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So here is a list of Old White Dwarf issues that contain information on Space Hulk.....hope it helps...

White Dwarf 113 - May 1989
Space Hulk: 1st Ed. Preview

White Dwarf 114 - June 1989
Pitfall: Mission w/ New Rooms & Counters

White Dwarf 115 - July 1989
Command Units
Marine Captains
Marine Librarians
Weapons Systems
Assualt Cannon
Chain Fist
Force Axe
Power Swords
Grenade Launchers
Delaying Action: Mission

White Dwarf 117 - September 1989
Close Assault: Terminator Rules
Close Combat Weapons
Army List

White Dwarf 120 - December 1989
Rules for Assault, Tactical and Devastator Squads
Marine Armour Rules
Weapons and Grenades
Army List
Mission: Denzark's Hammer

White Dwarf 121 - January 1990
Traitor Terminators: Part 1 - Chaos Terminators (Part 2 in White Dwarf 122)
Mission: Contract Revoked

White Dwarf 122 - February 1990
Traitor Terminators: Part 2 - Chaos Terminators (Part 1 in White Dwarf 121)
Force List
Mission Generator Scenarios and Campaign
New Weapons

White Dwarf 133 - January 1991
Genestealer Invasion: Campaign Missions, Part 1 (Part 2 in White Dwarf 135)
Hammer and Anvil

White Dwarf 135 - March 1991
Genestealer Invasion: Campaign Missions, Part 2 (Part 1 in White Dwarf 133)
Playing the Campaign
Search and Destroy
Hold and Secure
Final Conflict

White Dwarf 137 - May 1991 (U.S. Edition)
The Last Stand: Space Hulk Campaign - Uses Rules from Space Hulk, Deathwing and Genestealer
Large Board or Separate Missions
The Generator
The Chapel
The Last Stand

White Dwarf 138 - June 1991 (U.S. Edition)
Necromunda: Campaign
Campaign Rules
First Blood
No Way Out
Killing Ground
Divide & Conquer
New Board Sections & Counters

White Dwarf 142 - October 1991 (U.S. Edition)
Questions and Answers (Including Genestealer)
Force Battles
Aegis Suit
Lightning Arc
Miasma and Teleport
Drawing Psychic Cards
Command Points
Crates and Rubble
Other Questions

White Dwarf 144 - December 1991 (U.S. Edition)
Questions and Answers
Firing on Friendly Troops
Move and Fire
Overwatch and Pitfalls
Off-Board Blip Conversion
Psychic Cards
Miasma and Blast
Movement and Psychic Effects
Ambush Counters

White Dwarf 147
Wolf Lair: Campaign - Uses Rules from Space Hulk, Deathwing and Genestealer

Play as single, large board or a as separate Missions, Psychic Genestealer Hybrids optional

Under Attack
To The Rescue
To The Death!
New Board Sections (Also used in Strike Deep campaign in White Dwarf 149)
New Counters

White Dwarf 149 - May 1992 (U.S. Edition)
Strike Deep: Campaign - Uses Rules from Space Hulk, Deathwing and Genestealer

( Requires board pieces from Wolf Lair in White Dwarf 147)

Series or Stand Alone Missions with or without Psychic Genestealer Hybrids

Entry Point
A Need for Power
Deep Down
The Race
Pull Back
Air Generator
New Board Sections
New Counters
Plasma Grenades with Proximity Fuses
Nerve Gas Canisters

White Dwarf 152 - August 1992 (U.S. Edition)
The Space Hulk Computer Game: Preview

White Dwarf 158 - February 1993
Return to Kalidus: Campaign for The Wolf Guard, Space Wolf Terminators

Mission 1: A Quest for Power
Mission 2: Honour Bound
Mission 3: Terminus

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