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Quin 242
20-01-2006, 19:23
OOPS supposed to be Declaring Attacks.. :(

Do you need to divide your attacks before rolling or do you dictate each before rolling.

In the first case if you have multiple opponents you can hit him once and if he goes down you can move on to the next wiht your next attack.

in the second case you say One attack against Joe#1 and another against Joe#2. Since they are simultaneous it seems the second would be thew best choice.

ALSO in a similar vein.. if you declare all your attacks against a guy and your first attack takes him to stunned/knocked down.. you still get the rest of your attacks as normal attacks... the prohibition against auto kills is only that you instant kill a down person but since your attacks are simultaneous you should roll them both at the same time and have two chances to wound instead of screwing your self out of you remaining attacks...

20-01-2006, 21:53
That's an easy question to answer. Quote the rulebook, under "which models fight" in the close combat section:

If a warrior is touching more than one enemy, he can choose which to attack. If he has more than 1 Attack, he can devide them in any way the player wishes, so long as he makes this clear before rolling to hit.

Quin 242
20-01-2006, 22:09
Exactly MY point. However the problem is that it's being misread to say before rolling to hit for each roll.

21-01-2006, 00:26
We play it that you nominate all your attacks before rolling to hit- saves any complications when it comes to hitting models you knock down, for instance.

Multiple shooting attacks, on the other hand, are decided before each shot (see the FAQ.)

20-03-2006, 20:28
declare who you are hitting before you roll to make those hits is how we have always pleased. means people have to make a choice, and cannot 'have their cake and eat it' as it were.