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26-11-2009, 08:06
Its time for yet another White Dwarf Feedback thread, this time for the December issue (US 359, UK 360 etc).

If any of you wish to make more general comments about WD, please will you make them in the General White Dwarf Feedback Thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23972).

I would like to make a couple of other requests. If you post the score you have given to the current WD on the thread, would you please explain why especially if you have voted 1 or 10. I think this is useful (and interesting) for other WarSeer members reading the thread, it also provides useful feedback for others who read the thread which may include GW Staffers.

The other request is related to the previous one. Do not criticise people for posting their score and views about WD, I believe we are all entitled to voice our opinions without the the fear of them being criticised.

As always, all off-topic posts and spam will be deleted without notice.

The WarSeer Inquisition

27-11-2009, 18:26
I think the most interesting line this month was about the TO4G guy 'lending his eldar to games developers for play testing'.

Tanner MIrabel
27-11-2009, 23:34
Haven't actually got into it yet, but I really like the cover: kind of old-school.

28-11-2009, 12:54
It was obvious that without the "new army of the month" they had to use some filler this month. Gave it a 5.

28-11-2009, 14:58
It was distinctly filler filled. The editorial mentioning "making white dwarf even better" by including articles in the same vein as used to be included was particularly ironic to me. The advance order dragons look cool. I'll pick some of those up. I liked the old war stories article, complete with ridiculous conversions. More of those please. Didn't even bother reading the battle report, as it was that uninspiring. And I like war of the ring. The bit on OSL theory was nice.

Not a hell of a lot there. I rated it a 5. A pretty poor showing considering.

28-11-2009, 19:06
personally well chuffed to read that BL are bringing back the old classics such as..

space marine! by Ian watson

(page 10)

other than that was a bit disapointed, felt it was more of a colourfull catalogue than a side-piece to the game.

4 :(

by the way, right place to post about bringing back SM yeah?

29-11-2009, 12:52
*sigh* I'm gonna miss lord Damocles's wd reviews.
I guess they finally realised his subscription had ended.
(sorry for not posting a wd review myself, I'll probably wait till february till i get another issue)

29-11-2009, 13:00
it wasnt that great this month, far to much filler with no "ooooh shiny! must buy the new shiny!" thing this month

you can tell its getting near xmas with all the full page adverts selling all those battleforces

29-11-2009, 16:14
7. Thought it was a good issue, probably because there was no big shiney new release. Plenty to read with some new rules and scenerios, felt like a proper magazine this month, much better than the rubbish of the last issue.

A bit more variety with the articles (a short story/ comic/ SG or roleplay article/ spacehulk mission for example) with the stuff thats in this issue then it be a constant 8+ score.

29-11-2009, 16:27
Flicked through hoping for something on Nids. There was nothing 'cept 'see next month'...put WD back in rack.

29-11-2009, 21:45
I voted 5.
(For reference I consider an ok/average to be a 6/7 a good to be a 8/9 and an excellent to be a 10)

Bad points

I rated it below average for 3 main reasons:

Firstly there were no real new releases some scenery thats been online for ages and some box deals, but still there were LOADS of adverts. I'm not saying WD needs new releases to be good, i'm saying you can hardly jsutify the amount of adverts if you're not even advertising something new

Secondly, there was a yearly review. I've read the last 11 months, i remember what happened. There was no point to the article is was WD being self indulgent!

Finally, didn't seems to be that much "real" content (i acknowledge there was some, see below) just lots of christmas box sets/instore events ads! i'm not paying £4.50 for ads!

I didn't like the battle report as i dont collect LOTR but i didn't hold that against them.

Good points
What stopped it getting a 2 or a 3 in my book was the fact that there were some real gaming/hobby articles:

+verminlord painting masterclass
+scenery assembly/modelling
+Planetstrike tactics
+campaign ideas

However, i think recently theres been less and less of these sort of articles. Surely real hobby articles should form the basis of a hobby magazine


Again WD found lacking. Look at all the fanmade online mags; more hobbying articles, tactics, painting, modelling , fluff. All the things we talk about on Warseer (well that and slagging off GW!!) Cut the ads/instore promotions/GW directory, put in more painting/converting/battle reports!

30-11-2009, 09:59
Borrowed it from a friend of mine, had a look through it, couldn't find anything that merited an in-dept read, gave it back. Poor.


Col. Frost
30-11-2009, 11:27
4 - Dire.

