View Full Version : Can non-archer regiments throw weapons based on thier fight value stats?

Master Toddius
23-10-2009, 17:37
Over the last few days I've been reading through the Elves section of the rule book to help out a friend and make his list more viable. We've been tweeking his ideas around to really come up with a nasty 2000pt elf list. I was trying to figure out why the elves were so expensive. They have terror and master pathfinders, high fight values and courage... then I noticed that even the basic galladrim regiments have a 3+ shoot value. You can't upgrade them to have bows and it doesn't state specifically that they have throwing weapons. But why else would there be a shooting value in thier stats?

I looked in the book and no where does it state specifically that they must have the word "throwing weapons" in thier weapon description. So I have to assume that any regiment that has a shoot value can throw hand weapons in the shooting phase. Which would make sense to me anyways because elves are really expensive. Then I noticed that almost ALL the cc regiments throughout the book (except for my moria goblins) have a shooting value regardless if there is a upgrade for bows. Which has led me to conclusion that we're missing a whole different dynamic to the game. If you can make a shooting attack before a charge/fight then this game is much more deadly then I initially realized. And it also makes me want to take gundabad black shields as well.

Am I just stating the obvious here? Does everyone else know this to be true or am I wrong altogether?

23-10-2009, 19:06
The Shooting attack is there for completeness. It's the same reason that, for example, in Warhammer Fantasy, my Slann has a BS without any ability of making a Shooting attack, and many other examples besides.

Elves are fantastic in WotR when played right - especially with the number of Courage modifiers that various casters can put down, it can mean Elven regiments getting an additional 6 attacks in close combat due to Terror. Master Pathfinders....few other core units in the entire game can entirely ignore cover for movement.

I realise WotR is not the neatest of systems in terms of rule clarifications, but this ones fairly clear to me.

23-10-2009, 21:44
Page 58 - Throwing Weapons:

"A company armed with throwing weapons may make a shooting attack with..."

Emphasis mine.

23-10-2009, 23:53
Does everyone else know this to be true or am I wrong altogether?

The second one.