfist".
Dreadnought? Fisted
Independent Character? Fisted
Monstrous Creature? Fisted
Sexual Inuendo? hell yah!
Plasma and meltaguns are also good (but not that good).

Support: Most people just put obliterators here, a unit I regard as having limited effecitveness (:eek:).
My number one tip would be to get a Defiler, they are just to good to pass up.

To mech or not to mech?: I don't mech, and my footslogging death guard have a pretty good death guard.
That being said Mech seems to be the way for 5th edition so I would reccomend some rhino's?

Why aren't I collecting death guard right now? "Because you're reading my post, away with yee:evilgrin:"

23-10-2009, 12:08
How do you think oblits have limited effectiveness? *shocked*

I don't have any defiler experience, but god I love oblits. Apart from being quite retarded in CC (ok, maybe it was the power weapons that they didn't like that much), their flexibility (read: flamer for up-close and personal, plasma cannon for MEQ, and lascannon for vehicles, unless close-by when TL melta is better) is just awesome.

Cheese is so relative, dont worry...i'm such a bad player that i still manage to lose with 2 DPs and 4 oblits :P