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Earth Shaker
23-10-2009, 12:10
Ok, So im collecting an Imperial guard army.
Only started a couple months ago, Just wanting got know if the following layout is a good set-up for an all round imperial army.

2 command squads(edit)
100 guardsman
4 mortar teams(edit)
4 autocannon teams(edit)
4 lascannon teams(edit)
4 sentinals
2 chimeras(edit)
2 malcador heavy tanks
1 minotor
1 basalisk
converted landraider :p

Any othe tips and advice on how to make a good 2000-3500 point army would be very apreciated, just one thing though, i do NOT like leman russ tanks. they make me sick.

23-10-2009, 12:38
Well, although some mortars ain't bad (I usually run with 5-8 teams at 1500-2000p), it wouldn't hurt to put lascannons, missile launchers or perhaps autocannons in your infantry squad. I reserve the mortars for my command squads and in heavy weapon teams.

You don't have to take russes, having artillery instead could/should work fine, but some chimeras won't hurt although I consider it a bit... boring if you go above 6 vehicles (unless it's scout sentinels, they don't count for that). The game tends to be rather one sided and not too much fun with too many vehicles, but some transports wouldn't hurt though for mobility and survivability to some units. After all, at the end of the day you will need to be able to hold objectives. (Observe though that if you want raw effectiveness you should get many chimeras, they are stupidily cheap and good).

So in short:
Add some lascannons for AT ability.
A couple of comissars perhps if you plan combining squads into 20-30 men or such.
1-2 more chimeras woulnd't hurt in term of mobility, survivability and firepower.
Get a grip around your own tactic and find a way to play that suits you and your army =)

Earth Shaker
23-10-2009, 12:47
:) Thankyou for your advice and i will take it onboard.

23-10-2009, 13:02
You stuff your heavy weapons teams inside and when they fire. They can see over all your men. You can pile your men so thick in front it gives the chimera 4+ obscurity save. On top of when it dies, you lose at most 1 wound from each gunner keeping all three guns, and then still be able to fire them next turn.

I might suggest a few valkyries for pie plates in order of Missile Pods. They can move 12" and fire both (not ordnance). Great for objectives, great for aggressive command squads with 4 special weapons.

Special weapons are great as flamers, if you don't combine squads. When a unit runs you get flamers from multiple units to burn whatever took out a squad in melee. Very reliable.

Combine squads lets you abuse a power weapon per sergeant and 45 ablative bodies. Great for a commisar to lead all of them as well.

Earth Shaker
23-10-2009, 13:23
Wow, great advice :D
thanks for your help. ;)

24-10-2009, 16:45
if youve got that many men then more chimeras isnt actually that good a choice. base your army around as many men as possible or as many tanks as possible. seeing as you have 100 men in the list then you stick with more men. put as many heavy weapons as you can into the infantry squads and any left over you put in a chimera as protection ( what 'corpse' said )