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23-11-2009, 18:49
Its time I started a second army, I'm currently lizardmen, and I'm 95 percent certain I'm going for vampire counts. I'm going to get the battalion but want some advice from current vc players as to what units to add to it to start with to have a decent starter army?

23-11-2009, 19:00
It really depends on what kind of VC army you want...people tend to prefer blocks of skeletons OR ghouls as their infantry. Personally I like blocks of skellies for the 4+ save backed up by units of 10 ghouls.

A few fellbats or a varghulf are always useful for war machine/ wizard hunting. And grave guard/ black knights add a bit of punch to the army without having to resort to wraiths or blood knights.

Probably the best idea is to play around with a few lists and then post them in the "army list" section for a bit of c&c.

23-11-2009, 19:01
Depends upon preference more than anything.

For a tournament army, most people would recommend Wraiths and Fell Bats as they are some of the best units.

If you aren't too much interested in magic then you are best having plenty of zombies or skeletons to raise as they are the easiest to do so.

You will want some Wights, either as Grave Guard or Black Knights too.

Many people dislike Ghouls, others live by them. Either way with the battalion you will have some anyway so can try them out before you decide whether you want more.

You will want more of the basics for sure though.

I don't want to be too specific as it depends upon what you like in models as well as in game because the list is very flexible.

Personally, I use two units of Wights with a horde of skeletons and leave raising for zombies and healing tougher units like my blood knights.

The Red Scourge
23-11-2009, 19:16
Take a look in the army list section, and see what people field :)

23-11-2009, 19:56
I'm also contemplating converting my high elf lion chariot into an undead lion chariot! Reckon it would make a pretty awesome model. I'll take a look at the army list thread and are what other people are fielding. Cheers for all the advice offered so far, definately taken it on board

Red Metal
23-11-2009, 19:57
The battalion is a great start - everything in there is highly useable.

After that, I'd say Grave Guard for an "elite-type" infantry unit and Black Guard for some good cavalry.

The same is ture with every army, though - play a few small games to what the army is like and then build off of that. With the battalion, maybe two boxes of Grave Guard and some Black Guard, plus the General, you could easily be in the 1,000pts range.