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16-05-2005, 21:40
With the release of the Wood Elves so close now, I think it is the perfect time to start their number one rivals. It will be fun to challenge all of the players getting new army syndrome with a cool built in rivalry. But, I know very little about this army of beasts. Any horned vets here willing to impart their wisdom? If I can get this army up before the Wood Elves hit shelves, that would be perfect. Thanks.


17-05-2005, 01:15
The 'Beasts' section of the Chaos Army consists of 3 different units plus characters. The units are Beast Herds, Bestigor Herds and Tuskgor Chariots:

Beastherds are pretty hard skirmishers who get a rank bonus (max 2) and have up to 3 attacks per base in contact (Gor with 2 hand weapons and an Ungor with a spear). Against a 20mm based unit (elves, humans) with 4 frontage this means 16 attacks at WS4! These units are not only quite hard, they're also dead cheap and often small units are used as screen. The only drawback is low Ld.

Bestigor Herds are ranked up elite infantry of which one can have a Chaos Mark and one a magical banner. They're only 12 points each so they can actually make very good use of the Mark of Nurgle. Throw in WS4, T4, S6 and you have a pretty hard unit.

Tuskgor Chariots are your average chariot with T4/4+ save, 2 S5 pulling creatures, a S6 crewmember and a S4 crewmember. Pretty good deal for 85 points, especially seeing as they're Core and reroll failed Psychology tests.

Most of the characters are similar to humans, but they can have Marks and Shamen have Braystaffs (5+ save or +2S). The Doombull is a Minotaur Lord and makes Minotaurs Core. He is pretty hard (kind of like a non-flying Daemon Prince). The Shaggoth can be taken as either a Rare or a Lord and a Rare choice, the latter meaning he can be the General too (Ld9!). He is basically a non-flying dragon with weapon options. With the Mark of Slaanesh and a Great Weapon he has 5 WS6 S7 attacks that Strike First. Also, a hit from a Great Cannon only has a chance of 1 in 6 of taking him out with one shot.

Beast Herds, characters and Warhounds (cheap fast screens with WS4) can all ambush, which is similar to the ability of Dwarf Miners except there's a risk of having them end up far away from combat.

These guys can be combined with all other Chaos troops. Mortals, Daemons, US3 guys (Ogres, Minotaurs), Centigors, Spawn, etc. You have an immense amount of troops you can use, and almost all are WS4 and have some benefit to their morale. If you find your troops lack holding power, toss in some Plaguebearers or Chaos Warriors. If you need more ranks and numbers, take Marauders. Cavalry is at hand in many forms, as are dead hard Dragon Ogres, Minotaurs and the like.

If anything, a BoC army will likely be unpredictable and fun, either crushing the opponent or fleeing like cowards. You can go for a more solid army with Mortals, a slightly unpredictable army with Daemons or an insane army with drunken Centigors, Bloodgreedy Minotaurs, ambushing Beast Herds, a Frenzied Bestigor Herd, Instable Daemons, a Chaos Giant that makes random attacks and a Spawn with random movement. :D

18-05-2005, 04:37
Thanks alot for the very complete rundown of the BoC. They seem to be an army of variety and suprise and I think I will definately see if I can paint them up to a decent standard.