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03-11-2009, 12:33
I got the following armies. The plan is to make them two equally powered armies. It is also the plan to make 2000 point armies, but first I will settle with 1000, and try how the game functions. I have not played yet. And I知 planning on painting the miniatures first. Currently I have painted 3 goblin stands.

I have 150 points left in each army, and I知 planning on expanding them with one unit each before they hit the table. What should I buy to keep or make the armies balanced?

For O&G I am looking at Trolls, giant and Black orcs.

For Empire I am looking at theSteamtank and handgunners

Current armies:


2X heroes
2 x Halberdiers
2x crossbowmen
1x knights
1x pistoliers
1x cannons

Orcs and goblins
2X heroes
Orc shaman
2X Goblin heroes
Goblin shaman
2 x Orcs
2x Goblins
1x Boars
1x Wolfriders
1x Wolf chariots.

Cpt. Drill
05-11-2009, 19:34
At the moment the O&G are pretty character heavy for 1000pts I would ditch the goblin heroes and get more troops... The orcs dont want to get outnumbered. I would suggest more orcs and goblins and maybe more wolf riders. Definatly get the giant in the future but I might not concider trolls yet, they are hard work to use in the O&G army.

The Empire might want at least one more unit of knights although I would suggest more if possible. The Stank is nice but it is a dangerous weapon to use, I have heard rumours about it not getting destroyed if it loses combat which will make it better but it can be very hit or miss.

I would suggest a terror causing mount for either or both of the armies when they get expanded. Both Griffon and wyvern are awesome and terror causing mounts allow alot of extra options.

06-11-2009, 18:17
Currently it is mostly a hobby project. This means I don't want to duplicate troops just yet.

I think I'll go for the hand gunners and Black orcs. The O&G and Empire will have the same number of troops, and I'll see how it turns out.

The mosters is a must, but I find room for them when I move on to 2000.

09-11-2009, 20:49
If it's about having fun painting then the Steam Tank is pretty fun to paint. In the game I'm yet to find much of a use of it though and I don't think I'm alone in that. Tactically I'd advise knights but if they're not an option I'd go for flagellants which are great figures to paint and also pretty handy in the game.

13-11-2009, 10:02
yep, as levinas says I would go for flagellants too. Also hellblaster is good to defend positions, specially if you are going to face orc which have no flyers in his list.

Goblins works well when you have a great number of them.

Have fun painting and enjoy the battles!

20-11-2009, 10:03
I have decided to go for knights for the Empire. I have to go double on some units anyway when I reach 2000. I also like the idea of including a unit of knights of the blazing son. As this will be my first army, it is no disadvantages that some of the units are the same.

For the O&G I値l go for the Black orcs, a unit of goblins to support them and one more unit of wolfriders. I like the idea of many units of wolfriders. The O&G will also be made up with pretty straight forward units, that will be simple to use in the first games. The two goblin heroes will be dropped.

Thanks for the advice. I guess GW will be happy with your advice aswell. ;)

18-12-2009, 11:33
I am afraid that you can get Knights of the Blazing Sun blisters only on ebay now.
But you can always paint the regular Imperial Knights as KotBS ;)

As to your Orcs a Rock Lobba and Black Orcs would be best choices IMO.