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27-11-2009, 16:49
I haven’t played Warhammer Fantasy Battles since at least the 5th edition, so my memory is a little sketchy but I will always remember playing my mate who was also a GW staff member. He would always play undead with the mighty unstoppable Nagash. I on the other hand liked to ponce it up somewhat with my haughty High Elves but I could never win a battle. Perhaps it was the scenery set up he would always fix up before I turned up at his house prior to every battle or perhaps my skills were just not as good as his, but I always failed and miserably. :cries:

Well one day the wormed turned and quite spectacularly as it turned out. We had decided to amass our forces and fight a 5000 point battle. From what I remember I had the usual set up of archer – spear block formations with Phoenix guard and a unit of Sword masters. I had a few repeater bolt throwers thrown in for good measure and Tyrion on horse back. I had opted for a High Elf Sorceress on a unicorn which placed on my right flank.

Opposing me I remember I had Arkhan the black placed smack bang in the middle of his lines with his huge mighty chariot, which was pretty scary. Even scarier still was Nagash whom he placed on his left, opposite my Sorceress. I had in previous battles thrown everything at Nagash bar the kitchen sink and none of it ever did any good, not for me at least! :mad:

So the game began with my opponent, my mate, getting the first turn. He rolled everything up as expected, as far as it would go towards my lines. To my horror during the magic phase he managed to teleport Nagash with in poking range of my High Elf Sorceress. I gulped, then I gulped some more, as I could see High Elf kebabs before my eyes and then the inevitable roll up my flank! :cries:

Usually I cursed my dice rolls, which defied any logical mathematical equation and I usually rolled pants. But to my great amusement my High Elf Sorceress cast some purple orb spell that I forget the name of, the one from the Amethyst range, the one that every one tried to get from what I do remember well. Well she cast this nifty little spell right on top of Nagash who proceeded to fail his armour and ward saves or whatever it was he had and he had mighty armour and mighty abilities to stay alive. Fantastically he died in an instant. :D

Unfortunately for me Arkhan the black was still alive and keeping the majority of the undead army up and animated so I gulped a bit more much to the amusement of my mate! However, my turn! Every Elf with a bow or behind a bolt thrower took careful aim up the centre of his line and whammy, Arkhan the black became the biggest undead pin cushion I’ve ever seen. The rest of the army crumbled bar one lone necromancer and some zombies! haha :p

The short of it was a 5000 point game. High Elves Vs Undead with Arkhan the black and Nagash combined. A complete massacre. Not only did all the Elves survive but not one of them moved a footing and it was still turn one! The look on my mates face was priceless and I remember it to this day! :)

So what were your biggest most spectacular wins to date?

27-11-2009, 16:58
Have never had a total victory like that, however have lost my whole army bar my Lord and his Swordmasters unit, and they then proceeded to fight their way through everything left on the board bar a cannon and some thunderers who were behind a hill and forest and couldn't see me. The game ended due to turn limit before we could finish that final bit, but it was a victory nonetheless, but a mournful one on the whole having lost my whole army but one unit.

27-11-2009, 18:10
My favorite win of all time was in a tournament years ago, 4th edition I believe. I was playing Chaos (still do) and my opponent was bretonnians. He charge my main block of 20 chaos warriors on foot, with my level 4 slaanesh sorcerer (general) leading the unit. He had 15 guys in lance formation with a lord and a battle standard. He killed off the entire unit, except for the standard bearer and my sorcerer. My opponent was so excited and he was giddy with what he had done. He starts going on and on about how I can't pass the break test and he starts preparing to overrun. Then I utter three little words that broke his spirits "Crown of Command". I roll the dice, pass my break test, and his face goes white. He then walks outside and starts screaming his ass off, kicking the walls and cursing my name. I just stand there waiting for him to get back, after he does his rounds complaining to everyone about what I did.

Once he gets back I proceed to charge his unit in the flanks with 3 dragon ogres with the banner of rage on a battle standard bearer and on the other flank with 24 marauders with flails and another hero. I annihilate him, pursue into his unit of men at arms, destroy them next turn then his army proceeds to run off the table from panic. My lone standard bearer from the unit of warriors had previously run into the woods and denied him victory points, since back then you needed to kill the entire unit to get anything. I ended the game with a near perfect score minus one banner from a fleeing unit of men at arms and my opponent got zero.

My favorite battle of all time since the gentlemen in question was always an ****** and never defeated me in the three years I knew him. I think I gave him a twitch that remains to this day...

27-11-2009, 18:11
couple of years ago I was playing dwarfs against high elves. At turn 3 my generals unit of hammerers was charged in the front by spearmen, in both flanks by two chariots, and in the rear by a unit of white lions. The combat lasted unit the end of turn 5, in which he lost by 1 and failed all of his break checks. The chariots fled and crashed into rocks and forest destroying them instantly and we overran the white lions as the spearmen fled like little girls. My dwarf lord screamed a victory cry as no force could cut through his dwarfen guard!

