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03-11-2009, 11:57
Please read this post before replying!

Here we are! The third month of the tale. Now is when people start running out of jokers - it's time to sort the men from the boys. ;)

Since I'm a bit late putting this thread up, I'll extend the deadline to the 10th for this month.

NOTE: For those of you who missed my post last month, I'm currently suffering from RSI and so I can't type much. For this reason I won't be able to answer as many questions as I'd like to, nor will I be able to post many comments/feedback on everyone else's work. Hopefully I'll be back up to speed soon. Even if I'm not posting individual comments on what you're doing I'd just like to say how much I enjoy reading through your posts and, especially, looking at the pictures.

Many thanks once more to Sigur for taking care of my spreadsheet!

For those of you who dont know what the Tale of Painters is, look here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=212681). If you want to join in, then let me know! For the moment, please post in the previous working thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=223131); from the 8th of November that thread will close, so reply to this one instead.


So, you're already signed up to the Tale of 40K Painters, and it's time to show off your minis for this month. Well, you're most of the way there, because this is the thread to do it! All I ask is that you post up pictures of what you have done this month, along with a total points cost, in the next SEVEN DAYS. There are some guidelines on what to include below, and you can use my post as a template if you like. If you don't post by the 7th of November you'll count as having played a "joker".

However: Please don't post anything else in this thread until the 8th of November! Feedback, questions and so on should be posted in the current working thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=223131) until the 8th, when all submissions are due in and this thread morphs into a new working thread.

For your official monthly post, please try to follow the following guidelines:

You should include a description of each unit you have painted, including the number and type of models, and any upgrades or equipment they carry, followed by the total points cost of the unit. Please, DO NOT post the points costs of individual upgrades or models, as GW dont like it and so neither, by extension, do the moderators. If you have painted more than one unit, give the total points cost of your monthly painting endeavours.

Next, please post photos of each unit you have painted, and of the army as a whole. Photos should be cropped or resized to around 1000 by 1000 pixels to avoid scrollbars and ensure the thread doesnt take too long to load.
A note on pictures: Try not to overdo the photos. The Tale is about showing off your work, but try to do it concisely - if everyone posts 13 different angles of every model they paint, that means the whole thread becomes massive. Try to keep your monthly update to one post (6 pictures) and post links to any additional photos you wish to show - or better still, include a link to your painting log here if you have one, so that anyone viewing the thread who takes an interest can take a look and give you some feedback if they want to.

The rest of your post is up to you. You can say anything you like here, about what you enjoyed or found hard, what you were especially pleased with, etc., etc... Feel free to use this post (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1870139&postcount=11) as a template for your update.

If you have to play a joker, please post saying so, and include a suitably amusing image. If you do not post within the next seven days, then you will automatically count as having jokered November.


Now, I don't know how many of you are keeping track of our "sister thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=212672)" (The Fantasy half of the Tale) but Doi came up with a great idea for giving feedback, which I think will be very useful at the start of the tale. (I think it was Doi. If I'm wrong then I'm very sorry.)

You see, with 100+ armies in the tale it's going to take a long time to go through and comment on every single painter's work. The solution is simple: when you post describing your month's work, roll a dice. Say what you rolled, and then try to comment on everyone who rolled the same as you.

Of course there's nothing to stop you commenting on everything (or nothing, if you don't have the time) but this is a good idea and worth a try, I think. It'll be interesting to see who rolls a six every month, too. ;)

Thanks for reading all that. I look forward to seeing your work - good luck!

Sam (McMullet)


Harry has also posted a couple of good FAQs in the Fantasy tale thread, which are equally applicable here. I will shamelessly steal and repost them here (references to "200 points a month" simply mean a tenth of your army, so if you paint 1500 points altogether that means 150 a month):

Q : Can I paint more than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes (we are not here to tell you how and when to paint your stuff, it is great to get ahead) BUT we would like you only to post 200 points (approx) each month and try to stay roughly on track with 200 points a month (200 points in month 1, 400 points by month 2, 600 points by month 3, etc.) so as not to depress the hell out of those of us who are struggling to keep up.

Q : Can I paint less than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes. But we try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example oif you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character?
A : This happens a lot. If your character was over 400 points you would simply paint him over two months (the sort of time your general deserves!) So You start posting him one month and post nothing the first month (unless you want to post WIP) then the second month you post the finished model and all the points get added on.

Q : Is there any way to "buy back" a Joker later on in the tale?
A : Yes, just post an update with double points later on, and you'll get back your first joker.


We have:
137 Armies
( 118 40K, 14 Epic, 4 BFG, 1 FOW)
244600 points signed up so far.
21162 points completed as of 31st October!

93 Paint 1 army
19 Paint 2 armies
2 Paint 3 armies
114 Painters in total

By Faction:
1 Adeptus Mechanicus
13 Chaos Space Marines
2 Chaos
7 Daemons
12 Eldar
1 Eldar Exodites
18 Imperial Guard
2 Imperium
6 Inquisition
1 Lost and the Damned
3 Necrons
17 Orks
36 Space Marines
1 Squats
2 Tau Empire
10 Tyranids
1 US Rangers

-=Lazuli=- : 40K Imperial Guard - Death Korps of Krieg (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
-=Lazuli=- : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Adeptus Mechanicus : 40K Orks - Bad Moons (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Adeptus Mechanicus : BFG Orks - (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
arobe : 40K Orks - (2500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 177 Jokers used: 1
Azarkhel : 40K Inquisition - Witch Hunters (1500) This month: 225 Total: 383 Jokers used: 0
b3e : 40K Space Marines - Salamanders (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 1
Badgobbla : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Badgobbla : 40K Eldar - (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 255 Jokers used: 1
basilbrush : Epic Space Marines - (3000) This month: 300 Total: 600 Jokers used: 0
Bellarus666 : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (2000) This month: 170 Total: 440 Jokers used: 0
bert n ernie : 40K Space Marines - Mostly Orange (1250) This month: 100 Total: 190 Jokers used: 0
biginbelgium : 40K Imperial Guard - Renegades (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
BigJon : 40K Imperium - (4000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
blazed99 : 40K Necrons - (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 180 Jokers used: 1
Boymilla : 40K Eldar - (1500) This month: 160 Total: 220 Jokers used: 0
Captain Prophet : 40K Imperial Guard - (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Captain Prophet : 40K Space Marines - (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Captain Prophet : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Case : 40K Imperial Guard - (1500) This month: 130 Total: 230 Jokers used: 0
chaoslordmassurgi : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Chicken_Funk : 40K Space Marines - (2000) This month: 200 Total: 395 Jokers used: 0
commander of the marines : 40K Imperial Guard - (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 265 Jokers used: 1
daemonkin : 40K Space Marines - Mantis Warriors (2000) This month: 245 Total: 495 Jokers used: 0
daemonkin : Epic Space Marines Mantis Warriors (3000) This month: JOKER Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
DarkstarSabre : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Death Guard (2500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
darthham : 40K Orks - (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Death Korp : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Dino : 40K Space Marines - Space Wolves (1000) This month: 315 Total: 490 Jokers used: 0
Discord : 40K Daemons - Tzeentch (1500) This month: 187 Total: 357 Jokers used: 0
Discord : Epic Adeptus Titanicus - Titans (4000) This month: 300 Total: 600 Jokers used: 0
dodo129 : Epic Eldar - (3000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
duckface : 40K Space Marines - Pre-Heresy World Eaters (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Dumnorix : 40K Orks - Evil Sunz (2000) This month: 233 Total: 440 Jokers used: 0
Earthbeard : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Elefteria : BFG Eldar - (1800) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Evenus : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Thousand Sons (2000) This month: 150 Total: 400 Jokers used: 0
Explodingboy : 40K Imperial Guard - (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 200 Jokers used: 1
eyeolas : 40K Necrons - (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 116 Jokers used: 1
Fitzbaron : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 80 Jokers used: 1
Fredmans : Epic Inquisition - Ordo Malleus (4000) This month: 425 Total: 425 Jokers used: 1
Fredmans : Epic Lost and the Damned - (3500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Geep : 40K Tyranids - (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 1
give_me_a_d : 40K Eldar - (1000) This month: JOKER Total: 54 Jokers used: 1
give_me_a_d : 40K Daemons - (1000) This month: 0 Total: 250 Jokers used: 0
GlynG : Epic Eldar Exodites - (3000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
gonzosbignose : 40K Inquisition - (1500) This month: ? Total: 0 Jokers used: 0
greyseer : 40K Space Marines - (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Grimtuff : 40K Daemons - Slaanesh (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Haarken : Epic Orks - Blood Axes (3000) This month: 280 Total: 630 Jokers used: 0
Haarken : Epic Space Marines - Maledictors (3000) This month: 350 Total: 700 Jokers used: 0
Haarken : Epic Imperial Guard - Cordilan 63rd (3000) This month: 250 Total: 1100 Jokers used: 0
Hakkapelli : 40K Imperial Guard - Thulean 93rd Grenadier Div. (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Harry : 40K Tyranids - (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Hxjgare : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
hwd : 40K Space Marines - (1500) This month: 210 Total: 355 Jokers used: 0
hwd : 40K Orks - (1500) This month: 180 Total: 360 Jokers used: 0
infelix : Epic Chaos - (3000) This month: 515 Total: 1030 Jokers used: 0
Irondog : 40K Space Marines - Crimson Fists (2000) This month: 195 Total: 390 Jokers used: 0
Iziuth : 40K Space Marines - Space Wolves (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Iziuth : 40K Eldar - (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
JeffreyJ : 40K Space Marines - Crimson Fists (1750) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Jim Reaper : BFG Adeptus Mechanicus - (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 255 Jokers used: 1
Jonahmaul : 40K Space Marines - Brazen Claws (2000) This month: 170 Total: 170 Jokers used: 1
jpobrich : 40K Orks - (1000) This month: 54 Total: 60 Jokers used: 0
jpobrich : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels (1500) This month: 106 Total: 106 Jokers used: 1
Karegak : Epic Orks - (3000) This month: JOKER Total: 350 Jokers used: 1
Kavyaan : 40K DA Successors - (2000) This month: 385 Total: 385 Jokers used: 1
killerbot : 40K Space Marines - (1750) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
kiwichild : 40K Tyranids - Genestealer cult (WH/IG rules) (1000) This month: 160 Total: 340 Jokers used: 0
kongisking : 40K Space Marines - Astral Claws (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Korras : 40K Imperial Guard - (2400) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Korras : 40K Space Marines - Space Wolves (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
LegendFX : FoW US Rangers - (1500) This month: 135 Total: 300 Jokers used: 0
Leonathion : 40K Eldar - Saim-Hann (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
lonepilgrim : 40K Orks - (1500) This month: JOKER Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
LongFan : 40K Orks - (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Lucky : 40K Imperial Guard - (2000) This month: JOKER Total: 195 Jokers used: 1
Master of Muppets : 40K Inquisition - Witch Hunters (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Master of Muppets : 40K Space Marines - Black Templars (1500) This month: 265 Total: 480 Jokers used: 0
Math Mathonwy : 40K Daemons - (1000) This month: 120 Total: 225 Jokers used: 0
McMullet : Epic Space Marines - Iron Jackals (homebrew chapter) (4000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
McMullet : BFG Chaos - Nurgle (2250) This month: 230 Total: 460 Jokers used: 0
Melchiah : 40K Eldar - (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Mephiston : Epic Tyranids - (3000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Meraklis : 40K Eldar - (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
MindTheGap : 40K Space Marines - Imperial Fists (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Miniature Michael : 40K Space Marines - White Scars (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Miniature Michael : 40K Eldar - (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
MistaGav : 40K Space Marines - Deathwing and Ravenwing (2200) This month: NO SHOW Total: 175 Jokers used: 1
misterboff : 40K Orks - Deathskulls (2000) This month: 182 Total: 357 Jokers used: 0
Mr Feral : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
nkicik : 40K Tyranids - (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 152 Jokers used: 1
Norsehawk : 40K Imperial Guard - (1500) This month: JOKER Total: 135 Jokers used: 1
Norsehawk : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels (1500) This month: JOKER Total: 255 Jokers used: 1
Nuage : 40K Imperial Guard - (Renegades) (1500) This month: 115 Total: 295 Jokers used: 0
olean : 40K Tyranids - Genestealer cult (WH/IG rules) (1500) This month: 320 Total: 320 Jokers used: 1
Orange1095 : 40K Tyranids - (1500) This month: 210 Total: 402 Jokers used: 0
Pasquil : 40K Eldar - (1500) This month: 114 Total: 114 Jokers used: 1
polymphus : 40K Tau Empire - (1250) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Rabid Monkey : 40K Reaver Titan - (2000) This month: ? Total: 0 Jokers used: 0
razcalking : 40K Space Wolves - (2000) This month: 145 Total: 145 Jokers used: 1
razormasticator : 40K Tyranids - (2000) This month: 218 Total: 218 Jokers used: 1
razormasticator : 40K Imperial Guard - (1000) This month: 60 Total: 60 Jokers used: 1
RCgothic : 40K Imperium - Space Marines, IG, Navy and AdMech (5250) This month: JOKER Total: 530 Jokers used: 1
ReaperofSouls : 40K Tyranids - (1000) This month: JOKER Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
red/winter : 40K Space Marines - Grey Knights & Space Marines (1000) This month: 260 Total: 313 Jokers used: 0
red/winter : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1000) This month: ??? Total: 145 Jokers used: 0
rickie8437 : 40K Space Marines - Salamanders (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Schmacker : 40K Imperial Guard - (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Sharke : 40K Orks - (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Sheena Easton : 40K Orks - (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
sigur : 40K Imperial Guard - with Witch Hunter allies (1000) This month: 80 Total: 240 Jokers used: 0
silverstu : 40K Tyranids - (1000) This month: JOKER Total: 96 Jokers used: 1
Son_of_Ithaka : 40K Space Marines - Iron Snakes (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Spar666rawk : 40K Imperial Guard - Astral Claws (1500) This month: 0 Total: 142 Jokers used: 1
ssorck : 40K Space Marines - (2500) This month: JOKER Total: 130 Jokers used: 1
SuavelyDunn : 40K Orks - (1500) This month: 140 Total: 277 Jokers used: 0
susu.exp : 40K Necrons - (1500) This month: JOKER Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
sydbridges : 40K Space Marines - Soul Drinkers (3000) This month: ? Total: 0 Jokers used: 0
Thalenchar : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Dragon Warriors (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
The Wretched : 40K Imperial Guard - (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 155 Jokers used: 1
Thyrkill : 40K Space Marines - Hawk Lords (2000) This month: JOKER Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
trib75 : 40K Space Marines - Novamarines (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 1
Vinsanity : 40K Space Marines - Black Templars (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Vinsanity : 40K Inquisition - Witch Hunters (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Vyperchild : 40K Daemons - (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Walls : 40K Imperial Guard - Catachans (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
warflag : 40K Orks - with CSM (allied army) (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 180 Jokers used: 1
Warlord Nazgred : 40K Orks - Bad Moons (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
WickedClown : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (2000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
wiggles : 40K Tau Empire - (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
wizzard : 40K Eldar - (1700) This month: 249 Total: 297 Jokers used: 0
Xarius : 40K Squats - (1000) This month: NO SHOW Total: 0 Jokers used: 2
Zis : 40K Daemons - (1500) This month: 250 Total: 385 Jokers used: 0
Zujara : 40K Inquisition - Witch Hunters (1500) This month: NO SHOW Total: 201 Jokers used: 1
Zujara : 40K Daemons - (1500) This month: 130 Total: 310 Jokers used: 0

03-11-2009, 12:18
Nuage Renegade Guard

Dice Roll: 5

I must start by apologizing about my lack of comments on the previous thread - I was kinda busy, and spent very little time on my computer this month. I'll try to amend myself in this topic !

