View Full Version : Maelstrom Games present 'Game, over man!' a Space Hulk event

26-10-2009, 14:42
It's been a little while coming but we have finally sorted out the rules pack for the 'Game Over, Man!' Space Hulk tournament here at the Eye of the Storm, and - quite fortuitously - we've managed to get hold of fifteen copies of the boxed game too, so if you haven't managed to get hold of a copy you can grab one now!

We've been beavering away like little beavers on the rules packs for our events over the past few weeks and the 'Game Over, Man!' Rules Pack is the first fruit of our labours. If you have actually bought a ticket for this event, probably the first Space Hulk tournament ever, you'll be sent a lovely A5 printed copy with an actual ticket to clutch in your grubby mitts over the next couple of weeks, but for now you can download an A4 72dpi version - i.e., low image quality version to ensure we don't tax your bandwidth too much - using this link:

Game Over, Man! I 2009 Rules Pack (http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/downloads/mae_evt_tkt_sph_001_000_rules_pack.pdf)

What this means is that you can have a look at the rules pack before you buy a ticket to see if you fancy having a go, but as there's only three weeks to go - the event is being held on the 14th and 15th of November - you'd better get your skates on! We do apologise for the lateness of getting the rules pack ready, but we'd rather do something to the best of our ability than rush it.

If you've been put off attending simply because you haven't got hold of a copy of the Space Hulk boxed game, we've managed to source fifteen copies so now's the best time to buy a ticket!

Our Events website (events.maelstromgames.co.uk) and forums (forum.maelstromgames.co.uk) are currently under construction, and again we're taking the view that these have to be as good as we can make them, so please bear with us. We're hoping that we can have them operational for our first event, but they will be ready when they're ready!

Next up will be the Savage Skies and Sturm über Afrika rules packs, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Tickets available here http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php?act=new&ref=165