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Gabacho Mk.II
21-10-2009, 21:57
After seeing that there are a few threads devoted to campaign rules and such, I thought that I post this thread up for discussion. Mostly though I would like to share what our group is doing and how well/not well it is going.

There are a total of 8 players in our current mini-campaign. The campaign uses the 7th ed WFB rules, with a few tweaks. These changes were made to bring infantry more in line with cavalry, and so far it has generally worked.

Right, this is our group's campaign rules:

> Campaign is set in Albion ["Return to Albion"]
> Armies are 1,999pts a side in each battle
> Battles are fought as scenarios, which are rolled up after terrain is placed
> No special characters are allowed
> We are using Avian's magical winds generation rules
> Unless they are Fast Cavalry, cavalry units can not march
> Units must charge at least their regular move distance or more in order to use lances/spears/charging bonuses (applies to chariots and cavalry)
> Nominated general in each army gets +1Ld

So far in our campaign, no real problems. Since all (except the VC player) of us are happy to be using more infantry (Core units and Special units), the rules have done what they were intended to do; encourage more 'infantry' heavy battles, and thus allow for less character/uber-unit domination.

A few of the 'good' changes:
- a great change in strategy and tactics used in each game
- cavalry is toned down (less reliance on heavy cavalry charges)
- more and more infantry-heavy armies (including my own, all foot High Elves)
- more tactical use and deployment of cavalry (and fast moving, hard hitting units overall)
- the need to create 'reserve' units (a secondary line of units)
- fewer points used on characters and more points used on magical items and general combat units
- magic doesnt dominate as much now*

A few of the 'bad' changes:
- infantry units, in a few games, ended up locked in combat for several rounds until one side broke (a few players found this to be boring)
- there aren't any 'quick battles' since most games go the full 6-round distance
- headhunting against army generals (due to their added Ld)
- magic doesnt dominate as much now*
- the 'loss of WFB feel to the game' (one of our players stated this last time we met)

Armies are the following:
1 High Elf player (me)
2 DoC players
1 WoC player
1 Empire player
1 DE player
1 VC player
1 Dwarf player

[ps: the DoC armies were reworked as well, bringing them more in-line to what their points reflect]

Please discuss if you have the time.

21-10-2009, 22:14
Sounds great to me! The changes actually make sense. While not being able to march for cavalry is really harsh, having to charge at least their move distances for lances to work makes alot of sense.

Not being able to rely on magic as much sounds great, not having cavalry hordes of doom is great, seeing all infantry armies with combat characters (and no lords)...

Let's just say that I'd gladly join such a campaign. But I would bring my dwarfs. ;)

21-10-2009, 22:27
If I can get enough people interested, I would so do this with my Lizzies at my LGS(since Lizzies rarely use cavalry anyway, except for Terradons/Stegadons) after the current campaign(which I am not in =().

So what do you mean by each battle is a scenario?

21-10-2009, 22:45
And these rules reduce gunlines and massed warmachines how?

it seems it would be real nice to be dwarfs in your campian.

Gabacho Mk.II
21-10-2009, 23:04
And these rules reduce gunlines and massed warmachines how?

it seems it would be real nice to be dwarfs in your campian.

Well, dont forget that all of the armies only have access to 3 Specials and 1 Rare.

This is not to say that players cant include heavy cavalry and the like. It is just that the emphasis has shifted with these rules, and all of us are happy to game in this manner. (except the VC player, he wants his cake and everything on top too!) :D

The single Dwarf player [who is new to WFB, and a college student... put those two together:p] normally fields two warmachines. Although I guess he can go warmachine crazy. lol

Gabacho Mk.II
21-10-2009, 23:08
So what do you mean by each battle is a scenario?

In the last 3 campaigns that I have gamed in, we came up with originally 20 different scenarios, and then narrowed these down to 11 total. [after playtesting them a few times]

None of them are OTP, but they certainly arent broken. [scenarios such as Ambush, Contact, Flanks, etc]

After the setup of terrain (we roll for a single random piece of terrain, place it in the center of the field, then randomly move it 3D6, followed by each player generating 2 pieces of terrain and alternating the placements), we roll for the scenario. The Attacker rolls 2D6, the Defender rolls 1D6. The dice are then summed up and we consult to see which scenario we are to play.

I should post the scenarios.