27-11-2009, 18:46
One of my most memorable victories was a 500 point game in the Wiesbaden GW. I had Beasts of Chaos and my opponent had Ogres. I had one large (8 Gors with foe render, 8 ungors) Beast Herd; 12 Slaangors with full command; Slaanesh Bray Shaman; a Chariot, and 5 hounds. He had a Bruiser, a large unit of Bulls, and a large unit of Gnoblars. On Turn three I got a combined front and flank charge on his bulls with the Slaangors and chariot. On turn 2 the Bray Shaman cast Frenzy of the Slaangors (not RIP in 6th ed.) On Turn three he cast ecstatic Seizures (IF) on the Bulls, who were hit with 20 S6 hits, 6 S5 impact hits, 2 S5 Tuskgor hits and 1 S4 spear hit. End result was 19 wounds, killing the Bruiser and 5 bulls, and running down and killing the remaining few. Meanwhile, the Herd and dogs front and flank charged the gnoblars who were also beaten and run down. The game ended there with no casualties on the beast side, and all the Ogres tabled. To add insult to injury, I ended up with three table quarters as the Herd fell short on their pursuit, but the hounds ran 14" into the other quarter.

The Red Scourge
27-11-2009, 21:02
My first game vs. dwarfs - and only :p

Turn two, my HoC mortals charged some chosen tzeentch knights with an aspiring tzeentch champion into the front of the dwarven lords unit, blows were exchanged, and noone breaks. In the dwarven turn 2 I win combat by one, dwarf lord rolls an 11 on break test, and my opponent almost burst in tears :D

28-11-2009, 04:20
After misfiring / fluffing both cannons' bounce rolls for 3 turns, on the 4th turn, a single cannon shot kills both EOTG Stegadons.

That shot, decided the match.


28-11-2009, 05:08
2000 pts game Lizardmen vs. Skaven, in the last turn of the battle my first saurus unit was charged by a huge unit of plague monks while my second unit was charged by an equally huge unit of skaven wt grey seer on screaming bell. I won both fights by 1, both skaven units broke and I ran both of them down while my stegadon and skinks cleared up the remaining skaven warmachines and skirmishers.

28-11-2009, 05:23
My second WHFB game against my friends newly painted high elves (I was dark elves) in 6th edition at 2000 points. By turn 3 we had reached each others battle lines proper and with a combined charge of a COchariot and some spearmen I broke his 30 strong unit of swordmasters causing around 1200 points of his army (with other units) to panic/flee off the board, priceless...
And to make things funnier he got so mad at me laughing he threw a handful of dice in anger straight at his army and broke 15 or so of his precious swordmasters :D it was like watching ten pin bowling lol!

28-11-2009, 05:56
My best win was in a friendly game against a friend.
The battle was my Empire vs his Vampires.
The game itself was a little bit different as we figured we'd try out a small force vs a large zombie horde.

So it was 1000pts for me consisting mainly of shooting units like handgunners, crossbowmen, helblaster, outriders, a mortar, a level 2 wizard and a warrior priest with a unit of knights.
For him 1500pts. He had 3 loaded up necromancers and the rest zombies.
He obviously outnumbered me horribly.

The first turn my helblaster blew itself up, my mortar missed and crossbowmen maybe killed a single zombie.
His turn he raised more and more zombies and advanced his horde.
Second turn my mortar blew itself up and again i killed maybe 5 or 6 zombies from shooting. It was looking very bleak indeed.
On his turn raised more zombies again this time within range of my units for charging.
On my third turn my knights and warrior priest were engaged in combat, lost and ran off the board. Again doing minimal shooting damage.
His turn more or less engaged some other units outmnumbered and ran them off the board.
By the 5th turn i was down to 5 crossbow men and my wizard cramped into a corner waiting to die, his whole army surrounding me, i was pretty much done.
He ran his his necromancers up close to blast me away with fireballs just to rub it in my face, but alas 2 of them miscast, rolled badly on the miscast table and said goodbye. the other i dispelled.
He had to take lots of leadership tests for his zombies which crumbled horribly.
My last turn his final necromancer he'd left in the open to blast me i managed to hit twice with a fireball from my wizard and he to was gone. More crumble tests reducing his units to more or less nothing.
His last turn again crumble tests which wiped out his whole army.

It was pretty fun over all as what happened was so unexpected.
Very lucky but still one of the better games i played.

