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General Squeek Squeek
23-10-2009, 11:55
So I have been slowly luring some of my friends into playing warhammer. They already play chess alot so I thought I'd make a chess board from scratch using fantasy models. I know this idea has probably been done to death, but I think it'd be a fun way to lure them in. I was looking for advice for what I could use as troops on the board, and how to go about making to board itself. I kinda wanted to go BOC vs Humans. so far I have:

pawns-Bret peasants millitia guys
knights- bret knights
rooks- peg knights
bishop- empire priests
king- king Leone...maybe (looks awesome, but......doesn't feel just rights)
queen-bret damsel

pawns- gors
knights- centagors
rooks- minautars
bishop- spawn (kinda the BOC priests since they got all those good chaos blessings)
kings - Shaggoth (same as humans, it looks good but feels a bit off)
queen- ????? (no clue what would make a good looking BOC queen)

The board itself will be completely done with dirt, and have patches of square grass to represent the squares (plus other debris to a much smaller degree).

Any advice from the more experience gamers would be great.

23-10-2009, 12:20
I would suggest you to have the human bishops as grail knights or grail reliques instead, fits better with the brettonian theme as it is now it would be brettonians with empire priests.

As you have damsel as queen for brettonia you could have a bray shaman for beasts as that would have queens as spellcasters.

I would suggest BSBs as kings, they stand out and fits as leaders without feeling too powerful to be represented by the king.

23-10-2009, 22:00
I suggest trying morra gambit if you play Humans and are facing the sicilian.

For beasts the fork trick can be a nice surprise if facing the four knights.

I have no ideas about the models though

24-10-2009, 13:32
Well, since it is chess i'd try keep everything on the same base size to avoid confusion. Just something to think about...

24-10-2009, 15:53
hmmm. probally a good idea to get them into warhammer would be using the warhammer models..... to play warhammer?