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22-01-2006, 16:02

Would you recommend the Grenade Launcher in Necromunda?

I like the idea of firing grenades everywhere, but am a bit concerned about the ammo roll.

Its for my Leader, who currently has a Bolt pistol and Sword. I would like her to have something with a greater range.

Also, my friend has the books, I cant remember what the launcher and frag grenades cost. I think it is 22 times the cost of a Sword?

Jo Bennett
22-01-2006, 16:37
You can find the costs in the living rulebook online. Personally I don't think a grenade launcher is particularly worthwhile, partly the ammo roll, partly the low power of frag grenades. If you want a special weapon for your leader I'd go with a plasma gun.

22-01-2006, 17:24
We are using the original Necromunda rules, so the online rules arent necessarily of help.

Jo Bennett
22-01-2006, 17:34
Ah, sorry. I've just had a look online and to the best of my recollection the prices are the same.

23-01-2006, 10:17
They are the same. The problem with Grenade launchers is that you have to buy a supply off each type of ammo. Frag isn't underpowered, by any means, though, it's blast and -1 save mod can spell trouble for grouped enemy models, like those two Juves that stand just in front of the Heavy.

Ammo rolls are an occupational Hazard, you can limit the effect they have by equipping your leader with a basic weapon (a nice shotgun is favourite) in addition and only using the Grenade Launcher when it's needed (the GL is a Move and fire weapon, so having a weapon that you can shoot on the move is a bonus).
The different types of Grenades available on the Rare Trade Chart also make the GL an interesting choice.

Mad Makz
23-01-2006, 22:17
I had a lot of luck back in the day with a grenade launcher on a specialist. He worked in Tandem with a Heavy with Heavy Bolter.

Of course, he had both Frag and Choke grenades due to getting some choke on a good rare trade roll, and the Choke was particularly good (down groups of gangers with the choke, finish them off with the Heavy Bolter).

25-01-2006, 20:21
Frag grenades have went upto gas cloud/ordinace template now:evilgrin:
I don't like 2 handed weapons on leaders much, autopistol and chainsword normally(to begin with).
A heavy/Specialist with Weaponsmith makes a safe grenade man

Jo Bennett
01-02-2006, 15:42
Sorry Glennie, but please read the forum rules, you can't post things like that, it breaches GW IP.

The Machine GoD
02-02-2006, 05:03
You realize all the necromunda costs are avaiable online free? I believe posting online free information isnt a copyright issue.

Jo Bennett
02-02-2006, 12:00
It's still copyrighted, whether it's available online or not.

02-02-2006, 13:09
I suggest you stick a frag grenade in it, aim at an area the grenade could happily scatter away from and watch your heavy miss.
The grenade will most likely scatter onto someone and you won't have to make an ammo roll (which is auto fail).

05-02-2006, 18:39
I suggest you stick a frag grenade in it, aim at an area the grenade could happily scatter away from and watch your heavy miss.
The grenade will most likely scatter onto someone and you won't have to make an ammo roll (which is auto fail).

The heavy gets no exp for that tho...

05-02-2006, 18:42
Personally, I never use grenade launchers. I just think its such a waste of creds.

Especialyl since a Plasma Gun is around half the cost of a Gren launcher, and more effective in my opinion.

Only bad thing is that unless your Van Saar you have to waste 1 games worth of rolls on the Rare Item table. Usually best to save this for when a lot of gangers went down in the game so you're not wasting their bonus' to the rolls.

12-02-2006, 11:57
Well, after a few games, I have found the grenade launcher to be really quite good.

Plasma grenades are really good for creating problems for the enemy. Especially when the plasma ball drifts.

Ammo rolls not much of a problem since the girl shooting it has the weaponsmith skill.

12-02-2006, 12:11
Only bad thing is that unless your Van Saar you have to waste 1 games worth of rolls on the Rare Item table. Usually best to save this for when a lot of gangers went down in the game so you're not wasting their bonus' to the rolls.

The new rules (released in the latest rules review) changes this, now you only have to give up ONE ROLL on the rare chart insted of them all.