28-11-2009, 08:55
2000 point game chaos warriors vs skaven it was going bad for me it was turn 2 magic phase he skitterleaped his assassin into my horsemen then in the shooting phase destroyed a unit off marauders with a 2 ratling gun's which, due to bad dice rolling made my chosen run away then with his assassin killed 3 horsemen the rest got ran down the due to more bad dice rolling my knights ran off .turn 3 his magic phase his grey seer's head blew up the it all started to go wrong his 2 units off clan rats ran off with his BSB which made his ratogers run off and his warlockenginer in my turn my warriors of khorne desamated his stormvermin and ran over into his ratogers then my other unit off horsemen charged down 1 of his clanrat units.turn 4 gatewyed his plaugemonks which he left on the flank doing nothing and my BSB beat his gutterrunners in combat and ran them down

28-11-2009, 10:05
WoC (Tzeentch) vs DoC (Wall of Nurgle)

Turn 1, nothing particuarly happened.

His (DoC) turn 2, GUO tries to cast the level 1 spell, even though he was miles away from combat - the dice must obviously have been that tempting. Throws 1 die at it, rolls a 2. I pop up with my Level 1 Sorcerer and his Black Tongue, causing the GUO to miscast. He rolled a 7, and up popped my Level 2 Sorcerer with his Infernal Puppet which pulled that down to a 6.

At which point up popped up Villitch who cast Gateway against his largest Plaguebearer unit which contained Epidemus and 2 heralds. Close to 1,000 points in a single unit.

3 hits and strength ..... 12. Poof.

He promptly conceeded at this point. (We immediately replayed and I got owned in the 2nd game, but still :) )

28-11-2009, 18:06
Probably against High Elves with my Bretonnians. Everything that could go wrong for him did go wrong. The main crux of the game came down to his inability to deal with my Paladin riding a Pegasus. He charged him with his High Elf Lord on a Griffon and proceeded to whiff all of his attacks. The Palidid then turned around and smacked him about, won combat and ran him down.

It was all downhill for my opponant from there on. I got off several charges and was only bogged down in one of them. He maneuvered his large block of Silver Hlems onto their flank ready to charge in the next turn. I charged my Paladinin , catching them in the flank. My Paladin then proceeded to win the combat, broke the unit and chased them down.

By the end of the game my Paladin with heavy armour, shield, great weapon and Pegasus had killed his tooled up General on Griffon, a unit of 10 Silver Helms with FC and a unit of ten archers. All he'd done was take down a single unit of Archers and a couple of Knights.


28-11-2009, 20:03
2000 point game, orcs and goblins vs daemons. orcs and goblins won by 2800 VPs to 300

Lord Dan
28-11-2009, 20:15
I played a tournament game back when the new VC book came out. I pitted my 6th ed undead against my opponent's 7th ed undead. Turn two I saw something interesting- his flying 3+ ward save caster vampire was within charge range of my vampire thrall with wolf form (gave him an 18" move) and other goodies. From my perspective it was a suicidal charge, so naturally I went for it.

It turned out the vampire lord opposing me wasn't remotely kitted for close combat- black wristbands, -2 shooting penalty armor, etc. My vampire thrall smashed him into the ground, and the rest of his army had completely crumbled by turn 5.

Long live 6th ed Vampires.

28-11-2009, 20:31
20 gnoblars being the only thing left and killing 10 chaos knights, 2 units of 20 warriors and winning the game while losing 3 gnoblars

28-11-2009, 21:00
my greatest win was last edition

he vrs vamps.

I miscast forst spell first 5 turns then I IR magic phase 6 and killed his vamp and his crumble rolls were horrible

28-11-2009, 21:03
I think it was back in... probably third edition. Or perhaps fifth?

Anyway. 2500 pts or something similar.

It was back in the days when losing the general ment that the whole army had to test for panic. I played Orcs and Goblins vs my friends Dark Elves.
I went first, and took my first turn:
I moved forward with my troops and then fired my warmachines.
The first one, a Goblin Doomdiver took aim at his Highborn (Lord) mounted on the might Emperor Dragon. I guessed perfectly and rolled a hit. Rolled it off and resolved the hit against the elf on top who took 6 str 10 hits and died instantly.
The dragon flew away and more than half of his army panicked and fled the board. (He deployed far back beacuse of the terrain)
Technically, ONE Goblin made about 1500 pts dissappear from the board in the first turn.

All was silent. No dice-rattle, no laughter, no talking... We stood still, staring at eachother. Chocked.
"So... are you up for another one?" He asks.
"Yeah... I've got plenty of time..."

28-11-2009, 21:25
Slaanesh daemons vs new skaven. After several losses against a list with bell and two furnaces. Turn 3, Bell explodes and takes most of his other units with it in the blast. I still had some things alive to mop up the remaining rats :)

28-11-2009, 21:27
2250 pts with brets against chaos mortals(back than).