Wow, where to start. Poor reading really. Just the usual 'BUY ME, I'M SHINEY AND IT'S CHRISTMAS!' kind of offal they are calling articles. :cries:

Filler articles only. Nothing worth reading here, please move on...

30-11-2009, 11:32
With no 'New Shiny Army of the Month' (TM) this issue had some potential to be the WD we all once knew, but there was just not enough there to fulfil that potential.

Articles I read and actually enjoyed (which makes a change from the usual scan and look at the pretty pictures....) were the Old War Stories, Andy's Game a Week, Modelling Workshop Special, Vermin Lord Masterclass, Blanchitsu, Battlefield Challenge

Articles that looked interesting, but came up short were the Tale of 4 Gamers - Revisited, Year in Review and the Battle Report. All could have been ace, but fell foul of the usual WD criticisms...

Overall, not that bad, but it certainly could have been so much better...

6/10 (cos it actually had some stuff to read ;))

Lord Damocles
30-11-2009, 20:27
*sigh* I'm gonna miss lord Damocles's wd reviews.
Amazingly, I renewed my subscription (although I'm still fairly hazy as to why exactly...). I've been buried under a mound of Imperial Guard sprues for several days (Oh, god no! Not more Cadians!) so I'm comming a little late to the party this month.

*Cracks Knuckles*

Editorial - Several kittens died of over-exposion to irony due to Latham's waffle. Shocking new idea: article about army construction next year! FAIL.

News/New Releases - The thing which is starting to grate a little with me is that the Forgeworld section never actually shows anything new. We've all seen the Kill Krusha on the Forgeworld website already. Show us something NEW!

White Dwarf: A Year in Review - Wait, is it just me or is this just a list of stuff which was released?
If nothing else, this 'article' shows up how little actual content there has been in White Dwarf over the last year.

Old War Stories - 'There was this really awesome battle. There were, like, skulls and stuff. It was awesome. The stuff epic poems are made of. Real amazing!' Don't bother to say what actually happened then :rolleyes:
Shock horror; there's BFG in White Dwarf :eek:
Nothing particularly interesting here - largely owing to the fact that not a lot seems to have actually happened with the campaign.

Look to the Skies! (Planetstrike Defender's Tactica) - 'Man your interceptor guns with the best shots you have'. Oh, real deep tactical insight there :eyebrows:
Rapidly degenerates into 'Buy new Fortress, N00Bs!'

Andy Hall's Game-A-Week - Andy Hall played some games. He can remember stats now.

A tale of Four Gamers Revisited - Oh, god no! Make it go away! Will it never end? The horror!
Seriously, I thought this series had died a slow and painful death months ago - but now it's back. And as bad as ever.
Marines added some Drop Pods (note how he gets the Inertial Guidance System rules wrong), Chaos added some Bastions ('Play Planetstike dammit!'), the Eldar have been dropped in favour of something more powerfull, and the Orks added some more. Actually Fil Dunn seems the only player to make a semi-convincing stab at making it look like he actually likes the army he lovingly collected was given.

Blood And Sand (LoTR Campaign pt.3) - Turns out it was too much to expect to actually see an Apocarings army made up of something other than generic studio models. Shame.
Skimmed the battle reports, but they're fairly dull. Perhaps better if you like this sort of thing...

Blanchitsu - Oh my... *drawls* Genuinely interesting article, and more of Blanche's models. I say it every time, but an article consisting purely of pictures of Blance's models would be made of win.
Much better than Jervis.

Crimson Fists Bitsz Pack - In case you can't remember what Crimson Fists look like (or you really just don't care all that much), heres several pages of pictures of our new bits. The little box titled 'Imperial Fists' is particularly enlightening...:rolleyes:

Modelling Workshop: Strongholds - Fortress of Redemption is reasonably descent (might come in handy when I start painting Guard tanks), but the Fantasy coaching inn seems a little pointless really. It's the generic manor with a couple of trees.

Battlefield Challenges: The Fort - Same comments as last time. The standard 4th ed. 40K format would have been much better IMO (and would have allowed for the Fantasy scenario to be seperate. Still, scenarios is scenarios...

'Eavy Metal Masterclass: Vermin Lord - Standard high quality 'Eavy Metal painting article.

Waffle in the Rear - New store in Helsingborg, Sweden. I care. Honest.

