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23-11-2009, 18:07
I love to build themed 40K armies. But I dont know much about other forces outside of Tyranids, Orks, CSM and Daemonhunters.
What other strongly themed forces are there?
How do they play and what do they include?

Thanks in advance

23-11-2009, 18:35
For variety of themed armies I do not think that Guard can be beat. Some of them are even rather effective. :)

23-11-2009, 18:36
What sort of theme can you get out of IG then?

23-11-2009, 18:45
What sort of theme can you get out of IG then?

Pretty much anything really, from entirely mechanized tank forces to infantry death marches. The Guard is drawn from the entire Imperium, so if you have a theme you like just invent a planet and a bit of backstory. Voila!

Have you taken a look at the Guard range on the GW website? That'll give you an idea of the different visual looks available. Forge world also has the Elysians and Death Korps, if you want to spend a little extra for a force that will be rarer on the tabletop.

23-11-2009, 18:50
Speed freak orks are very effective, lots of fast moving CC specialists with serious firepower to boot. Cheap on the points side of things too.

23-11-2009, 18:53
Deathwing and Ravenwing immediately come to mind when it comes to a strong overall theme. All those bikes, attack bikes with teleport homers to guide your deathwing terminators into the exact position you need thm to be in.

With Ravenwing it's all bikes, attack bikes and landspeeders, led by Sammael on either a jetbike or his landspeeder and sometimes a chaplain on bike thrown in for good measure. Of course White Scars and other SM chapters using C: SM can do these lists larger and for less points, but RW do it best, but I'm bias, heh.

Deathwing often has a land raider or 2 added into the list, more rarely a dreadnought will appear here and there but it's a termie-heavy list led by Belial who's a steal at 130 points.

Mechanised Sisters is a strong list in both theme and table prowess. Canoness and celestians (in immolator or rhino) backed up with Sisters squads (all in rhinos) supported bySeraphim and Exorcists. Spammed wargear like the book of saint lucius and brazier of holy fire make repeated appearances in these lists to make the best of their abilities.

However, as for the strongest themed army by win to lose ratio I'd say it would be Nob Bikers and a couple of really tough IG lists I've seen out there.

23-11-2009, 18:55
Thanks for the ideas.
What about the Xenos races?

23-11-2009, 19:38
Eldar Swordwind! Mechanized Eldar is a great list and fluffy for Biel-tan with tonnes of aspect warriors.


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Count de Monet
23-11-2009, 19:40
Most of the armies can be strongly themed. Mostly depends on what you want for a theme.

*Appearance themed? Pretty much any army, limited by your imagination, converting and painting skills.

*X-unit themed? Very army specific. Lots of armies will let you spam a certain type of unit, do things like all-mechanized, all bikers, or load up on X thing.

Probably better to decide on what kind of themed army you want to make, and then find which army would fit that theme the best in your mind.

23-11-2009, 19:40
9x nurgle modeld oblits
2x Nurgle Daemon Princes
Rest of army Plague marines with duel Special weapons.

23-11-2009, 19:45
Does that Nugle army work well?
And what about including tanks, dreads and termies in it?

23-11-2009, 20:09
9x oblits is amazing..

Spammed plague marines in rhino's are so hard to kill at times and are cheap for what you get.

and the Daemon Princes are just for fun.

Sure termies could work, i would avoid chaos dreads thou.

Imo one of the strongest lists for chaos is 9x oblits, lash prince, warptime prince, rest of the army plague marines and rhinos with their respected weapon you want to give.

23-11-2009, 22:19
Have your plague marines in squads of 7. It's fluffy that way. :D

23-11-2009, 22:23
7 squads of them?

23-11-2009, 22:27
7 men to a squad. Plague Marines do that as 7 is Nurgle's number.

23-11-2009, 22:32
What about other themed armies?
I do quite like the FW nurgle models though

23-11-2009, 22:42
strong themed army? my apostles of contagion - pure mechanised death guard, its not cheesy, its fluffy look it even has a background story

23-11-2009, 22:59
Does that Nugle army work well?
And what about including tanks, dreads and termies in it?
I've seen the Nurgle Princes + Nurgle Oblits + Plague Marines army. It's one of the armies I've seen floating around from one of the regulars at my LGS. It's fairly good. IG Executioners have been tearing the poor guy a new one though.

Tanks? Only if they're massed Rhinos (or LRs for Termies). Otherwise, they're just giant targets. But with Rhinos, that's another story altogether. Since Nurgle collapse to plasma fire, those AV11 shells will give your opponent something to shoot at first.

Dreads? Actually they're not too bad. You're not using the Elite slots anyway, and if you go TLed Bolters and Rocket Launchers, if you ever Fire Frenzy yourself, you could just fire Frag Missiles and Combi-Bolters at your Plague Marines. But like Tanks, they're targets if used alone. 2-3 or leave 'em home.

