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22-10-2009, 22:27
hey guys,

Sorry if this seems like an odd question.

I'm rather new to WoTR and do not have the rulebook yet.

I was wondering, is it possible to "get by" using Army Builder and the Quick reference sheets found online?

I ask because I may not have the opportunity to get a rulebook for a little while but wanted to see if it's possible to get some games in.

thanks for any insight on the matter


Nu Fenix
23-10-2009, 00:39
I haven't seen the Army Builder files, and so can't comment on their accuracy, but between them and the quick reference sheets on GW's website, you may be able to wing it.

It really comes down to any special rules not being explained in AB for anything specific, and as such feeling left out.

The best I can say is try it, and see how you go. Just get the book at some point, so GW see how much people want to play it :)

23-10-2009, 01:43
The reference sheets are enough to get by in the short term, but after understanding the basic rules you'll want to start using special rules and heroes. Normal captains. I like reserving epic heroes for larger games.

I haven't seen any army builder yet, so I can't comment.

23-10-2009, 03:18
What do you want to play? Evil or Good? Who do you want to play as?

Just ask here for what to make in an army. How many points to do you think you will play? Say a 750 points, to start with. Just tell the community here, what you want

Good or Evil?
Shooty, Close combat, mixture play style?
What faction you like the best? Elves? Gondor? Isengard? Rohan? Mordor etc etc.
Do you like Monstours creatures?
What is your money limit you can spend?
Do you want plastics or metals?

Answer these and I bet you, you will get people to tell you get so many of these units or those units, and give the model names to get and use.

Good luck.

Nu Fenix
23-10-2009, 20:32
Plus theres been many army lists which should help you plan things out.

25-10-2009, 18:06
Having seen the Army Builder files, I would say that you MIGHT be able to play a game without the book. The big issue, as mentioned previously, is that you will not know any of the uncommon abilities that make many heroes so good. In addition, the spell descriptions are considerably watered down, which could lead to some problems. Also, there are a few errors in the Army Builder files yet. For example, Black Numenoreans and Morgul Knights are not listed as having Terror.

I would say give it a try, though expect that these games will be riddled with errors and may not actually reflect the game. Also, as I am sure you have seen, there are a number of clarifications that are needed to make WOTR function properly, so be patient and work with your group to come to agreeable compromises. My group actually has composed its own FAQ which we keep posted on the wall to ensure that we play the game consistently. Hopefully GW will get around to actually posting a FAQ, but given that it seems they are only interested in producing miniatures to obtain cash and not actually support any of their games, we probably won't still see this FAQ for a while.

28-10-2009, 23:29
Most of the epic and special rules for characters are covered on the print out of the rosters, so you should be able to get by.

01-11-2009, 01:52
thanks for the suggestions guys.

My brother and I went ahead and tried out a game using the Quick start rules and the sample army lists found here.


..and the sample scenario found here.


We played throught the scenario using the Gondor and Mordor armies and had some questions come up that I hope you guys can help with.

1. If you have 3 infantry companies together in one formation (set up with the long side of the movement trays touching), how many attacks does this formation get? 8, 16 or 24?

2. During the game, a 3 company formation of Knights flanked charged that very infantry formation. The attack hit with the long side of the lead knight company touching the flank of two of the companies in the infantry formation..... How many attacks does the knight formation get? and, how many return attacks would that infantry company get in return?
(we weren't understanding at all how to deal with return attacks from formations that were flanked charged)

3. Concerning the Mordor Troll.... the way we understood the rules....a formation had to get at least two successful attacks against the Troll in order to force one roll on the "Hard to kill" table? Also, we could not find anywhere in the Trolls profile how many wounds it has..which of the stats in the profile is the Trolls wounds?

4. Whats the deal with the split numbers on the "To Hit Chart"? (example: 6/4)

5. Lastly, what are the effect on a unit that is "disordered"?

These were a few questions that we had initially. We'd like to try this scenario out a few more times with a bit more clarity before we decide to commit to the game more.

Again, thanks for any help you guys can offer.


01-11-2009, 13:17
1) If the long sides of the movement trays are touching, then the company touching the enemy gets 8 attacks. The other ones not in base contact with the enemy give 1 supporting dice each, for a total of 8+1+1= 10. Different fight values may increase the number of dice. Charging also give +1 dice per company in contact with the enemy.

2) How many knight companies are actually in bast contact with the enemy? If one, then they have their base attack (which is 2) plus charging bonus for cavalry vs infantry (+6) for a total of 8 attacks per company touching the enemy, plus 1 dice for each supporting companies not in base contact with the enemy.
Companies with an enemy in the flank loses 3 attacks. That means a full strength company of infantry with 8 attacks will have 5 attacks if they have an enemy in their flank. If a company has an enemy in their rear, then their attacks are reduced by 5. They still get a minimum of 1 dice.

3) R. Resilience. That's the number of 'hits' required to kill one model in that company. If it has the Hard to Kill! rule, then roll on the table instead.

4) Split number means you have to roll the first number, then get those dice and roll for the second number. So for example 6/4 means first roll the dice and pick up any 6's you get. Then roll those dice and get the 4's. Those are the ones that hit.

5) A disordered formation only ever has one attack per company, and cannot do any actions other than rally at the beginning of the turn, or fall back in the movement phrase.

Hope this helps to get you a few more games in. However, the quicker you get the rulebook, the better!