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24-11-2009, 20:34
Hiya guys, iam gooing to a tournament(12Dec.) And iam trying to improve my fantasy armylist's. Here's one of them:
19 Dwarf warrios : 152
Shields : 19
Veteran : 10
Standard bearer : 10
Total : 191
<-- Here goes my general.

10 thunderers : 140

10 Thunderers : 140

15 Longbeards : 165
standard bearer : 10
Veteran : 10
Shields : 15
Total : 200

Special units:
Cannon : 90
Rune of burning : 5
total : 95

Organ gun : 120.

Hero's :
Army General : Thane 65
Great wepon : 4
Master Rune Of Gromril : 25
Oath Stone : 20
Total : 114

Total army value : 1000 point's.

Models in army : 61.
Dispel dice : 4.
Any comments?

24-11-2009, 20:42
Well, this should go under the army lists section. But as it is here...

I'd say that it is a pretty solid list. Personally, I'd drop the longbeards and one unit of thunderers. This gives you 340 points to play with.

* I would then get an engineer with pistols for your cannon (320 points left)
* Followed by 5 more dwarf warriors (so you can keep your extra rank longer) (275 points left)
* And a personal favorite of mine: 20 slayers with 3 dragon slayers (leaving you with 10 points left)
* And the last 10 points can get shields for your thunderers (very, very worth it)

So you still get 2 combat blocks, but one of them will keep its CR longer and the other can pump out alot of damage and is unbreakable. Your cannon will be very unlikely to blow up and your thunderers become able to handle skirmishers and fast cavalry in hand to hand combat.

Anyways, its just what I would do. Good luck at the tournament!

24-11-2009, 21:21
In a similar vein, I would also drop one unit of Thunderers (but perhaps increase the number in the remaining unit to 12 or 15) and add shields.

I like to have an engineer in my cannon crew, just because you'll more likely hold out an extra CC round with 4 crew over three against typical fast cav.

Consider a master rune of immolation on the cannon, and then deploy so that the opposition will have to go through the cannon (getting blasted on the way) to get to the organ gun.

Finally, if you're going to have Longbeards, you might consider a runic standard (popular 25 point choices in my list are Rune of Battle (+1CR) and Rune of Stoicism (double unit strength)). Ro Stoicism especially is nice for a 15 model unit in a high Fear causing environment - you get fewer auto-breaks against outnumbering foes.