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02-11-2009, 12:36
I am just learning to play fantacy and could do with alot of help with this army and suggestions on the best way to use Tomb Kings.

For this army i am focusing on shooting and magic so any tips on how to improve on this would be great.

Well heres what i got:

High Queen Khalida A Neferher

Liche Priest
Liche Priest

Core Units:
20 x Skeleton Bow Warriors
Blessing of the Asp
20 x Skeleton Bow Warriors
Blessing of the Asp
20 x Skeleton Bow Warriors
Blessing of the Asp
20 x Skeleton Bow Warriors
Blessing of the Asp

Special Units:
Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpion

Rare Units:
Screaming Skull Catapult
Screaming Skull Catapult


That leaves me with 100pts to give my liche Priests 50pts worth of wargear each and then 15pts to put somewhere else.
So the idea im having is i stay at the back and let everything come to me while i shoot it to death. The Tomb Scorpions are for tieing up units and cannon hunting an the like.
So how do you guys think this list would fair and how can i make it better?

02-11-2009, 15:55
Tomb Kings are not the best army to start playing Fantasy with but a good way to do well in fantasy is to play a less competitive army. My first army was Dark Elves (before that got the new rule book) and they were often not that great but I got really goos with them and now i can play fantasy rather well.

Unfortunatly your list needs lots of work. Although I dont play Tomb Kings myself I know of 1 or 2 really good players and have thought about playing them myself.


I would drop the special character and go for a normal Tomb King its less points.

You will also find you need at least 3 Liche Priests as magic is vital for Tomb Kings. Also try investing in a Casket of Souls.


More often than not you can rely on shooting alone to win your games and large expensive shooting units are not great rather take 2-3 10 man units to do your shooting and then use your magic to make them shoot twice.

Maybe add a large unit of normal Skeletons with shields to act as a defensive unit.


Tomb Scorpions are great but they wont be able to take down large units. To do this you will need a large ui of Tomb Guard and/or Ubshati. My advice only take 2 Tomb Scorpions and then take a unit of Tomb Guard and Ubshati. The Tomb Guard take the charges and the Ubshati deal the death.


2 Screaming Skull Catipults are good but if you take 1 you can always make it shoot twice anyway. Rather just take 1 Catipult and 1 Casket of Souls. More often than not people will dispel the Casket and allow you to double shoot your catipult.

02-11-2009, 15:59
I've never tried an all shooting khalida list before, it looks kinda fun!

Tomb scorpions will deffinetely die against ranked units, although depends on what strength of the attacks ull be receiving. Chaos knights you will have problems with, but a group of human or elf spearmen you could last a couple turns if you roll well and they don't wound you.. Your scorps can deffinetely annihalate skirmishers and missle troops and warmachines though..

The only thing is that once your opponent reaches you, he'll be pretty much fighting skeleton bowmen and chances are he'll win. This is especially true if you're facing anything that can reach you fast, or with a decent armour save like knights, or even worse bretonnian knights with a ward save as well..They'll get to you fast and your poison will help very little. You can use ur skellies as anvil units by reforming them into blocks before u get charged, and you could add any kind of hammer or hard hitting unit to get into enemy flanks which could help you survive once your opponent reeaches you..

For your priests; I like to give my heiro the cloak of dunes and hieratic jar, pretty basic setup. Keeps him alive, and allows him to get where he needs to cast magic.
Staff of ravening can be fun, but I think you may need magic defense a little more, so maybe a dispel scroll or two for the other liche..I don't have my book on me so I can't give any better suggestions atm..I'm sure someone else will reply with some good ones though.

Good luck!