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24-11-2009, 10:57
Step right up, step right up! Me and my mate are having a friendly match soon, he wants to test out the new Skaven book. Now he's played skaven for years so I am expecting this to be a tough game.
I also want to try out a new army but sadly I dont have enough models to make a complete force so he's kindly let me cobble a force together.
Allow me to present the 2 contenders - have a vote to see if you can guess who wins!


Empire Warrior Priest, barded warhorse, heavy armour, shield, Sigil of Sigmar, Hammer of Might
Ogre Kingdoms Hunter, mastadon armour, 2 Sabre Tusks

10 Empire Handgunners, 2 handgunner detachments (5 strong)
6 Empire Knights, musician
5 Ogre Kingdoms Ironguts, Bellower
9 Ogre Kingdoms Trappers

5 Empire Pistoliers, musician, Outrider with repeater pistol
Empire Great Cannon

Steam Tank - 'Lil Marius'


Plague Priest - Level 2, Flail, Foul Pendent, Plague Furnace (General)
Warlock Engineer - Level 2, Warp Energy Condenser, Dispel Scroll
Chieftain - Great Weapon (BSB)

24 Clanrats - Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer, Warpfire Thrower
25 Clanrats - Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer, Ratling Gun
25 Skavenslaves
25 Skavenslaves

20 Plague Monks - Musician, Standard Bearer, Bringer-of-the-Word
5 Gutter Runners - Poisoned Attacks
6 Plague Censer Bearers


1500 pts on the dot (well actually my army is 1499 but why quibble over a point?! :D)

24-11-2009, 11:02
Sigmar help you if his Doom Wheel shoots at your steam tank.

24-11-2009, 11:27
sorry dude but think its one for the skaven i've allready taken a mullering from the furnace and censer bearer combo try and flank it or shoot the s**t out of it

24-11-2009, 13:06
Skaven will win, and very much at that, at least by what I can look at the lists. He's got numbers and firepower, you have ogres.

24-11-2009, 13:11
go for a draw, you can do it.

24-11-2009, 15:57
<--- skaven fan boy hahaha

Looking at your list & his , you have a high chance of winning, but I still voted for skaven.

24-11-2009, 17:29
Skaven will win, and very much at that, at least by what I can look at the lists. He's got numbers and firepower, you have ogres.

Ah Lijacote! You have started my day with the biggest :D!!! This quote has really made my day, thank you for the awesome wit!!!

And if you dont mind I'm adding it to my quotes!

24-11-2009, 17:36
You know what really made me laugh? The fact that the saying of squirt the musk of fear has more votes than my army!

Desert Rain
24-11-2009, 20:30
Skaven will win-win!

25-11-2009, 00:34
Its so funny that theres more votes for the saying than for my army! And the battle is around the corner! Time to buy more beer - if I'm going down I'm going down tippsy!

25-11-2009, 07:47
Ahhh all of those of you who voted for Skaven.....


A slight victory to the Skaven!!! Close game though and boy was I suprised!

Empire & Ogre alliance - deployment

5 Iron guts on left flank, hill next to them on which is cannon, hunter, 5 hangunners with 10 in front of the hill. On the other side of the hill 5 more handgunners, Knights with priest then steam tabk. A fortified mannor separtes the terrian (in which hide the trappers) and on extreme right are pistoliers.

Opposite the ironguts on the left are woods, behind is the doom wheel out of sight to the artiallary hill. Woods are empty, then its slaves with level 2 rat, clanrats with BSB, plauge monks with censor berarer, the crazy plauge frenzied skirmishing dudes, then clanrats and slaves on the right flank.

Skaven win 1st turn and surge forwards, magic is pretty ineffective, they do some damaging here and there in shooting, but pretty lame otherwise - though their spell killed 7 handgunners from the 10 man unit! eekk

I am scared by the doomwheel only a short distance away from ironguts - who lost 2-3 wounds from the lighting bolts from it. Hunter shots it, wounds it, it fails a str test and takes another wound! :D 3D6 BACK to its starting point! Elsewere handgunners kill off 6-7 slaves on the left flank, but funniest was trappers flinging sharp stuff at slaves from the top of the tower they were occuping. They killed SEVEN slaves!!!
And the knights charge the plaugemonks - stank is mere 1/2 inch short with a 15" charge!!! Kmights kill a ton of rats, maybe 7 in total, but combat res sees it as a draw :(
His turn the frenzied plauge dudes that skirmish hit the stank, doom wheel surges forwards, and slaves charge the trappers in the tower killing 5 of them :(

Next few turns go by, the tank takes a few wounds, the knights are all killed but the sole musican WHO DESPITE losing combat by at least 3-5 pts a turn kept rolling silly low to stay on and FIGHT!! Yeah Sigmar! Doomwheel destroyed from cannon, hunter relases the tusks to charge the slaves with rat magic castor - sucide charge but i was hoping to see the annoying mutant dead! Iron guts are reduced to 2 models from 5 from shooting, spells, and the skaven bring on some gutter runners walking on from my rear - threating my gunners. Stank kills of the plauge censor bearers but is counter charged by plauge monks with plauge furnace!
After a few more rounds of combat he knocks the tank to 8 wounds (despite making about 5-7 armour saves a turn i refused to role a 1!!!