This month I painted the rest of my first infantry platoon: two guard squad, each featuring an heavy weapon team with autocannon, a grenade launcher, a sarge, and seven lascannon guards.

I stayed in my "zombi guard" theme for those guys.
Converting was easy, from WHFB Zombis part & Cadians... Those two kits really fit together with precious little green stuff work.

I did not want to spend too much time painting (well, as each guy is worth only a couple of points, taking two hours to do each one is not a good solution in my book). They were done with white primer, base color, and heavy washes - those GW washes, especially Devlan Mud & Thraka Green, allow to do some really nice things quickly.
The whole squad was done in 9 or 10 hours total - and I feel that they meet my (low) table top standard.

Point Cost: 130

Total painted point cost: 405pts
I'm a bit behind in point, as I tend to paint by squads, but I've got a few serious player coming soon that will compensate for that :)




And an army picture (including a second Leman Russ that Ive already done, but with certainly redo in a near future)



03-11-2009, 15:03
This month I have three flamers and the changeling. Yes, I painted those flamers last month for fantasy, pretend you didn't see it. :p



That's 127 points, for a grand total of 484!


As a bonus, the "changeling" is bright enough that I might actually remember him during a game. Well, until I mix him in with the pink horrors I'll paint in two or three months. And the movement trays, uh, I'm not lazy or anything while taking pics, why? Ummm, I'll be over there now. *runs*

On the Epic side, we have a reaver titan, clocking in at 650 points. Up to 1250 now. The carapace weapon is detachable for future purposes.



Dice roll: three.

03-11-2009, 17:46
This month I added two character models to the squads I
painted up last month so I'm flushing out my 501st Armageddon
Ork Hunters.

Dice Rolled: 3
Total Points with the two squads flushed out is 345

First up is: Veteran Sergeant Rico. Armed with power weapon
and shotgun.


I used the Colonel Iron Hands model. Fun to paint. In keeping
with my idea of down playing any metal I used a gunblue metal
on his cyber-side. Also I kept his skin camo to nothing to let
him stand out.

Second is: Gunnery Sergeant Baracus. He using the Gunnery Sergeant
Harker model and rules.


This guy screamed B.A. Baracus from the A-Team as if he painted himself.
so yeah, I did go on an A-Team kick.

Still to do. These two units were at one time intended to be Storm Troopers
but have been switched to Veteran Squads. I will be filling out there
numbers with a Heavy Flamer troopers, a Demo carrying troopers and
troopers to fill them out to 10 each.



03-11-2009, 19:21
I decided to add yet another retinue this month.

ARMY : Epic Chaos

UNIT: Retinue, Nurgle, Rhinos, 1 Obliterators and 1 Dreadnought.

BASING: Regular sand from parents garden and old Woodland Scenics snow.

HIGHS AND LOWS: First try at dipping Epic minis and they turned out better then I expected, I'm really happy with this batch. I think I'm going to give it a try with some non-nurgle miniatures as well.

POINTS : 440pts.

TOTAL POINTS : 1470pts


Army-shot will come later, the camera need to be charged.

03-11-2009, 20:03
Olean's classic genestealer chaos cult - October's painting

die roll: 2

Excellent month, painting-wise. For some reason I managed to race through what I thought would be quite a workload in no time at all, finding myself actually waiting for the first of the month to come around!

TOTAL PAINTING FOR OCTOBER: 158 pts (Traitors from the Witch Hunters adversaries list)


BACKGROUND/THEME: As I am going for a classic genestealer chaos cult based on the army list and showcase in UK WD 116, I am using almost all classic models from the late 80's. These two squads are Brood brothers, traitor guardsmen, and each are six in number because that is the sacred number of Slaanesh.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Twelve classic plastic gaurdsmen from the brilliant boxed set. Two carry lascannons, and two were given flamers from the RTB01 marines - the tiny hands even matched. I'm going to need a few more of these flamers, so please PM me if you would like to do a trade!

PAINTING:I always opt for quick solutions, and this thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=186532) by Latro_ showed how good a guardsman could look using only the new washes for painting. In fact, seeing that thread tipped me over regarding doing this cult at all. Thanks Latro_!
The models were spray primed with Skull White. The fatigues were then painted with Leviathan Purple wash, the anklets with Charadon Granite, the skin with a mix of Tallarn Flesh and white and the lasguns with Mithril Silver - the helmet and armour was left white. Then the whole model was washed with Devlan Mud, which really is great for this kind of work. Done!

BASING: I used my standard basing: glue on mixed sand, then I paint over this with a mix of PVA glue, water and black paint. When thorougly dry I then drybrush this with white. The rims are painted with Calthan Brown.

STILL TO DO: Not much really.

Highs: Seeing the Brood brothers looking so good for so little effort. I'm really happy I decided to go for this years Tale now!
Lows: Going crazy on the interweb buying lots of more figures that I won't ever have the time to paint... Or, wait, that's another High!

The two squads

One squad close-up

The army so far

03-11-2009, 22:26
misterboff's Deathskull Orks: Orktober 2009 (die roll = 4)

10 Stormboyz
5 Burnaboyz



'...the Boneheadz family of Death Skulls once overran and plundered an Imperial penal colony, and wore fragments of convict clothing printed with black arrows for generations afterwards.' - Waaargh The Orks!

The Stormboyz and Burnaboyz were straight from the sprue.

Ork Skin: Knarloc/Thraka/Camo
Face: Enchanted/Asurmen/Ice
Teef: Dheneb/Ogryn/Bone
Eyes: Mechrite
Pants: Chaos/Badab/Adeptus Battlegrey
Top: Astronomican/Badab
Straps: Adeptus/Badab
Metal: Boltgun/Badab/Mithril

The first colour is the basecoat, the second is a wash and the third is a drybrush.

Piece of squig-cake. Simply painted Vomit Brown then covered with Citadel Sand straight from the Tub.

Find something (some small washers perhaps?) to weight down the Stormboyz bases, because they keep falling over!

Highs: Finishing all of my 'Boyz' for the forseeable future (bar next month's Runtherds).
Lows: My motivation dropped a bit for painting 10 more Stormboyz, but I'm sure it'll be worth it on the battlefield.

This month I'm going to attempt a mob of 20 Grotz (w/2 Runtherds), and a Looted Wagon w/Boomgun.


[Stormboyz, Burnaboyz, Mobs, Army]

04-11-2009, 01:57
Sorry, I'll be jokering this month, did more modelling than painting. Hopefully I can buy it back next month.


(Joker Pic)

04-11-2009, 02:39
Irondog's Crimson Fists

Total Painting for October '09: 210 points
Total Army Size: 600 points
Die Roll: 4

This month I painted up a Rhino APC for one of my Tactical Squads and Chapter Master Pedro Cantor (using the original Rogue Trader spelling of his name).

The Rhino APC is stock straight from the kit. I love the Pedro Cantor model, but I'm not fan of his back banner, so I used a spare plastic one I had lying around. You can check out the full project log here (http://www.irondogstudios.com/images/crimsonfists/mek_crimsonfists.html).

For Pedro, I used pretty much the same technique I used to paint my Tactical Marines. Black primer. Regal Blue for the armor, Boltgun Metal for the metallic areas. Areas of bone, leather or parchment (skull icons, ammo pouches, and purity seals, etc.) got a base of Bestial Brown. Red areas were painted with (big surprise) Blood Red.

After the base colors, I used Badab Black wash in the recesses.

As for highlighting: Ultramarine Blue for the armor, Mithril Silver for the metallics, Snakebite Leather and Bubonic Brown for the leather areas, Bubonic Brown and Bleached Bone for the skulls and purity seals.

The green laurels in various places around the model are basecoat Dark Angels Green, followed by Goblin Green, with a final highlight of 50/50 Goblin Green/Bleached Bone mix.

The Rhino was primed black. The majority of the model was painted Regal Blue with Badab Black washed into the recesses and then edge highlighted with Ultramarines Blue. The paint chipping was done with Boltgun Metal and I tried not to go overboard. Instead I tried to concentrate on areas that would recieve a lot of wear, like the edges of doors and so forth. The 'grunginess' along the bottom edges of the vehicle are a combination of Bestial Brown washes, drybrushed Bestial Brown, and a light drybrush of Bleached Bone.

The Chapter Symbols on the door and side panels are waterslide transfers that have been painted over and highlighted. The one on the top hatch is freehand. I used a 25mm base to trace the circle, then I painted the Chapter Symbol inside the circle.

Gravel and pebbles glued down with PVA, then drybrushed with Bestial Brown, Bubonic Brown, and Bleached Bone

Still to Do:

Highs and Lows:
Highs: Painting Pedro was very gratifying (175 points in one model, oh yeah!), but I think doing the scratches and weathering on the Rhino had to be my favorite this month.

Lows: Deciding what to paint next. So many choices..





04-11-2009, 08:36
I may have to joker this month but will wait til 7th to see how I get on, mostly need to do the decals, eyes and bases on my Mantis Warriors Tac squad. I also have an alternate vet sarge for the squad that I have yet to touch on.


04-11-2009, 09:27
Sorry guys, but I'll have to drop out of this one. Motivation and available time are both at an all-time low. Keep up the great work!

04-11-2009, 17:44
Ran out of paint for the soul grinder, got more on order so he is near done but not quite so instead this month I give you:

UNIT: Keeper of Secrets with Unholy Might

BUILD/CONVERSION: Out of the box

POINTS : 215


NEXT MONTH: Soul Grinder, Nurglings if my order takes a bit to get in.



And bad army shot so far, any tips on better group shots would be appreciated:

Also unfortunately I won't have the time for 2 armies, so I have to remove my Witch Hunters from this years Tale.

04-11-2009, 18:44
Yet another month flies by. Where did October go?!

Didn't particularly enjoy painting these models but unfortunately they needed doing and I thought they were better out the way quite quickly so I can move onto other models that I will enjoy painting. Also not particularly as proud of these as some of my other stuff but they do still look ok with the grimy murky scheme that I have going with 'the Purge' theme.

I was always told if your painting's not up to much, make sure you have a big base! For that reason, and the fact that biker bases from GW are simply too small sometimes, I continued my 'rocky' base theme on these models.

Unit is simply 5 bikers including champion, two special weapon upgrades and a powerfist upgrade for the champion. I do normally pay the extra points for a Nurgle Icon but forgot to build one on a bike (something to do for November methinks).


Points painted this month - 235
Total army points painted so far - 665

Dice roll - 3

Ah well. I feel my paint brushes beckoning again for this month's submission.... ta ta

04-11-2009, 20:09
Zis: Daemons

Total Painting for october '09: 175 points
Total Army Size: 560
Dice Roll: 5


10 plaguebearers: icon


Well i used alot of greenstuff on these ones just look and see for yourself :p


I used Vallejo game colours and some GW washes on him. As usual i am to lazy to mention them all. :p:D


lava theme

Still to Do:

The flag (icon)

Highs and Lows:

High: very nice to have a uniqe group of plaguebearers and cheaper then the metal ones too :D
Low: not having the time to finish the flag


To stressed to take any better so it will have to do:(


05-11-2009, 07:18
Badgobbla’s Iron Warriors

Total painting October 2009: 202 points
Total army size: 202 points
Dice roll: 4

- 2 Obliterators
- 4 lesser daemons

- The obliterators were scratch-built from new terminators and some random weapons that I had lying in my bits-box. Here and there I added some spikes and protrusions “growing” out of their armor and some green-stuffed “skin”.
- The daemons are servitor models I still had somewhere. At first I wanted to convert some myself by using different plastic models and making them like mini-obliterators, but that wil be a mission for later. For now the servitors have to do, as they do fit well with the theme of my mutated force.

