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19-03-2005, 21:24
...when portent was :( ?
i was pumped full of marines at B&C and forgot about Dakka dakka.

Crazy Harborc
19-03-2005, 21:31
I belong to a couple of other forums sites, I kept busy there. I will continue to post on those sights too. I got more painting done, spent time "shopping" on the net.

My wife loved it. She plays several on line games. I get/got off-line earlier aand she gets on twice aday. She watchs a couple of afternoon "soaps" while on-line.

Sigh.......retirement is rough.....honest :D

20-03-2005, 00:48
I was on liferast and the Underempire
Anyway, I wouldn't have come often as I'm doing my big end-of-high-school project (for monday :eek: )

Rabid Bunny 666
20-03-2005, 00:51

just lurking, found my account on b'n'c after forgetting it for a year, cool or what?

20-03-2005, 03:29
I had nowhere to go online! This is my home, my home was missing. I found myself lurking around the IMDB forums and reading through back pages of SomethingAwful... that, and I wandered back to a few old Yahoo! groups, but nothing that was quite like Portent.
Oh, and work, but yeah, that doesn't count.

20-03-2005, 03:34
I ended up painting a 1500 point marine army to tabletop standards, and posted a lot of the BL Forum, bought a unit of Elysians

20-03-2005, 03:37
I spent a lot of time painting, reading, and posting at www.reapermini.com/forum

20-03-2005, 03:38
Work, work and more work.
I turning everyone crazy on the Black Library forums

20-03-2005, 03:38
I was the only sane one in a sea of madness (but have been the fact i'm an untouchable and weild my Power Maul well)

20-03-2005, 03:40
Be that was it may...you still joined in with the madness so that makes you just as bad as the rest of us!

20-03-2005, 03:48
but i made sane and coherent points to your mad ones (fancy running around with a Force Skillet, I ask you)

20-03-2005, 05:47
I've lost it without Portent. Been playing Kindgom of Loathing mostly.

20-03-2005, 06:26
It's sad, but I didn't really realize just how much time I spent on this place until it was gone... I was constantly surfing the old board and chiming up uselessly on occasion... this place really is a home on the internet.

20-03-2005, 06:40
Originally Posted by LO Roxxors
I found the whole process of Portent collapsing to be quite an adventure, myself. After the initial shock of my forum just not being any more for me, I wandered away in dismay and grief, but soon found that some other forums were as good if not better.

Ok, I was the Thread-starter at Black Library Forums (http://www.blacklibrary.com/forum/default.asp) informing everyone "Portent.net is down". It was 1 1/2 days after the 'Void' had truly begun. It dissapeared onto the 2nd & 3rd page for a couple days. Then it rebounded..

Xhalax, Lord Balor, Inquisitor Engel, Great Harlequin, & plenty more die-hard BL members and Portenters as well. They all posted there, with updates etc. just like the LifeRaft at MSN.

There's also http://portent.proboards31.com/index.cgi which is a proboard portent clone from Fugazi.. It's all great, not to mention everyone else's boards I came upon after the Fall as well:

Dysartes, 40konline, GW forums, and so many more...

Anyhow.. I think it's has been informative to say the least. (I never would have found the url for the 40k Fluff Bible otherwise. 6+ MB worth).


20-03-2005, 09:11
I spend most of my time at Dysartes and bba.no.

Us norwegians still have to have our non english thread at dysartes tho, as it seems we wont be getting one here for some time ;)

20-03-2005, 09:41
Wasted time a B&C....
Mainly just floated the intranerd randomly while chatting in the Portent IRC chan.

20-03-2005, 13:11
I think all I did was go on some small forums that my friends ran, that and surf through notproud.com

20-03-2005, 13:27
Looking for other forums to fill the empty space that Portent left. Registered to BnC, Dysartes but it wasn't the same. So it's good to be back.

Hey where is the wtf smiley???

20-03-2005, 13:53
I was also looking for a new forum, registered at Librarium Online where I met lots of "Portent refugees" and at 40konline. Lurked at Dysartes. It was a hard time.