Terminators? Absolutely. Nurgle is pretty good on Terminators for keeping really tough units from getting pulled apart by weight of fire. Unfortunately, they die to Plasma and Melta all the same... just like everything else.

Some other decent choices are Possessed, Chosen, and Daemons. Nurgle never really hurts a unit designed to show up on an enemy flank (barring Plasma), and Possessed can go up to Str5 T5 with a Nurgle Icon, and the latter bears a 5++ save, useful against the likes of Plasma. Though Daemons can't get a T5 squad Icon like everybody else, they do have a decent IV save, superior Initiative to your Plague Marines, and they supplement your inevitable lack of numbers, potentially even offering cover or snagging an objective at the endgame.

As for other themed armies with the CSM Codex, I find the Night Lords to be surprisingly competitive. All the Rhinos in your army allow for drive-by attacks to snag objectives, get flamers and meltas into good position, and getting forward Icons to drop Obliterators. The great thing about mobility advantages is that, if you can bunch up on one area, you can fight an "unfair" fight with your entire army against half the opponent's army. (If you deploy second, do this. If you deploy first, put down your Rhinos, drive forward, and get those 1st turn Smoke Launchers off.) And as for Raptors, I won Best General in a tournament by using my Raptors to wipe all my opponent's stragglers out. The thing about Raptors is that they have the speed to pick on small, weakened units that are above the attentions of the bulk of your army. I even wrote a Raptor Tactica if you're interested in seriously using Raptors: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=229315

24-11-2009, 13:43
There are a couple ways you can do theme.

by following the theme of the armies background you can build a lis tthat is usually powerful and fits the backstory of a faction.

.the ork clans-
As an example you want to play evil sunz you going to have lots of ork bikers, copters and the occasional truck.

.eldar craftworld
You can run an alaitoc themed list that is ranger/scout themed

.imperial guard
the combinations are endless, you can do various fluff regiments from tank companies to elysian airborne rangers to death corp seige armies.

.choas marked armies that follow the blessed number of the gods and thier combat doctrines.

The second catagory is an overall army specific theme not tied to any particular fluff.

.say you want to take the new space wolf book and run a themed wolf army with canis, 15 thunder wolves and a bunch of fenrisian wolves. it's very killy in CC, looks cool on the table. but the troops can't score so you rely on whipeout or contesting to win with an army like this.

Themed armies like the second catagory are my thing, my old nid army was almost all CC warriors, my tau were a tank company and my current DIY marines are themed around dreadnoughts. some work better than others but all can be fun.

24-11-2009, 14:13
For my money (and I don't play them, but it's on the slate in the <far> future) going craftworld with the Eldar Codex is something that for fluff and "Rule of Cool" looks very good, there is both theme and colour to the craftworlds, very different ways of playing (ie Saim Hann = very different to Iyanden = very different to Alaitoc... you get the picture)

+ the Eldar models are very pretty.

24-11-2009, 14:18
Is Iyanden the Wraith craftworld?

24-11-2009, 14:24
They certainly employ the spirits of the dead to defend their craftworld which was almost destroyed (about 80% of populous slaughtered) by Hive Fleet Kraken (IIRC) so yes (in a nutshell)

Eldar Craftworlds (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eldar_Craftworlds_(Warhammer_40,000))

Count de Monet
24-11-2009, 14:24
Is Iyanden the Wraith craftworld?.



24-11-2009, 14:25
Is Iyanden the Wraith craftworld?

Yes, 4/5ths of thier population got eaten by nids so they use lots of wraithguard and wraithlords led by warlocks and farseers.
thier color is yellow and blue.

+ the Eldar models are very pretty.
Eldar tanks are pretty, so are wraithguard/lords. i have always disliked thier infantry they all look like a bunch of coneheads to me.

24-11-2009, 14:27
I could be tempted at Iyanden with afew added Harlies or Aspects.
So many options are starting to appeal to me now

24-11-2009, 15:14
The cone-heads thing goes all the way back to Tolkien.

Elves are described as having very tall war helms, especially in the Silmarilion.

I like the look personally... it makes them look that much more 'alien'.

If you look at the Avatar, you can see that the shape of the helms probably has something to do with the shape of his head.

I also really like the way the aspect helms are so distinctive - scorpion 'dreads', Avenger crests, Dragon 'fins', Reaper vanes... and also the way that some of them are weaponized - mandiblasters, banshee masks, vanes again - makes their superior technology stand out.

Pointed helms also improve protection against blows to the top of the head - a blow coming straight down will probably deflect instead of bite in... as some eldar tech is either psychic-powered or at least psychically activated, it makes sense that they'd have big helmets to contain all that psychic goodness.

Who knows, a blow to the top of the head could be the easiest way to kill an eldar. Extra protection there could be crucial.


The Good Doctor.