- The metal of the Obliterators was done by drybrushing Tin Bitz, then Boltgun Metal, then Chainmail Silver and finally Mithril Silver, followed by a wash of Badab Black. For the skin I started off with Shadow Grey and gradually mixed Elf Flesh through it for highlights. I then finished the models of with liberal applications of green, blue and brown inks.
- The daemons were painted the exact same way, except that I painted their “tunics” in green and blue to make it mesh with the green and blue inks. The wiring was drybrushed liberally with a very highlighted orange/red and blue/green to make it look like they are giving of light to their surroundings. I’m not totally happy with the result, but it’ll have to do for now.

Here I screwed up a bit: the bases for the Obliterators has some sand, stones and some metal added to them. The sand was painted with Vallejo’s Terracotta, given a wash of Ogryn Flesh and then drybrushed with Terractoot mixed with Bone White.
Unfortunately I already based the servitors quite some time ago and I couldn’t redo them, so I tried to make it look like they came from the warp by painting them Shadow Grey and applying several layers of inks (I think I used all of the inks available to me). But somehow it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. Maybe I’ll look into this again in the future.

Still to do:
Apart from the bases for the daemons they’re done.

Highs and lows:
I had a lot of fun modelling and converting the Obliterators. Let’s see if the fun continues if I have to paint “normal Chaos Space marines”

Onto the pictures:


Front of the two Obliterators


Their backs



And the servitors.

Next month I’ll be going back to the Eldar

05-11-2009, 21:37
Dice roll - 4

Imperial Guard

2 Sentinels with plasma cannons


TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 150 out of 1000pts

I wanted to do an urban army after reading Cadian Blood. So far its going to be the 4th regiment of some world but otherwise I'm after realism so expect them to have plenty of kit and such.

Straight of the box. I did convert the search light to go on top, and I did straighten one out as I wondered how tall they'd actually be. Oh and those frakking aerials. I'll be replacing them with brass sometime this month.

A damn nightmare. I tried using oils to paint them but used linseed oil as a thinner which is why they look rather shiny. They've been mainly painted using an airbrush.

I used the foundations of war basing kit which is rather fantastic although does have pretty poor sand. Its the first time I've tried anything like this kind of basing and I think its come off rather well. I did want a redder brick although it didnt look right when I did it.

A matt varnish, and some odd touches here and there but nothing much :D

Highs: Getting them finished. They've taken a lot longer then I originally intended, and should have been done a month ago, but thats how it goes :)
Lows: the linseed oil, the red bricks, the transfers falling to bits every ten seconds...




Battle fleet gothic Imperial Navy

Dictator class cruiser


TOTAL ARMY SIZE: UNSURE out of 1500pts

The fluff and the background are in my log :)

Ground zero games model from the Neu Swabian league range. Excellent models

A complete an utter joy, my only regret was that I didn't spend longer on it. I'm particular proud of the free hand

Spacey and such.... I added an imperial eagle to the base just in case there any confusion over its loyalties

A matt varnish but otherwise its done. i could do with adding some fighters maybe..

Highs: Painting it so well and so fast
Lows: Realising I could have the whole fleet painted in a week...



Next month I'm painting up a valkyrie although that might stretch over into next month due to its size. If thats the case I've got some odds and ends I might quickly do up - an inquisitor and retinue, stormtroopers, that kind of thing.

For the gothic I'm going to add four escorts so I've got a fairly reasonable starting force.

Having said all that, I was fortunate enough thanks to a sale thread here on warseer to acquire a fairly large sisters of battle army so.. I might get distracted...

06-11-2009, 09:09
Okay so this month I am playing a Joker for both my Orks and Space Marines.
The idea was to spend the month getting most of my Space Hulk set painted so I could take it home this weekend and give my Brother a few games as we did when we were younger...
Unfortunatley the world seems to have decided this was a bad plan and so I have
not done much at all...
These are some photos of my progress. There has been some more so I'll update these piccies when I take some new ones.


For commenting purposes, I've rolled a 5.

06-11-2009, 20:13
I regretfully must pull out of this amazing project and thread. My real life obligations and drama have to take precedence over 40K at the moment, and I do not have the time or energy to devote to the hobby right now.

Good luck to everyone, and thanks for the great opportunity.

@Irondog: Some of your best stuff to date. Pedro looks fantastic and your freehand symbol is awesome.


06-11-2009, 22:12
Sorry to hear that, Matt. Totally understandable though given the situation. However, you got me into this, soooooo...

...You're participating in next year's thread if I have to fly to Hawaii and staple a paintbrush to your hand :D

07-11-2009, 09:40
Space Marines

Total Painting for October: 325
Total Army Size: 720
Dice Roll: 5

5 Vanguard
jump packs
Storm shields
1 relic blade, 4 power weapons

mix and match of different power weapons and a nemesis weapon from a Grey Knight terminator for the relic blade. shields are from Bretonnian men-at-arms.

same as my terminators. white helmets and jump packs for veteran status

just sand painted on the base

Still to Do:
the chapter symbol on the shields

Highs and Lows:
High:still going strong with the tale and finishing the squad
Low: not finishing the shields


07-11-2009, 15:45
Will post some comments soon but just checking in to say that I'm gonna be a few days late with my stuff but hopefully I won't have to joker :)

07-11-2009, 16:03
Sigur's 2nd Turan Irregulars - ca. 1000pts

Ogryn Squad

TOTAL PAINTING for October: 170 points/ total: 410


Due to having being exposed to increased attacks of Eldar and Chaos forces over the past 250 years and a then-weak PDF, the governor of Turan had to rely on recruiting abhumans and mercenaries to keeep the enemy at bay and the losses of lives among his citizens low enough not to risk an uprising. Thus, the 2nd Irregulars (there never was a 1st Irregulars but due to the troops' nature, they were not allowed being called the 1st) were founded.

The regiment mainly consists of troops many other regiments don't want in their ranks like abhumans, hive scum and sanctioned mutants.

Ogryns. Erm...1994 if I remember correctly. Just a repaint and rebasing, nothing to build. Oh, at some point I dropped one of them. Had to rebuild him. But that's it really.

Painting was rather quick as I just had to apply the new camo pattern to the Ogryns. I didn't even prime them, just painted over the old paintjob.

GS to make the bases a bit uneven, 2 kinds of sand, the occational pebble for rocks, vines made from GS, some small wood chips. Static grass will be added. Also did some ancient cobblestone to make the bases a bit more interesting.

Nothing. Finished.

Highs: Painting was quick and went well.
Lows: None really. Yay!


Army shot will follow soon. :) I know, I had said that I'd paint something more fancy but I'll save that for next month.

07-11-2009, 17:09

Not been in the mood this month I'm afraid...

07-11-2009, 20:14
im writing to say that my pictures will come a bit late, cos my camera is being repaired, something happened to it.... i have one Veteran Squad done (150 points)

more info & fluff when i post my pictures (hopefully tomorrow)...

07-11-2009, 22:51
Warflags mixed bag of Chaos and Orks, 2000 p.

Bad news: No Greenskins this submission, good news: There is a submission ;)

Unit: Khorne Berzerkers, 5 of em. Couldnt get anymore done... Come around at a rough 140 p, with champ and all. Thats the old book, there is no new one as far as I am concerned.

Painting: Yeah well, the pic will show, a blend-fest of reds.

Bases: Basic (hehe), as of yet. Will add detail later, now that I found a good recipe.

Additional I think Ill count my plaguemarines in at a quarter the cost, which would be about 40 p.

All in all 180 p submission.

Will add pics as soon as my crappy tech allows it.

the pics, forgot to post them... really!!



These guys go at quarter cost, as only some parts were left to do and one of them almost completely.


Aaand the new colour scheme. Somehow..

The regulars will get this as scheme, a dirty grey with blood pouring from the recesses.

Next month sees my terminator sorcerer and hopefully the other raptors.

08-11-2009, 09:04
Gotta be a joker from me as well, life, and a desire to paint Blood Angels character models pillaged me of all time.

08-11-2009, 10:11
Well... Not many people this month :-/

Anyway, it is much easier that way to comment on everybody work ^^'

@Discord: I dig the flamers ! The blue-to-red arms are really good !

@BigJon: I like that A-Team Harker ^^
And the blue metal on the cyber side of Iron Hand is cool !

@infelix: Dipping is cool - but I found that washing (either using dips, or using real washes) is even better, in my point of view. Same speed, better control !
That Nurgle batch is nice :)

@olean: I do agree, the washes are a blast to paint guards armies ! I do mine mostly the same way (well, for infantry squads, at least, I plan to spend a bit more time with the HQ squad ^^).

@misterboff: Your orks are always a pleasure to watch !
I'm really impatient to see that battlewagon next month

@Irondog: I like Cantor - and that big Crimson Fist symbol free handed on the top hatch of that Rhino... :-/ I really wish I was able to do some freehands myself !

@Zujara: That KoS doesn't look like an happy cow ^^
If you get any tips on army painting, please share, I can't do a proper one myself !

@Bellarus666: Even if you didn't liked painting those, they came out nicely ! The bases are really cool, as is the bike & SM armour.

@zis: Those plaguebearers look sick ! Amazing conversions ! Please post some better pics when you have the time !

@Badgobbla: Nice conversions ! The bases of the oblits are really nice.
And cool idea to use servitors as daemons in an IW army

@GomezAddams: With oil paint, I use cheap white spirit - and never had any trouble with it.
For decals, gloss varnish the surface before & after - and if you can, use Microsol & Microset product. Combined with varnish, using decals become at least a joy !

@sigur: That skin tone DOES look real good !
I just can't see the red tatoo. You just have to do some more pics of them now :p

And... That's it. 14 contributions, including myself, out of 114. I though we would loose some people during the year, but loosing that much in 3 month ? Were the previous tales the same thing ? Kinda disapointing :-/

Anyway... A WIP pic for this month contribution !
I nearly finished this model - a Chimera, probably for my Company Command Squad. My first real attempt of true weathering & battle damage.
Still a couple of things to do on it, thought !



08-11-2009, 10:52
Give_me_a_d does Eldar, Orks* and more Daemons

I would have posted yesterday but rather randomly my computer was having a moment and forgot all about my camera. Anyway all fixed now and better late than never...

*As trailed in last months thread I am giving up the Orks for 2 main reasons; as I still haven't sorted out an effective but quick way of painting skin I'm at something of an impasse, also the 3 armies are proving to be too much work (I'm also finding it hard to switch from one to the other and keep momentum) so 1 has to go. Will I be able to do more Daemons and Eldar as a result? Possibly, I certainly have the models to do more.

Units painted this month: 2x 5 Swooping Hawks with Exarchs 254pts
Total pts: 558pts
Current Army Sizes: Daemons 250pts; Eldar 308pts
Jokers: The Eldar's joker from last month is bought back this month.

They are all 1st generation models.

Mainly Codex Grey highlighted with Fortress Grey. More detail in my Eldar log.

The usual plus a few were give a bit of something to stand on; small rocks, a resin bit from the basing kit and a cut down Dire Avenger icon thingy.

Still To Do:
Nothing really, a few touch ups on bases etc but nothing major.

Highs And Lows:
The major low was the death of my Grandmother last month, hence the jokers and not posting for sometime. She hadn't been well for some time so it wasn't completely unexpected, but it was a blow nonetheless. The other low was (possibly as a consequence of the first) that I didn't have much inclination to paint when I had the opportunity so the Hawks took much longer than might otherwise have been the case.

Unit 1


All together

Next time on TO40KP...
The Daemons get reinforced big style with a Soulgrinder. The Eldar will also be bolstered by the arrival of a unit of Pathfinders. That's the plan at least. I may do some Guardian Jetbikes instead.

08-11-2009, 13:55
Sorry guys but my progress on my Tac Squad is not worth showing:

The good news is that I have a full assault squad painted green and waiting for detailing. So with the tac almost done and the ass squad waiting I am pretty confident to get 2 squads finished by the end of November - 1 model a day is hardly too much to ask...


08-11-2009, 14:18
With regret I'm going to have to drop out of the tale. I've already played two jokers and have nothing to show for this month. I've been too busy painting up my Aeronautica Imperialis planes and I still have a load of Planetstrike terrain to put together.

Good luck to all those left!


08-11-2009, 16:12
With the extension this month I'll be posting in 2 days :P don't forget me its been a hellish month life wise.

08-11-2009, 16:15
That's a fantastic Chimera, the battle damage is just enough and the weathering is
perfect - not to much, not to little. Be sure to post it in the treadhead thread.

08-11-2009, 16:50
Thanks :)
I followed your advice and posted it on the treadhead thread !

Personnaly, I still think that the rust effect came out a bit too orange, and that the base colors might have been better with pure catachan green & desert yellow. I'm never satisfed with my work :-/


08-11-2009, 17:15
Finally I got some things done. After having to Joker twice, this month ment progress:

Army: Necrons
Painted: 11 Warriors and a Lord with Resurection Orb and Warscythe.
Total points painted this month: 353 (earning a Joker back, yay!)
Army total: 353

To start off with the basic troops:
The warriors were undercoated black and got a first coat of Tin Bitz. This was then drybrushed with Vallejo MC Copper.
The Gaus weapons were painted black. The ribs, eyes and weapon detail was painted with Vallejos MC Green Fluo, all but the ribs getting a white base. Around the eyes a thin coat of GF was used to produce a bit of a SL effect.
Then the whole model was given a Thrakka Green wash.
Finally, the rods were glued in and the flames were added to the ribs, using a mix of Green Fluo and Heavy Gloss Acrylic Gel Medium applied in several layers.

Then theres the Lord:
The same techniques as on the warriors were used. The right arm has been repositioned slightly to make the hand facing up look better and the flames were build up with the technique above to represent the res orb. The coat and staff were painted Hawk Turquise, given a Thrakka Green wash and rehighlighted with HT and a mix of HT and Bleached Bone.

Finally, heres the army as it stands now:

There are a few spots I need to touch up a bit and the bases are left to do (I use magnet bases for the first time and they only arrived here on thursday, leaving me enough time to afix the models to them, but not enough time to do the bases - last tale I did all the bases at once, which isnt the best way to go about it, so this time around, Ill try to base as I paint).