Little of real content or consequence. Blanchitsu is (predictably) the high point in what is otherwise a very dull issue (actually, given the usual quality, this issue isn't too bad - possibly something to do with the lack of a major release this month - but I'm still scoring issues in comparisson with the 'golden age' (TM) of yesteryear.
A 3 from me this month.

...Back to the Guard then...

01-12-2009, 00:45
Pretty poor this issue, gave it a 4, skimmed through it in minutes, nothing worth reading, worst in a while, hopefuly next issue with tyranids will be better.

01-12-2009, 14:09
Couldn't find anything worth reading. Vermin Lord masterclass was probably great until you realise it's for a model that is around 15 years old!

02-12-2009, 04:22
Rated it a 3, for most the reasons already mentioned. Was my last one of this subscription, probably won't be getting it again. Might flip through them at the store and pick up one with a particularly good painting write up if it strikes my interest.

03-12-2009, 13:36
Without a doubt the worst White Dwarf of all time. I scanned through it when I bought it, realised there was nothing I was interested in reading other than the parapgraph mentioning the forthcoming Beastmen release, and it has sat unread ever since.

I guess it doesn't help that War of the Ring doesn't really grab me (much prefer the story-based skirmish scenarios of LotR), and of all the races in LotR I am least interested in the Haradrim, Khandish and Easterlings.

03-12-2009, 21:32
Gave it a 3, then read Lord Damocles“ review and agreed fully. Appalling.

04-12-2009, 02:15
As I play all systems and actually read through the whole issue, I'll give it a go.

Usual end of year stuff. A look back at the year, etc. Strange thing is the last paragraph. Plan, assemble, and paint an army from start to finish? Haven’t we seen plenty of that before?

New releases:
Fortress of redemption – funny they never mentioned about Dark Angels at all, even when the piece is obviously inspired by Dark Angels, unless I'm mistaken.
Megaforces and Brigades – I only briefly calculated some of the deals, and it looks like it’s quite a hefty discount. For example, the Empire deal:
Empire State troops and ranged: $35 for 10. 6, so $210 for basic infantry.
Greatswords at $69
Knights at $50
Mortar at $35
Outriders at $35
Total of $399. Selling for $300. A 25% discount? Didn’t know GW is still capable of this.

Beastmen! Isn’t that standard bearer the current plastic model? Why not some sneak peek of a new model?
Warhammer Fantasy Role Play: I'm quite surprised they already got it here. It was just released just at the end of November.

Web Lore:
Winter War – Updated Ice Magic rules? Huh, not bad.

White Dwarf – A Year in Review:
Highlighting the things they released this year. Ofcourse, we already know about all this. The article did invoke some of my memories of the progress of my armies during the year though, I’ll give them that.

Old War Stories:
Campaign rules on the fly. Interesting for the more casual gamers who just want to have fun. Interesting conversions and ideas, at least for the Empire. Hey BFG! Neat. If only they support it more.

Look to the Skies!:
Now this one is a tactics article that I actually enjoyed….at least maybe the first two pages. The other two is to promote the Fortress of Redemption. New Strategems! Some of these look interesting to use, though I’m afraid some can be overpowered. Man, look at the Witchhunter’s one. The Daemonhunter’s one may lead itself to some interesting conversion with a warded Bastion/fortress.

Rules for using Fortress of Redemption in normal games:
….not that different from in the planetstrike book.

Andy Hall’s Game-A-Week:
Tale of a player trying to win more. Seems counter-intuitive from JJ’s more casual approach.

A Tales of Four Gamers- Revisited:
We want to see interesting conversions or approaches to army background, but everything here seem so…..bland and conforming. At least the Chaos Warriors army is interesting to look at.

Blood and Sand battle report:
I don’t know what’s up with playing on the short side of the table. They have a huge table, and ended up cluttering everything in the middle. I want to see some real flanking maneuver, and instead the cavalry movements are limited because of the board edge. Maybe the fortress wall isn’t long enough? And on that subject, I was expecting a guide on how to make it, goshdarnit! And I was soooo expecting a siege rule T^T
Oh and the report shows that Epic Strike works in a Duel. (pg 61, 2nd paragraph)
Apart from that, I found this Batrep easy to read and follow. And we get to see a bit more of the actual player’s army instead of the studio’s, though Mat’s army looks like it’s nowhere in sight. Where’s the blue Haradrim army?
I’m a bit annoyed at using Tolkien’s phrase “Evil men” every two paragraphs, but that’s just me.
Overall, disappointing at first, be got ok afterwards.

