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22-11-2009, 00:44
Competitive Players Rejoice


22-11-2009, 00:49
Dinner with Jervis? *swoon*

22-11-2009, 01:09
Dinner with Jervis? *swoon*

That could go so horribly wrong.

GW have resolved that future competitions will not include any face to face interaction with Studio employees after Mr Johnson was involved with a heated altercation with this year's winner. Whilst the entree was being served, Mr Johnson was heckled and assaulted with an army case filled with space dwarf figures of unknown origin.

The customer in question was last seen being dragged off to the Las Vegas Police Department screaming: "Damn you Jervis, where are my Legion rules?"

A badly, shaken Mr Johnson was quoted as saying: "I just asked him whether he wanted bread. My dinner guest responded that he could (quote) 'buy better bread for less from an online retailer.' This struck me as strange considering GW was paying for the meal. I mentioned this and he responded with 'paid with your criminal profits, don't you mean?'

"Next thing I knew, he demanded an in-depth explanation for a number of gaming design decisions related to the Dark Angels codex. In response, I requested that we wait until at least the dessert before doing so - which provoked agitated and muttered comments about 'yeah waiting just like the Dark Eldar.'

"The entree finally arrived, and for some reason he just started laying into me with the figure case. It was bizarre."

22-11-2009, 01:13
Guys lets not talk about stuff like that, we will essentially have a player of the year.