Next month, Ill be adding a couple more warriors to make the army playable and maybe a destroyer or two.

09-11-2009, 11:06
ARMY : Epic Ultramarines

UNIT: Terminators

Conversions: Added the banner to the 'sgt' and gave him a power sword from the ordinary epic marine commander

BASING: meadow flock

HIGHS AND LOWS: just happy they are done

POINTS : 325pts.



cannot focus any further in unfortunately

next month the landraiders they go to battle in

*whoops wrong points value now fixed*

09-11-2009, 11:27
OK folks, comments time

@ Nuage - I think you are being far too down on your painting skills, those infantry are very well painted & fit the theme of your army perfectly. i'm sure there are plenty of people here, myself included, which would be proud to have them as our 'tabletop standard' (as you put it!) figures

@ Discord - very nice stuff even if you are a cheat!! Are you going to switch the bases at all so they're on round bases or just stick with the ones they got? am liking the titan too

@ Bigjon - another nice entry

@ infelix - very nice stuff & the dipping seems to be working very well

@ olean - loving those old school guards

@ misterboff - excellent stuff again, it does slightly scare me how many models you manage to get done at the same high standard!

@ Irondog - absolutely gorgeous marines again, how did you do the battle damage? I'm thinking of painting a tank this month

@ Zujara - very nice looking KoS

@ Bellarus666 - i think those bikers are very nice, well painted, excellent colour scheme & nice bases to go with them too

@ zis - very nice stuff, loving the GS on the plaguebearers, any chance of seeing some close up pictures?

@ badgobbla - nice conversions & nice painting to boot too. those servitors are awesome very nice

@ Gomezaddams - very nice sentinals & spaceship

@ hwd - excellent models & looking very good to boot too

@ Chicken_Funk - looking very nice but any chance of some better pics?

@ sigur - excellent Ogryns

@ Nuage - that tank is looking very nice, can't believe you've already got a WIP for this months work when I haven't even finished last months :/

@ give_me_a_d - sorry to hear about your loss dude. those hawks are very nice, i really like the colour scheme that you've gone for & they're painted well to boot

@ susu.exp - those Necrons are looking very nice, really like the thraka green wash which has given them a very nice sheen like their weapons are glowing

@ basilbrush - well done & get them finished, they are looking good

PS hopefully my own stuff will be done at the end of the week -hope that folks (ie McMullet!) don't mind me being late, if it's an issue I'll play my 2nd joker & attempt to buy it back at some point?

09-11-2009, 11:45
Okay, submission time's over, time to comment.

@Nuage: Very cool army. Love the variation among the infantry. There's some neat detailing on the Chimera too.

@Discord: Again, lovely to see you using these old miniatures. The moon-faced sorcerer is one of my favorite chaos miniatures ever. Rather nightmarish and sinister, with an insane twist. Nice to see the horrors in their real colours too. ;)

@BigJon: I like how the red details stand out on this army.

@olean: This thing keeps getting better and better. I'm generally not a great fan of using only washes but the more pastel-looking colours go really well with these miniatures and the overall look of your force. Looking forward to seeing more!

@misterboff: Very solid work as always. But please get a hand drill and drill out these muzzles. :)

@kiwichild: boo!

@Irondog: Very classy again and great photos. Good work on the freehands.

@Badgobbla: The pictures are a little dark but the minis look good. I like how you kept the classic hazard stripes on the servitors but toned them down to a level that goes very well with your Obliterators and don't stand out too much.

@McMullet: BOO!

@give_me_a_d: Interesting and chilly colourscheme.

@basilbrush: Try using a sheet of white paper for the background so the camera won't focus on the texture of the fabric.

09-11-2009, 12:12
jpobrich's Dark Angels and Orks

Die Roll: 5

Dark Angels
Total Painting for October '09: 121 points
Total Army Size: 207 points (14% of goal)
Correction: My points were wrong the previous month. They should have been 86, not 106.

One Deathwing Terminator armed with a storm bolter and a power fist. One Deathwing Terminator armed with an assault cannon and a chain fist.

Slight repositioning of one leg on the storm bolter guy. Slight repositioning of arm on the assault cannon guy.

Primed white using Krylon spray. Bone colour was done with basecoat of Deneb Stone and two or three thin coats of Bleached Bone and extreme edges of Skull white. Armour recesses were picked out using a wash of Gryphonne Sepia.

Gravel, medium and small basing slate, sand, resin bits. Primed GW Black. Painted Calthan Brown, heavy wash of Flesh Wash, highlighted Tausept Ochre and drybrushed Bleached Bone. The rims were painted Dark Flesh. Patches of static grass attached with blobs of wet Goblin Green paint.

Still to Do:
Deathwing transfers.

Highs and Lows:
Highs: The positioning of these two was inspired by miniatures from the Space Hulk game. It's quite difficult to get any kind of dynamism with a Terminator, but I think I managed okay.

Lows: Nothing much. If I had to do it again, I'd paint the arms before assembling them.

Next Month:
The Deathwing Sergeant. A Rhino is in the works as well.

Total Painting for October '09: 70 points
Total Army Size: 130 points (13% of goal)

10 Slugga Boyz from AoBR with two big shootas.

No conversions.

Primed GW Black. For this batch, I basecoated with Knarloc Green, washed with Thraka Green, layered with Knarloc Green and finished the layering with a 50/50 mix of Knarloc Green and Goblin Green.

Gravel primed GW Black. Painted Calthan Brown, highlighted Tausept Ochre and drybrushed Bleached Bone. The rims were painted Dark Flesh.

Still to Do:
Add static grass to bases.

Highs and Lows:
Highs: Still experimenting on various things such as the metal colours and just getting them to look like Evil Sunz.

Lows: Nothing much.

Next Month:
The Warboss, probably.


09-11-2009, 15:51
Apologies but I'll be jokering all three armies this month, as i've got nothing done. :(

09-11-2009, 15:55
Cadian 109th:


ARMY: Imperial Guard

BUILD/ CONVERSION: Straight from the box with the addition on a Space Marine searchlight.

PAINTING: Stuck to dirty green just like my troops but with a base coat of Thraka Green.


Highs: Getting back on track with the tale.
Lows: For the next tank Im going to apply the wash in more layers as Ive ended up with some tide marks due to my over zealous application of wash this time round.





Comments on everyone elses fine work will come in a later post.

09-11-2009, 17:13
In all the excitment I forgot the dice roll, although there aren't too many submissions so far. This month I rolled a (anything but a)...

Back soon with comments.

09-11-2009, 22:54
Feedback time! Feedback for everyone this time not just my fellow twos. First of all Im sorry to hear about so many people having to drop out, best of luck guys. Now the feedback for all those who met their target:

Nuage: Loving those zombies, the full horde will look awesome. Maybe redo the black on the rims on some of the bases, otherwise perfick! Also if that chimera is WIP then all I have to say is WOW!

Discord: Great titans, whats your recipe for red?

BigJon: Still not sure how I feel about the camouflage skin but your sergeants are great, as are the bases.

infelix: The grungy nurgle colours go great with the snow bases. Youre going to hit your 3000 point target in no time.

olean: Very nice use of washes. I always use them over a colour but Im definitely going to try them over white at some stage.

misterboff: Deathskulls are my favourite clan so youre already on auto-win but I really like your crisp painting style. Maybe make the pictures bigger next month so we can see more details.

Irondog: We have a winner! I cant wait to see more.

Zujara: Nice pink. Bad luck about the Witch Hunters, at least you can focus on the daemons now.

Belarus666: Sorry to hear you didnt enjoy painting your bikers, theyve turned out great though.

zis: Eye-popping colours there, hope to see the flag next month.

Badgobbla: Liking the skin on the servitors, whatever you did with the inks worked.

GomezAddams: Duty and Honour! Very nice, looking forward to seeing some infantry now. Pleased to see you also like Miyazaki!

hwd: Liking the Terminators so far, especially skull face.

Chicken_Funk: Great power sword and very crisp white. Id say more but I cant make out the details in your pic, sorry.

sigur: Classic ogryns, brilliant! Youve given some very characterful sculpts a fitting paintjob, well done!

give_me_a_d: The grey works really well, especially with the white on the wings.

susu.exp: The fluorescent green is breathtaking! Glad youve got the ball rolling, keep it up!

basilbrush: Im jealous of anyone who paints at Epic scale, very nice.

And finally, get well soon McMullet and thank you again for running this awesome thread.

09-11-2009, 23:18
Here we go again...


@Nuage: They look great to me - certainly not a 'low' standard. The variety of the bases is interesting too. The weathering on your Chimera looks like a mine has just gone off next to it, showering it in mud - very well done.

@Discord: Those Flamers remind me of the part in Beetlejuice where the dude takes his eyes out and puts them on his beak (that always used to freak me out). Good job all round.

@BigJon: Awesome work on the two characters, and it's nice to see that Sergeant Barcaus has some blinging gold bullets for his Heavy Bolter!

@infelix: You're making short work of your Epic army. The 'weathering' on the tanks looks great.

@olean: It's amazing how good they look from such a simple paintjob - hats off to you and Latro_. The original Guardsmen models really suit your Cult army.

@Irondog: Fantastic work on Cantor, and the weathering on the Rhino looks very realistic. Nice army shot too.

@Zujara: The very limited palette makes for a very effective colour scheme. Sorry to see the Witch Hunters go.

@Bellarus666: Great paint job, and your bases really beef up your models.

@zis: Outstanding work on the Plaguebearers, the tentacles are very well done. They remind me of the Salamanders from Baldurs Gate/Icewind Dale (if you ever played them).

@Badgobbla: The Obliterators look very bulky (in a good way), and the Servitors fit very well as Iron Warriors Daemons.

@GomezAddams: The Sentinels look great, as do the bases. The BFG ship looks very neat too.

@hwd: What you've managed to get done looks good so far. I'm saving my Space Hulk models for a rainy day because I've got too much else to do!

@Chicken_Funk: Considering you've used WFB shields, they don't look out of place at all. The Relic Blade is impressive too.

@sigur: Great work on the Ogryns sigur. I think the old ones look at lot more Feral than the new ones, which fits better with the background to your army.

@give_me_a_d: Shame about the Orks, but you've certainly made up for it with those lovely Swooping Hawks. I love your colour scheme.

@susu.exp: Very eerie lookings Necrons, and the turquoise was an excellent choice of spot colour for your Lord. I like them a lot.

@basilbrush: You keep churning out Space Marines like there's no tomorrow! The banner looks particularly well done.

@Lucky: A big green army tank - I like it. It looks very neat, and the transfers fit nicely too.


On a slightly smug note, I managed to pick up all three First Edition Ork sourcebooks (Waaargh The Orks!, Freebooterz and 'Ere We Go) for 3.00 each at my local shop - and there was much rejoicing!

So far this month I've painted 2 Runtherds and assembled 20 Grotz and a Rhino. I've decided that I'm not allowed to touch the Rhino further until I've painted all of the Grotz, which hopefully won't take too long...

Keep up the good work everyone!


10-11-2009, 07:27

Dice Roll: 6 for the 40K and fantasy (wish I rolled 6's during games)

Sorry about the group shot - not having a lot of luck on with the camera

this month I've painted 4 dethcoptors, 2 with big shootas and 2 with rockets

Point Cost: 180

Total painted point cost: 337pts (need to up this but the big units of 30 orks are too scary to face right now)

Highs -- getting them done and almost finishing 12 burna boyz - far better than the joker!

Lows -- not writing down the colors used for the previous unit


10-11-2009, 07:36
Nuage: Loving those zombies, the full horde will look awesome. Maybe redo the black on the rims on some of the bases, otherwise perfick! Also if that chimera is WIP then all I have to say is WOW!

Yup, I saw that on the pic, and I corrected it afterward - but was too lazy to take new pics ^^
But, alas, there will not be a full horde of zombi.
I am going to use FW Renegade model for my HQ, and bigger models for my veterans. I want those to be quite distinct from the standard troops - and, to be honest, while converting zombis to Guards is fun, doing thirty more would be boring.
That's one of a great point of Chaos: you can play a ragtag army without anyone complaining \o/ Yay for variety.

@Nuage: They look great to me - certainly not a 'low' standard. The variety of the bases is interesting too. The weathering on your Chimera looks like a mine has just gone off next to it, showering it in mud - very well done.Thanks :)

Well, I find that I did go a bit too far with the Chimera weathering. I was not exactly aiming at that "Hey, that Chimera stayed outside for a couple centuries and then rolled throught a mud storm", but was carried away while painting, as it often happen with me. Oh well.


10-11-2009, 09:14
@arobe: Nice deffkoptas, the bases are fantastic.

@Nuage: The Forgeworld renegades are great models, looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

10-11-2009, 09:48
http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/2181/joker59cl.jpg (http://img530.imageshack.us/i/joker59cl.jpg/)

Well, I'm gonna have to joker for this month! Even with the xtra few days I'm not quite done! I hope to buy it back next month if all goes well.

I'll put some WIP's up in my log if anyone's interested.

Rolled a 2 for comments.


10-11-2009, 10:05
I'll be a little late this month, as although I have painted everything I set out to paint, I haven't got pictures yet. I'll submit as soon as I have them, at which time I'll also comment on all of your beautiful work, which I completely failed to do last month. That's a bad Dumnorix! :)

10-11-2009, 14:11
Discord: Great titans, whats your recipe for red?

