View Full Version : Who expects O&G and/ or Empire Army books in 2010?

26-11-2009, 14:59
Out of curiosity, who expects either or both of these army books to be redone in 2010?

26-11-2009, 15:01
I expect nothing as I find more happiness in being surprised ;)

26-11-2009, 15:05
Odd choice to make this a public poll...

Lord Malorne
26-11-2009, 15:15
Why :confused:.

Do not expect either but would not like an O&G one.

Lord Malorneian

26-11-2009, 15:54
Odd choice to make this a public poll...

Dang, I didn't realise I had. Oh well.

If this is an issue for anyone don't vote.

26-11-2009, 17:43
in harrys first post on the 8th edition starter it says 2011 for o&g

26-11-2009, 17:55
Odd choice to make this a public poll...
Nah, the sneaksy poll is there so that Harry will vote and then we will all know what's up.

26-11-2009, 19:02
They wont be out untill 2011 or later(my guess).

26-11-2009, 19:35
To many army books are left to consider releasing Empire and Greenskins this next year. However, early to mid 2011 is feasible.

Hrokka `Eadsplitter
26-11-2009, 19:38
Since the 8th edition hasn't arrived yet, and there still is armies without a 7th ed. a. book, I don't expect any of 'em get a new book. Especially since the Empire got one for
6-7 months ago...

26-11-2009, 19:44
Since the 8th edition hasn't arrived yet, and there still is armies without a 7th ed. a. book, I don't expect any of 'em get a new book. Especially since the Empire got one for
6-7 months ago...

Um, the Empire's Army Book came out quite a few years ago. The 40K Imperial Guard codex came out 6 months ago, with Lizardmen 3 months before that.

26-11-2009, 23:48
Beasts, Tombkings, Bretts, Ogres, <Nagash Campaign lol>.

Id be surprised if they came out within the next 18 months.

27-11-2009, 00:18
I'd expect O&G before Empire, and I imagine we could see the Orcs in before 2011. Empire has a couple of powerbuilds that at least give it a chance in the tourney scene, Orcs...don't. At all. And before anyone gets their panties in a twister because I'm just talking about tournament builds...this year's tourney builds are next year's friendly game fodder. We were using 10-14 PD before it was cool.

27-11-2009, 01:40
In 2010? I doubt it. But they can release some spiffy new miniatures - that would be fine.

27-11-2009, 01:48
No for 2010, yes for 2011. Makes the most sense since the Edition is in summer months, and harry has already pointed to it. Plus that means they could fit a less popular army right after the new edition and start the new year fresh with a more popular army in orcs. Empire might follow might not.

27-11-2009, 01:56
I really wouldn't be surprised at a new Empire book, but I don't expect it. ;)

They are after all trying to become the Space Marines of fantasy.

27-11-2009, 02:19
I expect empire to get a major release every year :rolleyes:

27-11-2009, 04:36
I think O&G will be around early 2011 since its been backed up by Harry (At least I think?).
Empire I doubt we will see until Ogres , Dwarves, Brets, Tomb K and Woodies are done since they work decently well in the current environment. So my guess for them would be early 2012 or so.
Though I could be entirely wrong of course.
But I bet on 95% likely hood IMO that the war wagon will come into the list and eventually as a 2 model kit which will make the wagon or the war altar. It just seems so likely since not only is the war wagon a good new unit for the empire, but since they are trying to make the empire 100% plastic its the best candidate for a altar 2 model kit (Since thats what they have been doing with in regards to plastic characters nowdays).


27-11-2009, 08:17
It'll be 2011. They started sculpting a new monster for O&G 2 months ago, looks cool. It's on the release list for 2011. I expect it to be in the new book

27-11-2009, 12:09
I've managed to get this changed to a private poll, so hopefully more people will want to vote.

The SkaerKrow
27-11-2009, 13:13
I anticipate both Empire and Orcs and Goblins getting new army books in 2011, not 2010.

27-11-2009, 14:22
I would say 1 was a fair possibility for 2011, the other for 2012. Though I'd like to see dwarfs before both of these.

27-11-2009, 18:57
If whfb 8th ed. comes out in summer(?) 2010, I'd imagine GW could make at least new O&G-book if they still come in the new starter package.

27-11-2009, 23:41
I expect neither !