12-02-2006, 16:34
I believe that Jo Bennett is right, even though they're available free you should link people to the rulebook rather than quote from it. GW are crap like that.

Personally I think the grenade launcher is a great option, way better than a plasma gun or flamer.

18-10-2006, 02:07
A freind of mine had great luck with his Launcher. Just make sure he has a reliable backup weapon.

18-10-2006, 07:03
As far as starting out, I'm of the opinion that the GL is a bad option. I tend to be a minimalist as far as equipment goes, as I find it best to have lots of gangers early on(gives more fudge-up room). A plasma rifle is cheaper, more reliable, though less versatile. However, a kitted up specialist/heavy in a long campaign can be a sick-sonuva... when he gets some high ground and LoS.

bob syko
19-10-2006, 14:37
I don't like the grenade launcher myself. My brother had a gang with a leader equiped with a grenade launcher and it was nearly always empty, when it wasn't then he wouldn't hit with it. I would go with a plasma gun myself.

19-10-2006, 15:14
I agree that a grenade launcher is both too unreliable and too expensive for a starting gang, but later on in the campaign it's usually worth investing one if you have a heavy/specialist ganger around with weaponsmith. Just make sure that when you get grenades from rare trade, invest in them. A few of the more random grenades in the game can create big problems for your opponent caus he probably doesn't experience them that often, and they can be pretty random.

Lord Humongous
20-10-2006, 03:40
The grenade launcher isn't all that great for starting gangs. The -1 at long range makes it very hard to use for bs3 users, so it tends to be a leader weapon, and your leader is handicapped if he sticks around trying to make move or fire shots at bs4.
It's got its advantages (special weapon with blast, rare grenade types) but to really make it work, you need bs of 5+ and some ammo-roll helping skills.
Then again, its pretty cheap for what you get; the plasma gun has inferior range, and the heavy stubber runs out of ammo just as fast if you use sustained fire. The blast effect is pretty good, and under the new rules (large blast for frag grenades) its probably worth the cost.
When you get BS 6 and can start popping off krak grenades at enemy gangers, its plain brutal...

Andres von Rienholt
20-10-2006, 08:56
I am not a fan of any heavy or special weapon myself. I find that taking another ganger or two with lasguns is more effective. All though in the correct instances a flamme can be handy...

Lord Humongous
21-10-2006, 06:03
Flamer is quite good, but heavies are also nice. The stubber rocks for area denial, and heavy bolter is wonderful for taking out multi-wound targets. Heavy weapons can really come into thier own in scenarios where you have to wreck pieces of terrain (water still, tunnel entrance) or where you have a small team that has to acomplish a mission (like killing somebody) as quickly as possible. They also rock when you bring in reserves for defense; bring the heavy weapon on at a board edge, and he is probably can snipe from outside anybodies range.
But I do agree, they are far from necessary, and can be a drawback. The biggest drawback is that they cost at least as much as two gangers. Gangers can earn income; heavy weapons can't.

21-10-2006, 15:42
I find it that it comes down to the amount of terrain you use... Some groups play in densely terrained hive areas, others less so. We use a moderate amount of terrain so heavy weapons are worth considering. I think we don't need to look at weapon costs themselves and bitch about certain ones being too expensive, we need to adjust the terrain amount so they can become cost effective. It's a delicate balance and i wish GW came out with some guidelines for terrain amount, type, placement and so forth. I mean we pretty much sorted it out, heck, i might even write an article about it, but when people say that heavy weapons are useless cause they can't really draw an LOS, i think it's pretty obvious that too much terrain upsets the game balance.

Just my .002 creds. And i believe we are slightly OT.


Jo Bennett
21-10-2006, 15:52
To my mind the benefit of heavy weapons isn't the range, it's either power or the rate of fire. I tend to play with a lot of terrain, and no matter how much terrain you have, if one side wants to shoot at the other, then the other side gets to shoot back. Even if you don't get a shot out of your heavy stubber, having one lurking at the top of a tall building on overwatch gives you significant control over where your opponent moves.