Gory red for the basecoat, a black wash on top, highlight with gory red, then a mix of gory red and blood red and finally with pure blood red. I hope I got the names right, since they rub off of the Vallejo bottles easily, which is the case here. ;)

10-11-2009, 15:49
army: Dark Angels successors

this month painted:

10 space marines 165 points, captain powerfist,plasma gun = + 40
rhino (35 points)

total: 240 points

highs: loads of little conversions etc and longest ive ever stuck with an army, fist tactical squad box i EVER painted in 1 coherent colorscheme

lows: tank backdoor broke off

next month: another tact squad :D or some terminators, i have 50 terminators lying around plus the space hulk ones

dice roll: 5 will comment when i update my pics

very sorry for the crappy pics dont have any good camera here so had to use my mobile phone camera which sucks

commander of the marines
10-11-2009, 17:02
using my second yoker, camera problems,

Next month I'll be sure to post my army wich is nearly at 2000 points,

I got my elysians by mail in the past month, these models are just to nice

Math Mathonwy
10-11-2009, 17:31
Bah, late again. Anyway.

Rolled a 5.

My Daemons got reinforced with a Daemon Prince w Mark of Nurgle, Noxious Touch, Iron Hide and Cloud of Flies (155 points)

Army total at the moment: 380 points (out of 1000) - so at least I'm slightly ahead of schedule.

Conversion: It's a Chaos troll with spawn bits. I magnetized the head so that I can change it to the troll head for when I need a Warpstone Troll for a Blood Bowl team. This also mandated the model to have no weapons, so Spawny hands were the order of the day.

Painting: Foundation stuff, strong highlights and dip, basically. Very quick and simple.

Still to do: Basing, as usual. Also, I need to do the shoulder pad (haven't decided team colours for my Blood Bowl team yet, so no go at the moment) and decide whether I want to do something more with the bug eyes.

Highs and Lows: Well, I wasn't all that inspired with the model as it's something of a stop-gap measure while waiting for the plastic Daemon Prince's release (if it ever comes). The green for the tentacles was a bad choice as they don't really stand out (and they look like plants). The pics are also rather bad as the lighting sucks, but try to endure. Also, no army pic this month :( Highs are that I finished it and am on schedule, which awesome! :)


10-11-2009, 19:38
FINALLY (!!!) my camera is back.
now i can work....

for this month i have made a single unit (yes, i sad ill be doing mach more, but im just glad i dont have to use second jocker) - veteran (150pt)

Fluff: after every battle the Imperia of Man wages, or is drown into, there are always great number casualties. But, there are those lucky enough, to survive... this poor souls are then randomly assigned to a new unit, to finally meet the same fate as their brethren. But, even then there are those who prevail. These, extraordinary individuals are moved intro a special regiment, strictly formed for the purpose of hosting this damned soul, to fight again, and again, and again, for only way out of this regiment is by death.

Conversions: a lots of them !! every unit has been modified in some manner. ill be telling what i did under the picture for easier understanding :)

Painting: well, i tried to give an impression that this unit has been randomly assembled, so there are three different colors of the armor black (ordinary Chaos Black), red (Scab Red) & green (Catachan Green). The clothing was done same on all units. first i primed it with Dheneb Stone, after i washed it with Gryphonne Sepia, then did the highlights with Dheneb Stone, and for the end another wash with Gryphonne Sepia. Rest of the colors are different types of Brown, and a bit of blue here and there.

Highs: Well, im happy how they turned out
Lows: I wont more units done !!!!!!!!

-on the first one:
~first & second mini go together, they are brother and to represent that i painted their helmets in red and they both have glasses (i used heads from the heavy weapon set), then they have some extra equipment - first guy has an backpack, and the second has a string of knifes strap on t ohis back, they also have some Eldar heads as trophies, and some bombs, extra ammunition, and yes, the first guy is holding a flask in a hand that had its thumb cut of and replace with brand new made from GS;
~the third one is representing the units sergeant, whos body is made out if an Eldar, his head is a IG voxs-caster's with removed back bamp and the antenna thingy. The face part was filed up with GS and made to look as if it was visor. he has an power sword (katana), which was made from some metal, and the gun-stock of the lassgun was cut of
~the forth one is straight from the box - the IG Command Squad box
~and the last one is also from the Command Squad box, but his gun was changed to have a tank of fuel on the gun, instead on his back. This was done by cutting oe part of the larger tank that goes on the back, then cutting it some more until it is of rigt size. Then i glued the went on the bottom, and with some wire rejined it with the gun. The already existing hose for the fuel was cut, and there i inserted the wire. And lastly the wire was fatten with a bit of green stuff )

~again starting from left: first guy has a hand grenade luncher. I say 'hand' cos its a bit shorted than the regular grenade launcher that u get from the heavy weapon team. i cut of the part where u glue that little shield/armor thingy, and also i removed some of the launcher from the back, but i was careful not to ruin the end cos i reglued it when i was happy with the size. and i glued the nose of the bomb to the launcher . also he has catachan head, supplied from the sentinel set. and i gave him a backpack.
~second one is a living bomb waiting to explode, xexe.... but that is what i wanted for him. he has for bombs on him, including the one in his hand. second one is strapped to his belt for easy access, and two more on his back. his hand is an injured hand from the IG Command Squad set, as is his head, and the little thing that i strapped on his face (the idea was that he has a punctured lung, and only way for him to bread is to carry that thing on his face (something like Dart Vader)). and hi has a gun.
~next tree have their heads borowed from some Imperials Knight. the third one has been given an backpack with the platoon standard. which is attached to the mini with some wire. the rest is straight from the box
~forth and fifth vets are from the same unit, which is represented with their heads. the forth one has Tau Firerifle (i think thats the name) strapped to his back, and a part of Tau Fire Warrior leg, as a trophy of course.
~last guy has an robotic arm. made by from an shoulder pad of normal guard, and resized chainsword. they have been put together with a wire, which was fatten up and shaped (im really poor at GS) so it represent and mechanical joint. i also added some smaller wire to it, just to make it look better. also he has a backpack with Tyranid head as an trophy.

sorry for the blurry picture


-last picture is all of my IG together


and of course i forgot to put in my dice roll - 4

p.s: ill comment on everyones stuff tomorrow

cheers :D

10-11-2009, 22:31
I am going to Joker my guard and my nids submission will be on later tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest.


11-11-2009, 03:12
red/winter's Power Armor Extravaganza!

November 2009

This month rw rolled a 5!

Finally caught up with last month and my camera's giving difficulties... The autofocus is acting up so i've only got one pic for now but Ill post more in my plog.

Total Points for October: 202
Total Army Sizes:
Chaos: 275
Imperial Fists: 385
Grey Knights: 0

Total Points Painted: 660 (+60)

Plague Marines: 130 Pts.

Tactical Squad Trooper: 32 Pts.

Terminator: 40 Pts.

Build/Conversions: Plague marines converted from the CSM box with Deathguard Havoc shoulderguards.

Fists are standard out of box.


Imperial Fists: Black Undercoat>Iyanden Darksun Basecoat>Gryphonne Sephia Wash>2-4Glazes of 1:1 Mix Iyanden to Golden Yellow
Mechrite Red Shoulders Highlighted with Blood Red.
Green Eye Lenses.

Plague Marines: Black undercoat>Catachan green>1:1 Catachan Green to Bleached Bone>Many Washes based on the part>Bolt Gun Metal and Scab Red for trim and weapons.

Still to do: Finish Basing.

Highs: The last week was intense for painting!
Lows: Still have to get the bases done. My dad was in the hospital so i came right down to the wire.



November is going to be the first of three months painting for a competition. November will be a squad of 5 Vanguard Veterans (Imperial Fists) December will be an Abbadon conversion and January will be a vehicle of some kind... Not decided yet. I will be posting updates in the new plog in my sig.

I'll come back to post responses later this week. Looking good so far!

11-11-2009, 09:32
And a new batch of comment for late posters :)

@arobe: Nice koptas, and especially nice bases ! The two really fit together.

@Kavyaan: The conversions look cool ! Very unique look & feel

@Math Mathonwy: That must be one of the most original Daemon Prince I've ever seen ! And I'm still amazed by the result produced by dipping. Really fit the daemon theme.
The base is a bit bland, thought :-/

@Spar666rawk: That's a very colorfull IG ! I like the amount of detail & backstory you put behind each model.

@red/winter: That's a small picture, hard to see the detailling
Deathguard look cool, Fist looks, hey, yellow :p

And because I seem to be unable to post comments here without a WIP of what I'm currently doing...
The first three members of my HQ (still WIP), including a plasma wielding guy, a standard one, and what will probably be a count as Master of Ordnance:



11-11-2009, 11:38
fleh, I have to joker for a second time. My room has been in turmoil, first being too cluttered, and now I don't even have a desk! I'm going to have to start making some serious progress to earn those jokers back.

11-11-2009, 15:33
Comment time! I reckon it's been long enough for people to post...

Nuage: I really like the pose of the guy with the chainsword at the back.
Discord: I like the Flamers, but I feel that the Changeling could be shaded a bit more (it might just be the lighting). Good use of spot colours.
BigJon: Very cool guy. He reminds me a bit of the Winter Soldier from Marvel Comics.
infelix: Cool looking Epic stuff.
olean: Sweet looking classic Guard. I remember the old Cult army very well and you've got a good feel for it here. What are you going to do for limos?
misterboff: I'm jealous that you can bang out so many Orks month after month and at such a good standard too. I have trouble get a mob of 10 out the door.
Irondog: Great Rhino! I hope to copy your weathering "pattern" for my own vehicles.
Zujura: I'm not really digging the colour scheme on the KoS. The pink and skin tones all kind of wash together and go blah. You might try adding some tattoos to the skin in a black or dark blue colour.
Bellarus666: Good scheme, not much I can suggest.
zis: Not sure if the pink works with the green. Maybe brighten it up with some orange? Your bases are awesome.
Badgobbla: Interesting work. The way you painted the green stuff, it makes me think of rock formations. You might run with this and add even more rocks at weird angles.
GomezAddams: Great colour scheme. I like the plasma coils.
ChickenFunk: Neat conversions, but I think you need to work on getting the white a little bit cleaner. Try base coating the white areas with a medium blue/gray (Fenris Gray, I think).
sigur: Wah, awesome Ogryns!
give_me_a_d: Wow, crank those guys out! I might add a contrasting colour to the lasguns (maybe the same colour as helmets) to create a bit of unity.
susu.exp: Those warriors look stunning! I'm not sure the blue works on the Lord, but it's hard to say without seeing the base finished. Maybe some kind of a weathered gray?
basilbrush: Yep, looks like Terminators. :)
Lucky: Nice job on the Russ.
arobe: Great Deffkoptas. I have to do mine soon, and they've got so many bits and fings that it's intimidating!
Kayvaan: Good job sticking with the army. I would suggest that you work a little bit more on basecoating your miniatures before painting lighter colours. Also, several thin coats are your friend! Also, if you plan on doing more vehicles with the Dark Angel symbol, you might want to make a template from thick card or plasticard. It will make your vehicles a bit more uniform.
Math Mathonwy: Wow, cool Prince!
red/winter: Great yellow on the Fists!


12-11-2009, 09:19
ok, Commenting time :D (since there is'n that much of post, ill be commenting an everyone's work)

@Nuage: i really like the idea of making an undead, zombi-looking army. realy cool conversions i could ad as well, keep up the good work

@Discord: i like the use of red and blue on flamers. and i was wondering if u could tell me how did u do the eyes of changeling?

@BigJon: i really like those spots on their legs.

@infelix: u got a lot of stuff done, if only i could do as much for a month.

@olean: a bunch of traitors - DEAT TO ALL TRAITORS !! :P

@misterboff: as always a greatly painted group of orks. u're really making me consider buying some of them.

@Irondog: man, i admire ur work.

@Zujara: a pink demon, yeeeee :P... no i really like the pink on this Slaanesh Greater Spon

@Bellarus666: i agree with jpobric, but i must ask why did u put them on basses. always preferred them with no basses...

@zis: those are really nice model. where did u get them?

@Badgobbla: great conversions in deed. and nice paint job

@GomezAddams: love the way u painted that, what ever they are, things on plasma canons that goes green, black, dark green, green and so on

@Chicken_Funk: maybe some work on the white...

@sigur: nice ogryns, nice painting.

@give_me_a_d: great combination of colors. love the wings.

@susu.exp: rusted necrons - great. and i love the blue on Lord.

@basilbrush: not much u can see from this picture actually.... but i reckon that they look great in person

@jpobrich: nice orks, but they look to me as if they weren't finished. its just me, i gees...

@Lucky: uuu, a green army tank - great !

@arobe: great paintwork.

@Kavyaan: nice minis, but i must say that the shoulder pads are somewhat strange looking, maybe its the picture... and can i suggest another layer of white on that rhino.

@Math Mathonwy: great, yellow, mean looking eyes - i love them :D. did u consider making one arm magnetized. so that when u need weapon u just chande the arm?

@red/winter: great plague marines, i always wanted them.

12-11-2009, 14:23
Since my camera died on me, i can not take any pictures now.
Therefor will use a JOKER.

Did finish Dark Reapers and Guardians, but will post them next month, and will paint the stuff for November as planned, so will buy back my joker then.

12-11-2009, 15:47
I posted in the thread, sorry for the delay. Stuff WILL be up tonight. No more excuses.

12-11-2009, 18:45
@Discord: i like the use of red and blue on flamers. and i was wondering if u could tell me how did u do the eyes of changeling?

After the skin was done, I painted the eyeball white and then splodged on a small black dot for the pupil. That's, um, it. Hopefully you didn't expect some unique spark of genius. :p

12-11-2009, 19:42
Ok folks, comment time for the other 4's out there.

misterboff: Great looking Deffskullz, I really like the skin. I tend to paint my ork skin a bit lighter, but that dark sinister look you have going really works well. I feel your pain on the bases, weights are a must. I put weights on the bottom of all my plastic figs. I use nickels for mine, as they fit perfectly in the bottom of the 25mm bases, but since you're in the UK that probably isn't an option. Washers are probably your best bet.

Badgobbla: Nice scheme on the Iron Warriors. I've heard a number of criticisms that Iron Warriors are easy to paint; and like Necrons, there is a bit of truth to that. However, they are not easy to paint well. I really like the metallics you have going, nice and dark the way it should be on a chaos army. Those obliterator conversions are also great. I always like to see nice conversions for them since I'm not a big fan of the stock models.

