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27-11-2009, 03:47
I recently recieved the start to a Warmaster Orc and Goblin army I'd like to make.
Currently I have-
3 Units of Orc Warriors
2 Units of Night Goblins
1 Unit of Black Orcs
2 Units of Ogres
2 Units of Boar Boyz
2 Units of Wolf Chariots
1 Giant
1 Rock Lobber
2 Orc characters
1 Orc character on Wyvern

Due to list restrictions I only have enough Orcs and Goblins for 1000pts, and would like some advice on what to assemble first.

My current idea is-
1 Orc General on Wyvern 175 pts
2 Orc characters 160 pts
2 Orc warrior units 120 pts
2 Night Goblin units 60 pts
2 Orc Boar Boy units 220 pts
2 Wolf Chariot units 160 pts
1 Unit of Ogres 105 pts

Total- 1000pts exactly

I'd prefer not to have the wyvern, but I think Orcs need the characters and that's all I have for models.
I think I'd probably have night goblins as one brigade, the orcs and ogres as a second and 2 brigades involving 1 boar boy and 1 chariot unit each.
I've never played this game before though- I have no idea whether this will work tactically.

Any opinions appreciated.

27-11-2009, 07:03
Looks good to me.
Pop over here as you will get more feedback on warmaster.


Cpt. Drill
28-11-2009, 12:25
Thats a great looking 1000pts army you have there!

The only thing I would personally change would be to put one of your heroes on the wyvern instead of the general. THis way you can be a little more free with him in combats and it wont be a game over if things turn sour. I always try to fit a giant into O&G's as its such a killer (especially in 1000pts) but thats just my taste.

30-11-2009, 01:30
Thanks for the replies. I've posted this over on the tactical wargames sight- thanks for the link Azraelezekiel.

That's a good point about the general being so important Cpt. Drill- it seems a shame to deny his better combat abilities to the front line, but it is a huge risk otherwise...

Any opinions on my planned battalion set up?