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Easy E
17-05-2005, 03:32

This thread is to specualte on the nature of Imperial diplomats.

Do they exist?
What Departmento would they be part of?
Given the Imperium's general philosophy towards xenos, what are they expected to do?
What kind of power can they wield?
How do they go about their business?


Delicious Soy
17-05-2005, 04:27
Wel, according to the Tau codex, they do indeed exist. I'd say most of them are xenos experts who deal with the more 'civilised' xenos empires that the Imperium knows about. Like in the Tau codex, I imagine that they mostly exist to maintain relations until such a time as they can be exterminated.

On the flip side, it is interesting that prior to the Beelze conflict, the Imperium had representative on the Alaitoc craftworld, although there isn't any mention of how they got there. In all probability the Eldar took them there to conceal the position of the craftoworld. In the case of major galatic players like the Eldar, relations might be a little more genial, but relations would probably have sevre limitations set by the High Lords.

Talkie Toaster
17-05-2005, 17:30
Presumably they help set the limits of trade relations on frontiers like the Tau/Imperium border, and negotiate treaties etc. but given the imperium's attitude, the main use of ambassadors and diplomatic visits is likely to be intelligence gathering.

Flame Boy
17-05-2005, 18:19
Indeed, hold the treaty with one hand, hold the laspistol in the other, describes the imperium well. Keep the enemy guessing with false diplomacy and demands and threats while the Battlefleets show up.

Easy E
17-05-2005, 22:26
If a diplomatic station is in danger can they request the support of:

a.) Space Marines
b.) Imperial Guard
c.) Imperial Navy
d.) Ad Mech
e.) Ecclisiarchy
f.) Adeptus Arbites
g.) Others
h.) All of the above

18-05-2005, 00:11
closer you get to terra less likey it will be for that farther away hopefully some people will have gotten sense and realized they can gain something form xenos

Easy E
18-05-2005, 05:16
So there primary mission is espionage and subversion?

When the Imperium discovers a new world with a lost colony of humans on it do they send in a Diplomatic Mission to try and negotiate the planets entry into the Imperium?

Does the Imperium have actual trade alliances with small Abhuman or Xeno empires in proximity to Imperial worlds?

Do the Diplomats only negotiate inter-imperial disputes?


18-05-2005, 08:04
It's a bit more cmolpilctaed.

Diplomats appear whenever two powers come into contact but find out that neither can simply subjugate the other. Both usually decide to bide their time and send diplomats to work out the relations for the time being. In the 40th millenium this is still the same.

A 40K Imperial diplomat will generally exchange notes of protest regarding border violations (and threaten with retaliation), demand extradition of fugitives/deserters/pirates, negotiate trade deals indofar as trade may be possible, discuss possible alliances (in EXTREME cases). Also, it would be the diplomat who would have to listen to the Eldar warnings (when the Eldar bother) about upcoming events.

Oh, and probably munch on elitist snacks and guzzle some fine vintages. That he brought with himself of course. Squig beer is not for everyone...

18-05-2005, 08:08
When the Imperium discovers a new world with a lost colony of humans on it do they send in a Diplomatic Mission to try and negotiate the planets entry into the Imperium?
Probably send a diplomat supported by some of the Imperial Guard, in case the lost colony of humans is hostile to them. And there would likely be a Witch Hunter or a Daemonhunter with the Diplomat as well, to check to see if there is any Chaos infestation going on in the rediscovered colony.

18-05-2005, 08:20
I see Imperial diplomats as a sort of low-level inquisition. They have to be aware of the power-balance between the Imperium and other species, and thus need to have a point of view more complex than the Imperial credo of "humanity uber all".
But, their primary aim also seems to be (at most times) to buy time until a strong enough military force can be mustered to destroy the opposition.

While the Imperial diplomatic corps may have started out as a political entity, it now (M39-40) seems to have become (like much of the Imperium) little more than an extension of the armed forces. And I wouldn't be suprised if long military career and high rank was a prerequisite for the diplomatic functions.

18-05-2005, 08:28
What would they do.
Treaties with other races, if only to try and stop them doing things until the imperium's built up enough forces locally to break the treaty itself.
Negociations with non-imperial human worlds.
They'd also negociate the contracts with the big industrial conglomerates (say with the industrial houses on Necromunda), the AM Forge Worlds, details of the imperial tithes (ok, this year we'll take one regiments worth of guard, 8000 tonnes of wheat, 14000 tonnes of processed meats...) and so on.

Easy E
18-05-2005, 23:01
Any ideas what department they are part of and what kind of authority they may wield.

I imagine it would be more than a Missionary and less than an Inquisitor. However, I do not see them as having direct control over military assets.

19-05-2005, 08:23
Any ideas what department they are part of and what kind of authority they may wield.

Probably Adeptus Terra. Authority would be absolute in terms of what deals they can make, but no access to any military forces.

19-05-2005, 09:32
Absolute authority regarding political deals, but when it comes to military, not much at all. They would have a Guard Comissar/Officer along to command the detachment that would be sent with them as an escort.

Easy E
20-05-2005, 01:57
I'm not so sure about absolute authority over the deals they can make. There are probably some guidelines laid down by their superiors before they are sent on assignment. These limits would be impossed inter-organizationally based on the foreign policy framework laid down by the Imperial Senate and High Lords of Terra. As long as a deal or treaty falls within these guidelines it is acceptable. In the field however, there is probably little oversight.

Are there diplomatic missions/embassies scattered around the galaxy?