GomezAddams: Nice Sentinels. The grime on the feet looks good and gives a very 'lived in' feel to the models. Transfers can be a real pain to work with, especially when they keep falling apart on you. One thing you might try before you put on the matte varnish is go over the transfers with some gloss varnish first. Matte varnish has a tendency to produce a 'ghosting' effect on the transfer film. This can make them stand out as transfers as opposed to them looking like they're painted on. I usually paint over mine to blend them into the paint job, but I hear that using gloss varnish first can blend them in as well. Just something to try.

Spar666rawk: Nice grizzled heads on the guard command squad. The washes on the fabric look nice as well. As far as the blurry pictures go, does your camera have a 'macro' setting? It sometimes has a flower icon or something similar, and it really helps for taking close up shots.

... and in response to Jonahmaul's question about battle damage:

The battle damage was pretty easy actually. The small paint chips are just put on with Boltgun Metal in areas that would receive some wear, primarily along the edges of the armor, or on high tread areas like the ladder, the door edges, or around the top hatch. The larger scratches on the side door are done by painting a jagged scratch using Chaos Black, the doing a thinner line of Bultgun Metal under it to emphasize the scratch.

It's a good way of getting some battle damage onto the vehicle while having the ability to paint over it if it doesn't come out right. One problem with modelling the battle damage before painting is that it's easy to go overboard with your hobby knife. There's a fine line between 'distressed' and 'destroyed' when creating battle damage with tools as opposed to paint.

bert n ernie
12-11-2009, 20:36
I wish I had posted sooner, but I'm just letting you officially know I've had to Joker this month:
My excuse is being away in Israel, and I really couldn't get to work after I came back for various reasons. I am hoping I'll be able to stay in next month.

On to replies.
I rolled a 6:
That base on the deffkopter looks really great. Well done, I've not seen many cities of death Ork armies.

OK... I had thought there would be more than that.

Other replies:
Nuage, I think you've done well mostly with these guys. The cadians have great highlighting on their armour, but there are some parts that seem to be lacking in the detail and effort that you've put in overall. This could be stylistic or due to lack of closeups though.

So next time I'm certain that I'll be posting some kind of something next month, which I'm looking forward to doing.
I think next time I will post replies for everyone, and not just the dice number I rolled. I really really had expected there to be at least 60 or so regulars. On the other hand it is relieving to not have to write so much, as it takes up less of my painting time.

P.S. Joker was suggested chosen by the wife, so I'm not trying to be sexist by posting it.

12-11-2009, 22:21
After the skin was done, I painted the eyeball white and then splodged on a small black dot for the pupil. That's, um, it. Hopefully you didn't expect some unique spark of genius. :p

oh well... then i guess it's all in steady hands - more practice for me :(, no wait its a good thing :D

Spar666rawk: Nice grizzled heads on the guard command squad. The washes on the fabric look nice as well. As far as the blurry pictures go, does your camera have a 'macro' setting? It sometimes has a flower icon or something similar, and it really helps for taking close up shots.

thx for comment :)... yes i know about macro mode, it was on all the time. i think the problem is with light - my pictures get out looking too dark or blurry. must work on that

12-11-2009, 22:56
If your macro mode is on, then it does sound like a lighting issue. Try messing with your "F" setting, which is the Aperture Value/Shutter Speed. You'll see the value on the LCD screen, it'll say something like F2.8, 1/30. It basically holds the shutter open longer or shorter to let in differing amounts of light.

For longer exposure times, more than about 1/8 of a second, you'll want to have the camera stationary (either set it on a book or get a tripod) and use the timer setting. It doesn't matter how steady your hands are, long exposure times will give you fuzzy pictures if the camera is handheld.

Hope this helps.

13-11-2009, 13:09
I am asking for leniency in posting my photos till this evening. If everyone balks I will just joker my nids. But they are close to being done so I dont want to have to joker unless absolutley a requirment.

13-11-2009, 17:23
thx Irondog :D

i tried it and im absolutely amazed !! here is the picture:
it looks better enlarged tho...

thx again m8

p.s: i now see that i havent wahsed the hand, will get to that soon :D...

13-11-2009, 17:54
Ah yeah, that's much better. You could hardly see some of the details before, now it all shows up quite nicely. Glad you got it figured out.

14-11-2009, 08:53
Might as well post this. I painted a couple of deffkoptas and an attack squig for my warboss in adition to the boyz below, but I'm tired of waiting untill I have pictures, so they'll just have to go into next month's entry.

Dumnorix's Evil Sunz (appr. 2000 points)

18 Sluggaboyz, including 1 Big Shoota


TOTAL SO FAR: 553 points


Got my first games in! These were as part of my FLGS's campaign/escalation league, and as I suspected, the "no S8+ during the first round, so no Klaws"-rule really hurt. I had a practice game vs Space Marines, which ended in a draw, but then my official game vs Chaos Marines ended in disaster for the Boyz, when they, after first being Lashed around by a Sorcerer, were unable to break the 3+ armoured Spikyboyz before losing the battle of attrition. Good fun, though! The big end-of-month multi-player battle ended a little better, when literally the last Ork standing made a last minute mad dash for an objective, saving the Xenos isde from defeat and ending the battle in a draw. Go Boss Robo-Gob! My boyz have now looted enough fuel to get some Klaws and Koptas going, so here's my fluff for this month's battles, in which S8+ and a single elite/HS/FA choice are allowed. Still no vehicles allowed for my poor Speed Freaks, though...
"Wot yer mean, da trukk ain't runnin'?!"
"Well, boss, ya see..."
"We gotz dat sparky bitz from da big 'oomie zappgun wot Robo-Gob pinched the ovver day, 'aven't we?!"
"Yeah, boss, but..."
"Got da mek ta fix me klaw. So why's me ride not workin'?!"
"Ya see, boss, 's like dis..."
"An' wot's dat zoggin' noise?!"
"Dat's wot I wuz tryin' ta say, boss! It's dem fly-boys! Dey nicked dem sparky bitz fer fixin' da koptas!"
"WOT?! Where dey at?!"
"Dey's over there, boss. Dey said dey wuz huntin' 'oomies!"
"Well, we'll just 'ave ta git some more bitz fer me wagon, innit?! An' den I'z gonna go catch dem flyin' squigs-fer-brains an' give 'm da seein' to ov dere zoggin' lives! WAAAAAAGH!!!"

Eight of the boys are straight from the box AOBR ladz, with the Big Shoota shoota having his head repositioned to make him more dynamic. It worked, too, as he managed to shoot and wound that blasted Chaos Sorcerer while legging it off the field! :)
Because I needed more boyz in a hurry, and didn't feel like buying more models just at that moment, I dug up some very very old skool boys from my aborted early nineties attempt at an Ork army. Four of them are from Space Crusade, the rest came with the classic Battlewagon you might remember from the beginning of this Tale. I thught they would look really lame next to the modern figs, but now that they're finished, they don't stand out nearly as much as I feared they would. Think I'll keep them in! :)

Ork skin: Catachan Green, Devlan Mud Wash, Camo Green drybrush
Metal: Boltgun Metal drybrush over black undercoat. There's also the occasional Tin Bitz detail.
Red metal: Overbrush metal with Mechrite Red, leaving plenty of scratches.
Brown stuff: Bestial Brown base, mostly with Devlan Mud Wash, but also several other washes and highlights as the mood struck me.
Red stuff: Bestial Brown highlighted with Mechrite Red, or Mechrite Red with a Devlan Mud wash for the slightly 'redder' areas.

Fine gravel painted Bestial Brown, Bleached Bone drybrush. I hate doing bases, so kept it simple.

Dese boys iz reddy fer fightin'!

Highs: Managing to get the extra boyz done in time for my games. Also, playing my first games!
Lows: Not winning my first games! That's a minor complaint, though, as I had fun. Also, not getting the pictures for my koptas and squig done in time.

And now... PICTURES!

First up is a group shot, then the new boyz, then the oldskool boyz.

14-11-2009, 18:55
Just consider me jokered with my nids for this month as well. I will post double points and earn it back hopefully.

14-11-2009, 21:21
Well, a little late...hopefully late is better than never!

Ssorck's Old School Astral Claws, 1750 points

Doing Astral Claws using regular Space Marine Rules

Lufgt Huron; The Tyrant of Badab (Counts as Vulkan) Cost: 190 points
1 Dread with MM, Hvy Flamer - Cost: 115 points

TOTAL PAINTING FOR October: 190 Points

TOTAL PAINTING So Far: 320 Points

DICE ROLL: I rolled a 1!!!

Had this idea quite awhile ago. I always loved the fluff surrouning Huron Blackheart and the Badab War - but was less than impressed with the current treatment of the Red Corsairs. I always felt the Red Corsairs should reflect a more or less SM force rather than a CSM force, specifically one revolving around lightning strikes with assault boats or drop pods.

My army is an Astral Claws force right after Huron recovers from his melta-blast and bionic replacements, before his red thing. So Astral Claws with the original tiger stripes. I also envision he would have had some of the other renegades with him when he fled to the Malestrom, so I will have some Executioner Space Marines attached as well. I picture my army as the force that drops in on the first pirate outpost Huron subdues in the Malestrom.

Heavy conversion - pretty much hate the GW version of Huron so built my own...

Black with Tiger Stripes

Metals are a dumbed down version of the metal master Jakob Nielson technique.

Silver or Steel is a basecoat of Boltgun Metal, followed by a wash of thinned Chaos Black. Highlight layers Boltgun Metal, Chainmail. Next hit with a very thin glaze of Purple and Green ink mixed. Final Highlight Mithril Silver.

The metals take a bit of time but I'm a big fan of the result. Again, all the credit goes to Jakob Nielson for the technique.

Don't know yet.

Just add a name for the nameplate scroll.

Highs: Finally finishing Huron - this guy has been sitting around a few years.

Lows: The striping takes a long time - and taking 2 months to get motivated to finish him...






Next month - Hopefully Tac Marines

14-11-2009, 21:29
Sorry for the lateness in replying to this thread, my PC completely died and PC world have been giving me the run around so I'm stuck using a laptop, but I can finally get around the replies.

I'm going to reply to everyone :)

@Everyone who mentioned transfers (there were a few so..) - I should have stated earlier, there was nothing wrong with application, its just that they were fairly old (I preorder about four battalions IIRC) so they were just falling apart even with lots of encouragement with microsol but hey, I've got a few spare for the reminaing sentinel.

@NUAGE - I like the theme and it works really well although cut back on the folliage. I think the way some of the models look like local citizens rather then guardsmen works quite well - I know thats just a product of the zombie set, but I recon you could do something quite cool with this if you were to expand upon it.
As for using oil paints, I was a little stuck to be honest as I was living with my fiancees parents at the time and they didnt want white spirit in the house, so I was stuck with the nightmare of linseed oil. Luckily I have no such problems now and the valk I'm painting for this months painting has turned out nicely.
I really like the glowing effect on the psykers chest icon, and the plasma gunners just a nice model, its going to fit in well with your army.

@DISCORD - Your a sneaky one, but then such is the way with the scions of the lord of change :D
Whilst the blending on the flammers is great, I much prefer the epic stuff so looking forward to seeing more.

@BIGJON - Baracus looks excellent, although sadly I wont be able to steal the idea as Im hoping to do an air cavalry army and as we all know, he aint gettin on no plane...
The Iron hand model again looks excellent especially the bionic arm which blends in perfectly. I'd suggest having another pass at the skin if you get chance (a highlight or two) but I wouldn't worry about it. Definatelly looking forward to seeing more.

@INFELIX - What sort of dip did you use? I might have to have a stab at some epic stuff myself if they come out that well.

@OLEAN - Its great to see classic models still in service and they look great with the washes on. The only problem is, I dont see them blending too well with the stealers. Both look great on there own but together I dont see the link but otherwise I can't fault the painting, especially the flammer stripes.
I'm sure bell of lost

@MISTBOFF - Your orks were one of the reasons I decided to sign up. Its nice to have such a good looking, consistant looking army - especially orks which can often look a bit manic. I'm really looking forward to the trukks/grots although I'm worried about you getting bummed out at painting yet another chunky horde - concentrate on the trukks :)

@IRONDOG - I've noticed its a lot harder to comment on peoples work when its of such high standard without giving the usual 'wow thats awesome' comment thats clearly not required.
And I've only just realised the banner wasnt the metal one... I'll leave it at that.

@ZUJARA - I like the keeper of secrets, its a nice mix of pastal colors, are you going to do some daemonettes soon as itd be great to carry the scheme over? Definately looking forward to the soul grinder for next month although nurglings have always had a special place (got some knocking around somewhere... musn't get distracted though...)

@BELLARUS666 - The bases set them off really nicely, and the eyes really stand out against the rotting flesh color of the armour.

@Zis - I love those plaguebearers but could you get us a better picture of them sometime? It looks to be an awesome mix of parts and scratch building. Any plans to do more or even have a crack at the great unclean one...

@BADGOBBLA - There impressive scratchbuilds and the paintings top notch although the lascannon doesnt look right to me. I also like the servitors, and it looks like your on the right track with these so lets see some rank and file!

@CHICKEN_FUNK (awesome name) - The marines look really good although I think you could do more with the shields as there looking a little plain but otherwise keep it up, looking forward to seeing next months entry.

@SIGUR - The skin tones on them are superb, especially the stubly hair. Its all the little details though that really make them stand out, like the tattoo on the guy on the lefts arm and the chain-bayonet on the right.

@GIVE_ME_A_D - The grey with the blue works really well especially with the highlights being so sharp. The red really sets them off nicely and Im glad you haven't detailed the bases too much. Really looking forward to the pathfinders especially if your keeping the same scheme.

@SUSU.EXP - I'm not keen on the blue on the lord by the glowing chests are excellent. Keep it up and get them based!