Weird and disturbing models…..and that’s what Warhammer is really all about :D Shows how the "sole artist" of GW make his armies.

Crimson Fists:
More Marines. Isn’t there going to be bitz for something other than Marines or Orks?

More Fortress of Redemption. At least the painting guide looks good.
Is the Inn the only terrain for Warhammer Fantasy? I’m pretty sure there isn’t an Inn in the middle of a plains everywhere you travel in the Empire. Anyway, it’s just alright.

Battlefield Challenges:
Fort. Even more Fortress of Redemption. At least its picture doesn’t pop up as often as the Screaming bell like the last issue. Oh well, a new scenario, at the very least.

Vermin Lord:
I must say the repaint is fantastic, even if the model is over 15 years old. Good guide. Directional lighting. My gawd, I have been waiting forever for something like this.

Overall, a bit light on content. Crud load of advertisements, as usual. Could’ve been good, but got bogged down by too much “buy this! Buy this!”. 6 out of 10.

The boyz
04-12-2009, 09:26
I gave it a three. I had a quick flick through it when I was in WHSmiths in town. Nothing of any real interest. Very poor issue indeed.

04-12-2009, 10:01
I gave it a three. I had a quick flick through it when I was in WHSmiths in town. Nothing of any real interest. Very poor issue indeed.

Wholeheartedly agree. Even down to the "flicked through it in WHS" bit.

04-12-2009, 10:48
I think the most interesting line this month was about the TO4G guy 'lending his eldar to games developers for play testing'.

yeah- i noticed that too- and in a magazine professionally produced and edited it be surprised if that was just a thrown away line...

if anything the close ups of the fortress put me off it.... i dont collect SM and to be honest no matter what yo do to it its going to look like a DA fortress. if the bastion fits snug where the reaper tower is then i will be interested...

WoTR- yawn. i really really cant get my head into this but its a core game and many ppl do really enjoy it so hey, its got a place in the mag.

you would hope that without a huge release clogging up the pages we might find a few genuine articles and stuff comming through from the more junior staff writers.... nope.

Andy Hall- to be better at something you have to do it more often. cheers!

all in all it gave me an upside down smile...

04-12-2009, 17:05
Gave it a 3, another one who agrees with the above review.

The thing is I picked up this WD and the latest Wargames Illustrated at the same time a few days ago. After looking through WD I have picked it up again since. I have picked up the WI a few times since and still havn't finished reading everything in it. Considering that WI is now 50p cheaper than WD in the UK this makes the WD appalling value for money for me.

Looks like the last WD that I will be picking up.

Finn Sourscowl
06-12-2009, 19:13
A six. Not the worst issue I've read. I really dislike the FoR - I agree that it looks like, what ever you do to it, it'll be a DA base. I wish they'd made it slightly more generic - so details of that weren't overly welcome!

I liked the game a week article. At least it wasn't pushing product!

John Blanche is a bit of a God (albeit a slightly disturbed one!), so cracking to see him in the issue.

Haven't got round to reading the Bat Rep yet as I don't play LotR and usually leave that until I've got nothing else to read!

Painting Masterclass was top, though - a directional lighting lesson? Very nice!!

06-12-2009, 19:42
I've really enjoyed this months WD, mainly because they are not majoring on all the new shiny models, but are reviewing what has happened in the past year.

The stand out article for me has to be the Coaching Inn, partly because it is a superb use of the WH Plastic Terrain, and partly because I intend to finish mine this Christmas.

Good also to see John Blanche in the magazine - I had a great chat with him at GD this year. It's good to meet someone who enjoys their job as much as he does, even if we disagree on who has the best job in the world (I do, of course).

Overall scored an 8.

09-12-2009, 02:35
Compared to the averageness of white dwarf of late, this issue managed to be average.
No suprises there.
The standout being John Blanche's skaven conversions. This article actually inspired me- what white dwarf should be doing.

11-12-2009, 12:37
It seems someone's been to a language seminar or something. I counted at least 3 seperate uses of the word 'bespoke' by 3 seperate authors in different articles.


14-12-2009, 23:57
Could anyone here who gives WD a ten please explain why? I've never seen someone explain why they gave WD a ten. Ever.

16-12-2009, 09:27
Give it a 5 - just started reading WD again last month (Skaven issue :))

Good point Blanchitsu the rest was pretty average with so little real reading I read a WotR battle report for the first time ... it was ok but not really enough to make me buy the game. Back to flicking through before purchase for me ...