OK, gamble time - Orge ironguts get a flank charge on his bsb unit, front charge from my lone hunter. both are in range and kill loads of rats breaking the unit. they run and the hunter overuns (killing the unit in process) into rear of plauge furnace. I have to just get 2 more wounds to kill it - I make a toughness test...rolled a SIX, took a wound, and BAM im dead!
So then I charge the iron guts into the rear - pass the test, have 6 attacks, need 4s to hit, 4's to wound - I hit ONCE and failed to wound! They counter attack and killed the last 2 ironguts.

So in the end he wins by 347 points but it was close - could have gone either way.


Ogre Hunter - awesome! drove the doomwheel back, shot some other stuff, then he put his crossbow away and ran into combat to kill stuff! He annoyed the skaven player, and the skaven threw spells after spells at him - and killed him!
I had the biggest smirk on my face and started singing...

"I get knocked down,
But I get up again,
You aint never gonna keep me down!"

He was like WTF? I showed him the entry in the book for mastadon armour, and rolled a nice 5+ to stand back up with one wound! Seeing the look on his face was priceless!

And the tusks - awesome - act as meat sheild for the hunter and then they ran off 16" to charge the skaven wizard - excellent WS4, str 4, 3 attacks each assasians

So could have gone to me for a win had my gambles paid off, and he would have been in trouble had I time to build more empire stuff to get 2 units of knights in the game

great night though

Lord Solar Plexus
25-11-2009, 12:19
Wow, sounds like a blast! Wish I had been there, those games are the best, regardless of their outcome.

25-11-2009, 12:58
see not far from a draw

25-11-2009, 18:10
see not far from a draw

Actually I could have quite easily played for the draw by not commiting the Knights and Steam Tank to combat so early, and just sat back and used the gunline tactics as I did have 20 handgunners, a great cannon, Hunter, Trappers, Pistoliers who could all effectivly shoot.

But to actualy go in to the game to look for a draw - can't do it! The ONLY time I played that way was when I had a pure 1500pt Empire army in a tournment v's a really talanted and rock hard VC player, I knew he would just crush me if I so much as MOVED more than 6" forwards from my deployment zone, so I had to sit back with 3 units of knights, steam tank, while the 3 units of pistoliers ran around trying to kill direwolves and fell bats. Then when he got closer to me I started charging as he was congested by terrian features and would not be able to bring his greater numbers to bear.
That was a nervous game as I knew if I could hold out for 6 turns, I had essentially fought through the night and would get a reprive at dawn - well dawn did break for that day but had there been another nightfall......well lets just say my plucky lads would be suffering the long sleep of undeath!

In hindsight what I could have done was still deploy as I did (except maybe move the pistolliors on an extreme flank closer in by say 14") and waited to send the steam tank up.
I still would have charged in with the Knights as I didn't expect to kill as many ratman as I did, I actually wanted to lose the fight and flee 3D6 in the hopes that the mutant spawn would pursue and leave the safety of their battle lines.
At that point I would send in the Steam Tank to grind the unit down, and then begin crushing my foe.


1) When the Hunter stood up again after taking a nasty Skaven spell to his face!
2) When he killed 7 Handgunners and I passed my panic test
3) When he rear charged a detachment of 5 handgunners with gutter runners, wiped out 4 from the 5 and said "OK, time to take painic tests" and I smiled like an angel to remind him detachments dont cause panic!!!! YEAH!
4) When the Gnoblar trappers threw pointy rocks at his big unit of slaves - which wasn't so big anymore as I managed to kill an incredible SEVEN slaves! Then I killed another 4 with a stand & shoot (6's to hit, 5's to wound!:D:D:D)


1) Using my steam points like a very conserative & frugal old man! My turn 2 already had the Steam tank in combat with frenzied Plauge Censor bearers who charged me in Skaven turn 2 and caused 2 wounds. I used 2 steam points, could have gone for 3, but too chicken as if I had rolled a 6 I would have lost another wound AND not done anything for the turn. However, the Dice Gods punished me as I rolled 2D3 for grind hits (he had six models left) and I rolled a 1 and a 2!! Thats what you get for being overprotective of your beloved engine of war! After that the Steam tank did nothing as the wounds crept up to 4 and it was game over!
2) Sitting back with the Iron Guts on the left flank and then just shooting the Skaven - felt very dirty as its not as fun as the mad head long charges and reckless & fickle combat!

25-11-2009, 20:15
Actually I could have quite easily played for the draw by not commiting the Knights and Steam Tank to combat so early, and just sat back and used the gunline tactics as I did have 20 handgunners, a great cannon, Hunter, Trappers, Pistoliers who could all effectivly shoot.

But to actualy go in to the game to look for a draw - can't do it!

And I never do as well, I ment by looking at his list the best result you could hope for was a draw but a minour defeat was not a bad result, as I said almost a draw.

Sounded like a fun game, good luck in your next one.