@BASILBRUSH - Glad to see another epic player in this, although its hard to comment when the models are so small :D looking forward to seeing more tough.

@JPOBRICH - I really like the deathwing, the green on them is really nice next to the armour.

@LUCKY - Excelllent Russ, although I see your having the same problems with decals as I am. I should really get some more Miyazaki though as its been awhile. Then again christmas is coming up :D

@KAVYAAN - I love the dark angels icon across the back of the rhino, although it needs another coat of white.

@MATH MATHONWY - I definately prefer the second head, but for a daemon prince it has to be the first.

@SPAR666AWK - The assassin blending into the background works really well, definately something I'm going to have to try at some point. Its a very characterful army with all the trophies they really do look like they've been through the wars although I'd do a little more to the banner.

@red/winter - Could you get us better photos?

And that, exhaustingly, is that - god that took awhile, definately not leaving it so long to comment again although its been great to take some time to look over everyones work again. Thank you for all the nice comments guys its nice to be keep going at the moment as things are pretty bad at home (not with the married life, with other things thankfully).

The valk for this month is coming along well - oil paints are all on and its looking pretty swish, although I'm pretty stuck for ideas as to what to do with the cockpit. I'm tempted to do it all in greens as if its been lit from the screens but it seems a bit of a cop out. We'll see.

Aside from that, I recently bought a large sisters of battle army along with some cool odds and ends that might find there way in. Then theres the hurn heresy release recently which is screaming at me to get bought along with the firestorm armada ships by spartan games which look so much like adeptus mechanicus ships its untrue.... curse me and my magpie like way of aquiring models!

15-11-2009, 10:49
@SPAR666RAWK - The assassin blending into the background works really well, definately something I'm going to have to try at some point. Its a very characterful army with all the trophies they really do look like they've been through the wars although I'd do a little more to the banner.

i'm looking forward to seeing ur try at it :). well i may have cheated a bit with the bannet, cos u see it's 85% done, some more detail work on it, and maybe some more extras could go on it, don't know yet...

15-11-2009, 10:55
Good work everyone, I think we can call submissions closed for the month now. Let's all try and aim for the 7th next month. ;)

I'll try and post up some comments later in the week. :)

15-11-2009, 12:15
Good work everyone, I think we can call submissions closed for the month now. Let's all try and aim for the 7th next month. ;)

I'll try and post up some comments later in the week. :)

AAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH an hour too late... Unless you are feeling generous that is... Please Mr McMullet sir :angel:

SuavelyDunns Ork Horde

Orktober 2009

The dice roll came up a 1 - typical!

Month 3: Unit of Trukk Boyz. 12 Ork Boyz armed with Choppa & Slugga and lead by a Nob with bosspole. He is armed with a Power Klaw & Slugga. Ride in a Trukk (Big Shoota & Red Paint Job) - 162 points

Month 3: Nob with Power Klaw for the other unit of Trukk boyz - 25 points


Month 1: Unit of Trukk Boyz. 12 Ork Boyz armed with Choppa & Slugga and lead by a Nob with bosspole. He is armed with a Power Klaw & Slugga. Ride in a Trukk (Big Shoota & Red Paint Job) - 162 points

Month 2: Big Mek armed with Power Klaw (counts as), Kustom Force Field, 'eavy armour and Pet Attack Squig - 140 points

Month 3: Unit of Trukk Boyz. 12 Ork Boyz armed with Choppa & Slugga and lead by a Nob with bosspole. He is armed with a Power Klaw & Slugga. Ride in a Trukk (Big Shoota & Red Paint Job) - 162 points



Lead by The Big Mek, the warband is made up of a core of Trukk Boyz and other "invenshuns". Never one to miss an opportunity, anything that has been shot (or found...) by the Boyz is looted.

No conversions (as yet )

I use foundry paint system and armypainter dip. Go back & highlight the flesh. Nuff said.

Back 2 Base-IX bases and the orks are drilled & pinned to them. Add a bit of static grass and matt varnish and bob is your uncle.

On these figures, nothing.

Highs: They painted up quite well. I am happy with my scheme and think that it works really well.
Lows: Real life hit with a bang. Very busy at work, and loads of other things to take my time away from the important things in life...like painting!


Have fun!


15-11-2009, 12:42
I'll post pics soon, got myself some new infantry done.

15-11-2009, 15:51
Hmm, I guess I'll be playing a joker then as I still haven't posted - grrr! Really need to get back into the swing of painting but with moving city & starting a new uni course my time has just been sapped recently. This is joker number 2 but I'll hopefully buy one back soon

15-11-2009, 17:42
Case: Imperial Guard, 1500pts

This month: My first JOKER (represented by the angry sergeant below) :(
Total painted this tale: 230 points



@Nuage: The army concept and execution is just getting better every month. Wonderful bases as well.

@Discord: Nice to see classic flamers! The paintjob does them justice.

@BigJon: Nice work on the characters. The camo pattern could perhaps use some more randomness.

@infelix: Great work getting 6mm models to instantly recognisable as Nurgle troops.

@olean: Those classic guardsmen look great, keep it up!

@misterboff: Good progress, the army is taking shaping really fast.

@Irondog: Eavy metal quality painting this month as well.

@Zujara: Good job on the keeper. The group shot would probably look better with a white background and in bigged size.

@Bellarus666: The green armour looks very good. The bases look nice as well.

@zis: Wonderful conversions! Very chaosy.

@Badgobbla: Nice kitbashing with the oblis. The only part that bothers me are the horns on the chaos warrior helmet.

@Math Mathonwy: love the deamon prince!

15-11-2009, 19:30
As I played a joker for October I thought I'd better pull my finger out. I also decided to ramp up my Epic painting eforts as well but since I can churn out a couple of thousand points pretty easily I am not so worried about that log.

Painting October: 1 tactical squad for 40k (incomplete)
Painting November: 1 assault squad 40k and 2 terminator detachments for Epic.

After some games with my 40k mantis warriors I decided to re-equip my tactical sgt with a power fist as I have found these are quite the solution to a dreadnought hitting you in the face!







15-11-2009, 22:08
Hmmm... I just got back online after exams. But it seems I'm too late... I can't joker this month as well or it'll be my third thus forcing me out of the project. Is it possible for me to post double points next month thus reclaiming this month's joker leaving me with the maximum two jokers played?

15-11-2009, 22:34
My comments...

For 1's...

@ Give_me_a_d - Sorry about your Grandma. I lost both my grandmother & my grandfather in the last 2 years myself. Blows. Anyway nice hawks. The grey, white and hawk turquoise work well together. Also thumbs up on the classic hawks!

@ SuavelyDunn - Orks turned out pretty good. I'm impressed with what I've seen from armypainter dip. I may have to try it one of these days...

a few other comments...

@ Olean - those IG guys are great. I've always liked the classic guard models. Those are the plastics right?

@ IronDog - great painting. Not a big fan of the model for Pedro but you've done it well. Also love the scratches & chapter symbol on the rhino. Well done.

@ Zis - those guys are really cool looking, and I love the bases. Would love to see some bigger pics of the plague daemons.

15-11-2009, 23:33
School work this semester is rough as heck, and it is only going to get rougher. I actually was able to meet my goal for the month for my Deathwing army, but there is no way I can keep to a schedule of painting right now.

I respectfully withdraw both of my armies from the tale. One of these years...

16-11-2009, 10:49
@SuavelyDunn - I think I can let you off for an hour yes. :p

16-11-2009, 12:34
Hmmm... I just got back online after exams. But it seems I'm too late... I can't joker this month as well or it'll be my third thus forcing me out of the project. Is it possible for me to post double points next month thus reclaiming this month's joker leaving me with the maximum two jokers played?
Sorry, I missed that post. Sure, if it's "post late or drop out", I'd much rather you post late. :)

16-11-2009, 18:33
Alot of people wanted to se better pictures of my nurgle deamons i did for this month. So here are 1 more. not much better but bigger and mabey its more easy to see all stuff i made on them.

Also its almost impossible to se the snail guy i did so i guess i will have to try to take some new pictures in daylight tomorrow.
And before all will ask about the white colours on the arms. its pink but my camera and flash decided to show them as white :wtf:

Anyway i have talked to much. just wanted to say thx to all the nice comments i get.

ps the flag is not done yeat :p


17-11-2009, 11:57
figured it's as good time as any for some wip :P....

so, I'll be modest for November: ill be doing 3 Ogryns and one Primaris Psyker

so here's a wip pic:

17-11-2009, 16:21
Hi all,

Here late again, i'm sorry, i have a hectic time coming up at work and have been fully engrossed with trying to make sure that works right, pays the bills and all..

i have been painting this month and althought not refined to the point that i want i have managed to build and paint myself a rhino.

Although not 100% complete it's not far off and don't want to be any later than i already am so here it is:

My Astral Claws Thunder claw Rhino :D

17-11-2009, 20:02
Looking good konig.

@zis: Lovely looking daemons. Love the bases.

Some progress on Epic:



17-11-2009, 21:25
Thanks for all comments! You keep me motivated, guys (and gals?). I spent way to much time on giving c&c this time (that could have been spent panting), but sometimes you have to make an effort...

@Nuage: Those bases really make the whole army "come to life" (pun intended)

@Discord: Ilike your choice of colours, both for the daemons and the titans. They remind me of the classic style from the late 80's

@BigJon: It's nice to see how your painting scheme gives these special character models into a whole different style. They take on a totally different feel.

@infelix: Holy cow! I never would've thought Epic minis looked so good dipped! This gives so many new possibilities...

@misterboff: You've done a man's job, sir! The blue looks very good against the darkish orks.

@Irondog: Beautiful! That blue is great, and the balance between neat decor and wear+tear on the vehicles is perfect.

@Zujara: Looks like a perfect ally for my Slaanesh cult! Great job - the cobblestone base is both a good contrast to the daemon and varied enough to look interesting.

@Bellarus666: Very sweet basing here!They offset the bikes great, and your paint scheme is both Nurgle-y and martial at the same time. Success!

@zis: Amazing conversions! They remind me of the classis Realm of Chaos vision with their swirling bodies. The stuff of nightmares...

@Badgobbla: These are perfect Obliterators - and Iron Warriors to boot: I have a similar conversion project going in my archives, and these make me wanna dig them out and steal some of your ideas! Hope you don't mind...

@GomezAddams: I love and love Sentinels, and these are just how I like them, looking properly like military vehicles. The transfers sheets seem to show in the light, have you ever tried Set/Sol? it dissolves the sheet leaving only the symbols - I love it.

@hwd: Looking good - keep going! I am daunted myself by the details on these minis...

@Chicken_Funk: The picture is very dark, but your paint scheme seems striking and knightly. Great use of the shields!

@sigur: 28mm goodness as always... The skin is really, really great. The bases are nice with the cobblestones showing through, but perhaps just a few more tidbits of some kind here and there - the debris of war?

@Nuage: Sweet ride! The weathering on the plough is excellent! What did you use?

@give_me_a_d: O.My.God-Emperor. Those Hawks are beautiful, and your neatness in the painting really brings out the eldar feel. Maybe liven up the bases just a tad more?

@susu.exp: Hey, they actually look like they are glowing! Excellent execution of the ancient + brooding theme.Lookinng forward to seeing them with the bases done!

@basilbrush: Looking good - but from approx a mile away... Any chance of a closer look?

@jpobrich: Deathwing - Very smooth! Those orks have a sweet combination of dark sluggishness and striking red accents. It's the proper way to paint orks!

@Lucky: Spotless piece of work - congrats! have you considered a few smaller markings (instructions, danger, mottos etc), to make it "pop" a bit more?

@arobe: Waaagh! Swwet ride! That metal is looking very orky - how did you do it? Great base!

@Kavyaan: I really like that old school feel your marines have! And the symbol on the rhino is amazing - is it freehand?

@Math Mathonwy: Oh man, that is great! And seeing you achieving such amazing results with foundation + dip (what brand?) inspires me to keep experimenting in that direction myself. Imagine if I had these options all those years ago when I started out...

@Spar666rawk: The last picture was much better, thanks! I have problems myself with taking decent pics. Love that chameleon effect!

@red/winter: Looks very good! Can you get a closer photo? The yellow is great (and mellow!)

@Dumnorix: Another proper orky paint scheme - High five! The classic plastic and the new ones go unexpectedly together(is that a word?)

@ssorck: Striking and original! The claw is very well executed - congrats!

@SuavelyDunn: Oh yeah, well worth the wait! Amazingly good results from using dip - this stuff was _made_ for orks.

@Case: Great camo on that joker! Have a tutorial somewhere? I love flecktarn...

@daemonkin: I love the classic stripes on marine helmets - reminds me of my RTB01 Flesh Tearers... The green is very smooth and rich!


@jpobrich: Limos are definitely an option, as the traitor guard can have rhinos or chimeras which would work rules-wise. I will be looking out for likely candidates for conversions over the next months...

@GomezAddams: yeah, I see what you're saying - I've thought about it myself. Maybe the stealers will benefit from a wash too, to darken them, We'll see.

@ssorck: Yep, they sure are. I scored a huge lot on ebay a few years ago that should be enough for this and my loyalist guard, the Necromundan 8th "Spiders" regiment.

Looking forward to next month!

17-11-2009, 22:23
@bigjon really love the ba rip, you thought about a small 4 man crack squad that he could be part of that are all ripped from the a team!!

18-11-2009, 07:00
Hugely late post and also no comments posted last month :o

Due to huge work commitments this month I didn;t manage to quite finish Ahriman, hence a joker which I will endeavour to wipe out next month.

Obligatory Joker photo below:

18-11-2009, 21:40
Hey all. I've been a bit bad and got distracted from my valkyre but they'll be WIP pictures of that tomorrow when I get the cockpit finished.

First time trying to do NMM so comments and criticisms would really be appreciated on this. Ignore the robes - got a little ahead of myself so they'll be getting redone.


