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22-11-2009, 22:09
So... The current rules for templates against monsters (more specifically stegadons) are stupid. A template the size of jupiter lands on a stegadon and you may still only hit 1 of the multiple lowly skink crew.

This got me to thinking... How could this issue be solved? Well, what if when a monster, or maybe only a large target, is hit by a template it suffers its US in hits instead of just one? This representing the ease of hitting something that is so enormous. Naturally there would still only be 1 hit that is at double strength in the case of stone throwers.... And obviously they would have to be changed so that only the double strength hit caused D6 wounds.

These extra hits wouldn't do much against most monsters as they'd generally be wounding on 6s, but they would certainly help balance the mass use of monsters in competitive play.

I haven't put all that much thought into this, so I'm sure there are scenarios in which it would not work at all... It was just a random thought.

22-11-2009, 22:12
I haven't put all that much thought into this

Nor bothered to read the rules.
Page 61, third paragraph.

22-11-2009, 23:06
ah HAH! Much obliged!! I dug all through the rulebook trying to find the rules regarding templates vs. ridden monsters and missed this paragraph. Though I did spend most of the time reading the "templates" section and the "characters on monstrous mounts" section.

Really wish I would have known this rule going into my last few games against Lizardmen with my 2x trebuchets....