Main fight: a buss of kotr with bsb that has 2+ rerollable armor save and 5+ ws + sword of might. His Lord on dragon charged me I challenged, he caused 9 wounds and I saved them all (some with as some with ws) and even caused a wound on his dragon. He lost the fight and eventually he lost the game :D

29-11-2009, 01:43
Probably not all that spectacular in terms of a total massacre, but about 15 months ago I plonked my Beasts of Chaos army (IIRC: Doombull, 3 units of Minotaurs, 2 small Herds each led by a Shaman, Khorngors led by BSB, unit of Centigors, and some Hounds) down against some spoilt brat of a 14/15 year old kid and his shiny new Vampire army in the 1st round of a knock-out tournament organised by the local GW store just after it opened.

His annoying comments like "You play Beasts? They are a crap army. I'll win this by turn 2" sort of stuff got right on my tits before the game even started. As did the fact it was so obvious he was the stereotypical example of an only child and so spoilt it was unbelievable.

Suffice to say that my Doombull murdered his Vampire Lord in a challenge, and the rest of his army started to die quite quickly. After I eventually won a convincing victory (if not a massacre), he went screaming about the place about me cheating and that I (yes, ME, the BoC player) was using a "Broken" list against his Vampires. He refused to shake my hand and even threatened to get his Dad to beat me up.

I never normally get a kick out making people cry, but for this fool, I am glad I made an exception. Even the GW Store Worker/Manager told him to grow up and get a grip. Apparently, the next time he was seen in the store was 3 weeks later....Buying some BoC stuff!

I lost closely in the next round, to another VC army - that eventually won the tournament, but was quite happy losing to someone who was a great laugh to play against.

29-11-2009, 10:19
ive got a couple and some of them werent by my hand.

1. a while back friend played his lizardmen, a majority being skinks, vs another friends empire. the empire character took a dogs of war wizard dont remember the name. well, first turn the wizard had a spell that forced panic tests. The skinks failed the first, then the second, and eventually he ended up with 2 units of skinks still on the table. End the first half of turn 1.

2. I played a game against a friends all goblin army for fun with my skaven. nothing serious or anything. first turn his rock lobba hits and rings my screaming bell (this was before new dex). rolled a 13. End the first half of turn 1.

3. my friend played in a campaign against a dwarf player no one liked. Ran a cheesy as you can get dwarves list. everything was so and so until about turn 3: unit of 25 hammerers charged 25 swordsmen with a mage. Hammerers with some special character with shieldbearers, a hero with BSB and a campaign item that made them stubborn ld 10. Hammerers charged. Swordsmen fought back. Swordsmen won combat by 1. Dwarves rolled 11 for ld. Dwarves re-rolled an 11 for ld. Empire ran down and recieved campaign item. no... 25 swordsmen and a level 2 fire mage ran down and recieved campaign item.

Long live Empire.

4. I played skaven vs high elves. i ran mixed list; he ran star dragon, big units of swordmasters, phoenix guard, and white lions, and 2 spearmen units.
Turn 1, failed charge of dragon, HE move up. SKaven shoot down dragon and lord.
Turn 2, Skaven cast plague on swordmasters, wipe out 3/4the unit. Continually jumps to phoenix guard same effect, then the white lions and a spearmen unit. End by turn 2.

5. I played 1000 vamps vs lizardmen. wraiths held up a large unit of kroxigors. and wiped out therest of the army. My NET change of my troops at the end of the game was +5 skeletons.

30-11-2009, 20:31
After 22 years of gaming, I can relate a few - some against the kind of arrogant players others have described.
1) Marines v Khorne berzerkers. After hours of listening to this guy boast how hard is Berzerkers were, I took him on with just marine scouts. One squad of berzerkers fell to the sniper rifles, the other was charged by the close combat scouts (charge before being charged): 3 turns of fighting later, the scouts walked away victorious for no loss.

2) High Elves v Chaos - another over confident Chaos player, boasting about how he would wipe the floor with the Elves. This was back in the days of flying high, so turn 1 saw his Lord take to the skies, only to be shot by the Sky Arrow of Naleor: his mount was hit and left with one wound. Turn 2 - he charged the archers who stood and fired. You guessed it: they hit and killed the mount. Because he was flying high, the Lord plummeted to his death. His two main combat units had been pincushioned by the bolt throwers and archers, and panicked. The game was effectively over by the end of turn 2.

3) From a Mighty Empires campaign - 2,700 points of High ELves, Wood Elves and Empire vs 9,000 points of Undead led by Nagash. In the 1st 2 turns, the mages had cast flames of the phoenix on the mummies, used Traitor of Tarn to cause the biggest skeleton unit to fight amongst itself, and used the grey magic spell that caused the unit to dance to move the skullchucka crews away from their machines. By the end of the game, his characters were all dead, he had lost over 5,000 points and we had only lost 250 points. I know he wasn't the most challenging of opponents, but even so, I still cannot believe the loss ratios.