Sorry its a little on the dark side, I have no idea on how to adjust pictures so for the record, the backgrounds a sheet of A4 paper...

19-11-2009, 08:45
Good work everyone, I think we can call submissions closed for the month now. Let's all try and aim for the 7th next month. ;)

I'll try and post up some comments later in the week. :)

Whew, that was a busy month for sure. After my in-laws returned home, we had to deal with their bacteria and viruses. The last couple of weeks, the whole family has had some sort of flu at one stage or another (every kind of flu except for the swine flu). Consider both my armies jokered for this month, and I will double-post next month instead. When things settle back to normal here, I will try to get the camera up and take some actual photos.

For those of you who did not know: sick child+wife = no hobby time + exhaustion.

I just checked the whole thread, and I must say that there are lots of wonderful entries. I will try to add individual comments later this week.


19-11-2009, 09:34
I have a quick question regarding points totals each month...

For my Orks I have currently completed two months and jokerd this (third) month. I should therefore have painted 300 points of stuff. Due to unit points totals I am up to 360 points. If therefore next month I enter 85 points (wierdboy) of stuff this brings me to 445 points over 3 painting months. I assume this is okay?
If however I also manage to paint an extra 145 points (stormboys) then me total will be 590 points. Would this allow me to buy back the Joker I played for this month?

The same goes for my Space Marines who I should get up to 600 points by the end of month 4 having played 1 joker. Would this allow me to again 'buy back' this months Joker for them?

EDIT: I should add both armies are being completed to 1500 points hence I am working on 150 points per month...

Sorry if this is confusing...


19-11-2009, 09:41
@Hwd: That is what I am guessing will happen. I had painted extra in the first 2 months but jokered October. I have now almost finished October and November so I assume that when I post these I will get back my joker giving me my full quota of jokers again.

@McMullet: Regarding my epic army that I put in at the start (3k). We are now in month 4 so I should have posted 1k of my force. I have already used 2 jokers but I have recently had a splurge of epic activity and was hoping that if I post 1k of my force by the end of this month can I be assumed to be back in the log and with a full compliment of jokers? Incidentally I am well on my way with 2 terminator formations done (700points) and a squd of bikes and a thunderhawk awaiting some painting this weekend.


19-11-2009, 09:49
Okay I know I'm the new guy here but...

To me, it seems like it should be more about fun then strict rules and such - and remember, McMullet has RSI at the moment so probably wont be up to posting long replies.

Anyway to quote from earlier...

Hmmm... I just got back online after exams. But it seems I'm too late... I can't joker this month as well or it'll be my third thus forcing me out of the project. Is it possible for me to post double points next month thus reclaiming this month's joker leaving me with the maximum two jokers played?
Sorry, I missed that post. Sure, if it's "post late or drop out", I'd much rather you post late.

So, I reckon that yes you can buy back a joker if you absolutely have to after all its better to do that then have people dropping out all together, as long as its not a regular thing.

19-11-2009, 09:54
@Gomez: Yeah I realise its just for fun and there is no strict rules but I thought it better to ask. This is my first time in the 'Tale of' so was just wanting to be clear.

Hopefully November's tasks will go smoothly. The only difficulty I am having is getting my home made transfers to stick!


19-11-2009, 11:19
Pick up some Microsol - costs about a fiver but its invaluable.

19-11-2009, 11:26
I have the blue one (set or sol?) and it works fine on GW transfers, actually is pretty fantastic on them but my homemade ones are a bit more delicate and the solvent makes them curl inwards.

I may redo my transfers and apply more sealant to the page this time. Will try at the weekend.


19-11-2009, 11:29
Sorry, I missed that post. Sure, if it's "post late or drop out", I'd much rather you post late. :)

Thanks heaps! May you live a long and happy life :)
I'm thinking I may just post double next month seeing as it's already so late this month. That would work better with unit composition. Othewise, if people would prefer an update this month, I can try and get something up tomorrow?

19-11-2009, 12:15
Try applying a bit more microset (thats the blue one your using) to the surface of the model before applying them and see how your getting on. Generally if the inks not running then you dont need more sealant. I havent used microset, but microsol 'melts' the transfer making it more maliable and generally a lot easier to handle.

If you want any more help feel free to shoot me a PM :)

20-11-2009, 14:45
Hi gang,

I took a work in progress picture yesterday of my 2 Runtherds and 14 Grotz that I've painted so far this month. Since then, I've finished the other 6 Grotz and now I've just got a Looted Wagon that need it's Boomgun adding, Orkifying and then undercoating. The weather has been awful lately though, so I don't know when I'll be able to find a dry spell to undercoat it!

The good news is that while I'm waiting for the weather to pick up I'll start assembling a Battlewagon ready for next month's submission...


[November WiP]

21-11-2009, 22:21
Some comments then a bit of an update -

Nuage - Very good for 9-10 hours, nice variation in the models adds to the zombie look.

Discord - nice painting on the flamers, the graduation on the arms looks good. Love the Reaver. One of my favourite epic models, shame I never had one.

BigJon - These two are nice additions, the metal is particularly good. Not sure about the camo, looks a bit like pyjamas to me.

infelix - As I always say, I do like a nice bit of epic. Nicely painted, I like that you based the rhinos.

olean - I'm really enjoying your cult army, nice to see so many of those original models and with the original paint schemes as well. I have a collection of WDs that go back many years and there is one I remember that this army could have come straight out of.

misterboff - some nice additions to this ever expanding horde.

Irondog - seems like a clever choice of models - a high pointer and a low pointer. Really well done as usual.

Zujara - shame about the witch hunters. The daemons are coming on nicely. The Soulgrinder is a great model with a surprising amount of detail, so I'll be interested to see yours.

Bellarus666 - your army is quickly becoming one of my favourites. the bases look a bit blue(?) might just be the light.

zis - like to see some more of those PBs, they look great, the latest shot is better, the icon looks fantastic.

Badgobbla - I really like the obliterators, great models and very well painted. I'm not sure about servitors as daemons right now but I'm sure it'll makes sense.

GomezAddams - very nice pair of sentinels and the ship is good too.

hwd - some months things go exactly to plan, others don't. The termies show promise.

Chicken_Funk - some nice modeling details on these, nicely painted too.

more soon honest

And the update - The nice base I've started for my Soulgrinder turns out to be a bit of a waste of time as I was way to otimistic on the amount of ground clearance I'd given it. The base detail is too high and any solution I can think of just leaves legs hanging in the air looking very odd. So I'll leave the base for a defiler project and do another one. Painting wise he was already about half way there but there is still a lot to do. The pathfinders are still early stages but are such great models its a joy to paint them.

bert n ernie
21-11-2009, 23:02
Quick update here. Despite having jokered last month I think I'll just barely make this next month.
I only found 3 sets of marine biker legs, and am having to greenstuff the rest. This orange marine army is turning out to be far more complicated than I expected. So no WIP from me.

I look forward to commenting on many of the armies next month.

22-11-2009, 16:26
Just a quick photo update on the Sould Grinder. A claw! -


22-11-2009, 23:54
Hi guys.

I could do with a bit of advice for my Looted Wagon. It's going to be a Looted Wagon with a Boomgun, 'Ard Case and 2 Big Shootas. The Boomgun is the Killkannon from the Battlewagon, and the 'Ard Case is just the fact that the Rhino it's based upon isn't open-topped.

The 2 Big Shootas are causing a bit of a problem however. I've glued 2 spare Big Shootas to the Lobba blast shield (see pic), but it looks very bare above them...

Please can anybody chip in with any suggestions to help me fill out this rather blank looking area? I've got a few spare ammo boxes from the Truk kit that I could use, but if I use them where should I put them? Or does anyone think that the grinning periscope from the Battlewagon kit would look any good above them?

One of my Runtherds is propping it up where it's going to go so you can see how it looks currently. There are other gaps to fill, but I'll sort them out when I've got the Big Shootas out of the way.


23-11-2009, 06:20
why don't you try putting one of the boys, with some sort of weapon (flamer, for example) in the hole behind the open space, and position to look through the red area that u pointed out on the picture...

23-11-2009, 08:23
You could go with the top half of the large skull glyph/banner that comes with the battlewagin kit. It would kinda look like a skull with a hige jaw and a stuck out (shoota) tongue?

Otherwise an ork boy manning the big shootas would look pretty good. A bit of work and you could have a very stereotypical looking tank commander ork with field goggles or someting?

23-11-2009, 10:55
I agree with Spar666rawk & hwd's second idea, definately need some sort of Ork coming out of the whole aiming the big shootas (or if you could model it perhaps a couple of grots fighting over who's going outside to man the gun or an Ork pushing a grot out?)

23-11-2009, 11:18
I like that idea... The Ork pushing a grot out of the way! If you don't go for that idea I may well have to steal it for myself...

24-11-2009, 00:22
omg soooooo cool

24-11-2009, 07:00
yup, I'm for that last one, with the grot and orck. but instead of pushing him away maybe holding him as a kind of human (grot) shild... uuuu, that would look soooo cool :)

24-11-2009, 10:15
i have one q about the Profile Picture - how do i get my to appear ??

p.s : not a right place for this kind of q but u'll forgive me :D

24-11-2009, 10:46
@Spar666rawk: Don't quote me but I think you may need 100 posts before you have the option of an avatar.

If not then you can access it using your Control Panel->Avatar and either upload one from your desktop or insert a link to one stored elsewhere online. There are certain dimensions as well that need to be adhered to.


24-11-2009, 11:35
i already put picture there, so it has to be something about the number of posts. ok, thx deamonking

24-11-2009, 15:00
I don't think you have to have 100 posts, I'm sure I've been using mine since I first signed up to Warseer. Just go to edit avatar in your User CP & then upload the one you want & make sure that the box is ticked to display it (there is an option for do not display avatar so you might have that checked?). I wouldn't worry about asking, we're all a friendly lot here & I know I've hijacked the threads for advice several times!

24-11-2009, 17:32
thx Jonahmaul :D... it woooooooorks :D :D

25-11-2009, 00:36
why don't you try putting one of the boys in the hole behind the open space...

an ork boy manning the big shootas would look pretty good...

definately need some sort of Ork coming out of the hole...

Thanks very much for the replies guys, I never actually thought about putting an Ork in there to break up the space.

After much cutting/filing and messing about I've finished assembling my Looted Wagon. My converting skills aren't good enough to do the Ork/Grot combo suggestion justice, but here's how it turned out.

Now I just need some dry weather to be able to undercoat it...


25-11-2009, 06:23
that looks great. cant wait to see it all painted up :)

25-11-2009, 09:52
AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see that bad boy painted. Please tell me that you're spraying that black though!

25-11-2009, 11:17
Looks great and I have oficially stolen the boy pushing the grot out of the way of a gun for my next battlewagon...

25-11-2009, 12:30
I was thinking of the Ork being inside the wagon pushing the grot outside to do the firing...

25-11-2009, 22:17
now i cant wait to see how ur gona pull it off hwd :D

26-11-2009, 11:21
sorry i havent posted any comments guys, i was having examsn and my gf is going to japan for a study exchange so i was really busy next month ill commment on everyone, and post better pics myself , im sorry for the lack of comments but everyone who posted has great looking minis

01-12-2009, 21:53
I added my pics to my post, no. 25 that is.
Sorry, I really forgot to put them up. Really!

Now my comments. Better late than ignoring your work ;)

Discord, I like that you use your stuff for both tales. The painting is really good. The changeling is so classic.
The reaver looks good too, almost a bit fantasy-esque, from the colour choice.

BigJon, these guys kick serious butt! Baracus is great, no need to put up the name. I saw it instantly.

Zujara, real cool keeper, I like the base alot. Also a classic approach here, I find this very good!

Belarus, that is one cool biker unit. The colours work great, the bases are the outstanding part here. Interesting combination of pale green and what appears to be gold. Better than the usual green plus silver.

Sigur, a pleasure to comment on your stuff, as always. They look like taken out of a end nineties WD, perfect! The skin is particularly well done, and the blue bullet-tips are a nice touch.

Susu.exp, that gel stuff thing you do on the chests looks quite good. I does some trick, dunno which though ;)

Well, seems to be it! Seeing so many have dropped out already I will push my efforts to stay in. I will post my comments sooner next time too, as this here might not be all that motivating.

Still, some work is very nice in this project, I hope everybody keeps up and reaches the goals set at the beginning. I certainly wont, but thats because my armies are too big to finish in one years time ;)

Cheers all

02-12-2009, 21:12
Hi chaps, being a bit slow this month again. Thread will be up tomorrow!

03-12-2009, 08:20
@olean: Sorry about the late reply! The camo scheme is by Gropius, you can check out his tutorial here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=76981&page=4#post1469860).

03-12-2009, 15:02
OK chaps, new thread up: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4183460#post4183460

Post away!

03-12-2009, 19:46
Ok, as the new thread shows I've been very slack so apologies folks, I am desperately trying to keep in the Tale but I've got loads of uni work on for the next month or so. However, I have got an entry for this month finished which will also catch up my missed points although not any of my jokers. Hopefully I will buy a joker back in the new year when uni gets a little bit less stressful. I am back in Cardiff at the moment though so can't post my pictures until next Monday when I get back to Canterbury

06-12-2009, 22:04

This is a model that was given to me Christmas 07, has taken me this long to get around to finishing it. Sorry about the crappy pics, can't find the charger for my proper camera. Am a bit burnt out on the marauder, so I'm not sure I'll have it finished for this month. Habe been working on my warhound instead.

08-12-2009, 02:14
Another little update from me:
Set of devastator multimeltas as a replacement option for one of my two heavy bolter dev squads, and a full complement of Starhawk Bombers and Fury interceptors to finish off my BFG for this year.

If I can get a Leman Russ, Hellhound and half of a Lightning Fighter done by thursday then I can use the work I've got done on my titans this month to buy back a joker...